Our Relation

our relation

Hello to all ISS readers! I am Rahul from Nagpur (Maharashtra). My English is week, so here I just tried to explain the incident happened with me. This story happened before 1yr when I was 25 yr old. Since c***dhood, I am so shy type boy so I always got hard to find any girl-friend. After completing my education I got job in Mumbai with good salary. It was now a six month of my job and I missing my dear mom so much. So I requested my boss to grant me a leave. He accepted and I moved to my native place Vardha (Maharashtra). My f****y was living there and consisting of only two members –mom and father. My father was a heavy drinker and always beating my mom and quarrelling with her. This was a big disturbance to my study so, my mother sends me to my uncle’s house, living in another city and there I completed my education.
When I reached to my house, the door was locked. I thought that mom may be in farm so, I straightly went there. We have a big farm where we grow various types of vegetables and also flowers and grains. I stopped at one corner of farm. There was a shadow of big tree. It was 2 pm in the afternoon of cold winter and still I feeling a little chill. There was no one in the farm. The whole farm was just like a desert. Suddenly, I found a lady. She was observing the farm. I understood that she was my mom so, I called her. She turned towards me and within no time her face filled with happiness. She was soo happy that, she came rusthing towards me and embraced me tightly. First time, mom was hugging me since c***dhood. I also hugged her tightly. Her bodily warmness was so sweet and cozy. Then, we turned towards house. I got fresh up and took rest for a while. Due to tiredness of travel I slept instantly. When I woke up, it was 7 in the evening and mom was now preparing dinner. I went to kitchen near her. She was busy in her work. I was observing her from behind.
Now about my mom, her name is Maya. She is a typical Indian lady in her 45 and having perfect body shape due to working in farm. She has strong thighs. She is not much beautiful but a good looking lady with little dark complexion. She has beautiful hairs. Her nose is straight. Her teeth are white and straight. Her pout lips are full and pinkish. She always wear sari with matching blouse. Her navel is big an attractive. She does not wear any bra excluding panty.
I was getting hard-on. Suddenly mom turned towards me and said “ohh!! U here beta!, I making your favorite dish, just little wait, I about to finish!” I come outside and sat on wooden chair near lunch table. I was still observing her from there. She just looked at me and smiled. Her smile was so sweet. Then she served me dinner. While dinner she enquired about my life in Mumbai and about my office, friends, etc. then she asked me naughtily “beta! Have you found any girl?” I shyly said no mom. She said “why?” I said naughtily “I think there is no any girl as beautiful as my mom!” She little blushed and pinched my chick saying “you naughty boy!” Meanwhile father also came with heavy dose of alcohol and he straightly went to sl**p. We feel little sad. I then asked “mom! Dad still drinks?” “Yes beta! d***ken man can’t leave his habit!” After some time mom said “beta I always feeling lonely without you, so I started working in farm” further she said “Laksh! I always have a great wish to see Mumbai! Will you show me the city?” “Yes mom! why not!” We completed our dinner and went to sl**p.
After two weeks, its time to my leave. So mom and I started to pack luggage. My father also wanted to go to other city for some farm issue. It was Sunday morning; we reached to my flat in Mumbai. When mom saw the flat, said ‘wow! You have really good flat, its little bigger than our house, isn’t it?’ “Yes mom!” I said; now be ready at evening; we are going out to show you a city, ok! Then we started to clean flat as its more than week, the flat was close.
At evening we visited to some places like chowpati, India- gate, etc. after this we went to one restaurant for dinner. Mom thanked me to all this. I said “mom! If you stay here for some more days, you will see lot of things here” we finished our dinner and returned to our flat. We chatted on many things in city for a while. Now we were feeling sl**py so we started to prepare for sl**p. Mom started to spread mattress on floor. I said “mom! What are you doing? You are sl**ping on bed! I won’t allow you to sl**p on floor when you are here; I don’t like it.” Then she said “then where should I sl**p?” Please sl**p on this bed mom. You will get sound sl**p here. She said ok and we slept on bed keeping a distance.
After some time, I urged to pee so I wake up and went bathroom. After returning, I find that mom has slept soundly. Her face was so lovely and calm. I was feeling little tension in my pant. I find the bulge on pant. My penis was getting bigger. I felt little guilty, but somehow I controlled myself and tried to sl**p. But now my mind filled with i****tuous thoughts which I used to read on stories on internet. I am getting sexual thoughts about my own mom. The lady, to whom I used to make love in fantasies, was now sl**ping beside me. The lust has now overpowered me. I am feeling little guilty but excitement took charge me and my guilty gradually reducing. I always was thinking about my mom that how she scarified her whole life to me and I always wishing to give her every happiness in life; whether it is mental or physical. But I was feared that if mom reject me after knowing my thoughts, our relation my get destroyed. Actually I love my mom so much and does not wanted to hurt her by any way. But today I was looking to her as lady rather than my mother, but still I had no dare to touch her. So, I decided to relieve myself by masturbation. She was in deep sl**p. So I slowly slide my pant up to knee, grab my penis and started stroking. I was so excited that I slowly whispering myself that mom you are so lovely, so beautiful and sexy also. I want you to be mine for whole life. I wish to love you, fuck you, etc.
