RP Log : Herm Tiger (me) on Male Horse

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like furry.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: ]
You: hey 🙂
You: asfo?
You: 19/herm/tiger/bi ref : http://g.e-hentai.org/s/ded1e6605e/954443-12
Stranger: 🙂 16m Cydesdale bi
You: ref?
Stranger: One se
Stranger: sec*
Stranger: https://e621.net/post/show/526535/2014-abs-a****l_genitalia-a****l_penis-anthro-athl
You: oh yummy 🙂
Stranger: Heh, nice
Stranger: Dom or sub?
You: sub
Stranger: Dom 🙂
You: yay! :3
Stranger: ;3
You: I love stallions like yourself dominating me
You: do you like dickgirls?
Stranger: Love them
You: kik?
Stranger: ross2248
You: traplover3
You: but thats for later :3
You: right now let's do this
Stranger: Your acoun has been off o3o
You: reinstalling
You: will add you
Stranger: Ooooh okay
You: anywho
Stranger: Well, kinks?
You: what do you like doing to dickgirls?
You: anal, creampie, armpits, dirty talk, autofellatio,
Stranger: I like fucking them, cock to cock tha stuff haha
Stranger: Autofellatio? and I like armpits too :3
You: sucking my own dick
You: woohoo 🙂
Stranger: And I love 69
You: *starts rubbing my cock slowly*
You: *raise my muscly arms above my head and show you my clean shaven musky armpits*
You: do you like what you see? 🙂
Stranger: *I walk up to you, rubbing mine* its rare for two huge cocks *I chuckle, lifting my arms up* Mm ido, do you?
You: you have a really nice body
You: *reaches out and touches the tip of your hardening dick*
Stranger: So do you, you're really sexy *my cock hardens more as I reach and grab your shaft*
You: *moans as your hands touch my sensitive cock, rub my hands up and down your equine pillar*
You: Thanks 🙂
You: you're a hot piece of horse
You: I want to feel you all over me
You: *puts both hands on your cock and starts pumping vigorously*
Stranger: *I moan with you, stroking your solid cock* You're a fucking hot piece of tiger
Stranger: *I use my other hand to rub your boobs, jerking your cock roughly*
You: yes touch my huge titties play with my fuck pillows
You: do you like my body babe?
Stranger: I love it *I jerk your big cock faster, squeezing your tits* Like my big hard cock?
You: I wanna feel that bad boy all in me
You: feel like a 69? 🙂
You: sent you a little something on kik 😉
Stranger: Definatly *I smirk, pushing you onto the bed, keeping my arms up*
You: *fall down in the bed and begin moving around to bring my mouth next to your mouthwateringly delicious looking cock*
Stranger: *I lay ontop of you, drooling bit on your big tasty cock, licking your tip*
You: *swallow the first few inches of your equine dick and tremble as your tongue plays with me*
Stranger: *I push my mouth halfway down onto your tiger cock moaning as you suck me, sucking you hard*
You: *move my mouth deeper onto your shaft and massage every inch of your cock that my tongue can reach*
You: *reach out with my hand and start playing with your asshole, moving the tip of my finger in and out*
Stranger: *I push as far down as I can, my tongue covering as much of your huge cock as it can*
You: oh yess baby suck me off you sexy horse
You: *take the last few inches of your huge dick up to the base so that my nose is buried in your balls and my throat bulging with your horsedick*
Stranger: *I moan, doing the same but with 2 fingers, speeding up and moaning* Fuuck babe suck my big horse cock
You: *Ffuuchk myyy moushh* I mumble around your dick
Stranger: *I push further, using my free hand to push your balls into my face, moaning loud as I finger you faster*
You: *use my throat muscles to pleasure your cock all over from tip to base, clenching around it like the experienced whore I am*
You: *juices from my asshole and pussy run free all over my lower body and your face*
You: *pre bubbles up from my cockslit and starts to run into your mouth*
Stranger: *I slap your cock with my tongue, sucking every centimetre of it. my ass tightening around your fingers. I leak pre down your throat as I drink yours*
You: lets cum in each others mouths at the same time babe 🙂
Stranger: Fuck yes baby
You: *as your tongue slaps against my cock I lose all control and my balls start to churn, producing a huge surge of cum that rushes out of my cock and into your hungry manslut mouth*
You: *I roar in pleasure and jam my hard cock as far into your mouth as I can and tighten my lips around your cock and shove my fingers into your asshole to finger your prostate*
Stranger: *I moan loud, my cock throbbing hard as it shoot galleons of thick equine cum down your throat.
You: *I suck all the cum down savoring each drop*
Stranger: *I neigh into your hard cock, thrusting my dick hard into your mouth. I push most my hand into your tight slutty asshole*
You: I want to feel that horse cock in one of my holes right now
You: one of my other* holes :3
You: you've loosened up my asshole so well
You: seems like a shame to waste that effort
You: *pull myself off your body and push you on your back*
You: *raise my arms and show you my sexy armpits, muscled arms, huge tits, perfect abs, long legs and hard tiger cock*
You: *squat down so my thigh muscles are brought into definition and my body is at its lewdest*
Stranger: What about my asshole then? You loosed me up. Why not after I fill you, you fuck me with that huge tiger cock?
You: sounds like a plan 🙂
You: you fuck me
You: then I fuck you 😀
Stranger: *My cocks grows beyond hard* Fuck you're perfect *I rub your armpit and tits*
You: please lick my armpits
You: I wanna feel your tongue against my sensitive sweaty skin
Stranger: *I lean up, licking your musky arm pits*
You: ohh god yes babe
You: do you like the taste of me?
Stranger: Fuck yes you taste great baby
You: *shudder and moan as your tongue touches my armpits and bathes them in saliva*
Stranger: *I make them drip, licking them as much as I can*
You: *cock grows hard again*
You: I'm super horny babe I cant wait I need your cock in my ass right now
You: lie on the ground so I can ride your horse cock
You: and so you can see all of me sexy body :3
You: my*
Stranger: Fuck yes baby *I lay on the floor* ride my huge horse cock
You: *sway my wide hips from side to side as I lower my crotch over your pillar of horse dick*
You: *arms raised so you can see my armpits, I slowly touch the tip of your cock against my puffy asshole*
Stranger: *I groan, slappingyour ass as it hovers over my thobbing cock* Fuck, I wont last long
You: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2083602
You: another ref 🙂
You: *slowly bring my juicy hole down onto and over the tip of your shaft, my hole expanding to take your big dick inch by inch*
You: *shudder as I feel my hole being filled and tense my six-pack as I move further down on your cock*
Stranger: *I moan* Sit your big perfect ass on my big cock baby *I rub my balls*
You: *as my hips move closer to yours, my cock also drops down closer and closer to your mouth, hovering tantalizingly in front of your face, a drop of pre oozing from the tip*
You: *I bring my asshole all the way down till my crotch touches yours and my cock touches your lips, dribbling precum everywhere*
You: care to help a girl out there babe? :3
Stranger: *brb dinner. ontinue on kik ;))
You: awww