Rachel and the Nude Beach

One of the young ladies I dated for a couple of years was named Rachel. She was 5’7”, 118 pounds, 34C-20-32. She had very long brown hair that reached the crack of her ass. Her eyes were brown and her face was quite pretty.

Rachel looked like a fashion model and I enjoyed the way all of the guys watched her when she walked by. In fact, a number of ladies also watched her. All of this attention made Rachel very self-conscious as she did not like to be the center of attention. She preferred to be in the background where she could look and listen rather than being seen and heard.

We had been dating for little over a year when I asked her if she would like to go on vacation with me. She asked where I was going and I told her I was going to San Diego for 2 weeks. Rachel got excited about see Sea World, the famous San Diego Zoo and visiting the beaches and said she would love to come with me.

I made reservations at a hotel and bought passes for Sea World and the Zoo. Searching on line, I looked at the different beaches in the San Diego general area. One of the higher rated beaches was La Jolla, a little north of San Diego. Talking to one of my fellow mechanics, I found out that he grew up in El Cajon, just east of San Diego. He told me that La Jolla was a great beach, but parking was limited and you need to get there early.

He also told me of another great beach a little further north of La Jolla that wasn’t as crowded. It was Black’s Beach and was a clothing optional beach. I told him that there would be no way Rachel would ever agree to go there, but I’d keep it mind.

The time came and we drove out to San Diego and spend the first few days taking in the sights. We spent one day at the zoo and the next day at Sea World and the third day we went to Seaport Village to do some shopping. On day four, we went to La Jolla Beach and got their early enough to get a parking spot.

The beach was great, but it got really crowded fast. Rachel was very self-conscious about how she looked in her bikini and kept getting embarrassed when she saw the guys checking her out. I told her they only looked because she was so beautiful and sexy and that only got her more self-conscious.

As we were leaving, she complained about the beach being so crowded. I told her that one of my co-workers who grew up in the area told me about another good beach that wasn’t as crowded. Rachel suggested that we should try it the next day and I said we would. I didn’t tell her about it being a clothing optional beach.

Gary had told me that if we went early enough to drive to Torrey Pines and park in the parking lot and then walk south along the beach and around a prominent point to get to Black’s Beach. Otherwise you have to hike down and back up a fairly steep cliff trail that he described as wicked.

The next morning we left around 8am and drove to the parking lot that Gary had described. We grabbed our beach bag that had our towels and sunscreen and headed south. Luckily, the tide was going out and it was easy to navigate around the point. We walked about a quarter mile down and found a spot that was fairly empty of other people.

We laid out our towels and put sunscreen on each other’s backs. We sat down to enjoy the view and morning sun. About half an hour later, a naked guy walked by and Rachel just about choked when she saw him. She asked if this was a nude beach and I told her it was clothing optional. She said that she hoped I didn’t expect her to get naked and I told her it was completely up to her.

A little while later, I asked if she wanted to take a walk along the beach and she said that would be fun. As we approached the water’s edge, we saw several small rays in the shallow surf. Walking down the beach, we rounded another smaller point and found the beach had a number of people in all states of dress. Some were totally clothed, some of the women were topless and others were totally naked.

The people were all ages, shapes and sizes. There were seniors hanging out in all their glory and some of them were hanging a lot lower than others. Some were completely tanned and others had obvious white tan lines.

There was one girl that was lying down on a towel totally naked and a naked guy was painting her body. At the moment he was painting her cleanly shaven pussy. There must have been a dozen guys standing around staring. Rachel was floored at the brazen display and dragged me past it.

Getting back to our towels, this section of the beach wasn’t nearly as crowded as the area we had just walked past. I asked Rachel what she thought about the beach and she said the beach was good, but she wasn’t sure about the scenery if I knew what she meant. I asked her if she saw anything she did like and turning red, she said that there were a few well hung studs on the beach that caught her eye.

