One at Fantasy

Kris and I have been together now for ten years. She was widowed in her mid- fifties, having lost a husband who had been twenty years her senior. We consequently met and fell in love. This was a substantial change for her since I am seven years younger than she is. I am fifty-nine, she is sixty-six.

Kris is both attractive and shapely. She is not one of those women who looks younger than her age. She looks like a sixty-six year old woman. It's just that she makes sixty-six look hot. She is also incredibly sensual and sexually imaginative, experiencing intricate sexual fantasies, usually involving non-consensual sex and not necessarily always about herself.

For example, just recently, we were dining at a favorite restaurant. I noticed Kris raise her hand to her throat in that “oh mercy me” gesture that seems to be so common among genteel women. I looked at her quizzically.

“Do you know that you've hooked up with a very evil woman?” she asked.

“Is this supposed to be a revelation?” I responded, smiling.

“Um…do you see those three ladies at that table over there?”

I turned casually as if looking idly around the room and scrutinized the ladies in question. One looked to be about Kris' age with striking silver hair, quite pretty with a very trim figure. The second appeared to be possibly in her forties and the third about twenty or so. The other two women were as attractive as the first.

“OK,” I said.

“Related, you think?” she asked.

“There's a resemblance. I suspect mother, daughter and granddaughter,” I replied.

“Yes, and they would seem to share a genetic predisposition for large breasts,” Kris noted.

I had learned that any middle-aged woman with a larger than average rack was grist for Kris' fantasy mill.

“Would it be safe for me to assume that the ladies are in some peril?” I asked.

“You know me too well. I'm afraid they are,” she responded. “They've been k**napped by a gang of international slavers.”

“Have they indeed? How intriguing.”

“Yes…and you're the head of the gang”

I smiled broadly. “That's not intriguing, that very intriguing,” I responded. “Tell me more.”

She lowered her voice so as not to be overheard. “They were together of course…say a cruise. They left the ship for a shopping trip. Somewhere in the Caribbean I think. Your gang specializes in supplying unique merchandise to discriminating and very well-heeled clients around the world. One of your scouts calls you to a shop where the ladies are browsing. Of course as soon as you see them you know you must have them. Three beautiful women consisting of three generations of the same f****y will bring an obscene price from some of your clients if sold together as sex slaves. It's not an opportunity that comes along every day.”

I glanced again at the ladies and imagined them on an auction block, their hands bound behind them, naked, frightened, as wealthy men bid on them. My cock began to stir.

“You have them now at a safe house of yours. It's equipped as a dungeon. They're standing with their hands tied over their heads. The two younger ladies are crying while the grandmother looks at you with trepidation.”

“Naked, I hope?”

“Do you really have to ask me that?” she said, smiling slightly. “Oh yes…they're naked. Completely, delightfully naked. And since I know you're visualizing them I'll point out that another f****y trait that they share is voluminous pussy hair.”

It was my turn to smile. Kris has an exceptionally hairy and untrimmed pussy which she knows I find intensely erotic, as she does herself. She finds it astonishing that any woman would want to shave, and hairless pussies have no place in her fantasy life.

“I thought you'd like that,” she smiled. “You step up to the grandmother. She gasps as you take her breasts in your hands and begin to fondle them. They sag just the perfect amount for a woman of her age.”

Kris holds the opinion that a certain amount of sag in a mature woman's breasts is actually more visually stimulating than those of a younger woman. “Don't you think an older lady's breasts bounce and jiggle more vigorously when she's tied and struggling?” she'd ask. She has a definite point there, I agree.

“Of course she thinks you're robbers or something. When you explain what's going on she's wide-eyed with horror.”

“She says 'Sex slaves? No…that's not possible. This is 2013. We're American citizens. Things like this simply can't happen.' You start thumbing her nipples. You explain of course that it IS happening, and that you expect her cooperation. You tell her that you're going to loosen her rope sufficiently for her to kneel and that she's going to set an example for her daughter and granddaughter by sucking your cock.”

“Now that's an excellent idea,” I agreed. “But I know how your deviant little mind works. Ladies in your fantasies rarely cooperate.”

“Of course she won't cooperate. If she cooperates you'll have no reason to torture her,” she said with an evil twinkle in her eye.

“Hmmmmm…I'm going to torture her?”

