Plug fun in the video store.

I have been known to keep it in for multiple times also. I had put it in for a week moved up a size and kept that up for a month then went to bush river videos. I was just sucking some guys when a big cock plopped out from an aggressive guy. I could not fit all of him in my mouth and had had cum all over my face I wiggled up off my knees and stood up to him and put my hand on his cock lead him to the bathroom.he did not want to go but I leaned back to him and said I cannot fit you in my mouth but I can in my bubble butt, that is if you are up for it. He pulsed in my hand and got bigger. I flinched thinking oh my god he is real big and I had nothing in me since last week when I had a friend come over and that guy was not this big. So he pushed me on we went it he bathroom closed the door the guys in there were pissed they wanted to watch. He pushed me against the wall over the sink as I tried to wash off the cum dring on my face. He pulled my shorts down smacked my ass then lubed it with his spit when his finger that the plug I had in he moaned and pulled it out. He flopped it in the sink in front of me and said now you need a real thing in there. He poked his warmth at my hole and thruster it in I was we'll lubed and he went right in. Oh it was big but thank god I used those plugs he would have split my head if not for them. After a while I looked up from the sink as he pounded me deep and saw we had a jerking audience. He came all over my back another guy tried to get a turn but I was done he made me quiver too much and that was all I could take for the day. I gently walked out some guys came over to me rubbing my ass saying things that I still have no idea what they said. I waddled out to the front the counter woman said fun times? I nodded and walked out the door. Sat down then remembered I left the dildo in the sink. I sat there for a minute calming down, then waked back in. The counter woman said back for more so soon? I smiled and said I forgot my phone in there. I walked in went to the bathroom and looked for the dildo. One of the guys that said something to me walked over pushed me to the wall kissing me. Another guy came over holding his cock out, I looked at then felt a hard push in my groin area he had my dildo. I grabbed for it but he said not till I get some and I will out it right back in. I looked down and figured why not he was small I sucked him a bit, he then spun me around and said oh that is what I want… He pushed his cock in and I swear I never even felt it. He came? And then pushed in my dildo hard. I think I was numb by then. Smacked my ass I pulled up my shorts the zombie jerkers were waiting for theirs and I just said I had enough for today. I walked out and the lady at the counter said see you next time. I sat in my vehicle and payed back in the seat. Wow what a day.