Pegs Degration

Ron was working at his b*****r's adult video store. It didn't pay much, but, he figured the fringe benefits would more than make up for the money. He had been watching the white wimps reading the interracial books and renting the same kind of movies. It must really make them jealous to see those black cocks stretching those white pussys. He was thinking they probably go to sl**p dreaming it's them instead of the black dude.

Ron was 28, single, and enjoyed his freedom. He was only 5' 7', and weighed a muscled 170. He was good looking, but not someone to die for. His big assets were his ready smile, easy going manner, and a cock that could stretch any white pussy in the city.

Ron had his eye on this guy that seemed to come in once or twice a week. He was hooked on blacks fucking white women while the husband watched. There was nothing special about him. He wasn't the athletic type. Nor, was he especially handsome. Just a white wimp with a fucked up head. He was about the same age as Ron, and wore a wedding band. Ron was getting impatient, and decided to dangle some bait in front of this wimp and see if he could get a nibble.

'Hey man, you find what you like? Can I help you with anything? I know where every movie is located.' Ron asked.

The guy turned beet red before answering. 'No, thanks. These will be all for tonight.'

'Okay, but remember, I'm here to help keep our customers satisfied.' Ron was smiling.

'Thanks again.' Paul said, as he placed his latest choice of movies on the counter.

'It's slow around here during the middle of the week and your familiar face breaks the monotony. My name is Ron. My b*****r owns this place and I'm helping him out until something better comes along.' Ron picked up the two movies and looked at the titles. 'I've noticed you are interested in our large interracial selection. You'd be surprised how many white men are curious about black and white sex.'

Paul turned red again, before stammering, 'You mean a lot of guys rent this kind of movie? I thought something was wrong with me. Everyone I know would think I was a sick pervert. I thought black guys only rented them.'

'No, no, black guys make them. White guys rent them. There's nothing unusual about how you feel. Thousands of husbands have this fantasy of watching their wife being fucked by a black's huge cock. A few of the lucky ones actually get to live out their fantasy. It takes a strong, loving marriage to survive such an experience.'

'Why? She wouldn't love him, just have sex.' Paul questioned.

'Haven't you seen their length and girth? How many white men have something that size? Have you heard the expression, once you go black, you never go back? That's because many women are never satisfied with their small dicked husband, after experiencing a long, black cock in their stomach.' Ron was dangling the bait.

'It's just a fantasy, and will never happen anyway. My wife would kill or divorce me, if I even brought the subject up.' Paul explained.
'Does she know you are watching these movies?'
'God, no. She goes to community college three nights a week. I watch them while she's at school.'
'Well, it's time I was closing up. You're the only customer I've had in the last hour. You want to stop around the corner and have a cup of coffee?' Ron asked. He wanted to see a picture of this guy's wife. If she wasn't a complete dog, he was going to fuck her and make her a slut for black cock.
Relaxing over a coffee and feeling more at ease sitting in a booth, Paul exclaimed, 'I didn't even tell you my name. It's Paul.'
Grinning again, Ron said, 'Pleased to meet you Paul. If I'm not being too personal, could I see a picture of your wife?'
'Sure,' Paul said, while reaching for his wallet. 'Her name is Peggy, but, everyone calls her Peg.'
Ron was amazed that the beautiful brunette in the picture was married to a nothing like Paul. What the Hell! She must see something I don't. Maybe he does have a donkey dick. One thing for certain, it would be pure pleasure to fuck her pretty head off. 'You have a very beautiful wife and are a lucky man. With this gorgeous wife, why would you have a fantasy of another man fucking her? Why would you take the chance of losing her?'
'I believe it was something that happened when I first went away to college. I made an unexpected visit home late one evening. Approaching the house, I could hear noises coming from behind the house. Curious, I went around the house and the noise was coming from inside the back bedroom. I could see around the d****s, and there was my mother being fucked by a large black man. She was thrashing around and groaning. Her legs were wrapped around the back of her lover. My father was at the foot of the bed watching my mother get fucked. He was naked and beating his meat. I went back to school and never visited again without calling first. Ever since that night, I have been watching movies and reading books about interracial sex. I married soon after graduating, and we have been married two years. She was twenty-two when we married and had never been with a man before. The first year, I supressed my feelings, but now, they are stronger than ever. I watch the movies and masturbate so often, I can't get it up to fuck her.' Paul slowly explained. Paul couldn't believe he was telling his new friend his life story.
'Just out of curiosity, how big is your dick?'
Paul got red, and quietly said, 'almost six inches and not very thick.'
'Well, closer to five.'
'Closer to five, and she's satisfied?' Ron asked, astonished.
'I told you, she's never been with another man. Maybe, when you are in love, any kind of sex is satisfying. We love and respect each other very much. She is going to night school, so she will have a better chance in the work market. We want to start a f****y in another three or four years.'
'I'll tell you now, Paul, if you don't get this fantasy out of your head, you won't be married in another three or four years. If you've had it since your first year in college, you are not going to get rid of it, unless you actually live it. What you need is a black man that knows and understands your problem, also one that is willing to help you out. You need someone that is clean and free of disease. More important, you need a man that has the equipment to completely satisy your fantasy once and for all. You want a man that will exit after the fullfillment of your fantasy, never to be seen again.'
'How in God's name could I ever find someone like that? I'm scared to approach anyone on the computer. Even if, by some miracle, I did find someone, how could I ever get Peg to go along with it?' Paul was getting interested.
'What if I told you that I am willing to be the one to help you? You seem to be a nice guy and you have a problem. You have my word that after you watch me fuck her, I will leave your life forever.' Ron had a nibble now.
'You? But, we don't even know each other. You sound as if there is no problem getting between her legs. I told you she has never been with another man, and I don't believe she would let another man fuck her. Especially, a black man. This is my fantasy, not her's.' Paul was swallowing the bait.
'I'll tell you what. If I can't fuck her within a week, you can have all the movies you want for the next year. Do you have more than one bedroom in your home?' Ron asked.
'Yes, we have three. In a few years, we planned on needing them. What does that have to do with anything?' Questioned Paul.
'What if your best friend from college just happened to be in town and needed a place to stay for a week? You did have friends in college, didn't you? You said 'especially, a black man,' is she prejudiced?' Ron wondered.
