Sex with my business partners daughter

I haven’t wrote anything in a while because I haven’t got any story worth mentioning … Anyway, last week something very interesting happened to me and I really think that it can make a good story.
I have a business partner in Czech Republic and we work together for the last 5 years. In the beginning of our collaboration I have visited him in Prague to sign the contract. That was the only time I have visited him in Prague (until last week), all our other meetings were in Romania or in Budapest. In 2008 during my last visit I had the chance to meet his f****y … his wife Dominika and his 13 year old daughter Beata. Back then, Beata was a very slim and tall teenager, quite cute, redhead but overall she didn’t had anything special. Days after that meeting my partner joked with me because his daughter had a crush on me and she couldn’t stop talking about me. We joked about this for the next years every time we have met.
The collaboration went fine for the last years until last December when I had some suspicions that my partner was stealing from me … In January and February I was very careful and I was able to back those suspicions with proofs. My first impulse was to go to the authorities but after a few days of thinking I decided that it is best to go to Prague and talk face to face with him before I sue him.
Arriving to Czech Republic, my partner waited for me to the airport and he was very happy to see me. I didn’t wanted to tell him right away about the motive of my visit but I am sure he sensed something. We went to his home and had dinner with his f****y. Dominika looked the same, five years passed but she still looked nice … Beata on the other hand … turned herself into a gorgeous woman. She was very tall, about 1.75 m, had 50 kg, a gorgeous round ass, flat stomach because she was working hard in the gym and had beautiful firm breasts. She had a very beautiful face, green eyes and curly red hair. Now the roles exchanged, I couldn’t take my eyes off Beata but she didn’t paid me any attention. Beata has a boyfriend now and she was very much in love, I don’t want to brag but I don’t look bad but during the evening she didn’t looked at me at all and she replied to all my questions with “yes” or “no” … it was very frustrating because I knew that 5 years ago I was all the she wanted and now I couldn’t made her look at me.
After the dinner ended my partner took me to his home office to discuss. We drank a couple of glasses of whiskey and I couldn’t stop thinking about Beata, I totally forgot why I was there. After 20 minutes of small talk he asked me what is the real reason of my visit. In that moment I took out the documents which were the proof that he was stealing and I handed them to him. He was really shocked and started to cry … She begged me to understand him because he has very big problems with some moneylenders. His wife has a small furniture production and they faced some difficulties … in that moment he called some moneylenders to help him with a substantial sum of money for 2 weeks. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t pay back the money in 2 weeks, the interest was very high and he started to receive threats and pictures with his wife and daughter (they were followed). In that moment he decided that he will do everything necessary to pay back the money … Unfortunately for me, I am a nice guy and he thought that I will not notice the absence of money and even if I notice … maybe I will let it slide. He had tears in his eyes and then he said the magic words “Please, I will do anything you ask … Just please understand the situation … Just tell me what you want or what you need and I will make it happen”. In that moment, my imagination was working, of course I was going to to ask for a date with his daughter … actually I was not going to ask for a date, I was going to ask for a night with his daughter. I am a nice guy and normally I couldn’t ask for this … I was lucky that I had a good amount of alcohol in my system and I had the courage to ask for this. He was shocked, he couldn’t believe what I was asking, he got very angry, he started to scream at me and he literally threw me out of his house. I was very calm, standing in front of him in front of the house and I told him “look, you are a nice guy, we know each other for 5 years and we had a good relationship BUT … you stole from me and you will pay for this! You have 2 hours to pursuit your daughter to be in my hotel room ready to be fucked all night! If she will not be there, be prepared to hear from my attorney in the next days” … after this I called a cab and went to my hotel.
It was around 10 when I arrived to my hotel, I took a long shower and after that I took a Viagra. I normally do not take this kind of pills because I don’t need them. This time seemed a good occasion to take one because I wanted to fuck this beauty long and hard and of course, I want to make her pay for her father’s sins.