“Oh yeah, act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Why would you string up three beautiful slaves with tits like soccer balls and not torture them? Especially in one of my fantasies?”

I chuckled. She leaned in closer and said, “My Love, look at the breasts on that gorgeous woman. You want to fantasize about whipping them as much as I want to fantasize about watching you whip them. Oh God Baby, I can see her hanging there during her whipping bathed in sweat with those big titties bouncing like basketballs. I can hear her screaming.”

Kris' hand again went to her throat. She glanced at the ladies. I could see she was really caught up in the fantasy. “She's trying so hard to be brave. Oh God, Harry, she is beautiful, isn't she? But she has to break.”

Her breathing began to quicken. “She has to. She can't bear what you're doing to her tits…no woman could. She'll start out thinking she can. She'll think that her virtue and her loyalty to her husband will give her the strength to stand it. Then the whip will kiss those tits. She'll grit her teeth and keep from screaming for a lash or two. She'll try to convince herself that she can take it. And then she'll get one across her nipples…game over. Mmmmmm, I just know she has huge nipples! She'll surrender then. She'll kneel down and suck you off while her hot tears drip on your balls. Her daughter and granddaughter will watch while she drains you. Oh God, can you imagine that? “

She looked at me, took a deep breath and smiled. “Settle up and take me home, would you, My Love?”

You can see what I mean about her imagination. It will come as no surprise that we went home and fucked like we invented it.

That weekend I had a few errands to run. As I was leaving Kris kissed me and flicked her tongue into my mouth.

“I have a premonition that something bad is going to happen to me,” she cooed.

“You don't say so?” I responded. “Hmmmmm…slavers? A captured spy being interrogated?”

She kissed me again. “I think it's going to be a home invasion. A helpless, mature woman caught home alone, completely vulnerable.”

“You think? Well, you never can tell, can you?”

She smiled impishly as I headed out to the garage. An hour later I returned. I retrieved the ski mask and phony knife from my car, donned the mask and silently entered the house. I checked room to room until I found her in the kitchen facing the sink. I stepped into the room. She saw my reflection in the kitchen window and spun around.

“Oh my god!!” she gasped, a very convincing look of terror on her face. “Who are you???”

“It doesn't matter who I am,” I said menacingly. “Just make sure you stay quiet.”

I held up the knife which she stared at fearfully.

“What…what do you want?” she stammered. “There's money in my purse…please take it and go!!”

“Take your clothes off,” I ordered.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She really is good at this!

“What?? Take my clothes off?? Oh No!! No, please!! Please, just take the money and go!!”

“Lady, I said STRIP!!” I growled. “And I mean all of it! Now DO it!!”

Kris' hands went slowly to her blouse and began to unbutton it. She took it off and dropped it to the floor. Her jeans followed. She unhooked her bra and whimpered a little as she pulled the “D” size cups from her breasts. The freed breasts drooped just the right amount. Trust me, it's an enchanting sight.

She stood with her hands crossed over her naked breasts.

“I said all of it,” I repeated.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please, no more. No man but my husband has ever seen me without…oh god!!…without my panties!!”

“There's a first time for everything,” I said.

Sobbing softly, she slid the panties down her legs, revealing that wild bush of hers. She kicked the panties away.

“There,” she whimpered. “I've done what you want. Please go now.”

“Not just yet,” I said ominously.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock which was, of course, as hard as a section of rebar. Kris looked at it like it was a coiled rattlesnake.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

“Oh no, please!! You can't ask me to do that!! I'm a married woman!! I've never even looked at another man!! Oh, I can't, I couldn't, don't you see??? I can't possibly put another man's penis in my mouth!!!”

“He won't know it unless you tell him…now get to it.”

“No! I can't. I WON'T!!”

I grabbed her by the hair, marching her to the basement door and down the steps, where, by coincidence, there is a room with a stout hook in the ceiling and an adequate supply of rope. I shortly had her tied with her hands stretched just far enough over her head to stand on her feet. She finds it more erotic to be f***ed to stand on her toes but that simply tires her too quickly and she reluctantly had to give it up.

