S&M with a twist, THE ENDING

They sat for a short spell, chatting idly. Marco feinging interest in the daily routine of her life. Abbey seemed so innocent, it would be a shame to snuff out her young life. But alas, his need to survive took presdence.Abbey looked at him shyly, then offered, “Would you like to come with me to my loft for a night cap”?”Indeed I would”, Marco replied.And with that, he e****ted her out into the night. Abbey was feeling brave and confident and very aroused. Walking side by side with Marco, she slipped her hand into his. Oddly as hot as the night was, his hand was like ice. But that didnt matter. He picked her tonight, and to repay him, she would make sure he had a night of mind blowing pleasure.
They walked past a darkened alley. And suddenly they were enveloped by the shadows. Marco pressed Abbey up against the brick building,pinning her with his muscular frame. He thought it would fgrighten her, make her pulse race, make the bl**d a bit sweeter, instead she reached down and started rubbing his cock and balls. Her pulse was definitely racing, but not from fear.
Abbey stood up on tiptoe to reach his full lips, she kissed him deeply and aggressively.”Ouch”! She pulled away lauging, “you bit my lip”.Oh yes, he'd grazed her lower lip with the tip of a fang. And the sweet coppery nectar was heaven. He pulled her soft form against his hard cold body. Her heat seeping into him. He grabbed a handful of hair, and held her head to kiss her more deeply. His throbbing cock pushed against the tightness of his jeans. Waiting to spring free. Abbey's arms fell from his shoulders, traveled down his chest and lingered at the top of his jeans.

“Release me Abbey, set me free.” He whispered in her ear. She didn't need any further coaxing. She undid his jeans, sliding them down his solid thighs. He pushed her against the wall again. Pulling down the straps of her dresss, exposing her breasts.to his hungry soul. He reahed up, palming both breasts in his large hands, He felt like a new born babe, starved for nourishment, and began suckling at her breast. The pleasure was so intense, Abbey didnt even feel it when he knicked her nipple. Sucking hard and slow, the hot liquid rushing down his throat. He continued to gently and slowly bleed her. But also pleasured her as he did so. His free hand slipped under her dress, and much to his delight, found the warm, soft, and silky smooth mound of her sex.He stroked back and forth lazily against her swollen lips. Gently opening her up to accept his hard weeping cock.

He slid a long thick finger past her swollen pussy lips and into the deep warmth of her body. With in a matter of a few strokes, he had her panting, quivering, and holding on to him for dear life.What he did next had her begging for mercy. With her dress bunched up around her waist, Marco effortlessly picked her up and wrapped her smooth supple legs about his slim hips. He sheathes his curved, throbbing cock deep with in her, firery hot trembling core. He pounded up into her welcoming pussy. Savoring her tight hot core wrapped around his cock, milking him with her muscles each and every stroke he made in and out of her body.
Marco could hear her breathing growing more ragged, her heartbeat a steady staccota in his ears. He could feel her body quake and quiver and he knew she was close to the edge. He picked up his pace, thrusting faster, harder. Building up to his own powerful climax. The moment he felt his release, he sank fangs into the soft rise of her breast. Pumping his creamy seed deep within her.Abbey cried out her own release and unexpectedly bit down on Marco's shoulder. This heightened his bl**d lust, making him want to ravage her over and over. He slid Abbey down the length of his body. Steadying her on her feet and helpinig her to right her dress.They walked the remaining two blocks to Abbey's loft.Marco's cold seed,slowly running down the inside of her thigh.