senior trip becomes senior suck Part 1

Tammy was feeling down, she had been looking forward to her freshman field trip ever since she heard the tales told by her older siblings. Every year her school took the freshman on a weekend trip to a waterpark the k**s were split into groups of 6 and designated a trailer in the camp grounds. usually after the chaperones fell asl**p the boys would sneak into the girls trailers and play games such as spin the bottle or strip poker.
Tammy was still a virgin and was shy around the boys, she was jelouse of all her girlfriends talking about their sex lives. She was hoping that she would finally kiss her first boy that weekend.
Unfortunately that year the school was in a deep finacial hole due to govt cut backs to education in order to fund the military in their current conquest of the middle east. The principle called the frshman class into the auditorium to give the news. They had an option though, cancel the trip or try a fund raiser, the students would have to go door to door selling nick nacks and candy in hopes of raising money for the trip. The students voted on the fundraiser.
Tammy was distraught she was very shy and as her class mates were bragging each morning during homeroom about who brought in the most, when Tammy was asked about her sales, she said that she was thinking about staying home that weekend to watch her grandma who wasn't feeling well. Truthfully she didn't want to let them know that besides the obligitory sales to her parents, she hadn't even tried selling to anyone else.
As the fund raiser was nearing its conclusion, the principle asked Tammy about the trip. Tammy confessed her problem and figured that everyone in town had proboblly already been hassled and wouldn't buy anything else.
The principle reminded her that she still had a couple more days and she should at least give it a try.
That day after school, as she walked home, Tammy overheard a couple girls in her class talk about being only 50 bucks short of raising the most cash. One of the girls mentioned how she had hit every house in her neighborhood except one. there was one house that a group of older men shared. There ws rumors that they were registed sex offenders. tammy had looked on line once to see if the rumor was true but failed to find any proof. still there was talk of young girls seen entering the house but never returning. Tammy assumed it was yet another local myth.
That night after supper Tammy decided to be courageous and see if those men would buy any of her supplies. she had seen the men here and there and they seemed harmless. Just a group of single lonely men about ten years older than her father. 50's maybe 60's.
She went up to the door and knocked. She waited about 5 minutes and just as she was turning to leave the door opened.
'may I help you?”
“uhh…yes, Tammy nervously and quickly gave her pitch. The man gave a friendly laugh and told her not to be nervous, He said that she was in luck, the guys had just got back from Vegas and had all did well.
He asked her to step in and he would present the pitch to his mates. They discussed it a bit and decided that spending their gambling money on helping a young girl for school would be the honorable thing to do. They asked how much she needed for the trip and bought enough to cover her fees.
Tammy was glowing with joy and told the men that the stuff would be there in a week and she would bring it over as soon as she got it and would collect the money then.
The guys said they looked forward to her next visit.
The day arrived when her shipment came in and she waited until after supper to bring it to the guys.
She knocked on the door and Glen the guys she talked to the first night answered the door. tammy presented the stuff and he invited her in. he said that his roomates would be home shortly and brought her to the living room offered her a seat and asked if she would like a drink. She jokingly said how about champagne to celebrate and he laughed and said he would if he had it but how about a shot of vodka instead.
“Seriously, um ok” she said, she had never drank before and knew her friends would be sneaking alchohol on the trip and this would help prepare her. she didn't want to make a fool out of herself in front of the boys.
As Glen went to get the drinks, Tammy noticed a light coming from the bedroom ajacent to the living room, she peaked in and saw a porno playing on the TV, a young girl was on her knees sucking two older guys cocks. Tammy blushed and went to sit on the couch. She browsed a collection of magazines and noticed one sticking out from under the chair, she pulled it out and it was called l****a, she quickly scanned the pages and was intrigued by the pictures of girls sucking cocks and having cum on their faces and in their mouths. She began to get tingly, these were the first porn pics she had ever seen.
She heard a car pull up and hurriedly tossed the magazine under the chair, she missed the magazine landed on the side opened to a page of a girl surrounded by men with a mouthful of sperm titled CUM JUNKIE.
Glen walked in and said “Looks like the boys are home” he noticed the bedroom door open and calmly closed it. he offered her a shot and said to you having an amazing trip, she was hoping he wouldn't notice the mag and quickly downed her shot, tried to hide her look of pain as she almost puked it back up and asked for some water.
First shoot he asked.
Nervously she lied, no no i drink with my friends every weekend.
” He chuklled and said good then you won't mind doing another with the boys. She worriedly replied “of course not, i need a couple to even feel anything. he gave her a wink and went to get more as the boys walked in.
Next thing she knew, Tammy was in a room with 7 older men downing shots of Vodka, they talked her into doing one with each of them. She became very d***k and warm she took her jacket off and was wearing a skirt and a blouse and forgot she didn't have a bra on. Figuring no one could see through her jacket. The guys kept staring at her breasts, they could see them through her shirt. She said she should get going soon and they should probably settle up. She was noticably slurring her words. The guys said that she should stay and talk a bit, sober up and then they would send her home with a check, they said they put a tip on so she could have some spending cash of her own for the trip. She sat down in the chair and said how nice the guys were, and that she new the k**s in town were just spreading rumors.
Glen inquired about what the k**s said, she told them, and Glen shocked her with his words. “Those aren't rumors, we all believe that age shouldn't matter with sex, maturity is what matters, we all met online and would discuss our mutual love of the teenaged female body. We believe that young women should be trained in the art of love making by experienced older men and not young boys who don't know what to do with their dicks besides thrust for a few minutes and then finish thinking they are the kings of the world.
We would find young ladys like yourself in chat rooms and offer them lessons in love. Surprisingly many young girls would come over, discreately cheating on their boyfriends, one day one boy grew suspicious and followed his girlfriend over to our house. When he spied her playing with us he called the cops. Now we aren't allowed to use the internet and if found in the presence of a young lady will be gowing to prison for a long time.
Well what about me?
“We wanted to talk to you about that.”
“See if the school got word that we bought stuff from you that would be the end. We so wanted to help you but after much discussion decided its not worth the risk. So you will have to take the stuff back,”
“Tammy sat in shock, her dreams crumbling.
“We can't write you a check for the stuff but maybe we could work out a deal and we will give you the cash you need.”
“That sounds awesome, but what kind of deal.”
” Glen smiled and walked to the chair, bending over Tammy he picked up the magaizne and said. ” I noticed you found this and gave it a look.” How about if you stay for a few hours and just answer some questions for us.”