Rush Hour Rigamortis

As anyone who commutes too, from and within a large city will tell you rush hour is somethig everyone wishes they could avoid. Whether it be the long drive home where the only thing touching medal is the brake pedal or weathering the upstream effect as you walk the crowded sidewalks to and from the office. As a new yorker I take the subway to and from work so you can imagine my pain. The situation in question happened a few months ago on a Thursday evening. It had been a long day and grimaced at the thought of the crowded subway cars and bustling underground hikes as a would have to make 2 transfers to get home.
I was on my last train home, the longest leg of the journey when i found my self in a particularly crowded car. If you ever wonder what happens in a sealed sardine can visit new york and take just about any train between 4 and 6 pm. I was as usual in my coveted position leaning against the train door on the side which i knew would open the least during my commute. Just after I got comfortable a woman managed to squeeze in right in front of me. Usually i smartly put my bag on the ground in front of me to clear some floor area and preserve my personal space. But I had no bag on this fateful day. The woman was attractive, in her mid 30's, Hispanic about 5' 3″ and in good shape. My first thought was that if anyone was going to invade my space it could be alot worse (for example some overweight mouth breather who had forgotten to put on his prescription deodorant.
Problems arose as more people got on the train at subsequent stops. The woman who I will call Latina Strap-hanger aka LS bent over slightly with her back to me so she could put her large bag on the ground. As she did he butt grazed my upper thigh. No harm done but I immediately became aware of her surprisingly large, soft and yet shapley ass all wrapped in a pair of thing black slacks just classy enough to pass as office wear.
The train continued to make stops and it seemed more people were getting on than off. I won't draw a forensic blueprint of position I was in but I was for all intensive purposes sandwiched between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the door behind me and the hard-place ironically being the rather soft rear end of LS. With each jostle and turn she continued to brush up against me her ass aligning itself perfectly with my crotch. At times, my brain racing, it occurred to me that was teasing me on purpose but in a desperate effort to squash my “rising demon” I pushed the sordid thought from my mind.
At one point my “thankfully” flaccid penis found it self literally in the crack of her butt. I smirked to myself proud that my little guy had such self control.”A weaker penis would have cracked under the pressure” I said to myself.
It turns out pride was the first deadly sin that would consume that day. Next sin on deck… lust. As more passengers crowded the train I soon had pint sized locomotive in my pants. Although I had tried my best the little engine that could had other plans. Within minutes I was harder than Gibraltar. There was no way LS wasn't aware of the oscarmeyer weinermobile that had rear ended her.Despite this, she managed to keep her composure and given her attitude I gave up trying to subdue my erection and instead took solace in the silver lining. She had not turned around and publicly called me on my raging boner.
The situation soon came to a close. A few stops before my own LS bent slightly once again to retrieve her bag from the ground, this for better or worse was my last brush with her behind. The train was crowed enough where no one saw the obvious bulge in my khakis after LS departed the train (only giving me a slight glance and certainty no indication that she had enjoyed or been uncomfortable with having been repeatably impaled by my turgid member for the better part of the 20 minute ride). Finally free from the soft embrace of LS' ass I was able to regain control of my lower region and exit the subway car with dignity.
All in all a better than average commute.