Our first hotwife experience

When it finally happened, we had been married almost 20 years. We are high school sweethearts that married after graduation and had a built a pretty normal life. Good k**s, good jobs, little house in the suburbs nothing substantial to complain about.

Over the years we had acted out a few fantasies, but I never thought she would indulge the fantasy that had become my largest obsession. I was completely fascinated with watching another man fuck my wife. Not make love, not share a tender moment, just fuck. I wanted to see my wife fucked and fucked well. I wanted to see her give herself to another man the way she had given herself to me. I wanted to see her turned into a complete slut, begging to have a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth all while getting fucked into submission.

We had discussed it many times and we have played on the Internet. We both enjoy posting pictures of her sucking and fucking on an amateur website. I especially liked when she chatted with guys she met online. There was just something about sliding my cock in and out of her dripping pussy as she chatted with a stranger about how much she wished she was sucking his cock or licking his balls. We had even gone so far as to try a local swingers club, but with no success. If we found a couple to play with we didn’t have the time. If we had the time, we couldn’t find the right people to play. Finding the right people became such compulsion that eventually it almost ruined the fantasy. Because of the false starts Michelle ultimately opted out. She never ruled out the chance of it happening, but she did make it clear that she was no longer interested in actively pursuing this. Her position was, when the time is right it’ll happen…as usual, she right.

Between home, school and work things had been rather stressful. I knew an evening out would do us both a world of good. I found a sitter and went about making some plans. I made a reservation at a favorite restaurant and booked a room at a downtown hotel so that we could both enjoy the evening and not worry about the long drive home.

We had dinner at a downtown Mexican restaurant. The down side was the place had a very upscale feel, but the upside was that because of a friend of a friend the service was top notch and the drinks were flowing. A few margaritas later and you could feel the stress lifting and see that Michelle’s mind was starting to think of other fun activities. As we talked I couldn’t help but notice her incredible cleavage. You see Michelle is a real woman, and she has curves where a woman should. I have always found her beautiful, but in the outfit she had on, low cut top, short skirt, nice pumps and no panties she was downright irresistible. I loved the way she had curled her hair, big rings that fell gently onto her shoulders, and when she looked at me with her big brown eyes it was hard to maintain my composure. I think she suspected, but I knew I was busted when she caught me gazing intently at her tits. “You should be more discrete” she said, “That is if you’re not trying to get caught”. As she said this she reached over and gently started to rub the crotch of my pants. I was pretty sure the booth hid our activities from the others, but my reaction to her was not concealed. Right under her hand she could feel my dick growing larger. Between her hand, those tits, and the thought of what we were going to do back at the hotel, it was almost too much. I asked if she was ready to go, but she wanted to grab one more drink at the bar before we headed out. We left the table and headed for the bar. We found a seat near the end of the bar and ordered a couple of drinks.

As we waited for our drinks we engaged in a little public display of affection. You see along with those tits she has nice round hips and an ass I can’t keep my hands off. Being fairly confident no one was watching us, I kept sliding my hand lower and lower down her back until I could just slide my hand inside her skirt and feel the crack of her ass. Just as the drinks arrived we heard a voice behind us say “Nice view, mind if I join you?” To our surprise someone had indeed seen us at the table and when we took our show on the road he followed us to the bar.

Sensing the potential in the situation I said “absolutely”, but I could tell Michelle was a bit more unsure than I was. Where I tend to be all balls and no brains, thankfully she balances me out. Lucky for us both she was rather relaxed and didn’t protest when our new friend joined us. He ordered a drink and told us his name was Kenneth. He had been having dinner with friends, and as they were leaving he noticed our little game at the table. He mentioned that he had decided to stay and have a drink and see what happened. When we came to the bar he knew the moment was right. I could tell he liked what he saw as he could barely make eye contact with either of us. His eyes were locked on Michelle’s tits and he was not doing a good job hiding his growing excitement. Despite her initial reservations I could see Michelle starting to open up to the situation. The more we talked the more she laughed and I could see her gazing into his eyes. I could see things starting to develop so I took the opportunity to excuse myself for a moment so they could be alone. On my way back from the restroom I stopped and looked into the bar. I could see they had snuggled in close to each other and were obviously enjoying each other’s company. He would talk, she would laugh, and they were touching each other’s hands. I was filled with an odd sensation, a mix of jealousy and excitement. I could sense my inner most fantasy on the verge of coming true, but all this as I stood and watched my loving wife of almost 20 years building a bond and enjoying the company of another man.