Rachel asked me if there was anything that caught my eye and I told her a few, but none were as pretty as she was. She looked at me told me that she knew that I was dying to get naked and to go ahead if I wanted to. I asked if she was sure and she said to go ahead, but don’t expect her to do it.

I stood and stripped off my swim suit and sat back down beside her. A couple minutes later, a couple of cute naked girls walked past us and took a good look at me. After the passed, I asked Rachel if their looking bothered her. She said that she found it gratifying knowing that other girls found me worth looking at. I tried to explain to her that I feel the same way when guys look at her.

Rachel surprised me and asked if I would still feel that way if guys walked by and stared at her naked body and I told her that it would gratify me even more so. She asked if I really wanted to parade her naked body in front of other guys and I said yes and that it makes me proud of my girl and they know that I have her all to myself and they can’t have her.

Rachel then asked me what I would do if she took her top off and I told her I would be very happy. She said let’s see and reached behind her and untied her bikini top and slid it off. As white as her titties were, I figured this time they had ever seen direct sunlight. In fact, they stood out like white beacons, which actually drew your attention to them, but I wasn’t bound to tell her that.

Several older guys with large bellies walked by and took a good look at her titties. I expected her to cover up, but she bravely sat there and watched the old guys as they stared. When I asked her how she felt, she said it was kind of exciting to see them looking at her. I told her I expected her to hide her titties, but she said she figured old guys were harmless.

Then a young athletic looking naked guy came walking past and slowed down to get a good look at Rachel’s titties. After he passed, I asked if she noticed how he slowed down to get a good look at her and she said yes and then admitted that it made her wetter. I asked and she admitted that she was starting to enjoy being seen and found it exciting and stimulating.

I took the opportunity to suggest that if she really wanted to experience the full thrill and excitement that she should take off her bottoms. Her face turned really red and asked if I really wanted her to and I admitted that I did. She looked both directions to see if anyone was close and when the coast was clear, she raised her ass and slipped her bottoms down and off.

At first she set with her legs tightly clenched together but realized that she could not sit that way very long, so she bent her knees up and pulled then close to her chest. A middle aged couple walked by and they both took a good look. Rachel asked me what they were looking at since she had both her pussy and titties covered with her knees pulled up. I got up and walked out and realized that I had a great view of her pussy from under her pulled up legs. When I told her, quickly put her legs down and turned bright red. She asked if that couple had seen her pussy and I told they got a great view. Rachel turned red and then giggled and told me that the thought of them seeing her pussy made her tingle.

I told her that if she liked that feeling, then she needed to take another walk with me. Her eyes got really big and she was shaking her head no as she stood up and took my hand. We headed back down in the direction we had walked earlier, where most of the people were.

As we approached more people, Rachel’s grip on my hand got tighter and tighter. There was a group of young guys, about 8 or so sitting and drinking and they all turned as we got closer. Rachel paused for a moment and I thought she was about to turn and run. Her grip got so tight that I thought my hand would be crushed. She gave my hand a tug and whispered let’s go and she walked on past the guys. They followed her very movement.

After passed them, I asked her how she was doing and she told me she was so wet that it was running down her legs and was afraid others could see it. I pulled her towards the water and d**g her in. That’s when we learned that the water off of the San Diego area runs around 65-69 degrees. Rachel quickly rinsed her legs and then got out of the water. The cold water made her aureoles crinkle and her nipples hard which I found very erotic. Thankfully the cold water helped me from getting too erect.

We continued with our walk and Rachel saw a number of guys and girls staring as we passed by. Reaching the end of the beach, we turned to walk back. I asked Rachel how she was doing and she told me this was the hottest thing she had ever done. With that, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to follow her as she proudly walked past everyone again. This time she walked a little slower and put a little more wiggle in her ass.

