Peeking at my Secretary

My secretary's desk was just outside my office. The hallway was quite wide
in our old offices and her desk was in clear view from my desk. Often I was
able to gaze out the doorway and admire her. She has a lovely pair of legs
and I am definitely attracted to shapely legs and short skirts. 🙂

In any case, I recall returning from lunch one afternoon and Bonnie (my
secretary) was sitting at her desk chatting with a female friend of hers.
She had turned to face her friend who was sitting in a side chair next to
Bonnie's desk. Bonnie's legs, therefore, were not under her desk as she
would normally sit while doing work.

I said hello and walked into my office…sitting down and retrieving phone
messages. During the process of retrieving the messages, I glanced up and,
to my surprise and delight, I had an incredible view up Bonnie's skirt which
was quite short that day. It was summertime and while we had a fairly tight
dress code regarding the women going “stockingless”, Bonnie was, indeed,
without stockings that day.

I was able to see quite clearly between her legs as she sat relaxed talking
to her friend. And I was very able to see her panties quite clearly from
where I sat.

Well, you can imagine the reaction I had. Immediate hardon and my pulse and
breath quickened as I tried to look nonchalant as I gazed up every few
minutes to enjoy the view.

After much fidgeting, I decided this view was far too good to pass up…and
SOMETHING had to be done to relieve the incredible throbbing between my
legs. So I rose, yes, with hardon in clear view…and proceeded to quickly
make my way to the men’s room where I grabbed a handful of toilet tissue,
folded it carefully and placed it inside my silk boxers between my shorts
and my hardened cock.

I returned from the rest room to find Bonnie still seated facing my door,
talking to her friend, but now, unfortunately, cross-legged. I was a bit
disappointed for the moment, but, nonetheless, quite stimulated yet – so I
returned to my seat, pretended to be working on a report…and placed a
paper tablet on the desk in front of me, writing – or should I say
scribbling with one hand, while my left had dropped to my lap…and with my
chair pulled snuggly under the desk to hide my actions….proceeded to
stroke my cock thru my pants using the edge of my left thumb at the knuckle.

The results were wonderful…I was bringing myself close to orgasm over and
over again…teasing myself…and promising myself that I would not cum
until I had a clear view up Bonnie's skirt again….unencumbered by her
crossed legs. From time to time I glanced up to enjoy the view and a few
times caught Bonnie glancing back at me and smiling. I wondered, perhaps
paranoid, if she sensed what was happening and what I was doing. I also
realized that I had let her engage in personal conversation with her friend
for well over a half hour without suggesting that she get back to
work….I'm sure she appreciated that, and I told myself that the little
show she was giving me was her way of saying 'thank you'. Well…as luck
would have it, I was rewarded for my patience and eventually,

Bonnie uncrossed her legs and even leaned back at one point stretching her
arms…giving me an incredible view of her white panties as she did so. That
was it!!! I stroked harder and faster, trying desperately not to show my
excitement above the desk, nor an exaggerated arm movement from below. My
thumb worked its magic and I felt my load rising and ultimately spilling
out…no….STREAMING out in several long spurts. I could feel its warmth
and wetness against my cock and belly and wondered if I had shot so much and
so hard that I had overcum the tissue I had placed to protect my pants.

Luckily, stealing a peek beneath the desk, realized that my tissue had held
up….save a few droplets that made their way to my boxers. After a few
moments…I did my best to compose myself and sat quietly taking in the
sights a bit longer until I decided that it might be intriguing to call
Bonnie in to the office with a silly excuse, just to have her in the room,
knowing that I had just cum while peering up her skirt. Indeed, I did. And
as she stood and strode towards me I wondered if she had any idea what had
just taken place. A part of me wanted her to know…and yet I knew that was
inappropriate. Nonetheless, I made some lame excuse for why I wanted to see
her and then, after she had left my office, her friend since left…I waited
until she was out of view to rise and return to the mens room to clean
myself and dispose of my cumfilled tissue.