strangers masturbate for eachother

Something so sexy happen to me this morning I can not keep it to myself.

I was out very early to walk my dog, he decided to go off chasing rabbits,which left me to wander about. Thought I would check the small quarry for wild life, and came across the wildest yet…………

I slowly climbed up the slippery slope, to enter the quarry between two standing stones.l

As I reached the top my head just up to ground level. I saw a slim dark haired woman, with her back to me. She was unzipping her boots. I moved up and right so I was stand behind one of the stones. I peeped round the edge just in time to see her takeoff and discard her jumper. Transfixed as she unbuttoned her well fitting jeans and push them down,to reveal purple panties covering a beautiful shapely bottom.

A thin blanket was spread on a large slightly angled stone. A small step up to the alter. she lay briefly on her hip before turning on to her stomach.

I was stood looking between her legs at the wet stain on the crotch of her purple pants.

Head turned to one side one arm laying high on the Rock,the other free to explore, between her legs. Her fingers traced the lips of her vagina stopping,occasionally to press on its hungry tunnel.

Soon became obvious I was going to have to wank myself off. I could barely stand my cock was like an iron bar. Quietly I unzipped and bent forward to lift my aching cock out.

I resume my peeping activities, cock in hand.

By this time she has removed her bra and panties and is lying back on the rock. Erect nipples cap good sized breasts. Legs wide apart, neatly trimmed hairy fanny glistening wet, unashamedly begging to be looked at. My cock feeling so urgent,swollen, would not need much help to cum.

Her fingers expertly danced round her clit, holding her lips open and dipping into her tight warm vagina. Every now and then her hand would find its way up her body to her breasts. Rolling and pulling hard nipples.

Her hands quickened and fingers slipped deeper, intense low moaning, turning into stifled screams. Her orgasm came to her in a flash. Almost unexpectedly. Her Pelvis thrusting into the air, only leaving the soles of her feet and shoulders left on the rock, arching her back, repeatedly fucking her invisible lover. Fingers trained to tease the last tremor out slowly came to rest, her juices left to trickle down her thigh, and dripped onto the blanket. She lay semifetal as the last minor spasms died away. She pulled her self to the edge of the rock and sat looking towards the stone I was hiding behind………..heart in mouth, cock in hand,

I stepped out into her view,still rigid standing to attention. Well she did not scream, but smiled one of her hands cupped her breast, lips puckered she blew a kiss at me.

Proudly pushing my trousers and pants down, lifting my tee shirt, I grab my cock pulling the skin back, to show her the engorged helmet.

I watch and wank as she dips her fingers into her still wet fanny and takes them to her mouth for approving licks.

This is all too much. I to,now fuck the imaginary lover.

Hand gripped,balls tightening the first of four large spurts, shoots in her direction. We stare at each other smiling. An odd thing happens when two strangers orgasm in front of each other. There did not seem a need to say anything.

She dressed quickly using her knickers to wipe herself. Then Started the short climb at the back of the quarry. I kept my eyes on her marveling her gorgeous curves, just in case I woke up. She waved for a moment and was gone. I made my way back home. Same time tomorrow?