Our Fantasies vol. 2

They'd been together for some years, slowly revealing their hottest fantasies to each other. She had surprisingly dark, kinky desires which he knew she'd love to realise. After lots of dirty bedroom talk and hot sex as they discussed her needs, they agreed to try it!

A week passed and Saturday night finally came; tonight was the night. They parked in the side street in what they decided would be a good spot; past the night club, on the way to the taxi rank. They sat in the car, both jumpy and excited; she was wearing a small dark dress, low cut with thin straps, no bra and no panties. She was worried her state of sexual arousal would get the dress wet as her pussy was starting to moisten. Too late to worry about that now!.

“Do you still want this?” he asked.

Her wicked smile said it all. She couldn't believe she did, but she did. Her plan was to seduce a stranger in a dark alley, She'd thought about it for ages, the excitement, the danger. Oh yes, she wanted it.

Then, the opportunity presented itself. A couple of young cute guys were chatting at the end of the street, she looked at him.

“What? Two of them?” he nervously asked.

She just slipped off her shoes and opened the car door and leaned back and kissed him; he saw her erect nipples as her wet lips touched.

“You know the sign if I need you, honey? “

“Sure,” he said, and with that she shut the door and walked into the dark alley where the two guys had gone.He sat in the car, his heart racing, Damn he was going to fuck her hard when she returned.

She wandered into the alley, the cold, wet concrete on her feet making her shiver, or was it the excitement? What was she gonna say to them, she really hoped they'd do all the talking and read her signals. 'Oh well, nothing ventured etc,' she thought and walked down the dimly lit street.

They were having a smoke in the distance. Fuck, she was scared, but so horny as well. She walked towards them. As she got quite close, she got a good look at them. Shit! It wasn't the two guys she'd followed down here, these two were older guys, maybe italian, or greek, Anyway older, bigger and not her type. Shit, shit she thought, too late they'd seen her.

“Hi there lady, you lost?” they smiled, more like leered.

She could feel their eyes on her. ” I lost my friends, have you seen a couple of girls walk by here?” It was the best she could think of in her nervous, aroused state.

“No, just you, and where are your shoes, girl?”

Fuck, she wanted to get out of here!

“If your friends walked down here, they'd probably gone to the taxi rank. The k**s cut through here past the kitchens back to the precinct.”

Thank god, they weren't weirdo's just normal, every day guys . “Yeh, just cut through here, it'll take you there,” they pointed down the side of the building where they were standing.

“Ok, thanks!” She just wanted to get out of here.

She stepped past them and walked down the gulley, it looked darker down here. She couldn't see an exit, then she heard the footsteps behind her…

There they both were.

“Lost again, honey?” One man reached over and brushed her hair. “So what's a hot girl like you doing in a dark alley with no shoes, and in such a sexy little dress?”

She couldn't think of a calm enough response, so she just tried to walk back past him. He reached up and brushed her hair off her face.

“Wow, you are pretty!” he smiled as he said it; not a creepy smile, but a sincere one.

She relaxed a touch, but she was still trapped in a situation she hadn't planned, or wanted.

“Hey, I'm just lost and wanna leave!” she exclaimed, trying to regain some confidence in her voice and herself.

“So soon?” he replied. “But your such beautiful company.” Again he stroked her hair, this time with his hand resting on her shoulder. Her thin strap fell down her arm.

“Oh sorry , let me help you with that.”

Instead of lifting the strap up, he pushed it down further. It all happened too quickly; she felt the cool night air on her exposed breast, her nipples instantly hardening. She gasped, but before she could say anything, he spoke.

” Mmmmmm, such sexy white tits!”

His warm, tanned hand cupped her breast. Fuck! What was he doing? Her mind raced. She should stop him, scream, do something, anything! But her previous horny emotions were emerging, interrupting her rational thoughts. No, she didn't want this. These guys weren't hot, she hadn't planned it to be like this. All the while her mind was firing these thoughts, his hand was stroking her breast, pinching her nipple. It felt good.

“Look, no, I can't do this!” She stuttered the words.

“You can't?” He asked as he slipped her other strap down, quickly squeezing both her breasts together. He dropped his head and sucked on her nipple.

” Fuckkkkk” she hissed.

“Hey, I think she's keen to play,” he said to his friend.

'Shit! His friend,' she thought.

She'd forgotten about the guy who was now standing behind her. His hands pushed her hair off her neck, then she felt his hot lips on her skin. His hands slipped down and around to her now very aroused breasts. The guy infront was now easing her dress down further, kissing her stomach. Oh god, what was she doing? The hot kisses on her neck and firm hands on her breasts kept her distracted, the dress was now in a heap around her ankles….