She saw me approaching and leaned back a bit. I could immediately see that she had lost another button on her top and even more of her beautiful cleavage was exposed. I could see they had had a nice conversation, because she was obviously excited. Her eyes were sparkling, her knees slightly apart, she was very relaxed, and you could actually feel the sex in the air. As I approached, Kenneth excused himself saying, “I’ll get the check, you two probably want to talk.” As he walked away Michelle pulled me close and said “Tonight is your lucky night, babe, I think the moment is right.” She asked me if I was sure this was what I wanted? I knew it was, but not wanting to appear to eager I asked her if she was sure? She thought for a moment and then grabbed my hand. Since I was standing between her and the rest of the room no one could see anything but my back. She took my hand and slowly guided it towards her pussy. Since she wasn’t wearing panties there was easy access. I could instantly tell she was aroused. Her pussy was dripping wet, it was as wet as I had ever felt it. As I slowly caressed her clit I leaned in for a kiss. Our mouths met and she gently eased her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her shift her hips as I massaged her clit and her kisses became more passionate. After a brief moment she pulled back, leaned in close and then whispered “come on baby, let’s go back to the hotel I need to suck some dick and feel you inside me.” She knew how much I liked it when she talked dirty, it really feeds into my wife the whore fantasies and pushes me right to the edge. I was excited to go back to the hotel, but a little disappointed she had not specifically mentioned Ken. She must have picked up on this because as we started for the door, she paused, looked me right in the eye and suggested I go get our new friend and ask him to join us. Ken met us at the door, I told him which hotel we were staying at and suggested he meet us in about half an hour. He agreed and we each headed off eagerly anticipating the rest of the evening.

Michelle and I got to the hotel and headed to our room. She wanted to grab a shower and change into some silky new lingerie she had bought for our evening out. As she headed for the shower I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her close and we began to deeply kiss. My hands explored her body and could feel her push back against my hand as I caressed her moist pussy. I think she knew what I was thinking and in attempt to preempt me she slowly dropped to her knees. As I looked down I was greeted to the sight of her looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes as she pulled my zipper down and removed my cock. I had already been hard for the last two hours and the sight of her easing my cock into her mouth was almost too much. Our extended foreplay already had my cock pulsing. With a quick flick of her tongue she quickly removed the precum oozing from my cock and guided me into her. Along with being very smart and looking fantastic, you see Michelle is an incredible lover. She fucks with enthusiasm, is open to almost anything, enjoys anal and gives an incredible blowjob. She makes eye contact, seductive little noises, works her hands up and down your dick and let’s you really know how much she enjoys your cock. Past experiences have taught her that sometimes the anticipation gets the best of me. Knowing one of the best ways to slow me down for the rest of the night is to knock one out quickly she began to suck like there was no tomorrow. It only took a moment and she had me ready to cum. With one hand stroking my cock, and the other holding my ass, she licked gently up and down the entire length of my cock. When I couldn’t hold back I announced that I was cumming. This was a habit I learned early in our marriage, because despite how much she enjoyed sucking cock, she had never really enjoyed swallowing cum. This was a small price to pay for an incredible blowjob. So as I began to cum I leaned back and shot thick ropey jets of cum right on to her tits. She milked the last drops and let me know she still wanted to grab a shower. She told me I had 20 minutes and that I better be ready. Trying to make myself useful as she showered I laid out her lingerie and told her I was going down the hall to get some ice.

On my way back from the ice machine I heard the familiar “ding” of the elevator. I glanced to my right as the doors opened and there was Ken. He stepped off the elevator and we exchanged brief hellos and headed towards our room. When we got to the room, I decided not to tell Michelle that Ken had arrived. I thought the surprise of seeing this stranger sitting on our sofa as she came out of the bathroom would be exciting. I heard the shower shut off and knew she would be ready in a couple of minutes. I called to her and asked if she wanted a drink? She asked for one of the hard lemonades so I poured her one and grabbed Ken and myself a cold beer. With her in the bathroom Ken and I chatted. He was a firefighter with one of the local communities. He was in his mid-thirties and in excellent shape. He had a typical firefighters build, broad shoulders, strong arms, and boy next-door good looks. He was about 6-foot two inches tall, blonde hair and kind of had a surfer quality going on. His looks meant far less to me, as I just wanted to see my wife turned into a real-life sex toy, but I knew his good looks and charm meant a lot to Michelle. He had good manners and seemed like a very genuine person. If I could have hand picked a guy to come slide his cock into my wife, I’m not sure I could have picked someone better.

