One good turn part 4

The storm the previous day had gone on almost all night, the morning was still grey and dismal and the river looked to have risen a foot or more over night. I walked to the back of the houseboat to look at the river it was flowing a bit faster than the day before and a few branches were being carried down stream that had probably blown off tree last night. As usual I was first up about half an hour later Tim surfaced followed another half hour later by Tony, Anne surfaced long enough to ask for breakfast in bed which the guys quickly set about organizing, for my part I started the engines and held the houseboat against the bank with a bit of power while getting Tim to jump ashore and untie the mooring lines. As I pulled off the bank the current tried to spin me so I went sideways into the bank, surprised I put on more power and nearly got tangled with a large branch floating downstream, it looked like today was going to be another hard one. Anne finally arose wearing just a negligee that got both guys interest by the bulges that popped up in their swimmers, though looking at the river and my face she turned round and went back into the cabin coming back out in shorts and a blouse, all be it a sexy blouse, she told the guys she thought I was going to need a bit of help for a while. With the river the way it was I had decided it was too risky to move fast so I virtually crawled to Berri at a snails pace once there we tied up at the town wharf we now weren't far from Renmark and I had to start organising for the houseboat to go to the marina as well as our return trip to Adelaide. I left Anne and the guys to tidy the houseboat up and get ready for leaving the following morning while I nipped up to the Berri Hotel and got on the phone, I phoned my secretary as well only to wish I hadn't a meeting in Sydney the following week had been moved up three days so I had two days left after today. By the time I got back on board I'd booked rooms at the Renmark Hotel for us for one night and organised a light plane to take Anne and myself back to Adelaide. On board Anne and the guys were in our cabin enjoying themselves with a threesome I arrived just in time to watch Tim shoot his load in Anne's mouth followed shortly by Tony filling her cunt up with his cum, this time I quickly stripped and slipped my own hard cock into her well lubricated cunt and slowly started to fuck her myself, I have to admit I was surprised how long I lasted and how quickly the two young guys got hard again at one stage Tony had worked his way in front of me and was fucking Anne's tits as she held the tight together his arse cheeks jiggling in front of me as he pumped away the head of his cock must have been brushing her chin Tim was just to one side originally stroking his own cock Anne took over for a while. I was their an actor in what could have been my own porn movie had there been the camera's around back that their are now, hell there wasn't even mobile phones, also I could never be a porn star I came too quickly when really turned on and now was no different shooting my load and having my place taken by Tim. We stayed in Berri all night Anne's swan song another foursome this time Tim and I double penetrated her, tight fit with us two and probably impossible if Tony had been involved, while she used her mouth on Tony. Though we have tried this a few times it never works out how you'd hoped and it usually ended up with gales of laughter its a lot better having one of the guys anally instead of two in the cunt. Anyway the night finished on a high note and the folowing morning I dropped the three of them off at the Renmark town jetty just across from the hotel, while they booked in I crossed the river to the marina and dropped off the Houseboat along with some cash for someone to clean it properly especially the sheets that had taken a pounding. After getting a lift to the hotel we all had lunch together and did a bit of sightseeing, saying goodbye to these two was going to be hard, that night Anne said her farewells returning to our room at two in the morning in tears. The following morning over breakfast I gave the guys two bus tickets to Sydney by way of thanks for the help after all one good turn deserves another, they wanted refuse but Anne wouldn't let them and they didn't have that much cash we also gave them our phone number just in case. Three hours later we were flying back to Adelaide having had a fun time that we would remember may yearss later.