Sissgirl's sweet Adventure part Two

Sissygirl was a only a little nervous as the cab dropped them back off at her apartment; she had made sure everything was ‘just so’ at her place; a sweet perfumed incense hit their nostrils as she as eagerly gripped his hand and pulled him through the front door for the first time. Her heart was pounding as she closed the door behind them; there was no going back now, both cocks rigid in anticipation of the sweet lust to come, both yearning to shoot their hot gifts in honour of their love for each-other. He held her firmly and she giggled softly as their stiff excited members were squeezed together in the tight embrace. Sissygirl gasped a little as his strong arms held her firm; her anus tingled and quivered as she imagined being penetrated for the first time. He sniffed her hair as she kicked her shoes off; she descended a few inches in doing so, making him seem even bigger, making her feel all the more sweetly vulnerable. She felt so weak, so feminine, so submissive as she led the tall figure into her bedroom; his cock pulsed as he saw the pink silk sheets, this was truly a girly room and he was to have his way with the beautiful t-girl whose sweet legs minced before him; the realisation was almost too much for him, he nearly spent in his pants.

Sissygirl was nervous about the next move, but she needn’t have worried; he unbuttoned her blouse as he kissed her soft forehead, and she automatically followed suit, fumbling a little as she unbuttoned his shirt. She rubbed her hands in his hairy chest, giggling as its soft touch belied its course appearance. It was now his turn to fumble as his fingers wrestled awkwardly with her bra hooks. Sissygirl smiled softly as she took his hand away, and felt supremely feminine as she undid the clasp with consummate ease in one swift movement. His eyes surveyed the beauty of her small but delicately rounded breasts, and she took his hand and placed under one; her bottom tingling with pleasure at the masculine touching of her symbol of sweet femininity. As Sissygirl undid his belt, dropping his slacks, her little nipples stiffened as she viewed his erection, hidden only by his pants; poking them forward like a tent pole. His cock twitched and stiffened all the more as he slid her skirt off, revealing pink satin panties which covered a soft white belly, against which bulged a fully erect sissy cock in need of milking; a large patch of wetness soiling the top of the crotch, Sissygirl was very, very excited.

The two stared into each-other’s eyes in sheer wonderment as they both readied themselves to remove their respective final items of clothing. Sissygirl’s soft girly body stood before his masculine and now seemingly powerful form; her bottom tingling like mad and almost in spasm as she yearned to submit to him completely. How she would suck his cock for him. She murmured softly as in unison they both slid off their underwear. Sissygirl gasped as his stiff and aching rod was revealed in all its glory. He smiled with pleasure as he viewed her graceful little cock; a sweet pink bell-end glistening with pre-cum. How he would enjoy watching her face and hearing her sigh as he milked her for the first time. Sissygirl’s sense of submissiveness overcame her and she dropped to her knees instinctively. He fondled her soft hair as she glanced up at him and slowly fed his hot and stiff erection between her soft red lips. She looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes, and his knees went into spasm with the sensitive pleasure awarded him by her soft tongue wrapped around the underside of his bell-end; he looked down at the beautiful, soft submissive creature, her little cock bobbing as she nursed his aching cock back and forth in her soft sweet mouth. How he wanted to come with her like that, but as she moved gracefully forward and backward on his cock, he could see her sweet little white bottom; so round, so girly and perfect; how he wanted to fuck her now.

He gently stopped her and she closed her eyes as she sucked hard on the length of his cock as he withdrew; she teased his bell-end by screwing her lips tight about it as he popped it free from the warmth of her; he would make sure to fill that sweet mouth with cream at the first opportunity. She stood and they kissed again; their excited members nestling and throbbing against each-other. He took her to the bed and they both knelt; she facing forward in front of him, her little cock dribbling pre-cum and ready to be milked. He took in her scent as he put his hand on her soft belly, pulling her back into him; his stiff cock at the cleavage of her bottom cheeks; her anus tingled excitedly as he sniffed at her hair then felt down to her crotch and took her stiff, eager little cock in his hand. Sissygirl whimpered with pleasure as he eased back slightly and she felt his other hand slip down between her cheeks. He grasped her cock tightly and grinned with satisfaction as he felt her sweet little member pulse with sweet anticipation as he eased a finger into her tight, hot little anus. He then continued to softly stroke her stiff cock, now nicely lubricated and ready to give up its cream. He eased his finger out and then teased her soft bottom with his equally rigid member, probing at the entrance of her anus, threatening to thrust home savagely at any moment, right up to the hilt. Sissygirl was in raptures with the tease; she had waited for this moment; she so wanted him to have her, and now it was going to happen. She was very close to coming already, but just wanted to please him. He whispered to her.

“I’m going to milk you and fuck you now.” Sissygirl tingled all over as he eased her body forward slightly, and eased his cock just a little way into her willing pussy, then stroked at her little cock relentlessly. She could not hold back ; the pleasure of being held, teased by his hot, stiff bell-end invading her tingling bottom so exquisitely, and knowing she was to be fucked by him for the first time. She was in absolute heaven as her little balls signalled her oncoming ecstasy; she naturally arched her back as he held her firm, which f***ed his rigid cock further into her tightness, the action making him gasp with pleasure and he stroked all the more, wanting to see his sweet prize spend her cream for him for the first time. Sissygirl moaned and whimpered with pleasure as she spent her hot cream; he squeezed and probed a little deeper as his beautiful t-girl gave herself up for him, making her convulse and spurt with pleasure. Her anus tightened around his cock as her cock squirted again and again. She felt herself being eased forward and lay face down with her bottom in the air in complete erotic and sensual submission; the pleasure continued to wash through her senses, now she would be fucked.

He eased his cock deep into her sweet bottom and she quivered all over, as her spent cock dribbled the remnants of her creamy orgasm, swaying with her little balls as a larger cock and balls probed and slapped against her soft girly bottom; now Sissygirl enjoyed the delicious feeling of the tight and almost painful thrusting of a stiff cock going deep within her, she was being owned; she could not stop him even if she had wanted to, she was his and she was in total submission to him. Her little cock stiffened again as the pleasure of having her prostate massaged ensured her thorough enjoyment, and she became all the more excited as her man started to moan and buck as he readied himself to deliver his hot gift deep into her willing anus. He roared in ecstasy and pulled her sweet hips back as he unleashed his seed just for his Sissygirl; he looked down at her soft white body as he pumped his hot mess over and over into that soft bottom that was now his. He had never known pleasure like it; his orgasm seemed to last forever as he squeezed Sissygirl’s pretty feminine body close and drained his balls.

The two embraced and kissed for what seemed like an eternity after; then they lay there, enjoying each-other’s warmth and staring into each-other’s eyes, arms and legs intertwined. Sissygirl closed her eyes as she nestled her face up to her new lover’s, and drifted off to sl**p. He kissed her softly and closed his eyes too; when they awoke they would waste no time in getting to know each-other even more.