I explained that we had never done this before and that Michelle and I were both a little nervous. He assured me that he had not done it before either so we were all a little unsure of the etiquette. Knowing that Michelle was going to be dressed very provocatively I suggested we both get a little more comfortable. Setting nerves aside, I bit the bullet and stripped down to my boxers. When I turned around I saw that Ken had done the same. I was excited about what was about to happen, and it was obvious that Ken was excited as well. Along with everything else, it was rather clear he had what would be reasonably described as a nice dick. You could tell he was well endowed, but not too much so. His tight nit boxers left little to the imagination and I could see that although we were roughly the same length, he was clearly much thicker than I was. His size didn’t worry me, in fact the thought of this thick cock sliding into my pretty wife’s mouth and pussy was rather exciting.

Ken and I both sat back on the sofa, drinks in hand waiting for the fun to begin. No sooner had we sat down than I heard the bathroom door open. The lights in the room were dim and Michelle came around the corner. She was wearing a slinky two-piece outfit. She had on a light pink teddy with a matching thong, and the teddy really accentuated her breasts.. Her makeup was perfect and her hair was curled just right, she looked absolutely amazing. But, she was clearly not expecting to see the two of us sitting on the sofa and paused for just a moment. She glanced at me and then at Ken, seeing the sight of him in his boxers clearly gave her something to think about. She walked slowly over to where we were sitting and knelt on the floor between the two of us. She reached over and began rubbing my cock. Despite our activity when we got to the room, I was already hard again. She started to slowly lick my cock and took time to focus on the head. While she was sucking my cock Ken took his dick out and began to slowly jerk off. The movement to her right caused her to stop sucking my dick and glance over. When she saw the size of his dick she let out a low, seductive moan. I knew the time was right and she was ready. She looked back at me, and our eyes met. Quietly she whispered, “Babe, are you sure?” I knew I was and I told her to go ahead, enjoy herself. With that my sweet loving wife slowly turned away and became the cock-loving slut I had been hoping for.

It seemed like slow motion as she gently reached over and touched another cock for the first time. You could see the sparkle in her eyes as she gently stroked her hand up and down his shaft. She moved between his knees and leaned in to begin sucking this stranger’s dick. The fact that I had been her only lover, and she mine was racing through my head as I watched her lips part and this other mans dick prepare to penetrate my wife’s willing mouth. Just as she was about to take him into her she stopped and looked my direction. With a coy smile she winked and blew me a kiss. It was an awesome moment that for me demonstrated our bond. With our connection made she turned her attention back to Ken and slowly took the length of him into her. She started slowly gently stroking his cock as she moved up and down his shaft. I could see that Ken was enjoying himself as his hips started to rise to meet each of her oncoming strokes. She was taking her time and just enjoying this hard dick. As she continued sucking you could hear the low moans she makes when she gives head. A slow, a****l sound that can only be made by a woman who enjoys what she does. I was dying to get in there and slide my dick into her, but I resisted knowing that I would have ample opportunities as the evening went on. I decided to take the moment and just enjoy watching the gift my wife was giving me. I leaned back and slowly started to stroke my cock. The more she sucked, the louder she got until it was just one continuous “MmmmMmmmMmmm”. Ken had reached out and pulled her hair back and to the side, this was as much for his benefit as mine. He was as focused as I was. His head tilted slightly to the side as he watched my loving wife worship his member. She was holding his balls in one hand and working his dick with the other. Each successive stroke by her was met with a gentle thrust by him. It didn’t take long and you could tell he was on the verge of cumming. Michelle had stopped sucking and was just looking up into his eyes as she continued to massage his manhood. Still holding her hair Ken pulled her back towards him. Like a starving man with a meal, she began to suck his dick for all it was worth. I recognized the twitch in his hips as he reached out with his other hand and grabbed Michelle’s head. As he cradled her face in his hands he began to cum. To my surprise Michelle didn’t pull away, but rather seemed to crave it. I could see his pelvis thrusting and I knew at this moment the man we had just met only hours earlier was now pumping his hot white cum into my wife’s mouth. The more he came the harder she sucked, it seemed as if she was focused on nothing but extracting every last drop of her new lovers cum. When he was done he released her head and fell back against the sofa. Michelle pulled back and revealed a small thread of cum and saliva between her lip and the head of Kenneth’s cock. She looked up into his eyes and said “Thank you.” He was clearly still recovering from what was clearly an incredible blowjob and said nothing but “Unngh”. Still holding this mans dick Michelle looked over at me and asked, “Was it what you had hoped it would be?” She knew it was but I needed to show her.

