On the Beach

Again, another fictionalized account of a true story. And again, it's a long build up. So, if you're not into it, don't bother.

I met Kate at my f****y's private island. She was about 5'2″ and had a J-Lo ass. She was slim, young and beautiful. And when she smiled she showed off a full set of braces. She was working on the island as a kind of caretaker, making beds and stocking the fridges and helping out around the island, in general. The first night, as my uncle and I shared a joint at the fire pit on the beach, I said to him, “Holy shit, I feel like I could be arrested just looking at her.” My uncle responded with a chuckle and asked me,”How old do you think she is?” When I said 16 he laughed out loud and explained to me that she was actually 30.

With that knowledge, I plotted my way into getting her. I jerked off that night just thinking about her. I spent every minute I could following her around the island. She got the hint and flirted back with me, like some kind of sick torture.

After a couple of weeks, my holidays were pretty much over, and my f****y threw a big party as a send off. Kate was there, doing her job. And all I could think was that this was my last chance. It was Kate that noticed that we were out of cream once the after-dinner coffee had been brewed. I remembered that I still had cream in my fridge in my little cabin on the other side of the island. I was leaving, so it was just going to go to waste anyway. With that, Kate dutifully volunteered to go get it.

Now this being a rather remote part of Canada, it was very dark. And the island took at least 10 minutes to walk from end to end. It's not like you were likely to run into a bear, or anything like that, but there were dangers and obstacles at night. So I jumped at the chance to e****t her on the journey. Besides, it was my cream.

Kate flirted with me as we hiked through the cedar forest, saying things like, “So, you're heading back to the big city. That's too bad.” Out of nowhere an ominous sound echoed through the trees and Kate hugged me in fear. When nothing came of it she held onto my hand for security. I started to piece it together, and realized that Kate actually wanted me, too. I could feel nervous energy and anticipation as we walked hand in hand along the path.

I was both shocked and elated when she asked me out of the blue, “Will you sl**p with me tonight?” My heart raced as my dick grew in my pants. That's all I had been thinking about for almost two weeks. I wasn't sure how to respond, other than to say, “Yes.” She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my hand. Then I started to think about the logistics. I was leaving in the morning and this might be the only time we actually had alone, together. So I continued, “How about right now?” Again, she squeezed my hand and then flashed her braces as she smiled.

Just then we had come up to a side path that led down to one of the many private beaches the island had to offer. Without a word we changed course in unison, shortly arriving at a small sandy beach, under a canopy of stars. Kate wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. I put my hands on her J-Lo ass and pulled her up against my now bulging crotch. As it turns out, she was into logistics too. She paused to ask me, “So how do we start?” I smirked and said, “I think a blowjob is a good beginning.” She laughed and slapped me in the face before she fell to her knees.

She delicately undid my shorts and dropped them to the sand. She took a hold of my cock with her tiny hands and jerked it up and down while she measured me up. When she looked up at me she smiled (again, those hot teenaged braces flashed in the star light). Her eyes seemed to indicate that I was a bit bigger than she was expecting. She jerked me with one hand while she cupped my balls with the other. She said, “God, this is what I wanted,” before she took the tip of my cock between her lips and gently swirled her tongue around the top.

Kate kept looking up at me, staring into my eyes. She giggled and stroked my cock up and down. She licked from my balls all the way up my shaft, and then slowly took half of my cock into her mouth. In the moonlight she looked like she was 14, and the dirtiest thoughts ran threw my mind. I reached down and pulled her pink tank top up over her small tits. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and her firm little tits seemed to almost glow when exposed. When I reached down to feel them Kate's eyes bulged, and she whimpered a satisfied moan. With that she took the full length of my cock to the back of her throat. I was amazed she could handle it without gagging.

I kept fondling her little tits with one hand while I grabbed her hair with the other to pressure her into a full on face fuck. She finally gagged and pulled away. She stared into my eyes with a stern expression and said, “What are you doing? That's not playing nice.” I pinched her cheek and then gently slapped her face. She looked completely shocked. I responded, “I was never taught how to play nice.” She giggled and lowered her mouth back onto my cock, going to town, massaging my balls and bobbing up and down, in the hopes I wouldn't grab her hair any more.

Kate was obviously enjoying herself as much as I was. She reached down, pulled up her tiny skirt and rubbed her pussy through her white cotton panties. I was in a trance as she mechanically bobbed up and down on my dick. She finally took a break and pouted as she looked into my eyes. Then she said, “Don't you think maybe it's my turn?” All I could think was ,'fuck yeah!' I couldn't wait to see what was hiding under those cute panties.

