Sarah Collaring Julie

Sarah: *slides her hand under your shirt*

Julie: *Guides your hand up to the middle of her chest then scrunches her shoulders, gently squeezing your hand between her tits*

Sarah: *Gently squeezes at your breast as your soft mounds press around her hand. Slowly pushing her thigh up under yours, making your leg lift up around her hip*

Julie: *Moves over top of you, sliding up onto your lap, quietly purring as she looks down, watching your hand between her tits*

Sarah: *Purring up at you quietly, moving her other hand up under your shirt, both cupping your mounds now, squeezing them softly as her thigh rubs slowly under yours*

Julie: Nmm… *She leans into your hands, letting her eyes closely close as her soft breasts squish in your groping hands. With a quiet purr she slowly begins to rock her hips forward and back, rubbing herself on your lap*

Sarah: Mmmm… *Massaging your mounds slowly, tilting her head to kiss along your neck while she rolls her hips against yours*

Julie: *A little shiver runs through her at the feel of your lips on her neck and she tilts her head to the side, exposing the full side of her neck to your mouth* Nmm… *Her arms wrap loosely around your neck as she pulls her thighs against your sides, lightly squeezing your hips*

Sarah: Nmmm… *Letting her tongue run slowly up your neck as she feels your thighs squeezing around her hips. Pressing her lips tight to your skin, kissing and sucking softly on your neck as she pushes her lap of tight against you*

Julie: *Pulls her left hand from around you and slides it down, rubbing over your chest before reaching between your legs. With a deep purr she pushes herself into your chest as her hand gives you a tight squeeze between your thighs*

Sarah: Ahhh~ *Letting out a loud gasp as your hand squeezes between her thighs, pushing her hips in to you as she presses her teeth down on your neck, biting softly before sucking hard*

Julie: Nuuh! *She lets out a loud whimper and squirms hard against you, rubbing herself against your body through her shirt. Rubbing her thighs against your side she uses one hand to pull her shirt up, lifting it up until her breasts are uncovered, before returning her hand down between your legs*

Sarah: Mmmph~ *Looking down as your shirt is lifted. Letting her head drop down, kissing along the tops of your breasts as her hands grope and squeeze them. Grinding her hips in to you firmly, pushing against your rubbing hand and your crotch*

Julie: *Lowers her head down over yours, rubbing her cheek against you as your lips decorate her breasts with kisses* Uhh… *She bites her lips, rubbing her fingers hard against you, pinning her hand against you as she grinds on your lap* Nmmph… I want you to make me yours…

Sarah: Nhnn… *Biting at your breasts lightly as she grinds her hips in to your hand, letting you feeling the bulging in her panties starting to press against your fingers as you rub, Her hands on your soft mounds squeezing you firmly, rubbing her thumbs against your nipples*

Julie: *Quickly she pulls her arm from around you and shoves her second hand down. Eagerly she undoes your pants and then slides her left hand down into your panties, rubbing her fingers on your stiffening flesh* Uhh… I need it… *She says with a shiver, pulling her chest from you as she slides down and begins you kiss on your upper chest*

Sarah: *Wiggling her hips, shaking her pants down some as you grope around inside her panties, her cock stiffening quickly against your fingers, pushing against her panties and throbbing softly against your fingers. Her chesting pushing upward against your face as you start to slip down her*

Julie: *She glances downward as she pulls your cock free, gripping around the middle of the stiff length. Slowly she begins to rub on your cock before quickly removing her shirt the rest of the way from her body, leaving herself wearing nothing but her panties as her hand quickly returns to you. Her other hand then pulls your shirt up over your tummy as she begins kissing on you again, planting light kisses on your skin down to your belly button*

Sarah: Nmmmmmph… Julie… *Looking down at your nearly bare body, her cock throbbing hard in your hand, beads of precum dripping down the underside from the tip as your lips trail down over her tummy. Her hips rolling just a little, pushing against your hand as you squeeze it*

Julie: *She crawls off your lap, moving to the side, as her hand slowly slides up and down, gently milking your cock’s length, smearing your pre around on your cock. She looks up at you as she gives your tummy one more kiss just below your belly button before moving her face over your lap, pressing your cock’s drooling head against her cheek as she sticks her round backside up into the air*

Sarah: *Reaching out, rubbing her hand over your ass while she gazes down, watching her cock smearing against your cheek, her precum dotting your face as she pulses in your grasp, rolling her hips against the slow strokes of your hand. Giving your ass a firm squeeze and a tapping with with her fingers*

Julie: *She deeply moans as you grab a handful of her ass and she wiggles her hips, swaying her butt side to side. With her hand pumping your stiff flesh she rubs your cock on her face, smearing your precum on her lips and cheeks* Nmm… I love your cock… *She whispers as she kisses all over it, moving her lips up and down along the sides of the meaty dick*

Sarah: Mmm.. Mmph… *Squeezing your ass hard, her fingers creeping down the curve to your covered pussy, pressing on your mound through your panties as her hips are slowly rolled, rubbing her cock against your face and your lips as you kiss it, pushing in to your hand as you stroke*

Julie: I got something for you… *She whispers as she moves her face down lower and begins to kiss on your balls, using one hand to roughly shove your pants and panties down past your knees. Then, she reaches down before pulling something up from down below, turning onto her back with her hand on your lap as she presents a leather collar with “Sarah’s” written on it. Loudly purring she rests your cock against her cheek and then lays the collar on fastened on her neck, squirming on her back as she looks up at you, turning her head just a little so she can kiss on your cock’s head while it drips on her lips*

Sarah: Mmmm.. my girl… *Taking her hand from your ass, moving to the collar, running her fingers along the lettering before fastening it tight around your neck as she looks down to your eyes, watching your lips on her cock as her precum runs down on to you*