I was sure that she will arrive before midnight but … she didn’t so I went to bed mad and with a huge boner. A couple of hours later the phone rang, it was the receptionist telling me that I have a visitor … I looked at the watch and it was around 2 but since I had a plane in the afternoon the next day, I felt that I can spend the rest of my night in the most pleasant way … with Beata. A few minutes later someone knocks on my door, when I opened it I probably seen one of the best views I had ever seen … She wore a nice and elegant white dress, high heels and had a very nice make up … I described her earlier in my story and it is useless to say that she looked beautiful. I invited her in and poured a glass of wine. After a few sips and some small talk I asked her to strip for me, after all we both knew why she was there! She started to dance slowly and gently unzipped her dress … the dress was gently sliding across her beautiful body. She was wearing a pink underwear and no bra. The sight was incredible. When I asked her to come closer, I saw tears in her eyes and she said “How can you do this to me ? I have a boyfriend, I love him, I don’t want to be used like this, please leave me alone, please let’s just talk and drink some glasses of wine and I will go after that because I have an early class tomorrow morning.”, To be honest I was a little bit shocked because of her reaction, I was pretty sure that she understood the situation and she came here to please me. After a few seconds I became angry and I replied “Beata my dear, please listen to me very carefully, you have two options: 1. You get dressed and leave, if you do that, your father will have to pay me back a good deal of money and besides this he will probably go to jail or option 2 – I will let your father pay his debt to me in the next 2-3 years and I will tell nobody that he stole from me … if you want this option to work, I don’t want just to fuck you, I want you to be my bitch for the rest of the night, I want to fuck you in every way possible … I want to cum in your pussy, I want to fuck your face, I want fuck your ass … and when you are exhausted and want to go to sl**p, I will slap your face with my dick and you have to start sucking … Very important, I don’t want you to feel f***ed to do this, I want you to feel lucky that you have this chance because after all it is your father’s life that we are talking about. I will light a cigarette and when I finish it you have to decide what you are going to do”. So, I lighted the cigarette and turned on the TV. She sat on the edge of the bed and didn’t say a word for a few minutes … meanwhile I finished the cigarette and told her “Since I don’t see my dick anywhere near your mouth, please get dressed and leave, I understand what you have decided” … after a few seconds she said “No, please, wait …” … This was music to my ears.
Without saying another word she pushed me to the bed, took my boxers to my knees and started sucking my dick while she was looking into my eyes. OH GOD, gorgeous view … she stroke my trembling cock while she was licking my balls … I knew that I had her for the night and decided to fuck her hard the first time because I really had to cum, my balls were exploding. I grabbed her, took her into my arms, and put her back against the wall. I had her butt cheaks in my palms and kept her fixed against the wall …
She said “wait … condom !”
“Shut up and do what you’re told! Tonight we will not use a condom!” I replied.
She didn’t said another word and the hard fuck started. She was such a beauty, Her butt was very hard and the facial expression priceless. I have an eight inch dick and it was definitely something new for her. As far as I knew she only had sex with her boyfriend and by the look on her face I can tell that he was not very hung. I fucked her for a good five minutes and I really had to cum … so I exploded inside her. She was a little surprised, she taught that I was joking when I said that I will ejaculate in her pussy. I let her down and the sperm started to drip on her thighs.
“You are the first one who ejaculates in me …”
“There will be a lot of firsts tonight …” I replied.
It was definitely a good fuck but to be honest, nothing very special. I knew that I had to please a lot of fantasies to get over her father’s sins. We sat in the bed for 10 minutes and joked a little, now the atmosphere was more relaxed. We went to take a shower and when we got back in the room. I started to eat that nice shaved pussy and she moaned in pleasure. She really enjoyed it and I couldn’t stop licking her pussy, I was like a bear eating honey. After a couple of minutes her thighs pressed very hard on my head and she moaned very loudly … after that she confirmed that she had her first orgasm.
This happened in a Thursday night and now it was almost 4 in the morning, the city was very much asl**p. I took her to the balcony and started to fuck her from behind. I was enjoying this beautiful sex toy and I wanted to be seen … I want to make a good evening for other hotel guests that might see us. For the first time I really loved that Beata was so tall, I could very easily fuck her from behind (I am 1.9 m tall). It was quite cold in that evening (around 10 degrees C) but we couldn’t feel it … I was fucking her very hard to keep us warm and by balls very loudly hit her clit. My eyes were on her beautiful round ass … seeing my dick disappear in her very tight pussy was an extraordinary view. Her moans became louder and louder to the point she started screaming and collapsed onto her knees … she just had an explosive orgasm. While she was on her knees she started to suck my dick and in a few moments I ejaculated … half of the load on her face and half of the load in her mouth. I told her to swallow, she complied. When we have got back in the room I looked around because I was curious if we were seen … And yes … we were seen. On the upper level, tree rooms to the left from mine it was an older gentleman which was staring at us and from what I could see he was stroking his cock hard. I knew that that man envied me and I felt pretty good about it … for a second I wanted to tell him to come over and share Beata but … I am selfish, I didn’t wanted to share her!
“This is a great night, you are a great guy and definitely this is the best fuck of my life … I don’t know why I resisted in the beginning … like you said, there are a lot of first tonight, it is the first time I was being fucked in outdoors and it is the first time someone ejaculates in my mouth” Beata said.
I was feeling great but in the same time I was very tired and we both felt asl**p while we were in the bed. Now that I am thinking about it I am quite mad because I could have enjoyed her much more. In my sl**p I heard Beata’s mobile phone ringing … I recognized it because she had the ringtone “Sexy and you know it” … and she was sexy indeed.