I could not believe that my shy reserved Rachel was now strutting her naked body in front over a hundred total strangers. When we got back to our towels Rachel grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. I felt the lips of her pussy and she was flowing like a river. Then she asked me if we could have sex right here on the beach and I told her probably not so she insisted we pack up and head back to the hotel because she needed me inside her.

The door to our room hadn’t finished closing when Rachel began stripping. She pushed me back on the bed, yanked my shorts off and sucked me hard. As soon as I was hard, she climbed onto my pecker and rode me like a wild woman. She came in less than a minute and twice more before I shot my load up into her pussy.

When we were done, she collapsed onto my chest, barely able to catch her breath. In a soft voice, I asked her if she enjoyed her day and she answered with a very passionate kiss. Then I said that I thought she was the one that declared that she would never take her swimsuit off in front of anyone other than me. She sat up on my lap and said that was then. I asked her about now and she asked if we could back to the same beach tomorrow and said only as long she went naked again and she told me to count on it.

We made love again and then went out for lunch and shopping. Rachel bought some sexier clothes than she usually wore. She bought a thin sundress with spaghetti straps and low neckline. She also bought a couple tops that either had low necklines or loose necklines that would show if she leaned forward. She also bought a couple skirts that were shorter than her others and flared out so that a mild breeze would lift them up to show what she wanted to show.

She wore the sundress out of the shop and she wore it with her bra or panties. Walking through a mall, she flipped the back of her dress up, flashing me her ass. When she turned to look at me, she realized that several others saw her bare ass also. One of the guys clapped and gave her a thumbs up. She got red faced, hugged my arm and told me she was getting wet and horny again, so we quickly finished the shopping and headed back to the hotel for another hour of hot sex.

When we walked into the room, I bent over the bed, lifted her sundress and took her from behind. Yes, she was very wet and felt really great. She came a couple of times by the time I shot my load in her. Then she turned, knelt down and orally cleaned my pecker.

Then we took a shower together where I slid into her from behind with the water running down our bodies. I held onto her titties as I pumped her from behind and she felt so good. The sex was so hot that we needed a second shower to clean ourselves up.

We didn’t bother getting dressed and neither of us felt like going out to dinner so I suggested we order a pizza. Then I told her about the pizza dares I’ve heard about and she thought that would be fun. We used the info in the hotel room to find a nearby pizza place that delivers and ordered our pizza. I laid the money on the dresser next to the TV and told her that she had to answer the door naked and then come and get the money and walk back to the delivery man. I sat in a chair, naked facing the door.

Twenty-five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Rachel smiled and opened the door. She froze when she saw that the delivery person was a girl. The delivery girl looked at me and I smiled and asked her in while Rachel got the money. The girl stepped inside and didn’t try to hide that she was staring at my pecker, which was growing to full staff. With the delivery girl only 10 feet away, I began to slowly stroke my pecker. The girl asked if we were expecting a male delivery and we admitted we were. She said she has had this happen on more than one occasion but it was always a naked or topless girl. I was the first naked man she had delivered to. I asked if she liked what she saw and she answered yes, very much. Rachel then told her to go touch it if she liked. The delivery girl walked over, knelt down in front of me, wrapped her hand around my pecker, stroked it a couple times and then licked the pre-cum off the tip. Then she said she had to get back as they time her. She thanked us and left.

After she left, Rachel asked if it had been a male delivery person if I would have let him touch her and I told her only if she wanted him to. She said she might be up for that and that tomorrow night we needed to order from a different pizza place.

Later that night, Rachel went to close the curtains. Since we were on the 3rd floor, I told her to leave them open and that no one could see in unless you were right up to the window. She looked out and saw that it was just the parking lot and a restaurant below and that they probably couldn’t see in as I had said. We left the light on as we began to make out on the bed. Then I lifted her up, still impaled on my pecker and carried over next to the window. She started to protest until I began to point out people below were not looking up.