I stood up and moved towards her. As I took her hand she stood and I pulled her toward me. I leaned down to kiss her and was struck by the smell of sweat and sex. My sweet wife had just worked her ass off and had this other man’s cum still on and in her. I was so far past worry it was funny. I wanted to kiss her and kiss her deeply. Our lips met and I gently pushed my tongue past her lips. There was the sweet taste of the alcohol and an ever so slight taste I had never experienced. I can only assume it was Ken’s cum that I could taste on my wife’s tongue. This combination of sensations had me ready to go. I slowly walked her backwards until she fell onto the bed. Lying on her back I pushed her knees up until her feet were on the bed and her pussy was fully exposed. She slid forward and as I knelt on the floor I was presented with her magnificent pussy. Just as in the bar she was wetter than I had ever seen her. Before I even got my tongue close enough for a taste you could see the moisture glistening on her lips. Starting at the bottom of her vagina and liking upwards I got my first taste for the evening. With slow circles I licked around her clit and continued to slide my tongue up and down her entire slit. With the fingers on my right hand I started to massage her clit. As I went around and around I could feel her hips pushing to meet my fingers and tongue. As the consistent and rhythmic working of my fingers did their magic, I could feel her start to cum. When she cums she tenses up and raises her hips. With one hand on the mattress and another grabbing at my hair, she freezes. Back arched, hips up, and breasts heaving you can taste the sex. I paused as she recovered and started to relax. After a moment of recovery I grabbed both of her ankles and eased them back towards her. As her hips rolled back I was given clear access to her ass. When we were younger her ass had been purely off limits. However over time she had grown to love getting fucked in the ass. To have your wife turn to you during sex and ask to be fucked in the ass is every man’s fantasy. I was lucky enough to have a wife who truly indulged me. She grabbed her ass checks and gave me unobstructed access to her asshole. I devoured her ass just as I had eaten her pussy. Making long strokes from her ass to her clit, I was in pussy eating heaven.

While I was focused on enjoying my activities and Michelle’s pleasure I had not noticed that Ken and stood up and walked around to the other side of the bed. With my tongue buried in my wife’s pussy I looked up to see Ken gently slide his cock onto her mouth. As she began to suck his dick again, I decided now was the time to finally slide my hard cock into her waiting snatch. I stood up and found her in the perfect position to be fucked. Lying on her back, legs spread, pussy open and waiting, a new cock in her mouth and she was sucking away. With the easy access I moved forward and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. I was immediately struck by how warm and wet she was. Michelle was dripping with excitement. The whole scene that I had run through my mind a million times was unfolding right in front of me. Before I could get to excited I felt Michelle reach down and pull my dick out of her. With a quick motion she was on all fours and turning around on the bed. She looked straight at me and announced, “I want to feel his dick inside me.” Looking into those eyes, who was I to protest. She lifted her ass and presented her waiting pussy to our happy new friend. I heard her gently exhale as he slid his cock into her. The thickness of his cock was something she could obviously feel. You could see that Michelle was enjoying the sensation of this stranger easing his thick cock into her for the first time. With her head down and her ass up she started rocking back and fourth. With each thrust of Ken’s hips she would push back to meet him. I could hear his balls slapping against her pussy as he drove his meat hard into her. Not wanting to stop their moment I took the chance to relax and just watch my wife be used as Ken’s own private sex toy. As Ken continued to fuck her she looked up and extended her hand to me. I leaned down and we began to kiss passionately. The only problem was that as we kissed Ken did not stop fucking. Here I was trying to make out with my wife but each time he pounded her pussy her head would bounce forward. Deciding this was not going to work I just grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes as Ken drove his cock in and out of my wife’s hot, wet and waiting pussy. Holding her hands and looking into her eyes as she submitted to Ken only made me want her more. She let go of my hand and reached for my dick. It was obvious what she wanted and I was glad to give it to her.