“What a fucking gorgeous shaved, wet pussy!”

These words bought her back to the reality of the scene. She looked down to see him lean forward and gently kiss her shaved pussy lips, she purred. As his hands softly parted her thighs, she lifted her leg and placed it on his shoulder. His tongue slipped inside her, and she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her other alleyway lover turned her head and kissed her passionately as his friend devoured her sopping wet pussy.

She looked down to see that the guy between her legs had unzipped his trousers and had his cock in his hand, wanking as he ate her out. She tilted her head to get a better look.

“Looks like she wants to see your cock,” the guy behind her told him.

He looked up and smiled. “Have a closer look.” He stood up and bent her head down to his groin.

She was staring at a slim, olive coloured cock. It looked quite sexy she thought, as his fingers curled into her hair and pulled her closer. She opened her mouth and the wet tip passed her lips and glided into her mouth.

“Thats it girl, suck it!”

He bucked his hips slowly, fucking her mouth. The guy behind her was now on his knees and had taken over where his friend had left off, licking, kissing and sucking her pussy. 'Wow, looks like I'm going to give him a mouth full of my cum as well,' she thought wickedly to herself.

The guy in front of her was now breathing heavily. He wanted to cum, but not in her mouth; he wanted that wet, shaved pussy. “Hey, she gives good head, wanna try her out?”

The other guy stood up, “You bet!”

He turned her around and unzipped his jeans. She resumed her position, but his cock was different, about the same length as the other but a lot thicker and hairier, it looked… she stopped thinking and plunged forward, sucking on it hard.

“Wow! What an eager, naughty little girl you are!”

She smirked to herself as she pleasured this stranger, 'What a dirty girl I am,' she thought. Her pussy tingled and contracted as the wickedness of the scene ran through her mind.

The smaller guy was standing behind her, enjoying the sight of her ass stuck up in the air, her pussy exposed. He slipped his fingers into her. It felt so good, she wriggled back onto his hand.

“You like that?” he asked. She just moaned in response.

“I'll give you something better than fingers!”

He slid up closer, rubbing the end of his hard shaft over her opening. She wriggled back against him. He held her ass and pushed forward, his slim, wet cock sliding fully into her in one motion. She choked as she slid forward, forcing the other guy's cock down her throat, then backed off a little she continued her blow job and the guy behind fucked her. He was slamming in and out of her so fast, it wouldn't take him long, he was so turned on.

She was enjoying the sensation of the strange cock invading her, pumping her sopping wet pussy from behind as she sucked on the big guys cock like a pro. His pace quickened, and he started to moan. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks, he held her tight as he buried his cock inside her, his cum shooting inside her. She felt the warm sensation of it and matched his juice with hers. He slipped out of her slowly.

“You want a piece of this?” he said to his friend , pointing at her throbbing pussy.

“Too late” the other gasped, as his hands held her head still. She felt his cum jetting into her mouth as he shivered and trembled.

“That was fucking good,” he sighed.

They zipped up and handed her her dress. As she slipped it on, no more words were exchanged. They slipped down the alley into the kitchens where they worked. She got her bearings and walked back up the alley, where her boyfriend was waiting in the car. Her mind was still racing through what had just happened, and her pussy was on fire.

“You ok?” her boyfriend asked as she got into the car.

“Get your cock out and drive!”

He did as he was told, and pulled out onto the streets as she sucked his cock. 'Must have gone well,' he thought to himself.

They got home and fell onto the living room floor, He ripped her dress off and plunged his cock into her well-used pussy. As they fucked she told him every dirty detail, how it had turned her on, what they had done to her, how and where they came. When they'd finished they were starving, so they took the usual lazy option and ordered a pizza. Eventually the delivery guy turned up.

“You get it,” he said.

She smiled and slipped on her thin, short black silky gown, tying it loosely, her breasts hardly covered and thighs exposed as she answered the door and paid for the meal. The pizza boy's eyes were on stalks as he took the money from her. As she closed the door, she gave the young boy a sexy wink. He blushed and dropped the cash.

“Oh sorry,” she teased.

“No! No problem,” he returned, stooping to pick up the money.

She bent down to help. If he hadn't gotten an eyefull before, he was now! Her left nipple was now exposed, and the material of her slip just covered her well-fucked pussy.It was a little too much for a young delivery guy; he scooped up the change and headed for his car. She turned and closed the door. The evil look on her face made her partner grin.

“I'm living with one horny bitch!” he remarked.

She just smiled as they ate.