I could feel her building for an orgasm when a couple walked out of the restaurant and the guy pointed up to us to show his wife. When Rachel saw them looking, her pussy clenched around my pecker and she came hard. To my surprise, Rachel waved to the couple and blew them a kiss and she continued be taken from behind. The guy waved back and then they went to their car and drove off.

The next day, we went back to Black’s Beach and this time Rachel wanted to put the towels down closer to the area that drew most of the people. The moment the towels were down, she had her sundress off and was naked. I stripped down and we rubbed suntan lotion on each other’s backs. There weren’t many people there yet, so we just laid out on the towels and soaked up the sun. I noticed that she didn’t try to keep her legs closed today and allowed them to drift apart. Anyone walking by would get a full view of her pussy.

Slowly, more and more people came and staked out their small sections of beach. Eventually, we had people all around us and Rachel was thoroughly enjoying all of the attention that she was getting. Several times she told me that she was getting wet or she would point out a well hung guy. I started playing her game and pointing out girls with nice titties or shapely asses.

At one point, she grabbed my pecker and started to slowly massage it. I told her that I didn’t know if they allowed open sex here and she said she didn’t care and kept stroking me. A few others noticed and watched. I decided what they hell and reached my hand over and began fingering Rachel’s pussy. This got more attention and in no time we had an audience of a couple dozen people watching us. I noticed that a couple about 12 feet away began playing with each other also and then another couple started in.

By the time Rachel had her first climax, there must have been half a dozen couples playing with each other. The couple next to us caught Rachel’s attention as she got quite vocal. The louder this girl got, the harder Rachel stroked me. I watched the girl as she started to scream with her climax and this caused me to erupt and shoot my load up into the air and back down on me. When I came, a small applaud went up. The attention made Rachel cum for a second time.

Someone then called out that a life guard truck was heading this way and everyone stopped their sexual acts and advised us to stop also. The life guards slowed down as they drove past and then continued on their way down the beach. One of the guys explained that Black’s Beach technically is not a nude beach, but they tolerate it as long as things don’t get out of control such as open sex acts.

Rachel told him that she was so horny that she wanted a pecker in her now, but didn’t want to get arrested either. The guy told her that if we laid on our towel and I took her from the back, lying on our side that we might get away with it and that he would watch out for us. Before I could respond, Rachel pulled me up behind her, reached through her legs and pulled my pecker into her pussy as fast as she could.

I carefully started a rhythm that should have kept us from being too obvious. As the guy watched for the life guards, he began fondling Rachel’s titties. She didn’t stop him and her moaning grew louder. Then another guy reached down and began rubbing her clit bud as I was pumping her pussy.

I wasn’t sure to be jealous or very turned on. When another girl started playing with my ass, I dropped any thoughts of jealousy and went for the total turn on. My pumping action increased and the lady behind me began handling my balls. The feeling was so intense that I shot my load into her, stream after stream.

Afterward, Rachel told me that was the most intense sex she ever had. The feel of my pecker inside her and the hands of strangers on her titties and clit bud was so fantastic and she hoped we could do it again. I told her that I enjoyed having another woman playing with my balls while I was inside her and yes, it would be fun to have sex with others sometime.

We stayed on the beach another hour, talking to the other two couples that got their hands on us while having sex on the beach. As we were preparing to leave, before Rachel got another sunburn, she really surprised me and asked them to join us later in our hotel room, but they had other plans.

Back at our hotel room, Rachel screwed my brains out for the next couple of hours. We only had two more chances to visit Black’s Beach and both times Rachel pushed her luck and had me fuck her in front of others. And both times she screwed my brains out when we got back to the hotel room.

Within a week after returning home from our vacation, I learned that Rachel had become a nympho exhibitionist. Over the next several months, she was arrested twice for public nudity and was fired from her job for screwing another employee in a stockroom.

Her antics were too much for me and I broke off our relationship. About a year later I learned that she had become a hooker and I haven’t heard anything more from or about her since. This was about 4 years before I first met Tina.