Question for the ladies…

Ok this is more a question than a story telling, since this subject turns me on, i ask the ladies how was their first sexual experience, you know the time when you started being curious about sexuality, and finally discover yourselves, and when you finally had your first sexual experience whit another person man or woman?

Let me share my experience because i don't know now when i remember that first times it kinds of turns me on!

For me it all began like at 11 when with my friends we started talking how would it be, to have sex, you know when words like wet or a hard on just doesn't make any sense, well after wondering a lot watching some magazines i recall, in sexual education class teachers explained to us about masturbation, the male and female body and so on.
Well after short time i was 12 and all i think was sex and female bodies, you know the curvy bodies, underwear, crotches, etc.
One night i was lonely in my room just thinking about it, y got a hard on and started playing with my penis felt really good i didn't now that i was masturbating it just felt good, and every time y rubbed my hard penis felt even better, well why not try it more and more a thought my breathing arouse it felt really really good and after some playing the most exquisite feeling in the world my first orgasm and my first ejaculation, Damn!!!! i thought what da hell was that, a had my hand full of semen, so this is it the famous semen everybody talks about, still feeling my stomach weird and my penis sensitive, and sweating my first instinct was to smell my hand, not bad i thought, then i taste it thought the same.
I felt like a men the next day, finally understand what my pals talk about in why jerking off was such a famous thing, well time passed by in fact a lot of time jerking became an habit first 1 time a week, then 2, then 3, then daily, then 2 times a day, then 3 times, the record 7 times in one day, my mind was all messed up with the sex thing, watch a lady spatially older ladies her bosom, asses, smells, panties, bras, everything turned me on, well at 19 i was more curios than ever, wanted to have my first sex experience with an mature lady, since i was 19 and shy good how could i ask a lady, although i never had that courage to ask a mature woman to make a men, know that i think about it i had a couple of chances, but you know, young and inexperienced i never did a thing.
So i went to a night club and ask a hooker of course she put a price to it and deal closed, a told her that it was my first time, i know this was kind of stupid but she told me ok we are gonna do it without a condom so you can feel good, she made me an oral sex just the best feeling, then said to me ok do it, do whaaat? i asked, fuck me she told me, well teach me i reply, she opened her legs show me her cunt at first i couldn't penetrate i just didn't know how, so i told her ok better you on top, she was kind of dry, it hurt a bit, but finally my penis was inside her she began to move o boy what a feeling i was so excited thinking about it that after 45 minutes i couldn't finish business over there, so then i leave jerk off again in my house, and the next week search for a different lady that time was even better and better every time, summing all my first time wasn't the best but boy i can remember everything, know i do whit a friend time has passed orgasms are not as intense as those first ones but still i am really horny.
I will post more of my sex experiences, and some of my fantasies.
If you share thank you and of course pals you can share stories too since it can turn on the ladies as well…