'Yes, I had good friends, but I have never talked about them. It's a sore spot about me going to college and her not. No, I don't think she is prejudiced. We have never discussed it. When am I supposed to break the news to her about your visit? What if she says, No?'
'Thanksgiving is coming up. Does she get off extra time for the holiday?'
'Yes, there's no school that week.'
'Okay. That's a week away. That gives you time to sweeten her up and get her to agree to having an old college chum come calling. That will give us time to become better friends and get to know a little about each other's past. To be on the safe side, don't mention my race. Let it be a surprise when she opens the door. Oh, something else. Have you and her ever smoked pot?' Ron had him now, hook, line and sinker.
'Pot? We tried it a couple of times. All it did was make us giggle and get the munchies. It was kind of fun, but too expensive to become a habit.' Why? You going to get her high on pot?'
'Why not? A good joint and a bottle of wine will make her so high, she'll be out of her mind. We will work out the details during the next week. Another thing, if I fuck her the first or second day, you have to let me stay the whole week and fuck her as often as I like. Agree?'
'Since I don't believe you will be able to fuck her the first time, I agree.'
'Come by the store tomorrow, and we can go over more details. Here's my cell number. What's yours? I have to call and get invited to visit. Remember? Does your phone take and send photos?'
'I'll give you one tomorrow. I want you to take half a dozen photos of Peg without her knowledge. I need side views, not full frontal. Preferably, close ups, but if not, I can edit them. Think you can do that?'
'I guess so. This is getting complicated. Are you sure this is going to work? I have this obsessive fantasy, but, I'm still happily married and I want to stay that way.'
'Leave everything to me. It'll work like a charm. Once I'm in your home, I'll handle everything.' Ron was thinking, you naive fool. You have no idea how well it will work. Your stupid white boy fantasy is going to destroy your virginal wife. Better yet, it's going to put a black baby in her innocent belly. Then, you can look at the results of your fantasy for the rest of your life.
After that evening, everything worked like a fine Swiss watch. Paul got Ron the photos he needed. Peg, surprisingly, agreed to having an old friend of her husband's spend a week in their home. Paul explained about Ron being a party a****l, and since they had no social life, she believed this might be the chance to get their marriage back on track. Paul had seemed to be distant and inattentative lately. If Ron was a party a****l, maybe, they could all go to a nightclub and dancing. It had been ages since she had been dancing. If she danced with Ron, would Paul get jealous? What a wicked thought! But, Paul had never seen her in another man's arms. Maybe, she would make him jealous on purpose. It would serve him right for all the nights he turned his back and went to sl**p. This mood set the stage for Saturday morning and Ron's knock on the door.
Before Ron went to work for his b*****r, he had worked for an e****t service and as a part time male model. He had been fired for going too far with a client, and she reported him. Modeling jobs were few and far between right now. He did have a thirty minute DVD of his prowess with white bitches. This film was his resume, so to speak. Now, he was going to use it to break down the barriers in the mind of Peg. He had taken the six photos of Peg and duplicated each one twenty times on his computer. He downloaded the DVD and with his software pushed the edit button. Now, he could drag and paste the one hundred and twenty images onto the DVD, anywhere he wished. The short film had him getting a blow job, eating pussy, and feeding his cock into white pussy. It took him all afternoon to drag all the images throughout the film. Some people doubt that subliminal suggestion works, but Ron knew it did. Watching the film, her picture couldn't be seen, but, it would register on her mind. He had her face next to his dick. Her face was there when he was shooting his cum into the other woman's mouth. Same thing when he was devouring her pussy, and fucking her out of her mind. All he had to do was make sure she got to see the movie.
'See who's at the door, will you hon?' Paul said, since he was still shaving.
Peg answered the door, wearing shorts and a halter top. Weekends were lazy days. She saw a neatly dressed black man, about three inches taller than herself. He had a big smile on his face and there was a piece of luggage at his feet. She thought he was some kind of salesman. Nobody smiled like that, unless he wanted something.
'Yes, can I help you?'
'Hi. You must be Peg. I'm Ron. I hope Paul told you I was coming.'
'Ron? But, you're not supposed to be here until tomorrow.'
'I caught an earlier flight. I'm sorry if I have caused a problem.'
'No. No problem, but, we're not dressed for company.' Especially, black company, Peg was thinking. I'm going to kill Paul as soon as I get him alone, she fumed. 'Well, come on in, such as it is. Paul will be down in a minute. He's still shaving. Just set your bag down anywhere and come into the kitchen. Coffee is hot and I was ready to have a cup.'
'That sounds great, and again I am sorry for surprising you like this. I'll take you and Paul out to dinner to help make up for it.' Ron said, smiling again.
When Paul came in, he was more surprised than Peg. But Ron, being a good conversationalist, had everyone at ease. You couldn't be in the e****t business without knowing a little about everything and a lot about nothing. Peg and Paul were laughing and enjoying themselves. Peg had noticed that everytime she looked at Ron, he seemed to be memorizing every visible inch of her body .
Later, Paul said, 'Let's get you settled into your room, and then how about you and I going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls. We can catch up on old times.'
'Good.' said Peg, 'That will give me a chance to straighten up this house.'
'The bedroom downstairs is being used for a computer room, so you'll have to sl**p upstairs, across the hallway from our room.' Paul apologized. 'Don't worry, we won't disturb your sl**p.'
Ron unpacked haphazardly, but made sure he left a large manila envelope laying in plain sight on the dresser. He had written, 'My Photos' on the front.
Peg had pretty much cleaned the downstairs and decided to check the upstairs. She made their bed and walked across the hall, to see if Ron's room needed anything. The first thing she saw, was the envelope. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it was not going to kill her to see what kind of photos were in that envelope. Pulling out the pictures and seeing the first one, almost did kill her. There was a naked Ron, with a huge, half turgid cock, hanging between his legs. She was so shocked, she dropped the pictures. Picking them up, she couldn't help seeing the others. His dick was erect, sticking straight out like a baseball bat. Another, had a blonde on her knees, kissing the large head. Each was more explicit that the last. Masturbating, crammed inside a white pussy, dripping cum into a woman's mouth. There must have been a dozen photos of the most disgusting acts imaginable. What kind of a****l had they let into their house? Why did he carry such pictures? What kind of person would leave them laying around for anyone to see?
