perfect little pet at the picnic

Our BDSM group had their annual picnic last Saturday. My Master had a very special suprise in store. It started out as most picnics do. I made a nice jello salad, helped set up the tables while Sir William helped set up the equipment and stations. I ralked casually with the others, and was grateful they were a group of normal people with a kinky side. My Master smiled at me as he placed my pink collar and wrist restraints on me.. I still had my jeanshorts and campshirt on. We ate, then my Master brought me into the clubhouse. One of the submissives made beautiful leather floggers, and my Master was going to buy one for me. We looked at the wide assortment of leathers, colors, lenthgs and thicknesses. Another couple joined us. She was a submissive and was in the process of having her Master move in with her cuckholded husband. We took turns testing them at first on each others arms, then backs. I was enjoying watching my Master produce wets on her back, while her Master flogged me, of course with permission from one another. He chose the one with a very nice bite to it, and I had to give the maker of the flogs her money. I was so happy I was his worthy pet. He then had me change into my pink and black negligee, and put my pink silk blindfold on and then my spider gag. He led me back outside barefoot and brought me around to everyone showing off his pet, letting people feel my breasts, examin my spider gag. I couldnt help but drool. He tied me to a tree and flogged me all over. Deliciously painful, but I so love the warmth it gives my skin. He was enjoying Himself as well. I could feel him increase his tempo and his f***e. I could hear others screaming around me, no doubt in the spider web of chains, or the swinging nets, the lacing station, or suspended from a tree. I could hear a whip cracking and wished i could see the red marks.

All of the external stimulation began to blur. I felt myself get closer and closer to an Master believes I am in subspace. All I know is I am in heaven. He has turned me into his pain slut. I need it and crave it. I cum so powerfully, spasming. He releases me takes off my blindfold, and I adjust my eyes to the light. We go over to watch the one being whipped. I can now see the delightful red marks on her bottum and shoulders with trickles of bl**d. My Master knowz I have a dominant side and fully intends to have that explored with other submissives. I fall asl**p in a swinging net bag device, my arms around my lower legs, the net holding me in a sitting position, my cunt and ass exposed for all to see unbeknowingst to me until after my Master tells me how everyone was enjoying me. When I awoke, he brought me to the wax station, where you lie on a leather stretcher and drip hot wax on a willing participant. I peeled off the wax from their breasts and ass cracks. I was waiting my turn, but it was getting too dark. I was soo hoping to have several peoples hands all over me. My Master chucked in good time pet, in good time. You are coming along quite nicely in your training. He holds my neck in his big strong hands and strokes me, petting me. I am so content, so free paradoxically, being collared tethered, bound, gagged, suspended and punished for his pleasure. His pleasure is my pleasure. I am His.