It was her father, I could hear his voice in because Beata’s speaker was very loud. I looked at the time and it was 7:30. I have bounded with Beata and I started to like her, I didn’t want to treat her like I did in the beginning of the evening. I kissed her softly on the lips and asked her if she has to go.
She replied “Of course I have to go, my father will be here in 20 minutes but I have told him that he will probably have to wait because I didn’t fulfilled all my duties”. She had a very sexy smile while she said this.
I instantly had a huge boner and kissed her passionately. She was so sweet when she said that she still has duties to fulfill that I wanted to please her in every way I can … without knowing, the roles changed.
I laid her on the bed and kissed her from head to toe, licked every single part of her body. I licked her beautiful breasts, went down on the belly and concentrated very much on her pussy. She was literally ripping the sheets from the bed and she was screaming in pleasure “YES, LICK MY PUSSY … PLEASE FUCK MEEEEE …” … So I did fuck her … now I was well rested and we broke the bed in the process. Her feet were on my shoulders and she was keeping her tits in her palms. She was breathing very heavily and I was fucking her as long and as hard as I fucked anybody before her. She was going from one orgasm to another … She couldn’t speak … She was really enjoying the moment… I am pretty sure that at least half of the hotel heard her screams … My heart was racing and probably I didn’t had much until I ejaculated again. She threw me off her and took the doggie position. Her pussy was soaking wet and my dick and balls were also completely wet. I entered her pussy and started to fuck her hard … after a few seconds she stopped me …
“What are you doing ?” She said
“What do you mean ?” I replied pretty confused.
“Last night you said that there will be a lot of firsts … I taught that you want to try my ass” She said with a very low voice.
I was surprised but in the same time very happy to hear this … I didn’t needed another invitation and I started to lick her asshole while I was fingering her pussy. I took with my fingers the juice from her pussy and started to finger her ass very gently. She was very tensed and I asked her to try to relax … little by little my finger was going deeper and deeper. I felt the need to insert my penis so I did … I introduced only a tip of my penis and she started to scream very loud. She tried to escape but I was keeping her very tight and didn’t gave her the chance to escape. She put her face in the pillow and she was screaming loudly. Minute by minute my penis was deeper in her ass until we reached the point where I was ALL IN. Ohhh … the sight of Beata being fucked in the ass was a dream, it was unreal. In a few minutes I felt that I was going to ejaculate again a huge load. So I put her on her back, laying in the bed, and I started to stroke my cock wanting to ejaculate on her face. I did ejaculate probably one of the biggest loads that I have ever ejaculated. Most of the load was on her face and hair. She was looking exhausted but she still smiled very sexy. I kissed her and a minute later her mobile rang again, it was again her father telling her that he is waiting for her in the lobby of the hotel.
I was still very mad that he stole from me and she was very mad because he put her in this position of having sex with a stranger to pay his debts. We decided to make him feel bad so we decided that we will go down together in the lobby. I cleaned Beata’s face only a little (because she was full of cum) but I intentionally left some sperm on her chin and in her hair. I told her about this and she agreed to get down in the lobby with cum on her face. Her make-up was all ruined. When we got down my partner looked like a ghost, he was all white. She hugged her father and kissed him on the cheek. He was clearly not feeling well and a little disgusted because her breath smelled like she ate dick for breakfast ( well … she ate dick all night ). He couldn’t stop looking at his daughter’s hair because the sperm was very visible. He looked down and shaked my hand wanting to leave.
“Stop” I said.
“What do you still want from me?” he replied very angry.
“From now on I don’t want to meet with you anymore, you will send your daughter to the meetings, of course, if she wants to …”
“Yes dad, I will go meet with him from now on, it will be my pleasure.” Said Beata with a very firm voice.
I was very happy to hear this … I hugged her and kissed her on the lips very passionate for a few seconds gently placing my hand on her beautiful ass. My business partner was shocked but couldn’t say anything.
They left together with Beata looking at me over her shoulder.
It was an incredible experience and hopefully it will happen again pretty soon, after all I always meet my business partners at least 2 times a year, maybe I will make an exception with Beata and we will meet more often … How often? We will see.
It is very interesting how in a night I turned Beata from being disgusted of me to liking me very much. I received 5 text messages from her in the next hour telling me how this was an incredible experience and hopes that we will do this again very soon.
Again I want to say that this probably was the most exciting experience of my life … probably I didn’t put it in words as I should but to be honest I can’t put every feeling and sensation in words … I am just an amateur writer wanting to share with you the incredible experience that I lived.
I hope you enjoyed my story!