Stud Service

It all started on Tuesday 2 months ago, it was like any other Tuesday until I got home a little before 6pm. My wife Lauren told me that Jerome called her earlier that afternoon and he wanted to come over that night. It was a little of a shock to me seeing that we had seen Jerome just the Saturday before at a motel. I asked her if Stacy (my step daughter) was going to be there that evening? Stacy is 19 and graduated from school last year and had gotten back from Europe a couple of months ago, and she sometimes spends the night with one of her friends, and she said that Stacy would be here this evening. I commented if she thought it would be a good idea to have Jerome over with Stacy being there. Jerome was the black bull that had be fucking Lauren for the past 9 years about 3 times a month. Lauren just looked at me and said, “You know the rules, the bull is always right”. I did know the rules so I just shrugged and said well I hope it all works out ok.
Dinner went by pretty uneventful and Stacy mentioned that she would be doing a lot of research on which of the 7 colleges that had accepted her she should go to. Stacy got up and left the table. Lauren told me that Jerome would be coming at 7 so I had about 15 min to get everything done in the kitchen. I just finished and I thought I would go and look out at the window by the door. Just as I did I saw Jerome's car pull in the driveway and go around to park in the back. I opened up the kitchen door and that is when I saw the first of many surprises that evening. There were two men, Jerome and a much younger man, but about the same height as Jerome. As they came in he introduced me to Willie his son. I told them that Lauren was getting ready in the bedroom and I led them there. When we walked in Lauren was standing in the middle of the room dressed in a pink nightgown that came down to her upper thigh.
She smiled and said, “Well there is the birthday boy, or I mean man. I mean after all once a young man reaches the age of 18 he is well on his way to becoming a man. The two men came over to Lauren and she continued. Well Willie, your father told me that today was your birthday and I thought you should have something special on your birthday. I thought it would be nice that on your 18th birthday I could give you your first white girl fuck.
Willie looked very happy and was rubbing his hands together and then he reached down and lifted up Lauren's hem of her nightgown and she laughed at him and told him that she didn't think he should have a white girl that was all old and used up, but rather a young fresh white girl. She then leaned close to him and said in a low voice, “Yes a fresh one, a virgin white girl with hymen intact. I was wondering where she was going to get a girl for him when the bedroom door opened and Stacy walked in. She was wearing a white nightgown and hers came down to just above her knees. Lauren smiled and said, “Here was his birthday present now.
Well Willie was really excited now because Stacy was very beautiful with her milk white skin and her dark brown hair framing her lovely face and sapphire blue eyes. She came over and stood next to Willie and he put his arm around her and even though she was smiling I noticed a fear flicker cross her face. Lauren was going on, “Now darling you won't ever have to experience the frustration of laying in bed after having sex and not being satisfied. I'm sure that Willie here will be able to provide you with all that you will need.
Then Jerome added, “Now son I'm also going to teach you that white hoes like this is only for fucking and not for marrying. We'll find you a good woman for that, but for depositing your cum these white women will do fine”. He then directed his next comment to Stacy, “You can get married but you going to marry a cuck so that he will support you and not say anything about his wife not fucking him”. Then he turned to me and told me that I would be his son's cuck until Stacy found a cuck to marry. He also told his son to use me as his cuck until Stacy found herself a husband.
Willie answered yes, but then asked what a cuck did. Jerome told him that a cuck served him while he was fucking his wife. He then told Willie that he should always insist that the cuck suck his cock and get him ready to fuck his wife, and if he wanted the cuck would accept his cum and swallow it if that is what he wished. He then added, “That way the cuck will always know his place, and if he wanted to he could punk the cuck just to keep him in line”. He also told him that he should give his white piece as many black babies as he wanted to give her. He asked him if he understood and then he said without any prompting, “Cuck, suck my cock and get me ready to fuck your white daughter”.