After Peg had calmed down, she had to admit she had no business looking at them. If he carried those, what kind of work did he do? The more she thought about it, the less disgusting it was. She was actually excited and became wet between her legs. What would it be like to touch or kiss a dick that big? Would a woman really enjoy having her pussy stretched by such a monster? Could she take all of it inside her small pussy? What was she thinking? No way was she going to have that inside her! She had to get her thoughts in order and calm down!
When Paul and Ron returned, Ron knew from her attitude that she had seen the photos. She was still polite and joined the conversation, but now, she seemed withdrawn and he caught her looking at him.
Finally, Peg could keep it back no longer, so she asked, 'Ron, Paul has never said what kind of work you do.'
'Oh, I thought you knew. I'm a male model, and when I can find it, an actor in adult films. I've never been very ambitious, but I believe in doing something I enjoy. I have some pictures and a film that I carry to show prospective employers. My resume, if you wish to call it that. I earn pretty good money, but I'm not rich. I have clients all over the country, who call and want my private services. I could never find a more enjoyable and exciting line of employment.'
Paul's mouth had dropped open, but he never said a word. Peg was now the curious one, and she had to know what he did. 'Are you saying women pay you for your private services?'
'Yes, of course, and very well, I might add.' Ron said. 'Let's drop the subject about my life, and go have a good dinner. You pick the place and I'll pick up the tab.'
After a very good dinner, they were finishing a bottle of chilled wine. The band was playing soft music and a few couples were dancing. Paul and Peg were not drinkers, and both were slightly dizzy. Ron asked, 'Paul, do you mind, if I ask your beautiful wife for a dance?'
'Go ahead and ask. I'm going to sit here and relax.'
When Ron asked, Peg was undecided whether to say yes or no. But, she thought, why not? It's just a dance and it's been so long since I've been on a dance floor. She said, 'Sure, but I'm a little rusty. You may have to guide me.'
Moving onto the floor, Ron held her in a close embrace. Immediately, she could feel his bulge pressing just above her pubic mound. She could swear she felt it moving. She halfheartedly tried pulling away, but he just held her more tightly. He wasn't doing anything inappropriately, so she couldn't walk off the floor. She relaxed and went with the flow of the music. When the song ended and before they could leave the floor, another began. They continued dancing, but now, he was lifting her to her tiptoes. In this position, his semi-hard cock was rubbing against her clitoris. Everything looked normal to other people, but she was getting excited and very wet between her legs. The song ended and he led her back to the table. She was kind of wobbly, but he had a firm grip on her arm.
'Thank you very much for the dance. You are a wonderful dancer and light on your feet.' Said Ron.
Peg calmed down, and thought of how foolish she must be. Why should she get excited dancing with another man than her husband? Was it because Paul hadn't been paying attention to her lately? Was it the atmosphere and wine she had d***k? Was it because Ron was so good-looking and so sure of himself? Was it because he was black and hung like a horse? Whatever the reason, she was a happily married woman and would always be true to her husband. Suddenly, she wanted to go home, she was scared he would ask for another dance. 'What say we go home. I'm feeling tired.' Peg said.
On the way home, they stopped and Ron picked up a bottle of brandy. Sitting in the living room, drinking coffee with a dash of spirits added, everyone was very relaxed. Paul was feeling the alcohol, or he would never have said, 'Why don't we watch your resume film?'
Peg almost agreed to watch with them, but better sense prevailed. What kind of woman would she be to watch a sex film in mixed company? She decided to retire to the kitchen and straighten up, then take a shower while the film was showing. Paul loaded and started the movie. The very first scene was of a naked Ron laying on his back, while a beautiful brunette was kissing and licking his cock. Paul let out with a loud, 'WOW.'
Peg heard Paul and couldn't help herself. She had to see what they were watching. She tiptoed to the kitchen door and peeked around the corner. She was captivated! She couldn't have stopped herself watching for all the money in the world. Ron had positioned himself, so he could see the kitchen door without turning his head. He saw Peg immediately, and set back satisfied. Now, she was his. She could say no, protest, or deny, but she was his!
Paul watched the film without saying another word. He had seen a horse's cock one time. Long and black like this one. Except, this one had a smaller head before the massive shaft. He supposed the smaller head made entry easier. He was speechless! In his mind's eye, he kept seeing Peg, sucking and fucking Ron. It was Peg he saw screaming out her climax, again and again. He had never heard of subliminal suggestion. He thought his fantasy was a hundred times more vivid. Now, he understood why very few marriages survived after the wife was truly blacked. What could his paltry white dick do for her? All the books and movies had been strangers, but now, there was a black man sitting next to him that was going to fuck his wife. He now had no doubt that Ron could fuck her. Even though, he knew he might lose her, he was still excited and had a raging hard on. Paul cum in his pants, without ever touching himself.
Peg, on the other hand, couldn't understand what had happened to her. She kept seeing herself with Ron, licking and kissing the biggest cock she could imagine. She knew it was just imagination, but it was her being fucked over and over, until she was screaming for him to stop. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the thought out of her mind. Deep down in her soul, she knew he was going to fuck her with that monster. She must stop watching! She f***ed herself away from the door and upstairs to the shower. Running water over her body, her fingers crept to her wet pussy. All it took was a touch, and she had an orgasm. She needed another drink!
When she came downstairs, Ron and Paul were sipping brandy, minus the coffee. She poured herself one and they made idle chatter for a while. Ron carried the conversation, without ever mentioning the movie. He knew each had their own thoughts, and were trying to sort them out. They were, also, drinking more than they should. Paul wasn't too d***k, but tipsy. Peg was out of it, and needed help getting up the stairs to bed. Ron figured now was a good time to begin breaking Peg in to black sex. Tonight, he wouldn't fuck her in the normal sense of the word. He was going to tongue fuck her. Even d***k, his long tongue would drive her crazy.
Helping Paul get her onto the bed, she lay there half conscious. Paul thought Ron was going to leave the room, but the fun had just started. Ron said, 'Let me help you undress her. She's d***k and will never know what happened. After she's naked, you suck her breasts and kiss her. In the meantime, I will be eating her sweet pussy.'
