part 2

How about for each hour you stay we give you $100, and you just have to talk with us?”

Tammy thought about it, she really wanted to go on the trip and she was kind of buzzed, plus she kind of enjoyed the attention the guys gave her. She was enjoying their company so far.
“Well just talking, that should be fine but i only have a few hours before my parents will start to wonder where I am.”
“You are free to leave when you wish my dear.”
She was feeling very loose and giddy from the alchohol and didn't realize that she was sitting with her legs spread and her skirt was slowly rising up each time she moved.
Larry the youngest of the men, 52 he mentioned, said she looked flushed from the alchohol and brought a fan in the room and pointed it towards her. “How kind they are” Tammy thought. Not realizing that the fan was blowing her skirt open, giving the guys a nice view of her precious virgin pussy. She was wearing the new thong she bought and it was riding up her slit and forming acamel toe.
“ok, she said, fire away with your questions. The guys asked her about her sex life and she said she was inexperienced but had hopes the trip would change that.”
Steve the tallest of the guys brought her another drink, this one mixed. She was enjoying herself and took a deep sip. “Yummy” she said. The guys kept telling her how beautiful she was and that who ever the boy she picked would be the luckiest on the planet.
Glen mentioned that it was to bad she would be giving up her preciousness to a young boy penis and one day she will realize how much better a man cock was. They discussed cocks, shapes, sizes, tastes. She kept glancing at the magazine and Joe handed it to her and said to check it out. They asked her what she thought, she said it was kind of hot but all that cum was kind of gross and she couldn't see ever wanting it in her mouth like that.
“Oh, you will change your mind quickly on that, Pat remarked. She noticed the guys pants were showing signs of erections, she blushed some and felt a wetness forming in her thighs. Ben said he would give her $50 if she would stand up and twirl around, she laughed and got up and twirled, not realizing he was lying down adn could see right up her skirt.
“You have such a pretty pink pussy, he said.
” She got embaressed and said she should probobly get going.”
glen mentioned that she was still a few hundred away from her goal and if she just would answer a few more questions he would give it all to her.”

“She hesitated and said ok.”
“He asked her what she would do with the boy if she got with one on the trip, he suggested that they watch a video and he could explain what she was to do and after that she could go.”
” I don't know, she said.”
“well hopefully you don't disappoint him with your ignorance.
She thought a second and then agreed, the guys sat around with her on the couch between two of the men.
“They put on a cock sucking video and gave her tips and pointers, she felt Glen and Daves legs moving closer to hers, the video was turning her on, As glenn talked to her he kept touching her leg, leaving it longer and longer each time.
Her heart was pounding, “SO do you think you understand how to do it?
Kind of she said, well the best way to learn is with a real one, but a video should give you the idea. have you ever seen a cock before in real life?”
Well just my dads when i was younger. How about for $500 dollars, I will take mine out and you could maybe look at it and feel it a bit, that might help. Her throat went dry but her pussy became very wet. What was she doing, She felt his hand slide up her thigh and she willingly opened her legs. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the guys taking their cocks out and begin to stroke them, Glen grabbed her hand and placed it on his throbbing 7″ cock. She thought it felt like warm rubber. She caressed it a bit and felt Dave's cock in her other hand. Her skirt was up around her waist and the guys slipped her panties off.