As a consolation I gave her a little surprise, a full length mirror mounted on the wall opposite to where she is bound for our games. Kris has found to her delight that it turns her on to see herself tied up naked. As I stepped back to admire her, she gently twisted and watched the way that her heavy, soft breasts swung back and forth. Then she made a slight hop to make them bounce. She liked what she saw. So do I. My cock was straining to be free.

I stripped, stepped behind her, reached around and took the big, full breasts in my hands as a shiver ran through her. I began to pinch her nipples, gently. She leaned her head back against me and quietly moaned.

“Well now,” I said. “These are some fine titties. Your husband is a lucky man to get to play with these.”

“Please,” she moaned quietly. “Don't…you mustn't touch me like this. It's causing me to become aroused!!”

I pinched her nipples harder. She pushed her head back against me and turned for a kiss. Of course she was breaking character to be hungry for a kiss from her captor but women do so love to be kissed. She is an exciting kisser and my hard prick throbbed against her ass.

I stepped alongside her. With one hand I reached between her legs and began to tease her clit. With the index finger of the other hand I traced up between her buttocks and stuck the first joint of the finger into her asshole. One of Kris' most intense and persistent fantasies is to be ****d anally. We've tried. She's petite and has really tried to tolerate my cock in her ass but she just can't. She has to settle for the digital variety, and she likes it. We were still kissing and she moaned, loudly now, into my mouth as her tongue entwined with mine.

“Ready to suck it?” I asked.

Kris was panting now. “Can't…I can't…married…my husband…another man…can't fuck my mouth…no…no…”

“We'll see about that,” I said.

I stepped to an old table, opened a drawer and took out a little whip that Kris had picked up at a sex shop. It was black and looked menacing enough, with strands of rubber. Kris said that when I swung it hard it was just right to sting her nipples, and a bit of stinging was all she needed.

I began to whip her tits. Kris was transfixed by her reflection in the mirror as she struggled and her perfect titties performed their dance. She started to cum and loudly sob with the sixth lash. I gave her tits six more as we both enjoyed her very vocal orgasm.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Please, no more. Oh, please don't hurt my titties any more. I'll do what you want. I…I'll suck on it. I'll do whatever you want, just don't whip my titties…OH MY!!!”

Kris has two granddaughters, more properly step-granddaughters. They are the c***dren of two of the sons of Kris' late husband, by a previous wife he had divorced years before. Dani is twenty-two and an athletic trainer. Grace is twenty-one and in nursing school. Both girls had been gymnasts and either could have worked as models.

The girls had never known their grandmother and Kris had assumed the role. The relationship was very close as Kris was a “cool” grandmother with whom the girls knew they could discuss any subject, including those which they were too bashful to discuss with their mothers. When I had first moved in with Kris ten years before, the girls often came for sl**povers and the bedroom would be all giggles with the occasional exclaimed squeal of “GRANDMA!!” as Kris would give a candid answer to a question from the girls.

I was once passing the closed bedroom door when I heard Dani ask, “Grandma? Do you and Harry…well, do you do it?”

“Yes Sweetheart, of course we do it. I love Harry. When you love a man you go to bed with him.”

“So people can still do it when they get older?”

Kris laughed. “Sure they can. As a matter of fact, sex gets better as you get older. You and your partner get to know each other and what you both like. I enjoy sex more now than I ever have, a lot better than when I was in my twenties.”

“Grandma?” Gracie asked. “Do you…?” Gracie began to giggle.

“Go ahead Sweetie,” Kris responded.

“Well…do you…do you kiss it? Harry's thing I mean?”

“Well Honey, first of all, you girls are old enough now to call it his penis, and if you're in private it's perfectly ok to call it his cock. And yes, I very much enjoy kissing Harry's cock.”

“Grandma!! Really??” the girls chimed. “It's ok to do that?”

“Oh Dani, Gracie, of course it's ok. When you love a man there are no taboos where sex is concerned. If you both like something, you do it, that's all there is to it. The only thing that is wrong is disrespecting your partner.”

“Grandma?” Grace asked sheepishly. “When you kiss it…well…how does that work?”

Kris proceeded to give the girls a matter-of-fact description of how to perform oral sex on a man. When she finished Dani asked, “Does he do it to you, with his mouth I mean?”

I walked away smiling. Dani and Grace were lucky to have Kris.

