RP Log, Herm Tiger on Male Hellhound

You: hey =) 21/Herm/Tiger/Bi
You: https://e621.net/post/show/918161/2016-anthro-balls-big_balls-big_breasts-big_penis-
Stranger: 25, Male, Hellhound, Bi https://static1.e621.net/data/9e/4b/9e4b58e558e94adbbf46716733afc0af.png
You: unf
Stranger: Damn girl 😉
Stranger: Dont like?
You: I like the look of that doggy cock
You: Are you into dickgirls?
Stranger: Yeah. I thought that was a pronouncement of anger not joy ;P
You: oh no I was squealing in pleasure 😉
You: *starts stroking my herm shaft*
Stranger: *Laughs* Well maybe I can help you with that babe. Tell me your name, and what youre into 😉 *Steps closer and runs a finger down the bottom of your shaft*
You: Khalia 🙂
I like being dominated by hard cocks
You: *shudders as your finger touches me*
You: *my shaft stands at full mast glistening with pre*
Stranger: Dominated huh? Big strong girl like you likes being the pussy huh? *Licks lips* Good
You: Yes sir it makes me feel so good to get fucked like the bitch I am 🙂
You: *reaches out and starts stroking you*
Stranger: Well then kitty, i'll even be nice. Get on your knees or turn around 😉
You: *turn around and present myself to you*
You: *shake my curvy ass up and down in the air in front of you*
Stranger: Good girl *Slaps your ass hard* Pick a hole, and be quick about it *Rubs the head of my swollen cock against your puffy pussy*
You: *moan and shudder as the head of your dick moves against my swollen pussy lips*
You: Fuck me where ever you want master
You: I'm your whore to command
You: *rub my pussy lips up and down your cock lubing it up*
Stranger: Command huh? *Grips your hips tightly and thrusts hard and deep into your waiting cunt*
You: ohhhhh yesssss
You: that feels so good
You: *clench my cunt around your hard shaft*
Stranger: Can you suck yourself bitch? If so I want you to…it'll keep your mouth busy while I fill your slutty gripping holes
You: yes master I love the taste of my own cum
You: *reach down and stuff my huge herm cock between my pillowy tits and suck the tip that protudes beyond them*
You: *move my boobs up and down giving myself a titfuck and sucking myself off at the same time*
Stranger: Mmm, just what I wanted to see *Pulls back a bit, and stuffs three fingers into your tight ass*
You: *squeal in pleasure as your fingers enter my asshole*
You: *jerk myself off with the lower half of my cock while sucking myself off*
You: *juices from my pussy and cock drench my body*
Stranger: Whatre your limits babe? *Pulls my cock from your pussy and my fingers from your ass, pushes my throbbing cock into your ass instead*
You: I have no limits master I only want to please you
fuck my every hole and mark me as your bitch 🙂
You: *I turn around on your cock so you can look at me suck myself off*
Stranger: Mark you? Mmm, mark you how?
You: I want your sweet warm sticky cum inside me
You: *wrap my strong legs around your waist and pull you closer inside me*
Stranger: Is that the only way you want to be marked? By me knocking you up? *Runs a paw along your stiff cock underside as I thrust into you hard, making my balls hit your ass*
You: mark me however you want master as long as I get your cum in me
You: please jerk me off as well
You: *quiver in need as my cock grows ever closer to orgasm*
Stranger: Oh, you can beg better then that Khalia 😉
You: I want to be your bitch
your dirty cumwhore
I want to be marked as yours
Stranger: *Slaps your tits hard, digging my claws in slightly as I instead run my tongue along the underside of your cock*
You: yesss master more
You: lick me
You: pleasure your bitch
Stranger: Want Master to do more then lick baby?
You: *move my hips up and down on your cock, gripping harder and harder*
You: Yes please
Stranger: What do you *Licking harder, getting closer and closer to your cock head with each lick* want me to do?
