Shemales- The Martini affair – Part 3 – finale

I could not stop thrusting back with my ass on her face as her tongue went crazy over my anal clit and tight bud. But I could not take it for long as I fell to the floor turning around to face her on my back. As if knowing what I had in my mind, she looked into my eyes and slowly took my cock throat deep in her mouth. Just as she did that I pulled her ankles and she knew what I wanted.

So very gently she moved her hips towards me and came over me with her glistening throbbing precum weeping cock right above my eyes. I took a moment to take in and enjoy that beautiful view. Then grabbing both her ass I slowly pulled in her hips towards me. Lowering her cock into my open mouth. I let her cock slide deep in my mouth still wide open and not yet sucking. I wanted to feel that flesh throb in my mouth without any action from me. I could feel it twitch by itself in my mouth just as I started to gently flick my tongue over it still having it in my mouth.Then just as I could feel her precum dripping into my throat I gave it a slow deep suck. Trying to suck more of the precum out. And wow she tasted so so very yummy. The sweet and salty precum started flowing liberally into my mouth with every long deep suck i gave her. She started fucking my mouth with some aggression which got my eyes watered. But her vein popping throbbing slightly curved cock was so delicious for me to let go. I wanted more of it to suck, lick and bite gently on the head and taste her precum.

Then with that 'Toppish' me taking over me, I said “OK, I want to take you now”. She was surprised to see the passive and shy me becoming the active one all of a sudden. She smiles and said “yes baby” take me”. I pushed her on the floor and lifted her legs over my shoulder and entered her slowly. She grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled my balls with the other as I started fucking her gently deep, and slow at first and slowly increasing the tempo. She grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to hers to kiss. ah she kiss so wonderful. At times I felt I was thrusting little too deep and hard which she so gracefully accepted. And as I was nearing she started jerking her cock. I stopped her and told her ” No don't cum yet” I want you to…..before I could complete I screamed and started throbbing as I shot load after load of my hot cum in her ass. As i kept on shooting I slowly collapsed over her, kissing her sweet mouth as we both tried to get our breath. Just as we slowly recovered I could see her still so hard as she had not cum yet.

I said “Baby, fill me please”..I pulled her over me as I lied down on my back. She sat on the couch, lifted my ass just to park at the edge of the couch and forcing her hard curved cock down into my ass slowly started tickling my tight bud, I knew I had to open real wide for her big cock. I spread my ass cheeks wide and started loosening my hole for her with my fingers. And just as I pulled out my two fingers she poured some lube into me and slowly slithered in her cock into me. I gasped and took a deep breath and curved my back, grasping the carpet on the floor.

She started fucking me deep and hard. Sitting on the couch first and rotating her hips, then squatting over me and thrusting it deep. Turn around ” I said”. She turned around and shoved in her cock down into me and started fucking me again. I could see her sexy round ass thrusting down into me and bouncing off my ass and drops and streams of my cum flowing down from her asshole and dripping into my balls and flowing over my soft cock now. With every fuck, I could see more of my cum spitting out from her hole on to my balls. I spanked her and asked her to fuck me and cum in me. Just as if acknowledging my request she came. And how, jets after jets of hut sticky cum started filling my rectum and I could feel it flowing down the pipe. I could feel my walls getting polished and creamed with sticky cum. My anal clit just gave me another orgasm right then and I could feel my ass twitching and tightening around her cock as she came. As if milking her cock with my anal ring, She spanked my ass hard and screamed, “baby You came again?? and that too hands free?”

And as she was cumming I could also see her asshole twitch and open involuntarily, spitting more of my cum onto my balls.My cum from her hole was flowing down to my navel to meet my fresh cum. She collapsed over me with her cock still inside me, drops of cum still oozing out into me. Then she turned around and we kissed. Both our juices getting smeared over our belly as we kissed. Such passionate kiss and she said, “Lets order some to eat and then repeat. ” I said “WHaaaat”. She said ” We have just started dear, I will get some more Martini”.