Paul was stunned. Everything was happening too fast. This wasn't part of his fantasy. 'But, she's d***k. I don't want to take advantage of her when she is helpless.'
'She may be helpless, but that won't lessen the feeling she will receive from my tongue.' Ron whispered. Paul was useless, trying to unbutton Peg's blouse. Ron took over and had the blouse and bra removed in a flash. He had to stop and taste those delicious tits. Peg groaned, as he sucked one, then the other. He couldn't wait any longer to taste her pussy. He unzipped her skirt, and pulled undergarments and skirt down her legs and off. The hood of her clitoris could be seen through her neatly trimmed bush. The lips of her pussy were a healthy pink, and just begging to be kissed.
'Okay, when I begin tongue fucking her, you cover her mouth with kisses. She's going to groan and thrash around. We don't want her to come completely out of it. As long as you are holding and kissing her, she will think she is dreaming.' Saying this, Ron swooped on her pussy like a hawk diving on a chicken. He gave her cunt lips a couple of licks, then opened them with his fingers. He gently probed with his tongue as far as he could reach. Ron had a tongue that could lick the tip of his nose. He tongue fucked her a few minutes and then licked her erect clit. After that, he would change off, thrust, lick, thrust, lick. Her juices were beginning to flow and she was groaning into Paul's mouth. Ron had his mouth tightly over her pussy, and his upper lip and nose were rubbing her clit. His tongue was as long as Paul's measly dick. Peg was going wild! She was bucking against his tongue, trying to get more. She was practically sucking Paul's tongue down her throat. All of a sudden, she stiffened, and then began shuddering. She screamed into Paul's mouth and went limp. Immediately, Ron was out of his pants, and had his giant black cock in his hand. He moved up between her legs on his knees, and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy.
'Wait a minute, you can't fuck her now!' Paul hissed.
'I'm not going to fuck her, but I'm going to get my rocks off. You just watch and learn.' Ron placed the head of his cock just inside the lips of her open pussy, and began masturbating. It only took about five minutes before he was ready to shoot a gallon of cum. He shot three big gobs into her open hole and squeezed it off. 'Now, let's change places. You lick her pussy while I finish cumming in her mouth. Now, do it now!' Ron growled.
In the meantime, Peg had come around, but only half concious, she was making small purring sounds in her throat. Paul reluctantly put his mouth on her pussy and began licking. His mouth was filled with thick, slimy, cum. He had no choice, but to swallow. After a few licks, he decided it wasn't so bad and began licking with a vengeance.
Ron was still squeezing his cock, as he rubbed it over her lips. He took her chin and parted her lips enough to get the head of his cock between them. He released his dick and jet after jet of cum shot into the back of her mouth and down her throat. Like Paul, she had no choice, but to swallow. Peg was swallowing by reflex, whereas, Paul knew what he did. Ron wiped is cock on her lips, stood up, and said, 'Goodnight. Tomorrow, I fuck her and I fuck her every day for the rest of the week. I'll tell you how tomorrow.'
When Ron had closed the door, Paul was so horny, he was ready to cum in his pants. Getting undressed, he crawled on top of Peg and rammed his dick up to the hilt. She was loose from Ron's tongue. What would it be like after his giant cock stretched her? A few strokes and he was ready to cum again. As he was cumming, he looked into her eyes, and they were open! She had a dreamy look in her eyes, and a smile on her wet lips.
'Were you eating my pussy before?'
'Yes, why do you ask?'
'I had the strangest dream. I dreamed you were kissing me and eating me at the same time. Do you have a tongue on each end?' She jokingly said. 'Whatever you did, I have never felt so satisfied in my life. Goodnight, my loving husband….'
Peg was up before Paul and Ron. She had showered and brushed her teeth. She seemed to have a funny taste in her mouth and throat, kind of bitter. Memories of her dream wouldn't seem to come to the front of her mind. She seemed to remember sucking and swallowing sperm from a dick. A dream didn't come with taste, did it? No more alcohol for her! A d***k can't even remember their dreams!
Ron woke up and heard Peg rattling around downstairs. He walked across the hall and shook Paul awake. 'Listen.' He said. 'In a couple of hours, I'll go to the bathroom and dial your cell. You pretend it's your boss, wanting you to come in for a couple of hours. I'll see to it that Peg is in the front of the house. You park around the block and sneak back upstairs. Before you come downstairs, make sure you have an area in the closet cleaned for you to stand. Maybe, put in a chair, so you can sit. When you sneak back in, leave the door open, so you have a clear line of sight to the bed. Whatever you do, don't make any noise, or your marriage is over.
'You've only been here twenty-four hours, and already you think you can fuck her.' Paul said. He was thinking, what has happened? A week ago, it was nothing but a fantasy, and now, my wife is going to fuck another man. She has never been unfaithful to me. Everything has happened so fast, too fast! Maybe, we should call the whole thing off. Maybe, my fantasy is going to cost me too much.
'You're not going to back out now. Mention it again, and I will go tell Peg right now the complete plan. What do you think she will do when she finds out her husband is a pervert, watching sex movies every time she goes to school? Worst of all, planning to watch another man fuck her, and don't forget, you already let me eat her pussy. Think she will forgive you?'
'Okay, okay. I'll do what you say. It just seems as if I have no control over anything. I didn't think it would be this way, that's all.' Paul complained.
'I'm going to shower, then go downstairs and join Peg. Get the closet ready and come on down when you've got your feelings under control. Relax, for God's sake. This is what you have always dreamed about.' Ron was getting exasperated with this boob.
Peg was sitting at the table, with a cup of coffee. She was looking at the calendar on the wall, thinking of Paul not using a condom last night, and when she would be ovulating. He shouldn't have cum in her at this time of the month. Her period was like clockwork, and she would be unsafe in the next day or two. Only thing is, a male's sperm was alive and potent for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. He knew he was supposed to always use a condom. They couldn't afford to start a f****y right now. Her musings were interrupted by Ron walking into the room. He was shirtless, and wearing a pair of loose pajamas. His muscular chest was covered in tiny swirls of kinky, black hair. Now, there's a sexy looking sight, she was thinking. Paul never had any hair on his chest, and it was certainly not muscular. She almost smiled at the thought.
'Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Is Paul awake and stirring yet? I'm afraid I'm not used to drinking so much. My head is pounding and my stomach is upset.'
'Paul's awake and was attempting to get out of bed. I think he has a hangover to go with yours. Here, let me massage your temples. That works wonders with a headache.' Putting action to words, he moved behind her and began gently massaging her temples, and the back of her neck.
Peg relaxed and enjoyed the feel of his strong fingers. Her head did feel much better. She could almost go to sl**p. She came wide awake, and moved her head away when she heard Paul coming downstairs. When Ron sat in his chair, she could swear there was a bulge in is pajamas. Fleetingly, she wondered what it would feel like to hold in her tiny hands. After seeing pictures and the movie, she knew one hand would not go around it! What was she thinking? Was she going crazy? Once the thought had entered her mind, she could see herself kissing it. God forbid, she could see him cramming his cock up her tight pussy! Just then, Paul walked into the room. She gave him a peck on the cheek, and excused herself, saying, 'It's my turn to shower, and I'm going back to bed. I got up too blasted early.'
Ron told Paul. 'Hurry up and finish your coffee. This is a perfect opportunity, and we're going to take advantage of it. When I hear her go into the bedroom, I'll go up and explain about you having to leave. You just be in that closet and stay quiet. Your fantasy will finally come true.'
Peg left the shower with only a towel wrapped around her hot body. She had no more than covered herself with a sheet, when there was a peck on the door. Before she could say anything, the door opened and Ron walked in. Without saying a word, he strolled over and sat on the edge of the bed. She had to scoot over to make room for him.
'What are you doing coming into my room? Where's Paul?'
'That's what I came to tell you. Paul got a call from his boss and had to go to the office. Something about a mistake on a presentation his boss is making in the morning. His boss couldn't make heads or tails out of his records, and needed Paul to come straighten it out. Paul said to tell you he was sorry, but, he would be back in a couple of hours.' Ron lied
'That's all well and good, but what are you doing on my bed? Couldn't you have told me that from the doorway?' Peg asked.
'I thought you might need your temples massaged again, or even, a full body massage. It's part of my profession and I'm very good, you know.' Said Ron.
'I'm sorry for being suspicious, but this is all strange to me. Paul is the only one that has ever been in our bedroom. My head does still hurt and you did wonders with your fingers. I'll just close my eyes and relax. If I dose off, let yourself out. Quietly! I want to sl**p until Paul returns.'
Ron's fingers felt so good, gently rubbing each side of her head. She was beginning to drift off, when she felt his lips brushing first one eye, then the other. It felt so good, she decided not to say anything. Then, his tongue was tracing the outline of her lips. Her mouth wasn't completely closed, and the tip of his tongue would gently enter her mouth, then withdraw after a few seconds. She found herself waiting for his tongue to re-enter, and began kissing him back.
She was so relaxed, and his tongue was very gentle. It still hadn't entered her mind that she was kissing a man other than her husband. He kissed her chin, then her throat. It felt so loving and romantic, but she was going to have to stop him. Soon, but, not yet. It felt too good! While her mind was wandering, he had removed the cover, and was licking first one breast and then sucking on the other. What had happened? This wasn't right! He can't be sucking my breasts! I'm a married woman!
'Stop! Stop this instant! Get out of my room! This isn't right. This has gone far enough. I could never be unfaithful to my husband.' Peg practically yelled.
'We're not doing anything wrong. I'm only relaxing you and giving you a tongue massage. How could receiving a massage be unfaithful? I'm your friend. I would never do anything to hurt you or Paul. Your headache is gone, and soon your body will be free of tension or pain.' Ron lied again.
'Well, I guess it's okay. I know you're Paul's good friend from school and would do nothing to hurt me.' Peg reasoned. She had never had a massage before and never dreamed it was given with hands and mouth. She didn't want to appear backward and ignorant. After all, he was the professional.
Ron began kissing her again, and his hand was kneading her breasts. This time when he moved his mouth to her breasts, she never said anything.
It did feel so good and relaxing, but, she was getting wet between her legs. Was it natural to get wet during a massage? He was taking his time, sucking each of her firm breasts. His hand was rubbing circles on her stomach. The hand kept going lower and lower, until it was on the inside of her thighs. She slightly spread her legs, and his fingers would gently rub her pussy lips as they were moving from one side of her thighs to the other. Peg's eyes were tightly closed and she was seeing the film running over and over in her mind. She was getting hotter and hotter. Her juices were flowing freely now. His mouth had moved from her breasts to her stomach. One hand was pinching her nipples, and the other was now covering her pussy mound. Ron turned his body, so he could get between her legs and gain full access to her pussy. It seemed to be so natural to spread her legs and let Ron wedge his body between them. She moaned when she felt his tongue flick her clitoris.
Ron knew he had her! She was his to do with as he pleased. Licking her pussy, he looked toward the closet. He could see Paul, with a glazed look on his face, pounding his pitiful dick. Ron eased his pajamas down and kicked them off. He had tongue fucked her last night. This morning, he was following the script of the movie. He was teasing and driving her out of her mind. He would lick and nibble on her clit a few more minutes, then move back up where she could feel his raging cock. This was exactly what he had done with the brunette in the film. He knew Peg was reliving each moment, and couldn't separate fact from fiction.
Paul watching, was horror stricken with remorse and guilt. At the same time, he had never seen or experienced anything so sexually arousing in his life. Feeling guilty didn't prevent him from masturbating like crazy. His dick was limp and lifeless, and she hadn't been fucked yet! The fantasy he had desired all his life, was about to become fact. He had seen the movie too, and he knew what was coming next. This would be the climax of all his dreams and desires. Could he handle it, or would it change him forever? He was already a creampie eater. What was his next step into perversion? He knew his guilt would disappear when Peg was screaming out her climax. He would take whatever followed, as it came.
Peg was squirming and humping her pussy onto his mouth. He stopped licking and moved up her body. He began kissing her, and she was sucking her juices off his tongue. He took her hand and placed it on his rock hard cock.
Peg was going crazy with lust! She had to be satisfied! She had never been this hot in her young life. When Ron put her hand on his giant cock, she instinctively knew what she was touching. It was big enough to have been her wrist, but she knew better. His cock was so hard, yet silky. A moment of lucidity came to her. This wasn't getting fucked in a film. This was real! This was happening to her, and happening right now!
