Preachers Wife Chapter 3 from Preadhers Daughter

Pam, the MILF preachers wife did as I ordered her. She did give me those panties from her cunt at church as ordered and when I called the Preacher's house the week after I first fucked her, I asked if her husband was home. Yes she said, very well, tell him you are going shopping at the mall and Christian book store. Go buy things at the book store first, then meet me at the pet store in the mall. You are to go into the bathroom at the Christian bookstore and remove your panties, and have them in your purse at the mall. See you at noon, exactly.

Pam said, “Jamie said you had her meet you at the pet store earlier in the week but she would not talk about it, is this some sick m_other and d_aughter game to you?”
I said, “Yes, and you will be punished for that tone and comment, you now have 45 minutes, or in exactly one hour John will get an email of videos of you sucking my cock bitch.!” I hung up.

I observed her go into the pet store, I was sorry to see she did not wear a dress, rather a pant suit, professional looking, and she was looking around for me. I waited then walked in and just like with Jaimie, I approached from behind, grabbed her, pulled her to me and in front of people kissed her neck and said, “Hello Darling!” I whispered, “kiss me now” — reluctantly, she gave me a quick kiss.

I held her nervous hand and we walked around until we were at the collar and dog leeches. I told her to take the one (same as Jaimie picked) and I put it on her neck in front of everyone. She had to move her long hair…the looks she got. She tensed, was nervous and angry. I then took the leach and we had them engrave a name plate. I made her tell them, the same lady and young man at the counter, “#2 Slut” — I got a smile from the young man and a snicker and we both got evil looks from the lady behind the counter. As we walked out, Pam asked if this is what I did to her daughter, did I embarrass and humiliate her like this earlier this week. I said yes and Pam called me a “fucking bastard!” Wow, such talk from the preachers wife!

I said, “Fine bitch, whatever,” and I walked away quickly and pulled my cell phone as if sending a text or email, Pam ram after me begging me to stop, she was sorry, please forgive her, she will obey, blah blah blah…. “What bitch?” “Yes Master I will obey all you ask.” Wow, in the mall with people looking, listening and walking by. I simply said, “follow me bitch!”

Well, as we walked to the car I ordered her to unbutton her blouse, a few guys and girls got a pick of nice 38D tits in a black bra with her blouse open. In the car I told her, bra off and panties from your purse onto the dash. She complied, I then told her to suck on my cock as we drove; got a lot of looks at stop lights. Damn, she could suck as cock and for being f***ed or blackmailed into it, I think Pam really liked it cause she got into sucking and deep throating. I had to make her stop. I had decided my first huge load of cum would be all over those fucking tits in the room.

At the hotel, I allowed her to button half her buttons on her blouse and also humiliated the preachers wife more by making her go get the hotel room. Before we left the car, I made her put on the collar and leach and unbutton her top as we walked into the room.

Unlike with Jaimie, due to her attitude as soon as we got into the room I spun her against the door, slapped her several times hard across the face and ripped off her blouse, stuffed the panties in her mouth I had taken from her daughters pussy and ass, the same panties Pam had stuffed up her cunt at church Sunday, I stuffed them in her mouth and pulled her by her hair and leach to the bed, bend her over and pulled her dress pants down ripping them, beautiful bare MILF ass and hairy trimmed bush contracted with her daughters 23 year old ass and shaved pussy. I wailed on her ass for at least 15 or 20 minutes, hands, leech, belt, hands, leech, belt, the entire time I told her it was for her tone and negative attitude with me. I then poured some oil on her asshole and stuffed my dick thick cock into that very tight hole.

Had her attitude been nicer, I would have taken her more like Jaimie and let her cum many times. Not this time, I just fucked my #2 Slut hard in the ass telling her owned her and her daughter and not to fucking forget it. A few minutes and after going balls deep into her several times, I had my foot on the back on her head pushing her into the bed to keep her screams down even through the panties in her mouth and I worked that ass till I cum buckets it seemed. As I pulled out I filmed my cock coming out and her gapping asshole and my cum running form it and fasted to it. She was limp and crying. I then stood, removed my cloths and swatted her ass. I told her if she ever talked or acted like that again, she would get more of the same. When I asked her is she understood and slapped her ass, she said weakly and tearfully, “yes Master”.

OK then, I took pick of her, naked from the top up, ass up full of my cum, red marks on it and her pants down around her ankles by her high heels. The sophisticated conservative preachers wife, oh yeah, with a doggy collar and leach around her neck with a dog tag that says, #2 Slut!

I then told her to turn and kneel and clean my cock balls and ass with her tongue. She did. She kept cleaning and looking down at her I began to get hard again. I then told her to stand and strip naked.

I then laid on the bed and told her to lick my cock balls and ass more and come kiss and lick my nipples. After a while I was very hard again, and I relented and decided to reach down and finger her. Damn, she was getting wet. Again, daughter and mother alike! So, I fingered and worked her clit as she got wetter and hornier as she sucked me, then I told her to crawl ontop of me. I asked Pam, as I held her leech and had her set on top of my cock. I asked if she would always comply now. I asked is her ass was sore and hurt. I asked if she wanted my hard cock inside her hot wet tight married preachers wife pussy. Pam, with lust in her eyes said “Yes master” to each question. I then let her ride my stiff cock. Her big tits bouncing and me pulling the leech and pinching and sucking her nipples. She rode me until she cum, she shook and cum so hard sending me over the edge. As I began to squirt inside her I rolled Pam over and raising her legs I fucked her deep and hard for all I was worth. Like her daughter, she cam again, then yet she came a third time as she worked her clit and I filled her up. I shot hard again deep in her. Deeper than her husband for sure.

I then make her clean me again and she did so with enthusiasm. I then told her to dress, leaving her makeup a mess and hair a mess. No bra nor panties. I told her to take the leech home and hide it.

Fix you hair and makeup when you get home I told her, but DO NOT shower.
Keep lights off so John does not see the marks on your sore ass.
Tonight, suck him then crawl over him in a 69. Suck him off thinking of my cock. Make him eat you until you cum, with my dried cum up inside you. DO IT!

“Yes Master”…. I told her I would see her Sunday morning before church, I wanted her to run to buy doughnuts for church, I would be in the car at the doughnut shop. I told her to wear a dress and sexy panties. I told her to always wear a dress with me from now own. “Yes Master”….

I said tonight, sore ass or not, go ahead and suck off John, play with his cock. Get him hard.