I knew what was expected of me and I started to kneel and suck his cock. Jerome stopped me and told me that I should get undressed before sucking his sons cock. I removed my clothes and when Stacy saw my chastity device she laughed. Lauren told her that she kept me in chastity so that I couldn't fuck anyone else, and so I can't abuse myself. After I had removed my clothes I knelt before him and unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge black cock. Stacy gasped at that sight of it and I kissed the tip of it and then licked it all around. I then stopped and said what Jerome had taught me to say, “I will suck your cock in hopes that you will fuck my daughter well and satisfy her, for only true men, real men, only black men can satisfy white women.”
I then guided the huge cock into my mouth. I was able to get the head and a couple of inches totally in my mouth. I could hear Stacy tell Lauren that she never knew that daddy could suck cock. I felt Willie pull Stacy close to him and tell her that she was going to get the best fucking of her life tonight. He also told her that he was going to ruin her for all other men. They kissed and Jerome and Lauren laughed and told each other that this was a great idea. They commented on what a lovely couple they made and then Lauren commented that she thought Stacy would give birth to a lovely baby with Willie's help of course. They both laughed
Willie told Stacy to get her white ass on the bed and spread those legs and show him her tits. A few seconds later she told him that she didn't have very big tits, she told him that she wore an A-cup and the most she had was puffy little nipples. He told her to play with them. After a couple of minutes Willie pushed me out of the way and started to move to Stacy. Jerome reminded him to make me guide his cock into Stacy's pussy. I stood up and went to the bed.
Stacy was laying back on the bed and she was holding her legs spread wide. She was right, she didn't have any tits at all and probably the only thing that gave her any size was her puffy nipples which stood out about 2 inches. She did have a nice pussy and the hair was trimmed into a little strip right down the center. Willie told her that she would get a wax job, but what would eventually happen would be she would get a laser treatment and finally get rid of all her hair permanently. Willie was very large and extremely hard. I guided his huge throbbing black cock to the opening of Stacy's pussy and I could see that she was very dry. I mentioned that she was very dry but Jerome just told me to get Willie lined up and then come over to where he was sitting and suck his cock.
I knew that when Willie started to fuck Stacy that it would hurt her since she was so dry. I got him all lined up and he pushed forward a little. Lauren was on the bed kneeling forward of Stacy's head and she told her that she was going to hold her shoulders down so that she could feel all of Willie's f***e when he fucked her. I turned away and went to where Jerome was sitting and I knelt down and took his limp cock in my mouth. Just as I did I heard a squeal from Stacy.
She was screaming that he was so big, she began to plead with Lauren to make him stop, “Oh mommy he so big, oh please mommy it hurts so much”.
She cried out for Willie to stop and Willie told her shut the fuck up. Jerome added, “Shut up you white slut” and then exclaimed that getting fucked by black men was all that white hoes was good for. Lauren pleaded with Stacy to be quiet and told her it would be better in a little while. Stacy quieted down a little, and I continued to suck Jerome. Jerome was getting a little harder now, but I could still hear Stacy as Willie was fucking her.
“Oh please slow down a little, please. It hurts so much. You’re tearing me apart, oh it hurts so much, please stop for a minute!”
Jerome yelled at her that when she spoke to his son she should call him, “Sir, and always say Yes Sir and that she should never say no to him.”
I guess he started to hit her harder because she became louder and louder. Finally I heard Jerome say, “Bitch sit on that bitches face and muffle that mouth and shut her up. I still had Jerome's cock in my mouth so I couldn't see what was going on but I heard Stacy's crying and pleading all muffled.
After a while Jerome told Willie not to cum in that bitch but to feed it to me. He said that he didn't want to fuck her after he had cum in her. So not only was Willie going to fuck her but also Jerome. I didn't hear Willie say that he was ready to cum. Jerome moved my head back and told me to get over there and suck Willie. I moved to Willie and put his cock in my mouth. He was hard and throbbing and ready to cum. I sucked him for all I was worth, and soon he exploded in my mouth with gobs and gobs of cum. I sucked him hard and drained his big beautiful cock. It was still pretty hard then I turned and got my first good look at Stacy's pussy after Willie fucked her. It was stretched and just hanging open. It was all red and sore and her skin and hair was streaked with bl**d from her hymen. Lauren was still sitting on her face and then I realized that Stacy was licking her pussy.