'NO! You can't do this! I'm Married! I can never be unfaithful to my husband. We have to stop and stop now!' This one loud outburst seemed to be the last of her resistance. Strangely, she never moved her hand, or, tried to get away.
'Shhhhh. It's okay. Everything is going to be all right. Think of the film. Remember what we do next? I fucked you in the movie. Remember? Think of what you saw, and how many times you climaxed. Remember the pleasure. Let your mind relax. Let yourself go. Give yourself to me, just like you did in the film.' He was whispering in her ear. At the same time, his fingers were tracing circles on her sensitive clit.
Peg relaxed again, feeling the pleasure from her pussy, and thinking of the next scene. Her mind and body were in a turmoil of mixed feelings, and what was real or unreal. In the meantime, she was squeezing and releasing his cock. It throbbed, as if it had a life of it's own. She held on, while Ron moved over and between her legs. Spreading her legs, seemed the natural thing to do.
His cock was at the entrance to her tiny pussy. 'Take both your hands and spread your pussy lips.'
Without a word, Peg complied. At the moment, she would have done anything, if it meant putting out the raging fire that was consuming her body.
With that, he lined up the head of his dick against the fleecy exterior of Peg's beautiful cunt. Thanks to the overflowing liquids in her vagina, he was able to get the head in. Then, with a slow, steady
pressure, he gradually pushed into her pussy an inch at a time.
At first, Peg panicked, as she felt herself being stretched beyond imagination. But her cunt quickly accustomed itself to a stimulation she had never known. She could feel the bl**d vessels on his shaft. But what she was experiencing now was bringing her into a new world. Pleasure centers she never knew existed were being stimulated as her cunt was stretched for the first time. Only a couple of strokes after Ron inserted the head of his cock, Peg experienced an orgasm far more intense than anything she had ever known with her husband.
Ron was going deeper and deeper with each thrust. More of Ron's enormous shaft disappeared beneath the dark curls that marked the
portal to Peg's love channel. Then Ron would pull out almost to the limit, and slowly plunge back in, descending another inch. Seven inches! Eight inches! Nine!
She had never dreamed of being penetrated this deeply, nor, had she any idea of the pleasure that could be achieved from having a cock of this size. Now these pleasure nerves were all going off, and Peg thought she was losing her sanity. Orgasm after orgasm hit her, each one larger than before.
Finally, one more plunge, and Ron's black iron cock was fully lodged deep inside Peg's stretched vagina. At ten inches, Ron had felt the head touch her cervix. The next several strokes had pushed it back. Finally, he had penetrated the last barrier. His shaft filled her love canal to its stretched out capacity. The head of his cock was in her womb and ready to impregnate her.
Now he began fucking Peg in earnest. Her orgasms continued to build, each one coming on the heels of the one before with greater and greater intensity. This went on for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes
And by now, her orgasms were so intense and coming so close together, they had run into each other. She was in a continuous state of orgasm, electricity running at unimaginable voltage through her frame. She thought she would die, she had no control of herself. Without realizing it, she was moaning, 'Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me! Take me! Fill me with your cum! I can't stand it, Please, never stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!'
Peg may not have known she was saying these words, but, Ron heard and relished every word. He felt his climax coming on. He thrust faster and harder, and brought Peg to an even higher pitch. She was screaming now.
Then the moment came. Ron's mammoth engine began bucking with incredible f***e. Peg's pelvis was whipped violently around by the first bursts. Then she felt the red-hot sperm, fired directly into her womb. Ron and Peg held each other closely, lips locked and tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, each overcome by the f***e of what they were feeling. As they descended, Peg was in a new state. After the fierceness of her innumerable orgasms, she now felt a tranquility and contentment that she had never known. She held tightly to Ron.
He had stolen her dignity, trampled on her most deeply felt moral beliefs. And it didn't matter. She would do absolutely anything for him. No love for her husband, no moral beliefs, no belief in her own self meant a thing compared to his black cock. She would do anything for it, and for what it could do to her.
When Ron finally pulled out, his penis was still turgid and Peg held the slimy shaft in her small hand. Her fingers could reach around it now.
'That was the most incredible fuck I have ever had, and I can hardly wait for an encore.' Ron said.
'Anytime you want me, I'm yours. But, right now, please help me to the bathroom. Then, could I sl**p for a couple of hours?' Peg replied.
Naked, Ron helped her and then returned to the bedroom. Donning his pj's, he looked for Paul, but, the closet was empty. As he was leaving, Peg entered.
Ron said. 'If you're still sl**ping when Paul returns, I should tell him what's happened. I don't like secrets.'
'No. Please don't say anything. Let me tell him what happened. He needs to know what is going to happen in the future. He's my husband, and it should come from me.' Peg crawled over to the other side of the bed, getting out of the puddle of cum that had leaked from her overfilled pussy.
Paul was waiting in the living room. He had just witnessed the most erotic sight of his life. Why was the reality so unlike his fantasy? He had wanted this for as long as he could remember, but now it had happened, and he felt let down. He knew his dick wasn't up to par with other men. But, his fantasy didn't have her having multiple orgasms and loving it. Did she have to enjoy it so much? Was she now a slut for black cock? After this, could he ever make love to her? Would she even want him to? So many questions, and no answers. Maybe, Ron could tell him what to do. A small voice in the back of his mind, seemed to say, 'Ron is the one that convinced you to live your fantasy.' The voice faded away before he could remember the thought.
'Tell me. What happens now? What do I do? How do I face her after what she did? How could she have enjoyed it so much? How can I keep the knowledge out of my voice and off my face?' Paul asked as Ron entered the room.
'You've been at work. Remember? You know nothing, nor, suspect anything. This is Sunday, and we are going out for dinner. Relax. Be yourself for a few hours. If she finds out you set this up, you've lost her.'
'I've lost her anyway!'
'Not yet, you haven't. Peg is not the kind of person to be unfaithful and not tell you about it. Wait and see. She will tell you everything this evening. When she does, be unbelieving, then hurt and outraged. That's when I offer a solution to your problems. Since we all know she is going to let me fuck her again, I will suggest you join us. With a little persuasion, she will agree.'