Julie: Nmhmm… *She lets out deep submissive purrs at you with her head tilted back, displaying the collar around her check as she reaches up over her shoulder and grips your cock. With a firm grip on your cock she begins pumping, making her breasts jiggle. Her head turns and she pulls your cock’s head into her mouth, closing her eyes as she sucks hard, swallowing your pre as it drips onto her tongue*

Sarah: *Her fingers running through your hair, one hand moving to hold on to your collar, purring deeply as your mouth opens and wraps around her cock, her hard, heated flesh sliding between your lips, her precum leaking freely as her hips roll, pushing herself in to your mouth*

Julie: *Squirms on her back as she milks your cock, stroking her hand up and down your length, holding just tight enough to let it slide your her hand while she wetly slurps on the head, massaging your cock with her tongue, letting out deep purrs as you drool over her tongue, savoring your taste is each drop rolls down into her throat*

Sarah: *Her hand runs down your back, down to your ass again, curling up against your mound again, rubbing firmly against your covered pussy, pushing two fingers tight against your folds and sliding up and down as you slurp loudly on the head of her dripping, wet cock*

Julie: *A shivers runs through her at the feel of your fingers teasing her pussy and she pulls her mouth from your cock, making a wet “pop” as the head comes free* Uhh… nmmmph… I wanna make your cock feel so good… What would make your cock feel best? *She begs as she loveingly rubs her face against the length of your cock*

Sarah: Mmmm *She smiles down at you, slowly slipping away, crawling along side of you, moving behind you. Her hands rubbing over your barely covered ass and curling them inside the band of your panties and slowly peeling them down the curve of your gorgeous ass and down to your knees*

Julie: *She lowers her upper body to the floor, down on her knees, sticking her pussy and ass up on display for you, swaying her hips side to side as you peel down her panties* Nmmph… I wanna make you cum so hard…

Sarah: Mmmm.. you always do,, *Pressing the tip of her cock against your wet pussy, rubbing her saliva slicked tip against  your mound, her precum smearing on your lips before she starts to push her hips forward, feeling your lips part around the head as she eases forward. Her hand reaching out again to grab your collar, holding you by it and pulling you back in to her as she sinks inside you* Mmmmmph~

Julie: Mmm…. nmph… *She tightly grips her lower lip as she feels the warmth of your cock push into her, gripped tight by the wet warmth of her eager little pussy. She raises up onto her hands as you pull her back by her collar, the leather pressing tight against her neck as she slides back onto stiff dick* Guuh… Sarah… mmph…

Sarah: Nhnn… Yes.. Julie.. *Feeling you gripping around her as she pushes in, easing deeper till her balls are pressed against your eager pussy lips, rolling her hips to stir herself inside you as she keeps a tight grip on your collar with one hand, the other gliding along your back and hips slowly*

Julie: *She pushes back into you as she feels you hilt yourself inside her, pressing her round ass tight against you, letting out trembling moans as your cock stirs around inside her* MmmMMmmm… Yeessss… *She begins to slowly twist and turn her hips, rubbing her smooth round butt against your as her squeezing pussy rubs all around your full length*

Sarah: *She draws her hips back, leaving just the tip of her cock inside you before thrusting forward hard, making her thighs clap against your ass while she watches* Nmmmph… I love watching your round ass bounce on my lap…  *her hand moving to squeeze your cheek firmly as she pulls on your collar again, bringing you back in to her as she pulls back and bucks forward hard*

Julie: *Her toes curl hard as the thrust of your hips to fill her with cock makes her ass jiggle. Her pussy leaves warm juices all over the length of your cock as you pull back, slicking you as you fill her pussy again, making her pussy’s drool splattered on your balls* Nmm… You make my tits bounce too… *She says, turning her upper body, reaching back with her left hand as her right stays planted, showing you her bouncing breasts as your hips smack into her ass again*

Sarah: Nhnnn Yes baby… **Taking her hand from your ass, reaching out, squeezing your tits as they bounce, rubbing your mounds as she starts to buck her hips harder, feeling you spattering on to her thighs as she hilts herself inside you over and over, feeling you squeezing and drooling your juices all over her cock*

Julie: Yes… yeesss… yes… *She lets out gasps between thrusts of your stiff cock into her, loudly moaning out as her bouncing breasts are grabbed and groped. Up and down the length of your cock her pussy tightly massages, milking each hard inch of you as it slides in deep, squeezing tight as you pull back, drawing every drop of precum from your cock into her before easing to let you thrust back in deep*

Sarah: NHmmmph… Im gonna cum….. *Whimpering out a little, biting on my lip as I start to pump faster, sliding her whole self in and out of you, making her thighs slap against your ass with evey thrust, her balls smacking on your wet pussy  as she tugs you back harder by your collar, lifting you up to her, pressing her breasts in to your back and kissing you deeply as she pounds in to you fast*

Julie: *A deep submissive moan echoes from her as you pull her up by her collar, her breasts bouncing up at down as you yank her into you. Her back rubs on your soft mounds, slicked with a thin layer of sweat as she moves with your hips, bouncing her butt back against you, taking your warm cock in as deep as she can. She moans into your kiss, her body twisted as she returns your kiss while taking your cock*

Sarah: *wrapping her arm around your waist, holding on to you as she rapidly pounds in to your pussy, finally slamming forward in to you hard, burying her cock in to you, pressing her balls hard on your folds as she moans out in to your mouth, her cock throbbing hard and erupting inside you, pouring her thick cum deep inside you*

Julie: Gnnmmmph! *She moans into your mouth at the feel of the warm cream being shot up into her womb. Pushing back into you as hard as she can she squirts around your cock, pooring over your balls and down her inner thighs as her pussy gets pumped full with cock and cum*