Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 1

In a previous post I mentioned the wonderful voyeuristic period of my teens when my dad remarried a chick in her late 30's. She was a f****y friend who I had known for years and had fancied her 2 daughters since puberty.

I am a massive fan of voyeur activities so the prospect of 3 hot girls in the house and potentially their mates was a dream come true. My dads house was big and old with a huge garden and plenty of peeping locations. I already had a good grasp of the houses spying opportunities having researched thoroughly targeting my older b*****rs girlfriends and house guests with some success.

When the day finally arrived for the 3 of them to move in I was understandably nervous and excited. My new steps****rs were both hot and very different in appearance. The one my age was tall with brown hair and medium boobs and an amazing ass, definitely the hottest. The older black haired s****r was just 16, 2 years older than me. She was shorter with a little puppy fat and one hell of a pair.

Getting my cum into them

I knew I had to play it safe and go slowly. Getting caught would be unimaginably embarrassing for all. I quickly became acquainted with their underwear, phase 2 involved shooting into various items including shampoo, facial moisturiser, toothpaste etc. As my obsession developed I decided to release into the skimmed milk they were so fond of.

The wait was awful, sitting in the kitchen with time moving at a snails pace. The door opened and in strolled stepmother who offered me tea. It was going to work!! She made 2 cups and I watched the milk glug in before stirring.

I followed her as she left the room to deliver the teas. A smile broke across my face as I heard her shout to both daughters who headed towards us. We sat in front of the TV while the drinks cooled. The younger s****r finally picked up the mug and blew over the top before lifting it to her open mouth. The first time I watched her imbibe my cum was almost too much to bear. I was fully erect as I witnessed the tainted drinks going down. Relishing each lick of the lips and swallow, I was enjoying myself!

I found various ways of getting my seed into their food and drink, the highlight of which was my homemade ice lollies. I have spent so many hours wanking over the image of one s****r and my stepmother licking my sperm infused lollipops.


The younger s****r

My first spot was peeping through a crack in her bedroom door after she showered. I cautiously crept along the corridor and looked in. She was already wearing a white bra with a towel on her waist. In one swift motion it dropped revealing a huge brown bush and ass cheek. I had a decent profile view as she bent forward and stepping into white knickers. From my angle I was deprived of a full bum view, but it was more than enough to get my teenage hormones raging.

Some months later we were on holiday and I peered through the keyhole in her bedroom and watched her removing her pyjama top showing me pert tits with light pink nipples and tiny areoles. Her body was turned so I watched the profile view of her tits bounce slightly as she moved before bending down to put a bra on. They hung down firmly as I pictured myself squeezing them.

Frustratingly it was years before I got to see anything decent again. Another holiday success; we arrived after a long flight and raced to throw on swimwear. I walked into my bedroom leaving the door ajar. Her room wasn't ready yet so she changed in the corridor thinking everyone was safely behind closed doors. I held my breath as another moment I had dreamed about for years unfolded less than 6 feet away.

There was none of the usual voyeur build up and anticipation. She just got naked. Some people love the build up etc and would consider this an anticlimax, for me it was wonderful. She ripped her jumper and t shirt off in one motion. Before I even had time to consider her bra she was leaning forward hands behind her back. I hadn't seen them in years, although the image remains as fresh as ever.

My mind instantly started comparing her teenage body when I last had the pleasure to the flesh before my eyes. By the time each one was released from the bra she was bent double so they dropped down to a hang. The exact position where you can imagine yourself behind.

They looked a lot fuller and much saggier than before, but as she stood up they returned to an impressively pert position for a chick her age. As she reached for the bikini top they bounced slightly, I was fully erect!

The top was put on and my anticipation mounted still trying desperately to be silent. As she unbuckled her belt my heart raced. Bending to remove the jeans plain knickers appeared tight around her cheeks as each leg stepped free. Straightening her thumbs slipped under the elastic and there it was! Light brown bush looking amazing now well trimmed.

Her cheeks looked incredible as she bent forward. I was in heaven! This was my best and only full naked view, still to this day one of my most regular mental images. She is so demure and would hate that I spied on her.

I was also lucky enough to catch topless sunbathing on one wonderful occasion.

I will write part 2 shortly, it involves the older s****r who was constantly drinking too much leading to several great incidents. I have felt and tasted lots of her!