I went back to sucking Jerome and him and Willie sat back and watched as Stacy ate her mother out until Lauren was screaming out her own orgasm.
Jerome pushed my head back and told me to go and sit in the corner so I could watch my women being serviced by real men, to which Willie and him laughed.
I sat in the corner and watched as Jerome got on the bed and was soon fucking Stacy. I guess it wasn’t hurting her much anymore as she was moaning that it felt so good up inside of her. I could see him holding Stacy’s legs up and he was stroking her with slow and deliberate strokes. After a while he told Stacy to grab her legs and spread them for him. He then grabbed Stacy’s waist and really began to slam into her waiting pussy. It wasn’t long before Stacy screamed out her first of many orgasms that night.
I could see that Willie had Lauren bent over the chair next to the bed and he was slamming into her fucking her for all that she was worth. I knew that Lauren was cumming a few minutes later when she started with her, “Oh yes, oh yeah, oh yes fuck me, fuck my white pussy with your black cock!”
Willie kept that up for a few more minutes and then I heard Stacy start to moan. Unlike Lauren, Stacy was a moaner and just moaned, “Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me harder, fuck my nasty white pussy!”
Then I saw Willie stop fucking Lauren and move to Stacy and tell Jerome that he wanted to breed his white slut now. Jerome stopped fucking Stacy and move over to Lauren and Willie was glaring down at Stacy and told her she would give him lots of black babies as he entered her.
Stacy raised her arms up to him as he began to fuck her and added, “Oh yes Sir, I’ll give you lots of black babies.” She then dropped her head back to the bed as Willie began to stroke her deep and hard but I was still able to hear her cry out, “Oh yeah fuck me, breed me, give me your black seed.” “Make this white slut yours, and only yours.”
It wasn’t long until I heard Willie scream out, “Take my cum slut, take it all.” He pushed her legs way back over her head lifting her butt up off the bed. As he came in her he just held her up like this so that none of his cum would run out. He put some pillows under her back so that she would just stay in that position.
Jerome told me to come over to the chair where he was fucking Lauren. Lauren was on her back sideways in the chair. She was holding her legs back and apart for him, and when I got there he told me to lick Lauren clean. I had done this many times so I knew what was expected of me.
Well the two fucked Lauren and Stacy for a couple of more hours and then Jerome and Lauren was talking about something for about 10 minutes. I could tell that they had agreed on something and Stacy and her mother stood in the back door and waved bye to the two men.
Well the next day I found out what Lauren and Jerome was talking about when I got home from work. Willie had moved in and would be staying with us for the next couple of weeks and fucking Stacy all the time. For the next two weeks I could hear them fucking all through the house. I even walked in on them fucking in the kitchen, f****y room, and in the garage of all places. Once when I came home I found Willie in my wife’s bedroom fucking her while Stacy sat naked on the side of the bed.
Stacy was naked a lot now and she had to be ready to fuck Willie whenever he wanted to. Once they were sitting in the f****y room watching TV and Willie had her get on her hands and knees and he fucked her while watching a TV show.
Well Willie finally moved out and things returned back to normal kind of, that is until today when I came home from work and Lauren met me at the door with a big smile on her face. She told me that Stacy had missed her period and she took a pregnancy test and it showed positive. She also told me that Willie was coming by for another fuck tonight. Then she told me that when he got there I should give him a check for $5000.00. She then had me write on the check, “For Stud Service”.
Well he came by and not only did he fuck Stacy but also Lauren. After he was done I gave him the check and at Lauren’s insistence he fucked me while they both watched and then he took his belt and whipped my ass a whole bunch of times while they both laughed.