I stood and moved forward so that she could reach my cock. She took me into her mouth and began to suck my dick, only pausing to stop and push her hair out of her eyes. Ken continued to fuck her for all he was worth. It was at this moment that I realized that every filthy thought and desire I had was now coming true. Here was my wife, with cock deep in her mouth and cock deep in her pussy. She was the center of attention and being used as a complete whore, I couldn’t have been happier, or so I thought. When she stopped sucking I looked down expecting to see that she was just adjusting her position. But that wasn’t the case, when I looked down she motioned for me to lower my head. When I bent down she pulled me close to whisper into my ear. “Can Ken fuck me in the ass?” At first I was surprised that she wanted to share her ass with our new friend, but then the thought of her completely giving herself to Ken won out. I told her it wasn’t my decision, but if she wanted too it was all right with me. I asked her if she brought any lube? It was in the bathroom in her makeup kit. I told Ken to hold on because we had a surprise for him. Since she was in no position to get up, I eased off the bed and went into the restroom to grab the lube. When I returned to the bedroom I was a little surprised. I don’t know why, but when I saw they had changed positions and Ken was now fucking her missionary style I was a little jealous. Here they were face to face, kissing deeply and fucking for all they were worth. I watched for a moment as Ken would take long slow strokes and slide the entire length of his dick out and then in to Michelle’s pussy. This went on for a couple of minutes before I cleared my throat in an attempt to break their embrace. They both looked over and I saw Michelle sit up a little bit and whisper into Ken’s ear. I wasn’t sure what she said, but I could tell by the huge smile that broke across his face that whatever it was it made him very happy. She reached out her hand and I handed her the bottle of lube. She turned back to Ken and said, “I think you’ll need this.” With that she popped the lid and reached down and squeezed the bottle, dripping the lube onto Ken’s cock. The lube ran down his cock and on to her ass. He slowly slid his dick out of her pussy and paused for a moment. She dropped the bottle and grabbed his dick with her right hand and helped guide him into her waiting ass. She kept her hand on him to control his speed. She allowed him to inch his way in until he was literally balls deep into my wife’s ass. Once in she gave him the go ahead and he started to thrust a little more. Slow easy strokes at first, building too much harder, deeper thrusts. With each thrust she bounced a little bit. I sat back and watched her tits bounce back and fourth matching the pace of Ken driving his dick into her ass. She had two handfuls of sheet and you could see she was in ecstasy. It didn’t take long for her tight ass to coax the cum out of him. I saw the grip he had on her hips tighten and his back arch. I knew he was cumming in my wife’s ass and I just sat back and enjoyed it. She was happy, he was happy, I was happy. I rolled off the bed and went to grab a towel. When I returned I tossed the towel to the man who currently had his cock stuck in my wife’s ass. He didn’t say a word as he pulled out of my wife and cleaned himself up. As I sat on the edge of the bed, Michelle rolled over onto her stomach and we watched our friend get dressed.

We each finished our drinks and made small talk. Ken thanked us for our hospitality and said that he really should be going. We exchanged numbers so that if the mood ever stuck we could do this again. Ken headed for the door and let himself out. I thought our evening was over, and began to rub Michelle’s back. She turned to ask me something and noticed that I was still hard. Michelle realized that since the one orgasm before Ken had arrived I had managed to hold out the entire time Ken had been here. She eased herself up onto her knees and with a little wiggle of her hips made it clear what I was supposed to do. Not needing to be told twice, I stood up, spun her around and slid my dick right into her hungry pussy. It felt fantastic to be completely in her and I began to fuck her hard. I had my hands on her hips and with each push I would pull her back so that I was slamming my cock into her. At first each thrust was met a slight grunt or groan, but as I began fucking her harder she became more and more vocal. She was practically screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” and “Harder, harder, harder.” I knew I was ready to cum, but I didn’t want to cum in her pussy. In mid stroke I stopped and pulled my dick out of her. Before she could formulate the question I placed the head of my dick right on her asshole and prepared to penetrate her. Usually she likes to start slowly, but I could tell Ken and opened her ass up pretty well and the slow start wouldn’t be necessary. With one firm push I inserted my dick right in her ass. I expected a whimper and was surprised when my dick was met with an “Ahhhhhhhh, yeah baby, fuck my ass.” As usual her ass felt incredible, but this time it was a little different. It was almost as tight as usual but the combination of lube and another man’s cum made her ass super slippery. The combination of her begging me to fuck her, a fantasy come true and the unique feeling of her freshly fucked ass made me cum quickly. I pulled her hips to me as I felt my dick twitch. My cum shot into her ass and mixed with Ken’s cum. When I knew I was empty I slowly released her hips and let her slide forward onto her stomach. She grabbed the towel and rolled onto her back. I fell by her side and she curled into my chest. As we lay there embracing and enjoying the moment she said, “Well, what do you think?” I was at a complete loss for words, so I just turned towards her and began to kiss her, not the urgent passionate kissing of earlier, but the tender kissing of two people who really care about each other. She was hot and sweaty, she smelled of sex, she had another man’s cum on her breath and in her ass and I couldn’t have felt more in love. I knew this had been my fantasy and I really did appreciate what she had done for me. I told her I loved her and we just enjoyed the moment.