RP Log : Herm dragon (me) on male sergal

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You both like furry.
You: hey 🙂
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asfo?
You: 19/herm/dragon/bi/sub http://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1819869
Stranger: m sergal 17 https://static1.e621.net/data/b3/fe/b3fec8c29031c44263f5fe91359375e2.jpg
You: into dickgirls?
Stranger: yea
You: :3
what do like doing to them?
Stranger: I want you to make a mess as I thrust into you
You: that sounds hot 😉
You: *starts rubbing my limp dragon cock and slowly stroking it*
You: tell me more
Stranger: how about I paint your face as youre down on your knees for me
You: *reaches out and runs my finger over the tip of your cock and up and down your shaft, grabbing it at the base with my other hand*
You: sounds like a plan
You: *gets on knees and slaps your cock against my cheeks while looking up at you*
You: do you like what you see baby?
You: *licks the tip of your cock head and spits on it, lubing your dick up*
Stranger: *I look down and grin as my length hardens against your cheeks*
You: fuck my mouth and throat
*gulps your shaft down and slobbers all over it as I start deepthroating you*
Stranger: *I begin to leak pre into your muzzle forcing you to take more of my length*
You: *massage your cock inside my throat and clench my throat muscles to assail every inch of your dick*
You: *dragon dick standing hard and erect, I jerk myself off with my other hand*
Stranger: *I grab the back of your head and start thrusting into your muzzle*
You: “yeshh” I mumble around your dick
You: *run the fingers of my other hand up and around, towards your tight little asshole, and begin playing with it, teasing and testing, trying to loosen you up*
Stranger: *I start to pant heavely my length trobbing inside your muzzle as I thrust harder my kot slapping against your lips*
You: *slip my first two fingers inside your asshole and start thrusting them against your sensitive prostate*
You: *suck down on your throbbing length harder and harder*
You: *open my mouth as wide as possible to taste your knot*
Stranger: *I cum inside your muzzle filling it and pulling out letting the rest cover your face*
You: *bask in your sweet musky cum and lick it from my face as it covers my lips and starts oozing down towards the floor*
You: yum 🙂
You: I want to feel that dick inside me now
You: I'm rock hard and I want you to watch my big cock flap around while you fuck me babe
Stranger: lets do it then *I push you back unto the ground and lay down untop of you as I rub my hard length between your legs*
You: *pussy begins gushing at the thought of being penetrated, I raise my arms and lie back so you can see all of my sexy body, my clean shaven sweaty armpits, huge tits, big dick and long legs and perfect abs*
You: Fuck me babe I need that dick
You: *wrap my legs around your waist and pull your dick towards me*
Stranger: *I press my tip against your slit hard until it enters you letting my length enter your slowly my paws rubbing upwards your body and reach your breasts playing with them*
You: ohhhh yessss that feels so good
You: play with my big tits
You: suck on my nipples and jerk me off
Stranger: *I start to thrust into you slowly one of my paws letting go of your breasts and stroking over your length as I rub your breast around in circles and lick over the other*
You: Yes you sexy b**st fuck me harder
You: do you like my body? :3
Stranger: you feel so good *I thrust harder into you with each humph getting excited as I hear you moan and suck on your nipple rolling my tongue around it and give your other breast a good sqweeze grabbing your length with my paw and jerk your off hard and fast*
You: I wanna feel your cum in me
You: I wanna cum all over us both while you flood my insides with your sweet cum
You: *clench my pussy muscles around your big dick and lock my legs around your waist even tighter, keeping your dick in me for longer*
Stranger: *I jerk you off as hard as I can as I slap my knot hard against your slit finaly forcing it inside you and cumming shooting ropes of hot sticky cum inside you as I pant heavely*
You: *roar as you cum inside me and let off my own blast of cum, shooting you in the face and covering my tits and abs with hot strands of gooey jism*
You: yess baby you make me feel so sexy :3