Space Alien Girlfriend From Gliese is Sperm Hungry

I was at my favorite Sports Bar watching Monday Night Football when the most beautiful waitress I had ever seen came up to my table and said “Hi I am Angelica what do you want to drink”? I was dumb struck by this Scandinavian petite blond with an absolutely perfect body and the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Well, Angelica was coming onto me like no women had ever done before. She unbuttoned her referee’s jersey and bent over to display her luscious tits to me whenever she came to my table. I stayed until closing time and asked Angelica if we could go to IHOP for coffee, she agreed and afterwards she asked me over to her place.

Angelica lived in a high rise luxury apartment overlooking the city, the views was phenomenal, I thought it was kind of strange when Angelica stared out the window off into space and said “I really do miss home”. Angelica left and came back wearing a pair of black skimpy short pajama bottoms and a cut off T-Shirt top. He body was even better than I thought. Then she said “let’s watch one of my favorite CD’s”. I was really surprised when it was a porno starring a girl that looked just like her sucking on some guys eight inch cock. She asked “you don’t mind do you”? and I said “hell no, whatever you’re into is fine with me”.

Angelica then said “what I am really into is sucking cock, and you’re the lucky guy tonight”. I said “No you’re the lucky girl tonight” as I whipped out my eight inches of thick man meet for my little minx. With that Angelica got on her knees in front of me pulled off my pants and began what I knew would be a great blowjob. She began by vigorously sucking the head of my cock, concentrating on just the head. Then she worked her way down the shaft sucking harder and harder, she had a really unusual mouth and she constantly kissing it. Then she slid about seven inches of my monster cock down her throat and held it there milking it with her mouth like a baby calf. Angelica kept sucking my cock hard holding it firmly in place with her mouth. I had never gotten a blow job like this before but it felt like her mouth was able to do things that I had never experienced. She not only sucked my cock but her whole mouth and cheeks surrounded my cock in a vice like grip. Most women suck you with their lips, but she used every organ in her mouth, her lips, cheeks and throat to virtually surround your cock in one titlating sucking motion.

Angelica swallowed my cock again all the way down her throat as she resumed sucking my entire cock. I just was not able to take this anymore and I yelled “Angelica baby, I am Cumming right now!!!” With that, she deep throated my cock and held it there while I shot my final load deep down her throat. Then something unusual happened, she stroked my cock and sucked it harder that I thought was imaginable as she massaged my scrotum. It was like she was milking a calf drawing every ounce of cum I had in my entire body. This girl drained my balls dry by the machinations she performed on my dick. Then she performed her specialty, she sucked my highly sensitized cockhead, it was were incredible. I arched my back upwards to meet her mouth and she worked even harder by licking the area where my cock head met the shaft. She knew that this was the male “G” spot, so she sucked and licked this part of my head cock for several minutes. Finally I said “Stop! Stop! You’re killing my cock”. She stopped, and she just looked up at me and grinned as my excess sperm dripped down the corner of her mouth. She scoped the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers. Then she laughed and said “thanks for the sperm loads, it tasted really good and you really filled me up, you fed me good baby” I thought using the word “fed” was kind of unusual.

Well for the next four weeks Angelica serviced me twice a day, once in the morning before she went to work, and then sucked me off a second time in the evening. She swallowed every drop and milked my balls like she always did, draining every drop of cum in my body. At times I was exhausted so I tried to just fuck her, but I could tell she preferred sucking cock to having sex. Angelica and I were together for the next three months. I thought it was strange every night she said “I really need some sperm tonight baby, now it’s your turn to “feed” me, or don’t you like a well “fed” girl”.

When I did fuck her I noticed her pussy was higher up, almost past her waist line, I thought it was just a fluke. Besides, who was going to argue with a girl who drained my balls every afternoon and evening. One day Angelica gave me a bunch of “mega vitamins and asked me to take them to “increase the potency and volume of my sperm load”. I happily agreed; if this girl liked cum, so be it. On another occasion I had to work late and could not make it for our evening session. The next morning I came over and she asked if she could fill up a shot glass with my sperm. I said “fine” and she jerked me off twice almost filling the whole shot glass. Then she went and gulped it down saying “thanks, was I hungry”. She licked the inside of that shot glass clean.
All of these references to my sperm being “food” and “hungry” were kind of strange, but who was I to care what this beautiful blond wanted to call my sperm loads. Then one day it got really weird, Angelica said “you know the planet Gliese” is the closest inhabitable planet in our part of the universe. I said oh, that’s cool? How far away is it? She replied “three million of your light years away”; it takes us about a month for us to get here.”

The way she said it sounded kind of weird, then she broke the news to me and told me she was from Gliese and had been sent to earth to observe our culture. She said “it’s kind of a student exchange program, we come here to study earth’s primitive culture and then we write a paper on our topic” for what you would call “college credit”. My topic is American sports that why I worked in the sports bar. I said “come on you must be crazy”. She replied No, an alien race populated both Earth and Gliese long ago and both of us are very similar because we are from the same species. The only difference is the location of my pussy. The reason my pussy is so high up on my stomach is an evolutionary change occurred that to increase our reproduction. When our men fuck us, sperm does not run out of our pussy like an earth girl does.
Our mouths are also unique, you see on our planet married men “feed” their wives every morning with a “special treat” their “jumic” is what we call it. You call it sperm or jizz or cum. It gives mature women extra energy during the day. We are almost addicted to it and need it every day. The younger you are the more you need. It is quite a habit and we suck our men’s cocks regularly on our planet. Our men’s cock’s are very small (four inches) so it is even OK to do it in public. Our mouths have genetically adapted to this custom over the millennia. Gliesie women have great lips, but our whole mouth and cheeks are adapted to give the best cocksucking we can in the shortest time. That’s why it seems like my whole mouth is sucking your cock because it is!! We need to feed regularly, especially here on Earth, so I am blowing you twice a day because of how much sperm you can provide me. The bartender at work gets a blow job every day at noon to tide me over until evening. I guess you are one lucky man!!

Then another woman stepped out of the back bedroom and said “I am Dayney, Angelica’s replacement”, you see “Gliesie College”, owns this apartment for its visiting students. Angelica is going home, but I will be here studying school systems in America for the next three months. I need you to feed me twice a day, is that OK? Well this petite brunette was just as good looking as Angelica, who was I to turn her down. I said, I guess I’ll just keep taking my vitamins and we will be OK. Dayney said if this is too weird for you we can erase your memory of both Angelica and me. But I will tell you, you may want to consider that unlike Angelica, I like to fuck, just make sure you cum in my mouth and not as you say, in “my pussy”.
So I guess it’s off to the vitamin store I go!!!