Prison Ain't So Bad

“I can't fucking believe it, not too long ago, to this day, I was living a good life, I was drinking champagne with my girlfriend Alexis, not the brightest of girls but damn she had a nice body, that night we drank until we couldn't and fucked until the sun came up, now look at me, travelling on this bus heading to prison, all because I was stupid enough to commit fraud”.

The bus pulled up at the prison and instantly the convicts gathered by the fence, I could hear them all screaming and yelling, even managed to hear a few things being said, “Fresh fish!”, and “Welcome to hell!” were the ones that stuck out, even heard one guy say “Dibs on the one with the ponytail!”, in this moment I could only think of one thing, “Thank god I have a crew cut”.

Prison was exactly how I imagined it, cold, lonely, and not the best of company. Although I will admit, it certainly was't how they portrayed it in the movies, people weren't getting ****d or shanked every five minutes, in fact in my first two weeks there there wasn't even a fight. But it was still horrible, and the thought of being here for another 5 years made me feel ill. So I kept my head down, did the work I was told to do, and spent most of my spare time on the yard lifting weights, I mean, what else was I going to do?

One day a correctional officer comes to my cell and taps on it with his nightstick, “Inmate, the Warden wants to see you, come to the bars so we can cuff you”, so begrudgingly I did, and then we took a short walk to the Warden's office, one guard either side of me, holding massive guns, it all felt a bit unnecessary but this is prison after all. We arrive and the oneguard knocks on the door, “Warden Young, we've brought you the inmate as requested”, we wait a bit untilsuddenly the Warden answers the door, and to my surprise it is a strapping great African American woman, she had powerful looking arms and legs, and we were exactly the same height, which was odd as I'm 6 foot tall and never met a woman that size. Despite her large features she had a very pretty face, and in a few moments I would find out that she had a very soft voice. She said “Thank you officers, please e****t him into my office and place him in that seat”.

They follow her orders and I'm now seated, she says “Thank you officers, you can leave us now”, “Are you sure Ma'am?” replied the first officer, “Yes, we'll be fine in here, he's still cuffed so I'm not worried”. The officers left and she turns around smiling and says;

Warden Young: “I'm sorry about the mistrust, but once you work in a prison for a while it colours your opinion of every inmate”.

Me: “It's fine, after all, I am in here for breaking the law, it's to be expected”.

Warden Young: “That's a very understanding attitude”.

Me: “Is there a reason I've been called up here Ma'am?”

Warden Young: “Yes there is actually”, she walks over to the other side of her desk and sits down in her arm chair, “You're serving a 5 stretch right?”

Me: “Yes”.

Warden Young: “For fraud, am I right Mr..”, she looked at my file, “Mr Reed?”

Me: “Sadly yes, that is the case Warden”.

Warden Young: “Please, call me Tina! Well basically Mr Reed, I wanted to talk to you about your sentence here, you don't belong in a place in like this with these a****ls, those guys out there are murderers and gangbangers”.

Me: “I quite agree with you, but what do you mean by all this?”

Tina: “Well basically, what I'm saying is I'd like to give you a shorter sentence, I'm a good judge of character, in your time here I have noticed that you've kept your head down, you've finished your work without any fuss or hassle, and before you came here you had a clean record. I think we could really help you out and even shave a few years off your sentence”.

Me: “Oh my god that would be fantastic! But I can't help but feel there's a catch, you don't want me to be a snitch or anything do you? Because those guys out there would kill me”.

Tina: “Oh no, nothing like that”. She got up out of her chair, walked around the table and sat on it, I noticed her large stature as she was now sitting right in front of me, towering over me. “All I'd like is a little co-operation”.

Me: “Co-operation with what?”

Tina: “Anything I tell you to do”. At this point she lifted up her right leg and placed her heel on my shoulder.

Me: “Oh right, I catch your drift. So I'm basically your toyboy?” She looked at me and chuckled.

Tina: “Sounds like a fair exchange right, sex for years off? Everyone needs friends in here Mr Reed, and I'm the best one to have”. She then took her heel off my shoulder and stood up, and with her right hand she grabbed the scruff of my shirt, pulling me up, god she was strong.

At this point we start making out, she grabs both of my shoulders and pulls me in, and starts rubbing up and down my arms which are still cuffed, and then puts her arms on my back, and slowly makes her way down until she's now cupping my ass with her powerful hands. I'm rock hard right now, not only is she attractive, she's kinda dominating me, and is clearly more powerful than me.

