Sex with my cousin

I’m a guy. My height is 6 feet 2 inches. I’m from Delhi. My dick is 8.5 inch. My cousin is 5f 5 inches and she has huge set of boobs. So I started talking to her on fb. Then we became best frnds. Then we started talking on Whatsapp. Our friendship started growing stronger. She started sharing every little thing with me. She even told me about guy who proposed her and asking my suggestions to accept their proposals or not.

By fearing of losing her, I suggested to reject them. One day I got to know that she accepted someone’s proposal and started dating him. I got jealous and stopped talking to her. One day there was some function of our f****y. So she came to me. My god she was looking stunning in those blue tight jeans. I got an instant hard on. But I somehow controlled my emotions and ignored her. She was surprised to my reaction but didn’t say anything because of the crowd. During the function, I tried to get every glimpse of her face without knowing her. After few times, she caught me looking at her. She came to me and asked me to dance with her. I refused but she forcibly grabs my hand and took me to the floor. Once I got on dance floor, I forgot everything and started dancing with her.

When everybody was preparing for bed, I and Prachi were walking on the lawn. I was so jealous from her bf that I couldn’t control myself and like a dumb puppet I expressed my feeling to her. My mind was lost, the wind stopped blowing and time stopped. Prachi was looking at me with surprised expression. Then she slapped me. All the stars from sky were on my head now.

Then she slapped me again and said something which I wasn’t expecting to hear. She said that, “what took you so long to say this. I’ve been waiting for you to say this”. I was confused, happy and surprised. “I’m not dating anyone because I love you. I made this bf thing up so that you would feel jealous. That way you can propose me. But you took so long…..”
The time she finished her sentence I kissed her. She winked at me and kissed me back. Then we ran to some dark place where no one can see us.

Then again we started kissing each other. Our smooch converted into French kiss. We were exchanging each other’s saliva through tongue. I was in cloud 9 and so did she. We were kissing for fifteen minutes then I got a call from my relative and I had to break our kiss. I went to attend my relative and Prachi went to her room.

After I finished my work I went to the guest house where everyone is staying including Prachi. I was sitting in the hall thinking about our kissing sequence. Then I heard that my mami ji (Prachi’s mother) is coming with Prachi. She came to me and said that Prachi was not feeling well. She wanted me to take Prachi home because she has a lot of work to do. I acted normal, even though I was jumping from inside. I took Prachi to my home. Everyone was at guest house so there was no one to disturb our privacy.

I locked the door and asked her that where would she wanna do. She gave me the naughty wink and said, “where ever you want”. After hearing this, I took her in my arms and put her on the couch. We were kissing madly. Her left hand was on my hair and right was on my back. I was holding her with my one hand and pressing her stiff boobs with other. She was moaning and breathing heavily.

She took off my T-Shirt. I took of her Topper. My god! She was having a perfect pair of boobs. She was even better than my imagination. She felt a bit shy as she never been naked infront of anyone. I looked in her eyes and said that I’ll take care of her. She hugged me and kissed me. I took her Jeans off and she took mine off. We were stark naked. I kissed her all over her body. Then I drank all the juices of her. It was way too tasty. Then I took my dick head and touched her pussy. She shivered. Then she guided my dick into her. It was hell too tight. I was shouting louder than her moaning. It was so tight that I can’t go further and took my dick out.

She looked at me as if she felt sorry for me. Then she took my dick and put it in her mouth. I was shocked. Then I go with the flow. She made my dick wet with her saliva and said “now try”. I was happy. I gave another thrust. Her saliva worked as a lubricant. My dick was fully inside her. She was moaning-crying-shouting. I don’t know whether it was tear of joy or tear of pain. I ignored her tear and doing exactly as people do in blue films. I was banging her. She told me to not to cum inside her. So I took my dick out and put it in her mouth. She drank all cum as if she was thirty for it.