You: I want you to suck on my hard shaft Master
You: I want to cum all over us both
Stranger: If you cum in my mouth Im going to rip you a new one, but yes I'll suck *Runs my tongue along your cock to the head, then my mouth goes over and down it*
You: you're the best master
You: *groans in audible ecstasy as your tongue flies all over my cock*
You: *raise my arms over my head and present my body for your pleasure*
Stranger: *Sucks hard on the head of your cock, as my paws begin to stroke you slowly. Still my hips move in rhythm, thrusting my hard cock deeper and deeper into your bowels*
You: *twin pleasure of fucking and being fucked are overwhelming my senses and every nerve in my cock and pussy are on fire with lust*
You: *writhe in the hands of my skilled Master*
Stranger: *Slinks my paws up your body, dragging my claws over as much of you as I can until one reaches your breast, squeezing hard, pinching your nipple. The other moves still further, onto your neck, applying a bit of pressure*
You: *squeal as you play with my nipples and wrap my thick legs around your body ever harder, wanting to have you in me to the hilt*
Stranger: (Like knotting?)
You: sure
You: *pulse as I feel a thicker mass at the entrance to my body*
Stranger: (Come now babe, surprise me…do something, i dont know, kinky)
You: *push you down on the ground and ride you reverse cowgirl, taking you to the knot in one quick motion and stuffing my cock into your mouth at the same time*
You: you wanna put that knot somewhere?
You: *smash my hips into your crotch over and over making both our legs numb as I ride you hard*
Stranger: Mhmm *Slobbering on the head of your cock*
You: you wanna taste my cum baby?
You: *I play with my huge tits and ride you harder and harder*
Stranger: *Growls warningly*
You: 🙂
Stranger: (Ill taste anything you'll give me babe…dont hold back ;))
You: *grab hold of your head and f***e it onto my shaft, making you take the head of my thick herm cock*
You: *ride you harder and faster until your thick knot penetrates me locking us together*
You: fuck me like the bitch I am
Stranger: *Grips your neck tighter, my other paw now on your ass. Slaps it hard*
You: *grab my thick cock and pull it out of your mouth, slapping it on each of your cheeks*
You: you like the taste of me?
You: *slowly dangle the tip of my dick near your mouth*
Stranger: You better believe it bitch. Im going to make you taste me when you get off me
You: I cant wait 🙂
You: but first I want to taste your cum inside me
You: *proceeds to ride you with the knot tugging at me with every move I make*
You: this load needs to go somewhere
Stranger: And where does it need to go baby?
You: inside my cunt
You: marking me as your whore
Stranger: Then we'll need to play more, im stuck in your ass Khalia 😉
You: not for long if I have my way 😀
You: *reach out for my thick meat and suck myself off looking directly into your eyes while I do*
Stranger: *Continues to thrust up and deeper into your gripping ass. Runs one paw along your cock, stroking it as you suck*
You: you're one hot little hellhound that's for sure
You: I might just let you cum in my ass
You: I really want to feel your warm juices in me and I cant wait for us to get unstuck
Stranger: (Again baby,dont hold back ;))
Stranger: Might? Babe youve no choice, unless youre going to suffer a lot to get me out of it 😉
You: *I take your hands and place them on my tits as I ride your cock up and down the knot starting to pulse with the first signs of a cum storm*
You: I can feel your knot tingling
You: I want it in me when you're ejaculating
You: don't wanna let a single drop out
Stranger: Oh, it will be…might drip out though (Unless you find a way for it not to, or have another place for it ;))
You: (are you into licking armpits?)
Stranger: (babe, theres nothing I WONT do ;))
You: *I raise my muscly arms above my head and show you my clean shaven but sweaty and musky armpits, drowning with pheromones*
You: do you want a taste of these?
Stranger: Mmm, of course I do
You: *bend down and place my armpits close to your face for licking*
You: https://e621.net/post/show/805180/anthro-armpits-balls-big_balls-big_breasts-black_h
Stranger: *Runs my tongue along your armpit, tasting both your sweat and pheromones, moans loudly as I continue licking* rArgh
You: *moans in delight as my armpit is tickled by your tongue*
You: yes keep licking and fucking me
You: worship me
You: cum in me
You: *I ride my hellhound cockstick with faster and faster motions, the knot now having opened up my asshole to smooth and swift movement*
You: *my armpits being licked my cock in my mouth I revel in ecstasy*