Me: “You know, it's going to be hard fucking you with these handcuffs on”.

Tina: “Don't worry, it won't be you doing the fucking”.

And with that she started to lower her skirt, revealing a pair of white frilly panties. Again I can feel my rock hard cock pulsating. She takes off her panties, revealing what I thought was a clean shaven pussy, but then she opened her legs.

Me: “What the fuck is that?!” I spluttered, as a very large black cock unfurled from between her legs.

What was happening? Why was I being hit on? Why was the sight of her cock making me so horny? And why was her flaccid cock bigger than my erect cock?

Tina: “This is your new best friend in here, you two had beter get acquainted”.

She walked over to me, big thick cock swinging back and forth, and started kising me again, she put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me in, I could feel her rubbing her cock up against my bulge. So many feeling right now, ones of unease, ones of confusion, but the most prominent one was a feeling of complete arousal. My breathing was laboured, my extremities were tingling, I could feel my heartbeat in my cock as her shaft was rubbing up and down on the tip.

Tina: “Turn around, let me get a look at you”.

Me: “Yes Ma'am!”

I turned around and she pushed me up against the desk, and pushed my back so I was bent over, without wasting any time she pulled down my trousers and lifted my shirt up.

Tina: “It's been a long time since I did this with a white boy like you, damn I've missed this”.

She picks up her cock and lets it fall onto my back, making a large thudding sound, like a piece of meat falling on a kitchen counter. And again reaching over and grabbing she shoulders, she starts moving her cock back and forth, it's now engorged and even thicker and longer than before, and she's rubbing it back and forth on my back, almost like she's trying to fuck the crease just above my ass. A few seconds later she takes one of her hands and grabs the base of her cock, which by now is fully erect, it must have easily been 10 inches of thick, veiny meat. Putting lots of pressure down on it, she slowly slides it down my back, th tip rubbing again me, until eventually it slips and the tip quickly rubs against my asshole, I can feel a tingle in the very tip of my cock, and it took a lot of willpower to not cum there and then. She keeps rubbing her cock up and down against my asshole, using her precum as bit of lube.

Me: “This will be my first time, so please be gentle?”

Tina: I'm sorry, but that's just not up to you”.

And with that she places her cock, and thrusts as hard as she can. You could probably hear my scream at the other end of the prison, I could feel my arse pounding, the pain almost unbearable as her massive cock ripped up the insides. She then takes it back out again just as quick, I let out a huge sigh of relief, just praying she won't do it again, but alas she did, shoving it all in with one thrust, this painful charade goes on for what seems a lifetime, but looking at the clock I was was aware that she had only been going for three minutes, three minutes of relentless pounding and various groans and grunts. And then she changes it up a bit, putting her left leg up on the table she starts fucking me from an angle, fuck it feels good, the initial pain was being overruled by the pleasure her cock was giving me.

Tina: “You like this bitch?”

Me: “Oh fuck yeah, keep going!”

Every thrust was like an injection of morphine, it felt so incredible, every pleasure receptor in my ass was being rubbed by her huge cock, and the feeling of her warmth and cock almost in my stomach was such a turn on. She then pulled it out a little too far, and instead of going in me her cock slipped out and was rubbing against my gooch, the tip crashing into my balls, causing a considerate amaount of pain. She just positions her cock again and we continue, I'm now pushing into her f***e and she's going even deeper.

She then leans over, her large breats pressing against my back, and she is showing no signs of going down. My thraot is getting sore from all of the moans of pleasure.

“Lie down on your side on my desk”, she demanded.

So I did, while lying on my side she comes up starts again, the width of her cock now stretching me, giving me the weirdest sensation. I can't take it any more, I'm going to cum, and just like that I came on her desk. She notices but she isn;t phased, she's so in the moment right now. We stay in this position for a while until she pulls me up, and turns me around, putting her right hand on my stomach and her left hand on me shoulder she starts fucking me while we're both standing up, and she oulls me back so my back in curved, and with a final few thrusts she starts to cum inside me, which falls out with her cock as she slides it out of me, she puts me on my knees and demands that I like the tip clean.

Tina: “You did well for your first time, not many can take my cock so well”.

Me: “At first I couldn't!”

Tina: “Hehe, well, I assume you'll be okay with this little arrangement? As long as you come in here with a smile on your face and you admit that your ass is mine whenever I want it, I can get you those years off”.

Me: “Yep, ghis won't be a problem, and thank you, Tina.”