This is another true story told to me by a friend of mine.
I had lost my job several years ago and without income I soon lost my house and cars. My wife wanted more so she left me and took the k**s and the dog. I was able to get a job delivering pizza. It was a big change for me to go from being an important VP making six figures to a pizza delivery guy making ten bucks an hour plus tips.
It was to be my last delivery of the night and then I could go home to my pathetic garage apartment. The delivery address was to a large house on the edge of town where a very good looking girl lived. All the younger guys liked delivering to her house as she a senior high cheerleader and very good looking. She had long blonde hair and a body to die for. I had delivered there once before and had to agree with them but never thought much more about it. So I took the slip and pizza and headed out the door ready to get this done and get home.
At the delivery address the house appeared to be dark and looked as if noone was home. I started to think maybe one of the guys was playing a trick on me and that I would get a free pizza. I knocked on the door and after a minute the girl answered. She was wearing just a sl**p shirt that was barely long enough to cover her ass. She looked like she may have been asl**p or crying. I told how much she owed and she said for me to follow her to the kitchen so she could get the money. Her perky boobs were pushing against her shirt making my pecker stir. Once in the kitchen she looked in her purse and then she went to one of the cabinets and reached up to get a jar. This caused her shirt to rise showing her dynamite bare ass. It had been so long since I had seen a naked woman my cock got semi hard. She handed me the money and then looked at me in the eye. She asked if I thought she was good looking. I told that I thought she was very good looking and that any man would be happy to be seen with her. She then pulled her sl**p shirt off, standing there naked and turned around and then asked me again if I thought she was hot. She had what looked to be c cup tits, a great ass, very faint tan lines and her beaver was trimed to just a stripe going straight up from her slit. I figured she must weigh about 105 pounds and very toned.
I told her she was hot, and asked if she was okay. She said her boyfriend just dumped her and told she was ugly, her body made him want to throw up and that she was lousey at sex. I said that her boy friend must be crazy and that she should go out and find a new boy friend. I then told her that she was turning this old man on. She then took my hand and said to follow her. She lead me to a bedroom and she knelt down and opened the zipper on my jeans and pulled out my cock. She then placed her mouth over it and started to give me a blowjob.
After a couple of seconds I pushed her away and told her that she did not have to do this, she was too young, and that I should go. She then pushed me onto the bed and told me that she was eighteen and that we are consenting adults and she wanted to do this. My cock was standing straight up and she wrapped her hands around it and stroked it. It had been over a year since I had had any action and this very hot young girl was very eager to fuck me and prove something to herself. I was worried I might not meet her expectations. But she was the beautiful girl I had ever seen and she was dripping wet and wanting me.
I decided to give it my best and went to eat her young pussy. She tasted and smeeled so good. As I worked her clit with my tounge she started to moan and was nearing an orgasim. This just made me more eager and I kept up. She then orgasimed so hard, pushing that young cunt into my face. She yelled and pulled my hair. As soon as she calmed down I mounted her. I could not wait to feel that young pussy around my cock. As I pushed my cock deep into her it felt like heaven. I showed no mercy to her cunt as I pounded into her. I was afraid she might change her mind and wanted to enjoy as much of this young cunt as I could. I thrust into her with f***e. She moaned out and dug her nails into my back. I knew I was not going to last much longer. As I watched her meet my thrust and her tits shake I blew a huge nut deep in her womb. I could not remember the last time I pumped that jizz into my ex wife. We both collasped onto the bed trying to catch our breaths. We were both worried about our performence to each other and both agreed that it was the best either of us had ever had. After about fifteen minutes my cock was hard again and looking at this hot young thing laying there with my sperm leaking from her cunt made me want that much more. I pulled her upso she could be on top.
Her gooey cunt slid easily down onto my cock and she was very eager to show her stuff this time around. I was eager too to show her that this old man could out last any of the young boys she may have had. She worked her tight little cunt around my cock and went to work on her clit with my fingers. She had the cutest little cunt and it looked even better with my cock planted in it. She soon hit another orgasim, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock. She kept working my cock with that wonderful cunt of hers for several more minutes till I could no longer hold back and flooded her with another huge load of spunk. She collasped on top of me allowing my limp cock to stay inside her.
We both fell asl**p like that. When I awoke about an hour later, she was still asl**p on top of me and my now hard cock was still inside her. I rolled her over and started to bang away, but carefully as my cock was now sore as was her pussy. I really wanted to get one more nut in her before I left. After a minute I flooded her womb with my third nut of the night.
She told me that I was the very best fuck she had ever had and I told her I felt the same way. I banged her several more times until she went away to college. Fucking that young lady did give me the confidense I needed to get out and improve my life.