'Join you? She doesn't want me, when she has your huge cock stuck up her pussy!'
'You could watch, without hiding in the closet. You could suck me, while I'm eating her pussy. You could lick my cum from her pussy, after she has been well and truly fucked. You could clean my cock after I have planted my seed in her belly. See? There are many things you can do. She might even give you a blow job while we are fucking.'
'You're crazy! You're making me take second place with my wife and a cuckold to boot!'
'I'm not making you anything. You're already a cuckold, and if you want to stay married, you'll learn to love and accept it. I'm going to fuck her again this evening. If you want to be part of it, agree to my suggestion. If not, you can sit down here and watch television. No more peeking from the closet.'
Much later, Peg came bouncing into the room. She seemed to exude sex. Paul had never seen such a glow of satisfaction and contentment on her face. She was absolutely radiant!
Getting a cup of coffee and sitting down across from them, Peg immediately took any decision out of Paul's grasp. 'Paul, I fucked Ron this morning while you were at the office and I have never felt better in my life. I know I should be ashamed, but, I'm not. I never felt so fulfilled in my life. In all my dreams, I never imagined what I was missing. I am going to continue fucking him, with, or without your permission. I hope you will understand what his big, black dick made me feel. I still love and respect you, but this is something I must have. It's raw, a****l sex, and nothing else. He is three times bigger than you and can satisfy me like you never could. If you want me to leave, I will. If you want me to stay and let me get this out of my system, I will. It's up to you, but know now, I am going to fuck him anytime he will have me.' Saying this, Peg collapsed back in her chair. She had brought from deep inside, enough courage to tell her feelings, and was now mentally, as well as physically drained
Paul was speechless! He was stunned beyond words! What could he say? What could he do? What did he want to do? He set this up, so, how could he blame Peg? Was it too easy? Would she have been unfaithful sooner or later, regardless? NO! No, it was all his fault! How could he have been so stupid, so naive? Put in her situation, how could he blame her? Even with all the turmoil swirling around in his mind, there was still a tingling sensation in his groin. He wanted it to happen again! Like her, he needed to get it out of his system.
Ron was stroking Peg's shoulders, while looking at Paul. He could see the change in Paul's face and knew he had won. Peg was his for a week. He really was leaving next week. Not because of any promise, but because there was a convention in Las Vegas he was definitely going to attend. There was too much money to be made, to let feelings for a white pussy get in his way. She would be pregnant before the week was up and that had been his goal. One thing, she didn't know, he was going to bring his b*****r around in a few days and introduce him to some tight, white pussy. By then, Peg would do whatever he asked. His b*****r was called Big Jim, and that wasn't because of his stature. Ron was big, but, few women could take all of Jim's giant pole. He would get her broken in with his, and let Jim stretch her to the maximum. Paul's fucking days with his wife were over. Within a week, Paul might like taking a black cock himself. He would already clean one and that was only a step from sucking. Maybe, he would break in Paul's virgin ass and get it ready for Jim, also. Might as well keep it in the f****y.
'Ron, finally said, 'I don't think anyone feels like going out to eat. Why don't we order pizza and stay inside today. Don't say anything, or make any decisions you may regret later. After eating something, why don't we all retire to the bedroom and sort this out. It might look different if we were laying on each side of Peg and letting our feelings make the decision for us. Paul, you never know, you could possibly like watching and hearing Peg take another man's cock inside her. Peg, maybe you would enjoy having the attentions of two men at the same time. Maybe you could suck Paul, while I am fucking you. That way, he wouldn't feel left out. Why not wait and see what happens?'
Peg raised her head and looked at Paul. He was staring back at her. Paul slowly nodded his head, as did Peg. Ron took over the conversation, leading it away from sex. Soon, each was more comfortable with the other and everything seemed almost normal.
Late that afternoon, Ron put his arm around Peg's shoulders and took Paul by the arm. He steered them upstairs and to the bedroom. Paul and Peg were too embarrassed to get undressed. Ron threw his clothes on the floor and began undressing Peg.
Paul slowly removed his own clothes. Ron and Peg were already on the bed, with Ron in front and Peg in the middle. Paul climbed over them to the backside. He brushed against Ron's already hard cock and felt another tingle in his stomach. Was it fear or desire?
Ron began fingering her pussy and she was stroking his monster baby maker. Paul watched for a few minutes and figured, 'what the hell.' He raised up and began sucking her breasts, as if he had never seen them before. Soon, she was moaning from the combination of the finger in her pussy and her breasts being sucked.
Ron didn't want to waste any time. He wanted to get the show on the road and see how far Paul would go. Ron removed his fingers and sliding down the bed, replaced them with his long tongue. Ron reached out and grabbed hold of Paul's pitiful hard on and pulled him toward the foot of the bed.
Without admitting it to himself, Paul knew what he was expected to do. By now, Ron had his shoulder and was still pushing his head toward his cock. Ron had turned on his side, and the black pole was staring Paul in the face. Ron put his hand behind Paul's head and steered his mouth toward his final degradation. At first Paul just let it touch his lips, but slowly opened his mouth and tongued the head. Ron was forcing his black tool into Paul's mouth, and Paul stopped resisting. He opened wide and accepted his fate. He was now sucking the black cock that would fuck his wife. Thinking of this got him excited, and he began sucking and licking with more enthusiam. He couldn't take all the monster, but he was using his hand on the remaining shaft. Peg was groaning and thrashing around, as Ron kept pushing more and more into Paul's throat. By changing position, he was able to let the cock slowly f***e it's way down his throat. He still couldn't take all of it, but he had a sizable portion down his throat. For some reason, this was extremely satisfying. Ron began fucking his mouth and throat. It seemed as if more and more was going in. Paul wondered if Ron would cum. Just as he thought this, Ron pulled out and climbed up Peg's body. Paul's mouth strangely felt empty and he was somehow disappointed.
Ron told Paul, 'Take my dick and put it against her pussy lips. Okay, now spread her pussy and watch my cock as it fucks a baby in her belly. Can you see how it is stretching her pussy? Do you see how slick and ready she is for some real cock?'
