Spying On My Step Mom and Cousin

When I was 10 years old my father remarried. He was 35 and my step mom was only 20. Ten year old boys don't get along with twenty year old women that well. They are like older bossy s****rs and I hated her. However, I entered puberty a couple of years later and started to look at grown women a little differently, including my step mom. I started looking forward to our good nights kisses so I could taste her lipstick, smell her perfume, and feel her soft tits press into my chest when I hugged her.

My dad was a carpenter and built his own house but because we were poor, dad used a lot of used building materials from old houses he tore down. The particle board covering one wall of my bedroom has tiny little nails holes in it. That wall faced the porch where the bathtub was set up as we didn't have a bathroom, only an outhouse. One night while I was lying in bed, my step mom decided to take a bath. When she turned on the porch light, I noticed I could see some light coming through the tiny pinholes into the darkness of my bedroom. Being intensely curious about women, I wanted so badly to see one naked. My bed was right up against that wall. so getting to my knees, I peered through the hole to see what I could see. To my delight, I had a perfect view of my step mom undressing as the tub filled with water.

My mouth fell open when her huge tits popped into view with those large brown nipples. When she slid her panties down, my heart was in my throat. She was a brunette and her pussy was covered with thick dark patch of pubic hair. I remember being thrilled and disappointed at the same time. I was seeing my first live naked women which beat the hell out of the glossy pics in Playboy, but I couldn't see what her pussy looked like. None the less, I was thrilled and was soon stroking my instant hard on. One of my pals had recently taken me and my b*****r into the woods and taught us how to masturbate but this time I wasn't doing it to a girlie magazine. What a thrill! It wasn't long before I shot my load all over the particle board. I laid awake many nights after that waiting for my step mom to take her next bath. One night my dad came into the room naked. He had a boner on and playfully chased mom around the room before she could scramble into the tub. I heard her shush him and tell him to go to bed and she would be right in. I tried to image them having sex as I jerked off again later. I continued to spy on and wack off to my step mom's nakedness over the next few years.

One day my dad's cousin came to stay with us for a few days. Imagine my delight when she asked if she could take a bath that night! I spied with my little eye of course and got a bit of an education. She had much smaller tits than my step mom. They were perky and tipped with large puffy and much paler nipples, but it was when she stripped right down that I got my biggest thrill. She was a strawberry blonde and her pubs were much lighter and scantier than my step mom's. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then she really made my night by playing with her pussy as she lay in the tub. The tub was right up against the wall to my bedroom and I could see right down into it. I watched as she toyed with her nipples. Then she let her legs fall apart and began soaping her pussy. She spent a long time doing this and kept opening and closing her legs and I could hear her whimpering a little. I didn't realize at the time what she was doing as I never knew girls masturbated too. When I shared my secret with some friends later, they explained it to me. I think they were quite jealous, hehe.

A couple of years later when she visited again, she took me for a drive with her when she went to buy cigarettes. She parked the car so we could chat and I could have a cigarette with her, as I wasn't allowed to smoke at home. I somehow got up the nerve to tell her about the time I spied on her. I suddenly got quite scared I had gone to far and that she would tell my parents but she didn't. She just grinned at me and asked if I had enjoyed myself. Then she reached over and cupped her hand over my crutch. I almost came on the spot. Are you a virgin, she asked. She could tell from my awkward silence what the answer was and started to rub my cock and balls through my pants. She let me kiss her and play with her tits. She even let me touch her pussy. I wanted her to be my first fuck but I settled for my first blow job. I think she wanted to fuck me too but I was only 16 and she was 21 and she didn't quite dare go that far with me. She took me back home after swearing me to secrecy, a secret I have kept to this very day, except for you good folks who are reading this story now. I'm so thrilled to share it with someone at long last.