old flame

i was surprised to see her friend request on facebook. i hadn't heard her name in years. she sent a note, telling me how she saw my name here and someone else mentioned it in conversation, she droned on and on. i went back and forht on if i should reply or add her as a friend. one night i decided to add her. instantly she accepted and sent another long note. made me nervous cause she was lind of a psycho back then. it had been almost 15 years.
i read the note, included in it was a comment about a night we spent at a hotel. full of drinks, nothing happen, i had passed out. i replied and said i am sure i had wanted to, then went on with some other topic. eventually we got back to the night at the hotel, she said she was naked and put on my t-shirt,her ass showing and next thing she knew i was naked and passed out…
as she went on in our emails back and forth she continued to tease. i was already jerking off.
the following week i had to be out of town on business. i posted where i was going, i took a picture of the crappy rental car in front of my hotel and posted that with a joke the next night as i got out of the shower there was a knock at the door. i wrapped my towel around my waste and opened the door, there she stood in the hallway in only a t-shirt.
as she walked into my room dropping her bag i saw that beautiful round ass and was instantly hard. she could see my towel rising, and felt my hard against her as she hugged me. my towel dropped to the floor as we engaged in a long passionate kiss. she moved me to the bad, she climbed on top of me into a 69.
her lips felt so good wrapped around my swollen dick. i licked her sweet little pink pussy and then moved to her clit, licking and sucked it into my lips. her legs quivered, she tried to pull away but i kept at her until she gushed and squirted her juices all over me. she jumped on top of my cock riding me like a cow girl on a bull! i got her on all fours and and pumped that great round ass, watched her ass bounce against me, her tits swinging back and forth and the sound of her moanes. it was all too intense for me to handle, i pulled my dick out of her, before i could shoot my load on her ass, she rolled over and i shot my juice from her pussy to her perfectly round pink nippled tits.
the next morning as i got ready for my meeting she got in the shower with me and suck me until i erupted in her mouth.
when i came back ready to go again at the end of the day, she was gone, her bag was gone, she had disappeared. a note in lipstick on the mirror just simply said; “see what you missed back then? have a good trip home”