After some time, I got climax and burst out my semen on bed sheet. I felt so relieved. I wipe my semen from sheet and closed my monster in pant and turned to moms’ side to sl**p. Ohh! My god! Mom was on her one side and seeing at me. I got shocked and my excitements run away within a time. I was feeling guilty. Her face was red. I lowered my face. She said what is this? What you were done? I slowly said sorry and said this will not happen again. She then came slowly near me and kissed my forehead. I looked her face. Now she was little smiling and asked me the same question. Because her smile I got little courage and said mom I love you! She said really! But this is way to express your love? Why you were doing this? I shyly said – mom I love you, you are so beautiful and I was unable to control myself so I done this. ohh! I don’t know that my beta has now become grown up and can attract to his own mother. I still was thinking you are my small c***d. Yes mom your small c***d has now became big man and able to take care of his mom very well. Suddenly, tears started to float in her eyes. I consoled her. She was still sobbing and said I eagerly waiting for this time that when my c***d will become big and I live with him! You don’t know that when was in home I suffered a lot because of your father. He always was beating me. And again she started to cry. I hugged her and said now don’t worry mom. I am always with you mom. But beta now I don’t want to live with him! I want to live with you beta! Ok mom! From now you are going to live with me!. Ohh! Beta you are so good. Mom you are also good and I hugged her and planted a kiss on her chick. She looked at me smilingly. She was now so emotional that she again hugged me tightly. Her hug was now tighter than before. While hugging she caressed my hair and back n slowly she put her one hand on my thigh. Now I could sense that what mom wanted. I getting excited and my rod started to become hard. Suddenly she found my bulge by her hand as we were still in each others hug and she started to press it slowly. Because of her touch on my bulge, I filling chill inside me and I hugged her tightly than before and kissed her ear. She was now pressing her body hardly to mine. Her soft breasts were filling like cotton. Meanwhile she unzipped my pant and inserted her hand inside and started to squeeze my penis. I slowly whispering, ohh mom! Its feel so nice of your touch! She said really beta! I wanted to give every pleasure to my son. I want you to be happy with me. You are everything to me beta! And started to hardly squeeze my cock. U know beta! When you were c***d and I Brest feeding you, I used to play with your small penis. It was feeling so nice to me. Then I said, mom I still your that small c***d and mine everything is yours you can do whatever you want mom! Ohh beta! I am also only yours beta! Yes mom you are mine! Only mine! I want to keep you happy by any way. There is nothing but a mother in the world.
Then, I broke hug and looked at moms eye and said mom you are soo beautiful. Really beta! Suddenly I burst my semen on her as she was still pressing my penis and playing with it. She slowly whispered beta your penis is so nice. can I play with it. Yes mom but you have to feed me also!. Yes beta I eagerly wanting to this. You don’t know beta, when women gets older and her husband loose interest in her, she feels so bad. Actually In this age she wanted to be looked after by her husband but he does not care her as in this age she started to loose her beauty. I think women in this age need more love and affection than before and started to look to any young man who give this all and that young man is nothing but her own son who is now nature and can understand his mother. In this age nobody finds her beautiful and somehow she comforts herself. And so, you may be observed that they take care of her mature sons to just hear a word of praise. Some women feel good in contact with their mature sons. Some lonely and widow women get success in seducing their son and had their life fueled with joy and excitement. You know beta!, your shyama aunty who has now settled with her son in America. Once she was come to house. She was now totally changed. You know why! Why mom? I said. When I asked the reason, I totally shocked. She said, her son take care her every need even physically also. They are living there just like couple and having fun. She said only son can understand her mom in this age because some younger find older women beautiful than girls in their age. And this way they can enjoy together privately without knowing to anyone and without any risk of any disease by anyone.
Mom was saying all silently and I hearing attentively. She said beta you find me beautiful because you love me to not only my body but to my soul also. Yes mom! I said. Then will you fill your moms’ life with joy and excitement? Yes mom!! Why not! You are my everything and again hugged her and kissed on her corner of lip and chick. When I broke our hug her she said will you not kiss here? and closed her eyes and offered her lips to me. I slowly pick her face in my palm and kissed her and we started our love session.
Friends! Now you may understand what will happen next. Friends I don’t wish to disclose this lovely and heavenly incident as this will blame mom-sons heavenly and beautiful love relation. I just explained here that how we become close and how we reached to this incident. I don’t wish to write anything which will hurt my mom. I want to keep our relation secret and that’s the wish of my mom.