I pulled her up by her arms and tried to kiss her while leading her towards a large rock that was right on the water. I leaned her on to the rock and she arched her back over it until her head was upside-down. Her tiny tits melted into her chest and seemed to disappear. I lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties down and tossed them across the beach. And there, staring right at me was her cute little perfectly shaved pussy. If I hadn't been told that she was 30 I would've figured I was breaking the law. How could a woman her age look so young and adorable? I guess the braces helped, but a toned body and a bald pussy was more than I could've expected.

I licked from her knee up her inner thigh until my tongue gently brushed across her tiny slit. She tasted sweet and fresh. Her moans echoed across the still water, in harmony with the loons and crickets. I licked up and down her slit, occasionally taking the time to swirl my tongue on her hidden clit. When I finally pushed my tongue into her little pussy, I wondered how in the world was I ever going to fit my cock in there. When her juices started to flow, I figured it was time to find out.

When I pulled her back up from the rock she almost passed out from the bl**d rushing from her head. She was dizzy and unstable on her feet. I looked around the beach and tried to figure out the best place to fuck her. She tugged on my cock with anticipation as I guided her towards the closest tree. She leaned forward and braced herself against the trunk. Standing behind her I lifted up her skirt and rubbed my cock between her perfectly toned ass cheeks.

She looked back at me and begged, “Oh God, please. Just do it.” That was easier said than done. With one hand grabbing her ass I used the other to rub the tip of my cock up and down her slit, feeling her pussy juices naturally lubricate it. I positioned my cock up against the prize and tried to give a little push. Kate responded in kind by pushing her ass back towards me. All I could feel was pain as my dick barely made it an inch into her tight little pussy. With each attempt my dick slowly inched it's way up her love tunnel., until I was halfway in. With a final aggressive push (from both of us), my entire cock suddenly made it past all obstacles, and I was balls deep up her little pussy. Kate screamed like a school girl, as I moaned like a wild a****l. I just held it there for a minute while I felt Kate's pussy adjust to my size.

I leaned on top of her back and grabbed a hold of her tits for leverage and slowly started to grind my cock into her, not pulling out too far in the fear that we would have to repeat that initial painful process over again. As I gained momentum Kate's hands began to lose their grip on the tree trunk, and she slid lower and lower until her forehead ended up buried in the sand, with her ass still up high in the air, meeting every thrust of my cock.

I knew that we were due to readjust our position. So with my dick still buried in her pussy, we both fell to our knees. Now in a proper doggy-position, Kate could finally lift her head out of the sand and breathe, and I had the right leverage to start to really slam my cock into her. We were both lost in the moment as we fucked like a****ls in the wild. I was pouring out sweat as our fucking became athletic. But a gentle breeze off of the lake kept me cool.

Kate reached one of her tiny hands under us and massaged my balls with sand still stuck to it. The gritty grind of her sand covered hand on my balls was like nothing I had ever felt before, and sent electricity down my spine. I had to slow down to regain control. And finally I pulled out of her to flip her on her back. Now I was able to stare into her eyes and kiss her beautiful face as I re-entered her. Surprisingly I was able to slide right back up to the hilt on my first attempt. Her pussy was now like a form-fitted glove made specifically for my cock.

I plowed into her, pushing her ass deeper into the soft sand with each motion. Kate started to twitch and buck and then moan louder and louder, until I'm sure she could be heard clear across the entire lake. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her orgasm took hold. There wasn't much more that I could take. But somehow I remembered logistics. I told Kate I was about to cum. She moaned, “Just not in my pussy, OK? I'm not on the pill.” I couldn't believe it. How could I leave that perfect little pussy at a time like this. Then again it wasn't like I was thinking about starting a f****y with Kate either. So I asked her, “Anywhere else is fine?” She was still in the throws of her orgasm when she moaned, “Yah, anywhere except my pussy.”

We had been gone for over half an hour, so I shouldn't have been surprised that a search party had been sent out to find us. But as I was about to cum, it was just about the last thing on my mind. With each stroke I was getting that much closer and knew I had to pull out before it was too late. As soon as I pulled my cock from her pussy I began jerking it frantically. Within seconds I was unleashing long strings of cum up Kate's body, on her little tits, on her chin and nose, and some even made it far as her hair. Kate squirmed with her eyes closed and laughed, allowing my final squirt to land on her shining braces. What a mess.

Just then I heard more laughter, loud and clear. But it wasn't coming from us. Startled, we looked up to see two of my younger cousins only a few feet away, laughing hysterically. Kate and I were both completely embarrassed, but too weak from fucking to do anything but laugh along with them. One of my cousins finally interrupted her own laughter and turned the knife by saying, “When we sent you for cream, this wasn't what we had in mind.”

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