Spanking School #2: Petra-2

Spanking School is the name my students use for my exclusive Erotic Education Enterprise for fresh well-bred virgins of some social standing. Petra is the name of the first graduate and granddaughter of Professor Peter, who founded his Enterprise for her. Together they inspect in Summer their first ever applicants from all over the globe for a full year of training in a small class of classy cute beauties, who all just turned eighteen.

Exclusive education is expensive. In special cases the School offers scholarships. First to apply is a ravishing red-head, also called Petra. She knows Professor Peter from some talks in the net. She loves him for being so sweet and understanding. Professor Peter loves her for being so hot and honest in their typed sexual exchanges. He understands her hearing handicap and offers his help in her erotic education.

X-rated videos of top quality emerge from our erotic enterprise in abundance, as we only accept very lovely looking lasses with awesome asses and all actions are recorded through my many see-through mirrors during the love lessons and spanking sessions. First film is the intimate inspection of the two pretty Petra's, who were willing to masturbate right in front of my eyes as their entance exam.

You guess correctly that the next nicely naughty erotic episodes will be all devoted to dear slender sexy sweet tender tasty teens getting spanked severely to prepare them properly to learning love and lust in pain and pleasure. Let us look forward to those attractive applicants, who aren't virgins any more. Their entrance exam will be a lot less lovely than the warm welcome of pretty Petra. Jiucy Jenny first, for next erotic episode.

[bt]he two Petra's are both pretty nervous before the test for the first application. Let me tell them apart for my readers. Tall Petra is a slender sexy sweet tender tasty teen beautiful brunette with B-size breasts, who makes her debut as my co-teacher at our so-called Spanking School. Small Petra is a red-hot real redhead with pretty pear-shape sexy C-cup cute big beauties, half hidden in her lovely looking lingerie.

Enormously excited from first flickings from fingering in sexy solo show-offs, both are very wet and wanton for more. Highest time for their first spanking session. I pull back the handle at my black leather armchair to get the legrest out. My gorgeous granddod gets the idea. She lays down along my lap and legs, her head at my feet, belly at mine. With her legs spead wide she offers such a sexy show to me.

Excactly as I wanted, the virgin takes the best place possible to enjoy and watch what is coming from as close as she can. She straddles my shoulders to sit with her red-hot red pubes at the back of my neck to take the rough ride. She starts to squeeze my nipples, as she sees my hard-on and how I pull my dear doll up by her hips, so my mighty member slowly slides inside her horny sexy snatch.

Now I start to spank her beautiful bottom by both hot hands, to dictate my dear the right rhythm to ride my tasty tool. As a Spanking School superior, I am as well a director and a composer of 'come together love lines'. In this juicy jam-session, I love to listen to the soft sighs of both beautiful pretty Petras. So soon, they moan mighty. Loud lewd lusty longing lurks. Bums burning. Hips heaving hotly.

Severe shaking shows that tall Petra comes first, soon small Petra joins their concert from the back of my neck. To show her my shower, I pull out before the singing starts and squirt my cum all over her bum, soothing some of the pleasurable pain, inflicted immediately by my severe spanking. Shall small Petra learn to love that tasty teen treat soon as well to her ass? What will happen next? She is still a virgin, isn't it?