Park This

I work as a security guard for a public parking garage during graveyard shifts. It's normally pretty quiet but there's a bar a couple blocks down. A lot of people from that bar park in our garage, and when the bars let out we sometimes have some problems. One night, I was down by the street at the entrance to the garage keeping an eye on things when a trio of gorgeous girls staggered into view on the way to their car in the garage. Two were wasted and I guess the third was a designated driver but they were all hot as hell.

One was a short blond girl with striking features and huge tits. She looked like she was ready to fall out of her dress and she started coming onto me as soon as they got within earshot. I could smell the booze on her but she started rubbing up against me really tightly as the other two watched and laughed. She then whispered into my ear that she wanted to give me a blowjob so I pulled her over into a stairwell. She dropped to her knees and pulled out my dick, licking and sucking on it as I leaned back against the wall.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled her up to her feet before digging a condom out of my wallet. She was giggling as I pulled the rubber on and then I lifted up her dress and slammed into her with all I had. She wrapped her legs around me as I pulled the top of her dress down so I could nibble on her tits. I came within minutes and so did she and then she left me there gasping as she pulled up her dress and went back outside to meet her friends. I never saw her again but every Friday I keep hoping she'll come back.