Both girls were now standing in the doorway of our little makeshift dungeon. They were wide-eyed with their mouths hanging open. Their eyes were shifting between Kris' still jiggling and somewhat reddened tits and my eight-inch, veiny, rock-hard prick. I realized I was still wearing the ski mask and quickly pulled it off.

“Uh…hi” Dani said weakly.

“We…we…” Gracie said, her eyes glued to my throbbing cock. “We're a day early. Your cars were here. You didn't answer so we came in. We heard you…Oh Grandma, god, we are so sorry!!”

“Oh, it's ok Sweetheart. We were just roleplaying. We're doing a home invasion scenario. You see, Harry is an intruder and I refused to submit to him sexually. He's torturing me so that I'll agree to suck his cock.”

The girls looked at each other. They both smiled and their hands covered their mouths.

“Really??” they squealed in unison.

“Girls, we've talked about this, right? No taboos in sex between lovers?”

“Grandma,” Dani said. “I mean…uh…this is…I mean, it's kind of hot!”

“Kind of hot? It's way hot!!” Gracie said. “Grandma, wow, I mean I know how old you are, but shit, you look fantastic! I hope I look half as sexy as you when I'm naked at your age!!”

“Oh god,” Dani added. “Grandma, the way you're tied…I mean, the way you look, the way your boobs stick out with your arms tied like that. It's really erotic!”

“Thank you Sweetie…it's supposed to be,” Kris replied. “Now, we can go upstairs shortly and talk about it, but first, I think you girls can see I can't leave Harry in this condition, right?”

Both girls once again were looking at my throbbing cock.

“Oh yes, right, of course,” Gracie said.

“Ok, this won't take long.” Kris turned to me.

“Wasn't I just about to be ****d?” she said, smiling.

I loosened the rope enough to allow Kris to kneel. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. I began fucking her. The girls were like deer in headlights as they watched me slide the head and shaft of my cock in and out of their grandmother's mouth, my fingers in her hair. When I groaned and began to cum they clapped their hands over their mouths like schoolgirls again. When I was finished I held my cock so that Kris could lick the drops of cum from the slit. I untied her and helped her up.

“Grandma,” Dani said. “That was incredibly hot!”

“I'm glad you enjoyed it Sweetie…let's go on up.”

I could see that this called for a girl's gabfest like when Dani and Grace were here on sl**povers. I excused myself to another room, but I overheard occasional bits of conversation, interspersed with many squeals and laughter.

“God Grandma, I can't get that picture out of my mind of Harry whipping your boobs. Was he hurting you?”

“No Sweetie. It stings just enough to turn me on. It's not the pain of having your tits whipped that does it, although a certain amount of pain is arousing. It's the idea. Don't you find it very earthy and primitive, a helpless, naked woman actually being whipped on her naked titties, while she screams and struggles?”

“YES!” I heard the girls answer in unison, followed by a burst of giggling.

“More…tell us more!”

“Well, let's see…one of my favorites is for Harry to tie me naked and spread-eagle on the bed and gag me with my panties, another home invasion thing.”

“With your own panties? Really? Oh, I like that!” I heard Dani say.

“Then he goes down on me.”

“YESSSSSSSS!” Grace remarked.

“Now, as soon as I start to cum, Harry reaches up, grabs my nipples hard and twists them.”

“Wow!! Doesn't that hurt?”

“Mmmmmmmm…oh yes, it hurts. Enough to make me scream. I love how it hurts. You girls will learn that when you're aroused there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. That nipple torture makes my orgasm far more intense.”

“Oh god, nipple torture,” Dani said. “You know, even saying that kind of turns me on. Nipple torture. Oh no! Not that! Not NIPPLE torture! Yes, yes, I'll suck your cock and lick your balls, just don't torture my NIPPLES!!!”

All three girls laughed at that one.

Eventually it was time for the girls to retire to the guest room. As usual they came to me for a goodnight hug and kiss. Dani put her arms around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips, as she'd done since she was a girl.

“I love you.” She breathed in my ear. “Thank you for making my Grandma so happy.”

Gracie is a head shorter than Dani and stood on her toes to kiss me as Dani had done.

“I love you, Sugar,” she growled gently in my ear. “You have a really big cock.” She grinned wickedly at me as she followed her cousin to bed.

I joined Kris in our bed. Love is grand.