Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-4

Lisette longs to lose count once more of all her forthcoming orgasms during her long weekend with me

Lisette longs for her long warm weekend serving Professor Peter, after her hot initial interview
I lost count how often I came during that first sexy session – I like to lose count much more!
She shall wear under her wintercoat only a short skirt at arrival, so she tries to dress properly
Every little detail is important! Lisette remembers the wise words from her Professor Peter
Try to be natural, your tasty teen cute beauties should do the job! is another wise advise
Tasty teen beauties, she knows how hot he is for her very firm tiny tits and nice naughty nipples
Especially the first impression is important so she ensures her nips are hard as she rings his bell

Lisette, warm welcome! Let me take your coat love – Wow what a nice naughty nipples welcome me!
Excited Professor Peter kisses her nips as second welcome to come very often this long love weekend
Awesome short your short cut-offs, nice to offer me a chance to punish you for not wearing a skirt
Really it is a skirt, dear Pete
Lisette grabs between her thighs halfway my stairs to the studio
Now it is a skirt, as you can see! You can see all of my pussy now, isn't it dear Professor Peter?
Sexy snatch and tasty trick! You lead by 1-0! Interesting introduction to your intimate inspection

Lisette learns first how to properly present herself for an intimate inspection and sexy solo-action
Open view to your private parts is proper presentation at the start of every erotic sexy session!
Very close to me with your legs at either side of mine, bend over spread your cheeks by both hands
Every second you keep looking at my face from between your legs and next you make yourself orgasm!

Lisette loves to follow his wishes or orders as it had given her such sexy satisfaction first time
Easy exercise as she was already hot on her way to the sex studio, her initial nipple success helps
Sexy explosion within a few minutes she squirts a bit in his face watching her cunt from very close
Successful first fine test tasty teen! Kneel between my knees to munch my manhood, make it wooden
On all fours please, only your mouth should make my member into a useful tool for our Friday evening
Nice and naughty, your eyes should do the rest of your sucking submissive seduction sexy sweetheart!

Lisette learns to appreciate the role of full moon for the nicest naughty nights full of fucking

Sexy second success or it is her third? – Professor Peter seems satisfied how she behaves as slave
Warm welcome to my bed, where we will have a room with a view to the full moon all long weekend!
Especially to me, as I'm short-sighted eye-wise, so full moon lasts for me all our long weekend
Erotic enhancement for fucking with our only sight by the light of the full moon is very special
Tantra Master I am, next to Private Professor in the Social Science of Sexuology, my tasty teen!

Sexy sub let the moon shine first on your full moon and let your slit smile back at her Holyness!
Usually she smiles back whenever she sees the nice naughty bare back beautiful baby tasty tight teen
Baby you can read my mind!
– Lisette loves to blow my big brown banana while the moon warms hers
My mighty member longs for her other two tasty tight teen open orifices: Turn around, tasty teen!
I like to do you doggy-style dear, to bang you up the stairways to your first fine hot holy heaven

She obeys eagerly Fold your fingers for prayers to Mother Moon till She will allow you an orgasm
Show your submissiveness to us for your sexy satisafaction
– I slowly start to pound her pussy
I let you learn to use to electric energy in nature to enflame your erogenic zones sexy sweetheart

Very fast lovely lusty Lisette comes a few times after another already losing count in first fucking
Every time at Professor Peter I learn a lot no matter my math lagging far behind my capacities!

Switch to Lisette's anal canal for the sexy stairs to the next three heavens to see this nice night
Every time Lisette comes her cunny cramps and milks my mighty member challenging my Tantra talents
Right time to come inside her will be when she gets to seventh heaven so I can finally also explode
Very fine fucking, you are so tight there, feels like fucking a tasty talented virgin first time
I will switch back to your yummy sexy snatch as soon as you reach sixth sexy hot heaven dirty dear!
Tasty teen meet my meat! Some more sexy shower to white-wash your cute cunny's cervix, here I come

Under her seventh orgasm she completely collapses, her awesome bottom still up in the air for more
Dear Mama Mia, you know well I can not resist any ass of a sexy suddenly unconcious tasty teen!
Enigmatic smile of Mother Moon like Leonardo's Mona Lisa, watching while I bang Lisette's backdoor

Lisette learns to make my favourite eggs for a fine breakfast to refill my eggs with enough come

Professor Peter spoons sweet sexy sub tasty teen lovely Lisette under the long lasting smile of Mom
Right after Lisette wakes up her moves wake her mighty Master who asks her to bring two mugs of tea
Only after some hot tea my mind will work again at its usual level, lovely looking lass Lisette!
First fine tea to taste, taking the time wake up to our reality for the rest of this tasty weekend
Expect you back in bed real soon blonde beauty as blowing me is your second sexy morning duty dear
Slowly my mind also wakes up while I sip tea and Lisette sucks sweetly at my mighty morning member
Shall I ride you to orgasm my pretty Professor? – I long to feel you explode deep inside me dear!
Or do you want me to deep-throat you and shoot your large load in my gorgeous gorge dear teacher?
Ride me cute cowgirl, bang me well and fast as my balls almost hurt from feeling full of my seed!

Professor Peter is not concious enough at that moment to use any Tantra powers, so he comes fast
Erotic exercises need good food, I will show you how I like my morning eggs prepared properly
Take your time no hurry, although timing is very important to get the best result for breakfast

Especially after ten thousand times I can make my favourite style of eggs and additives blindly:
Routine and dedication are the road to perfection, bacon first and then sliced tomatoes, watch!

Professor Peter continues his lesson: Low fire, after a while we remove the skins of the tomatoes
Of course the toast should be ready exactly at the time when the eggs are at their best in the pan!
Soon add eggs, cover everything with slices of young cheese, let it smother for only a few minutes
Slide it all on top of the toasts add freshly grinded black pepper, serve with a second mug of tea
Easy it looks, isn't it? Your turn to try tomorrow morning my lovely Lisette! Let's have breakfast
Sexy food like this I need to fill my balls with some semen to serve your cunny's cervix more often
Sit down at the kitchen table with me to munch my eggs as afrodasiac for further fucking Saturday

She seems as hungry as I am after all our Friday fornication till Mother Moon disappered from sight
I like the yellow yolk jelly, as it will melt in my mouth I tell the tasty teen while we eat
Oh how I love your eggs! Taste even better than your balls, if I may say so my dear Professor Peter
Now do behave slave and don't talk to me with your mouth full of food – I will correct you very soon!

Together beginletters read:

to be continued very soon
– by Poet Professor PETER