Sharing my BBC

Trying something different. Sitting here with Mare and we just got done cleaning up the evidence of a one of a kind fun morning.

Maryanne :
Lori told me lots about Fred. I was doubtfull. I brought a tiny tape measure with me which I use when doing Crochet. Having seen, I am now convinced.
We are both dressed like young sluts waiting for the BMW in the driveway.
Fred comes, very pleasant looking, younger, good to chat with, quite tall and oh so very black. Taboo for sure.

Lori :
“This is my friend Mare I've been telling you about. She has never even touched a black cock.” And Frederick knew this was coming said “I'm here to help you. You can help me out of these clothes.”

Maryanne :
So I unbutton his shirt and the result tells me he spends time at the gym. I do his belt from behind while feeling everything like a first time school girl. There is a big package. Slip on shoes slip off, then he is down to boxers. With a cockhead trying to peek out the bottom leg.

Lori :
I jump in, drop shorts and release cock. “Any naughty ideas Mare?”

Maryanne :
“Just holding and playing with it is a good start.”
So I lead him by the cock to the spare bedroom.
Fondling him led to the next thing and the next as he grew. I never went back for my tape measure. All I can say is Fred is the black man of legend for sure. So slender at the head and so thick at the base. The extreme ebony against my white hand was the thing that stands out most. And Fred loves big heavy knocker. Considering that I'm not far from being done nursing, they are at my lifetime peak in size now. Size that usually means a end of day back aches.

By now my bright red lipstick is making a mess of his cock. I'm doing a wonderful job while on my knees and Fred is kneading and tugging on my tits while I work as much of him into my throat as possible. This is perfect.
About this time Lori butts in.

Lori :
“Get up on the bed and grind those pussy lips on that shaft.”
Which gave Frederick a face full of mother boobs. Frederick is just loving those nipples and boob meat. And Mare is damn happy grinding. I stepped back to the far side of the room and just took it all in. Thus is just what Frederick and I must look like. Except I don't have the boobs and don't waste time grinding! Small things LOL!! This black/white contrast just looked so perfect. The difference is the visual equivalent to the boy/girl difference. Absolutely perfect. Every man should be born jet black with a foot long and every woman born milk white with a deep pussy. OK, I'm thinking too much now.

I'm taking this all in for a good while, watching Frederick getting happily smothered and seeing Mare having a bunch of little orgasms. Frederick yells out a “Holy shit, this is awesome” and he moves back to her nipples.

Maryanne :
I'm lactating. I'm not too proud of the belly pouch being pregnant got me. Nor am I proud of being a milk cow. It's taking forever to go away. Now the milk I'm wanting to dry up has a new consumer. I'm looking down to see Fred go switching nipples and having milk eascape the corners of him mouth. The odd part, is this ever so hot and so exciting. He is draining me with a suck for a long time. Between this and grinding his shaft I've cum a couple times.

Lori has this 'total woman' thing when she going through her day oozing her mans cum. I kind of understand it. I had my first 'total woman' moment when this black man was feding off me.

Fred started tugging my nipples and doing a sort of cow milking action. This had me squirting milk everywhere. Hard to aim I guess. I did not think this very sexy or hot. So I said my first words to Fred, “Suck on them hard.”
Which was an order he gladly followed.

Lori :
I noticed the clock. Mare was now grinding him for close to 45 minutes.
And showing no signs of wanting to stop. “Mare, you have to fuck him.”
And she did then say her nipples are starting to get tender. Mare said “I need a condom.” And I reminded her
“You'll find no such thing in this house unless maybe you want to tear up the boys rooms.”
She said “My purse.” And she did have magnums !

I have 3 magnums in my hand and I do my control bitch best.
I'm holding up all 3 in one bundle and I take my car key any shove it through the center. “No Way, Not in this house and you still have to fuck him.”
Mare just says “You bitch” as she rolls off Frederick and assumes the position.

Maryanne :
Condoms or not I have to have that cock. He is longer than Nick, straighter then Nick and by a huge margin a lot thicker then Nick. Frederick starts to kiss me (not something I was prepared for) while on top of me with his cock laying on my tummy. I responded kind of slow. He is a good kisser, a passionate kisser for sure and I got into it. I whispered in his ear “You can't cum inside me.” Frederick said he understood and would not. That later changed.

Lori :
Mare's pussy was a soaked mess. All puffy like a freshly baked muffin. Talk about ready. Frederick slipped the first 6+ inches in a single movement. Mare responded as predicted and I heard Fred say “We'll go slow”. He is considerate.

Maryanne :
He did go slow. And he bottomed out right about where my Nick does. Only without the big curve Nick has, it felt different, and I must say better.
About the time he bottoms out, the stretching gets very noticable and challenging and a pure pleasure. Lori has already written enough about his thickness.

Lori :
Fact – 11 inches plus a little around at the base.
I hear Mare say “More.”
Frederick has a good handfull of shaft looking for a home. This means he has about 10 inches inside best friend. I take a position on the bed where I can watch all. After she says “More” Frederick is pressing and his cock is starting to bend. So “More” is not going to happen. So I thought.

Maryanne :
It felt fabulous. Normally Nick's big curve would be trying to bust through my cervix. Fred is just pressing deep and moving my insides around. My cervix is tender and being probed does not feel good. My deepest part is not tender and pressing the back end further into my insides is oh so fulfilling. And good lord, the feeling from being stretched by his girth is incredible.

