Sensual MWF lover

I first met “Holly” while conversing on a local swinger website. We shared information about trips to Vegas and I made a few suggestions about things to do while there since I travel to Vegas frequently for work.

I didn't think she had any interest in single males because her profile stated that she was only interested in meeting couples. However, as time went by, our conversations became longer and longer and a true bond formed over our conversations.

One day she stated that she would really like to meet me and I told her that I had never played with a couple before. This would be my first time with a swinging couple and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to perform.

She kept telling me that it would be fine and we arranged to meet and her husband gave her permission to visit me alone. That was quite shocking to me but I decided to meet her. We set the date and I was so anxious for the date to arrive.

On the morning of our meet, I drove to the town where we were to meet and pulled up next to her in the parking lot. She was on the phone and rolled the window down and said “Oh, he's hot!”. I was embarrassed by her comments because I've never considered myself to be “hot”. I hold my own and am confident in myself but I'm not one to toot my own horn. I found out that her best friend was on the other end of the line and I waited for her to finish her call and then we drove to a nearby hotel.

When she stepped out of her car, she was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't know what to look at first. She had blonde hair, brown eyes, perfect lips, perfect boobs, a great ass, and perfect feet. She wore a red top that accentuated her breasts and tight jeans that fit every curve on her. What more could a man want, right?

We checked in and went to our room and then my nerves kicked in. I didn't know what to do. I sat down on the chair and just watched her as she put her things down. At that point, she turned and asked, “Are you going to kiss me or just sit there?” I stumbled to my feet and gave her a tight hug and kissed her on the lips. At first it was just a small kiss with no tongue. I held her tightly in my arms as I kissed her lips. Slowly. Single kisses. I kept staring at her as her eyes closed and she leaned into me. I kept kissing her and then our mouths opened. Our tongues met and I started to tease her with my tongue. As her breathing began to speed up, I continued to tease her tongue slowly and deliberately, all the while holding her firmly in my arms.

We finally stopped kissing and she was shaking. She said she had never kissed a Black man before and she was so turned on, she didn't know what to do. She sat down on the bed and I sat back down in the chair. I stared deeply in her eyes and we began to talk about life and all sorts of things to ease my nerves more. While the kiss was magical, I was still nervous and wasn't sure how to continue.

After we talked for a bit, she called me over and I got on the bed with her. She said she had never been kissed like that before. I told her something to the effect of “I'm going to kiss you again and this time I'm not going to stop.” I figured that if I was going to calm my nerves, I better do what I did best and that was to use my lips, tongue, teeth, and hands.

We began to kiss as I leaned over her. I teased her tongue and lips more. I licked her lips slowly and then sucked each lip into my mouth, one at at time. I traced my tongue around her lips and then slowly slid my tongue into her mouth toyed with her as she began to really hold onto me.

As we kissed, I began to fondle her breasts and let my hands roam freely on her body. She was still fully clothed but her nipples were so hard, I could feel them outside of her clothing. I continued to kiss her and her breathing picked up as I continued to play with her nipples. I toyed with her sides and started to kiss her neck. I slowly licked her neck while rubbing on her nipples and then went back to kissing her deeply.

Passionately and sensually we kissed. Deeper my tongue would go and then I would pull out and go right to her neck and behind her ear. She was in pure ecstasy and as I kissed her more and more, I could feel her tensing up. As I continued to kiss her, she got tenser and tenser until she suddenly tried to pull away and breathelessly said “I cumming….oh my god….I'm coming!”

There it was. She came. As I kissed her, she shook and shook. Her back arched, her hips were rocking, her head was back, and I was holding on for dear life. After her huge climax, she kept saying that she couldn't believe it because that had never happened to her before.

At that point, I was rock hard and knew that I had to have her right then and there. I practically ripped her clothes off of her and then proceeded to slide my thick dick into her tight pussy. As I entered her, her eyes rolled back in her head for a brief moment and then she melted in my arms.

Even though my instinct was to bury my cock knee deep in her and fuck her for all I was worth, I took my time and slowly and surely began that steady rhythm that you only get from a good fuck. As I ground my hips into her, she was shaking like a leaf on a tree. I thrust fully into her and then would pull out so only the very tip of my cock was in her, then slide all the way back into her until I was in her up to the hilt. Every time I gave her the full thing, she would exhale sharply.

As our momentum built, I could feel her juices flooding my groin area. At that point, I knew I had to blow my load. I pumped harder and faster. I thrust my hips into her with all that I had. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, I could feel that tingling feeling in my toes come screaming up through my body and out of my cock. I pulled out, jumped on top of her and let a huge load of cum right down her throat. She swallowed it all.

As we both were there shivering, she licked my cock clean. Every drop of cum was gone. My black cock glistened against her tanned, white skin. It was a beautiful sight.

I told her “We have to do this again!” And for the next 2 years, we did that over and over again. She was an awesome lover.