Peg had been going out of her mind with pleasure. She knew when Paul stopped sucking her breasts, but did not realize he was sucking Ron. She heard Ron tell Paul to get her pussy ready for his cock and for a moment was embarrassed to death. As she felt the massive head enter her, all embarrassment faded. She was still stretched from this morning, so there was little pain as he f***ed himself into her tiny hole. He would withdraw, and on the downstroke, f***e another inch or two inside. She had her first orgasm.
Peg could look down and see her pussy swallowing that huge black python, coal black, and glistening from her juices. The contrast alone sent her into another orgasm! He was pushing it in ever so slowly, and then pulling out, going deeper with each thrust. She began pushing her hips up to him, trying to get more and more of his cock into her tight wet hole. She was in a constant state of orgasm.
Finally, Ron had fed her his entire length and was buried deep in her belly. He paused a few moments so she could adjust to his size. Feeling her relax, he began pumping in and out with ever faster thrusts.
Never before today had Peg been filled like this. My God! She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her pussy had stretched deeper and wider to allow his huge cock to pleasure her body. With each of his powerful thrusts he was getting deeper and farther into her cervix, until she was stretched to the maximum and his huge cum filled cock was slapping home. She wrapped her shapely legs around his waist and pulled him closer.
Ron wanted her to feel like the slut she was and began whispering filthy things in her ear. He wanted her to be debased and degraded, so she could never refuse him again.
She heard Ron asking. 'Do you love my black cock in your pussy? Do you want my thick, potent seed in your womb? You're a slut for black cock and I'm going to give you the black baby you deserve. Are you ready for my baby making cum to fill your pussy?''
Peg couldn't believe he was talking this way! It made her feel small and useless, but, more exciting than anything else in the universe. She couldn't believe what was coming out on her mouth! 'Oh God! Yes! Give me your baby making cum! Fill me up with it! Make me pregnant!'
For a moment sanity returned and she couldn't believe what she had said. Before she could change her mind, Ron began pumping ever harder and she could feel that huge head piercing her cervix, going all the way into her uterus. It was enough to send her off the edge of reality and she screamed. 'Oh God, My darling, my love! Give it to me! Give me all your black cum! Knock me up! Give me a black baby!'
He gave one final loud grunt and thrust his weapon deep and she felt that huge horse-cock head swell to bursting. Flood after flood of hot thick cum filled her pussy. She could almost feel it impregnating the egg that was waiting for all those millions of baby-makers!
As she slowly came down from the greatest high in the world, she noticed Paul sitting there with his mouth hanging open. Peg said the first thing that came to mind. 'If you don't want me pregnant, get down there and suck his cum out of me.'
Without a word, Paul was between her legs and sucking for all he was worth. After he must have drank a pint of cum, his mouth left her pussy and licked her inner thighs. When he finished, she looked down, and he was sucking Ron! She almost fainted from shock and surprise. Her Paul, a cocksucker! Maybe, everything was going to be okay, after all. It was nice to be cleaned up without having to leave the bed. His sucking was getting Ron hard again. Paul was becoming a first class cocksucker, and he seemed to be enjoying it so much!
When Ron was turgid, but not fully erect, he told her to get on her knees. He got behind her, and began working his half hard cock into the already slick pussy. His cock kept getting harder and harder, until it was like an oak log. Ron wasted no time ramming his cock all the way to the hilt! He was fucking with jackhammer strokes and Peg began cumming again and again.
She was in ectasy! She must have died and went to Heaven! Without missing a stroke, he rolled onto his side, taking her with him. Now, she was being fucked from behind, leaving her clitoris exposed to Paul's sight. Paul immediately slid down and was trying to lick her swollen clit!
She couldn't see his tongue, but, knew whenever he licked her clit, he was also licking the shaft of Ron's cock. Peg could feel Ron's cock swelling and knew she was going to receive another load of cum. The anticipation caused another orgasm! His dick was suddenly withdrawn from her pussy! Looking down, she saw Paul's head, with Ron's black cock rammed down his throat. Ron was cumming in his mouth! God! How sick and erotic! Peg couldn't believe what she was seeing! Paul was swallowing as fast as he could, but still couldn't keep it all inside. He kept his mouth over that monster until every drop was gone. Then, he was licking his lips as if he didn't want to lose a drop of the sweetest necter he had ever tasted. Peg was thinking, My God, there will never be another day like this one, even if I live to be a hundred!
Each day was pretty much a repeat of the same, until Wednesday. That's the night Paul was on his knees, sucking the juice from Peg's cum filled pussy. Paul felt something pressing against his virgin sphincter. The pressure went away, and he heard Ron spit. Then the pressure was back and with much more f***e, his muscle gave way when the head of Ron's cock slipped into his ass. He tried to raise his head and scream, but Ron pushed his face back into her pussy. Paul could feel the snake inching itself farther and farther up his shit hole. When he thought the pain was going to kill him, he felt Ron's balls slapping against his buttocks. Ron allowed him to adjust to the invasion for a minute or two before beginning a slow fucking motion.
Paul thought he was going to die! He couldn't stand so much pain! Peg knew something was wrong and raised her head to see what was happening. She scooted away from Paul and stared in open-mouthed amazement. Paul was beginning to squirm and move his ass. Was he trying to get off the giant rod, or get more? Paul didn't know, either. It was feeling better and better. The pain was subsiding and being replaced by pleasure. He saw Peg looking at his plight, and closed his eyes from her accusing stare. She seemed to be jealous! Ron was pulling all the way out and slamming back to the hilt. Paul was groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Fuck her! He was being fucked and he was enjoying it! Why should she have all the fun and him be the clean-up man? Ron reached around him and touched his little hard prick. Paul came instantly, while Peg watched each movement. Then, Ron speeded up and Paul could feel the already giant cock get larger, as Ron dumped squirt after squirt of cum into his ass.
Ron looked at Peg and told her, 'You're next. I fucked his ass, so you would know you can take it. It never killed him and it won't kill you. You saw the enjoyment he got. He's nothing but a fuck slut now. He'll let you fuck anybody or anything, as long as he gets his share.'
Paul had collapsed with embarrassment and shame when he heard these words. Life as they knew it had been forever destroyed and would never be the same again. He and Peg were nothing but fuck sluts for black cock. She was pregnant and would have more black babies before this was over. He was accepting the truth, and looking at Peg, realized she had come to the same conclusion.