The deep kissing stops when I hit one huge vaginal orgasm. Fred stops moving and grits his teeth, just watching me go out of control. Upon coming down from my high, all I could think about was a fully loaded black cock deep in a very dangerous area. I asked “Are you going to cum soon?” Fred's response was “Yes and I had to really hold back during your orgasms, I was close to cuming with you.” Which was followed by him going tenderly right back to my mouth with his.

This was beautiful love making.

Lori :
Hearing all seeing all this lovie stuff has me horney as hell. Especially knowing this man just delivered one big oozing loads of cum when he “held back”.

“Mare, you want him to come inside you.” She says “Yes but I can't take the chance”.

I say “It's probably too late to worry, before Frederick cums he oozes more than most guys shoot”. Then I add “Too bad you can't see what's already running out of your bottom, I can, and you make white all by yourself!”

Maryanne :
This is great. Unprotected, right on top of fertile week with a black mans cock deep.

Since I've recently had my first c***d late in life, I positively expect to pop out a couple more. Nick wants to and the body is just about ready. Nick was planning on loading me up 3x daily starting with his return home from business this Friday.

If this man inside me were of Medeterranean descent, I would take every drop of life he has to give and not think twice. There would be nothing to explain.

Now I've got swimmers on the loose. If these were Gus's swimmers, no problem. A baby with African features, no way.

Lori :
“Both of you, let yourself go. I'll go over to Planned Parenthood and get a morning after pill.”
“Enjoy this!”

You want my Gus?

Maryanne :
Gus? I've had your Gus. Often and we are good together.

Turns out Lori knows all about this pill because her oldest sons have a problem pulling out. Damage done, yes I will enjoy this. Three words 'Fred, do me.”

Lori :
And you can keep doing Gus. Let him stud you and even up the score on me and Nick. Back to the days events…..

Frederick broke from her, placed her legs over his shoulders, reentered and started a long slow stroke. I hear him say “I'm waiting for you lover.”

Maryanne :
That's exactly what he said and I let myself go. With me in this position I had no control to do anything else but enjoy being pleasured.

Lori :
Each long stroke got deeper. Mare and Frederick are getting vocal. I almost climaxed myself when Mare declared
“I'm going now, give me every last inch and fill me up.”
I'm watching this from less then 2 feet away and with maybe 3 hard strokes a few things happen together.
1 – Mare let out an orgasmic semi yell and a grunt. I can't describe the sound.
2 – Frederick f***ed himself balls deep. He disappeared completely.
3 – Frederick let out a series of grunts.
4 – I came too.

Fredericks grunts told me he was shooting hot streams into my best friend.
From my vantage point I did not need the sound. I could see his muscles spasming and knew he was loading her up. A cock 14+ inches deep and pumping her full. Just awesome. At that moment I had a pretty powerful orgasm myself.

From Mare's sound I knew she was having another vaginal orgasm while being pained at the surprise of Fredericks cramming his last few inches.

She was being stretched by over 11″ circumfrence of power cock.

Frederick withdrew some, now letting her legs drop from his shoulders.
Panting and sweaty they both were. He kept his cock in her deep as he played with her nipples while he drained out. He looked me straight in the eye and said “She took it all!! Wow, thats the best I can ask for.”

Upon withdrawal I witnessed a small river of cum. I was hoping to see nothing. I really wanted Fredericks last big push where he got balls deep to mean he got through her cervix and pumped seed directly into her uterus. That was not to be the case.

Maryanne :
Exhausted, inseminated, satisfied and lord knows I could sure go for this again. Lori told me “Close that pussy, keep it all in, hold it, feel it.”
And I did. And now I must say, I found it so hot simply because I was so full of semen. This was a quantity well above the Peter North cumshot. Then the realization that it was not my husband between my legs but a large african man. It takes a little getting used to. Not during the intercourse but just the before and after periods.

Lori :
“Frederick how hot was that?” He said
“I was living your fantasy Lori.”
“How?” I asked.
“Your whole getting pregnant again fantasy.”
He explained that after I told of him oozing a lot of cum when he holds back and once she said “do me”, he was in a place in his mind to give his lover a c***d. Then he adds, “That was the biggest load I ever shot. Had to be 10 or more full streams of cum I deposited.” So now I know, about an hour of foreplay really fills the tank.

Maryanne :
And I did have to interject into that conversation.
“Fred, it's no fantasy, you probably just did get me pregnant.”

Lori :
Which was about the time I started sucking on his cock to get him ready for round 2 with me. And then you got up.

Maryanne :
Round 2 is another story. When I did get up the volume of cum which poured out of me was incredible.

Lori :
Round 2 was not nearly as hot as the tale we just told.
To me your push out was awesome. But just another load of laundry.

Maryanne :
Can we stop and take the ride to get the morning after pill now?

Lori :
Don't you want to wait and see if the seed took hold?
Maybe keep it?

Maryanne :

Lori :
Ok, we both need a little douche and a good shower.
Then a little car ride.

Readers – We hope you like the dual writing style. This was one hot morning on Long Island. Please do comment on the two person style.

Also, the interaction with Mare, Gus, Nick and I may be a bit confusing.
Gus is my husband, I have 1 son by Gus, 2 sons are by Nick. Gus & Nick are 1st cousins. We are all good with this. Nick was the best donor I could ask for. I'm going to lobby both men hard that Gus gets the honors of trying to stud Mare's #2. My Gus has a sperm issue, they don't swim far, probably wont work out but I think he deserves a couple shots at the prize. Plus they already fuck a lot, just not a lot during the past year. They ought to pick up with an objective!

Maryanne :
I agree. Gus is home tonight. I'm game.

Lori :
You're taking a pill. Let's run it by Nick this weekend and look towards next week.

Love all, we are done here for now.