S.I.L. Travel two

I was planning another business trip and then to my s****r-in-laws for a long weekend. So I called Debbie and told him that I was coming in for a long weekend and not to tell anyone except Lance. Debbie informed me that Lance will be gone the whole weekend returning on Wednesday. So I was thinking the two of us would be together Thursday on thru the weekend. I called Debbie with all my plans and when I would arrive. I surprised her and arrived Wednesday night she had to work on Thursday so nothing happened went to dinner and home. Thursday when she came from work she had her mom my Mother–in-law (Helen) so I was wondering what was going on. When Helen went up to the spare bed room Debbie explained she had a doctor’s appointment Friday morning and need her to take. So in my mind it was going to be another slow night.
Now let me tell you about my MIL and SIL. Helen is in her early sixty’s and has a nice figure and fake 38D/DD that her ex-husband paid for. Debbie was almost a spitting image of her mom she is the middle of 5. I married her he older s****r (Lisa) by two years and could pass as twins.
Debbie and Lisa are really close Lisa goes to visit for a week and Debbie will come to visit us for a week at a time. Debbie and Lisa is both Bi but usually do not let too many know about.
Debbie suggested we go down to the local bar for dinner and a couple drinks. We were having diner and I was sitting across from Debbie and Helen was next to Debbie. After dinner and a few drinks music came on and I asked Debbie to dance when on dance floor she told me that she would like me to have sex with Helen that is why she suggested coming down to bar. I was a little shocked to hear what she wanted I told her only if she was going to start when we got back to her place. She gave me the devilish smile so I knew what answer was. We then went back to the table and ordered another round and Debbie suggested a shot also. Then another song came on that Helen liked and I asked her to dance when that song was over I started to walk off dance floor when Helen grabbed my arm and pulled me back on floor. She got in real close and we danced that song and another slow song by this time I knew she could feel my dick rubbing on her stomach. When we got back to the table Debbie could see I had a problem and suggested we leave and head home. I told Debbie we need to stop at the corner gas station. I ran inside and grabbed some beer and condoms.
When we arrive home I went up and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and the back down to the den to watch TV. Helen and Debbie came down a couple minutes later wrapped in bathrobes. I was sitting in the middle of a big sectional couch. Helen and Debbie both sat on opposite sides of me and asked what I was watching and I was just channel surfing at that time when Helen asked Debbie if she had any new movies to watch. Debbie put in a movie and about 20 minutes into the movie Debbie went to get a couple blankets. She placed the blanket over me covering my lap. When she sat down she was leaning against me. A couple minutes later she had her hand on my cock slowly rubbing it thru my shorts. I was looking over at Helen every so often to see if she could see. About an hour into the movie and Debbie still playing with my cock she was able to get it out of my shorts and she acted like we were the only two in the room she removed the blanket and started to blow me. Helen saw the movement and her semi protested until she saw the size of my cock she stood up removed her robe and got on her knees and took over for Debbie. Now I know where my wife gets him skills from. Debbie disappeared for a couple minutes when she arrived she had on a strap-on dildo and a vibrator and lube. Debbie got behind Helen and started to play with her clit and the placed the vibrator on her clit that sent her off and I could not take it anymore and started to cum in her mouth and she took it all. When I fished she turned to Debbie and gave her a big kiss swapping load number one.
The two of them started to play with each other the were sixty-nine and then Debbie stood up and put Helen on all fours and started to fuck her from behind. Helen was moaning up a storm I was watching as she started to play with her nipples and started to rub he pussy like a mad women she then let out a loud moan and went limp and fell onto her stomach Debbie did not miss a beat and continued for another couple minutes until Helen begged her to stop.
Debbie came over to me and asked if I was ok with what happened I was fine comes to find out later that they planned this whole thing. Debbie started to stroke my cock again and when she started to blow me that is when I started to get rough and she was enjoying it. Helen was over on the couch still in a fog when we moved over towards her and I placed Helens face in Debbie’s crouch and I went and started to play with Helen’s clit and placing one finger at a time until I had all four in and still had room. She had another orgasm I the slowly started to fuck he and then Debbie suggest I lay on the floor and have Helen get on top and then I see Debbie come over and sit on my face for a couple minutes then she went behind her mom and stuck a finger in her ass then added some lube and started to Dp her she was in another world when even squirted we all collapsed on the floor.
The next morning I was woken up to Helen blowing me before she needed to leave come to find out later she never had an appointment. I would not see her again during that trip.
Later in the day I was watching TV when Debbie came in and we started to talk about her and her s****r as to what they used to do to each other. Remember earlier I told you both Debbie and my wife were Bi. They also share a lot of things Debbie told me when Lisa comes to visit she shares with Lance. They have planned for the next time Debbie came to visit us we would have a threesome.
The rest of the weekend was a little on the wearied side. Saturday Debbie suggested we go find garage sales and in the area that she lives in it could be a mile or more before a house or another street. After about four hours of garage sales she had me drive down a road the at turned into a dirt road and then to a boat launch. Debbie told me to park off to the side and she leaned over and kissed me then started to play with my cock. She told me thanks for shopping with her and went down and started to blow me. She was in a good rhythm and a truck pulled in and stopped by the boat launch I was parked so my vehicle could not be seen. The couple in the truck got out and went over to the picnic table and started to make out and the female started to give a blow job. I told Debbie what was going on and she stopped and looked at what was going on we both chuckle and Debbie went back to doing what she does best. I watched what was going on it was like a blowjob and a porno could not get any better. This went on for about 30 minutes when I blow my load in Debbie’s mouth she is a champion and did not let any spill out. She straight herself up and we finished watching the show. When they finished and were getting dressed Debbie told me lets go so as I pulled out from behind the tree/bushed the two were like deer in headlights and Debbie waved.
Sunday during the day was just another day of grab ass a BJ here a fuck hers nothing crazy. Around six pm the phone rang it was my wife she calls on Sunday to talk to her s****r. I could see Debbie looking over at me while talking and giggling. I got up walked over and spread her legs and stated to eat her out she was trying to get off the phone with her s****r and I said if she did I would stop. So for the next 20 minutes she was trying not to make it advice what was going on. Just before she hung up I just walked away and did not say anything. When she was done she came running in the den and jumped on me and pulled my cock out and rode me cowgirl then I put her on all fours and added a finger to her ass, then a second and third. I pulled out and put my cock up against her rosebud and she semi protested by saying slow I was slow until I had my pelvis up against her ass and then she slid forward and back slowly at first a reached for more lube and then she had and orgasm then she was fucking me like she a mad woman.
Monday morning I was off to work and was able to come back on Tuesday we went to dinner and back to house for one last session.