OHGirl & Velvet: Expecting More


I landed in Columbus in the early morning and caught a cab back to my condo. I spent a few hours catching up on all of my mail, emails, messages and general work before I decided to head back to our country house. I needed a little rest from the long flight and afternoon of work, so it would be easier to relax at my house. When I arrived the house was quiet and it appeared that no one had been home for months. A message on the door from our mail carrier let me know that there was quite a bit of mail to pick up at the post office. I drove down and picked up two large boxes of old mail and then returned to the house to sort through it. I knew that Mikey had gone to Europe with our daughter, Velvet, but I expected him to be back by now. I truly missed him and my daughter too, whom I had heard was also pregnant, by her father. I was nearly done with the mail when my doorbell rung and I walked down the front hallway to see my neighbor, Gerald, looking in the side window. I couldn’t help but smile at my horny neighbor as he pointed at my protruding belling and looked wide eyed at me. I opened the door and he followed me into the living room with a hundred questions spouting from his mouth. I didn’t even bother to try to answer them and instead, motioned for Gerald to sit next to me where I began to work open his pants and proceeded to suck his cock. His questions stopped and once his cock was erect, I stripped off my clothes and rode his prick as he laid back on my couch. He squeezed and sucked on my swollen breasts while I bounced on his long, hard staff and I eventually squirted on his hairy balls when I came in a massive gush of fluid. I was so turned on and kept fucking his stiff cock, even after he had cum inside of me, until his limp dick slipped out of my gaping hole.

I woke up the next morning lying naked on the couch. Gerald had left late that night, after I had sucked him to another erection and let him fuck me again, and now I was alone once more. I showered and went out onto my deck to sit in the sun and return all of my phone messages, work on my online banking and then break out my laptop to see what my website was up to. I worked for nearly 5 hours as I went back and forth between my kitchen for food and drinks while I sat naked doing my chores. I had been gone way too long and I had a lot to catch up on. I spoke with my c***dren and gave them all of the factual news about my life and condition. I explained the separation between Mikey and I, telling them about our probable divorce, even though I hadn’t turned in the paper work yet and had been sitting on it for nearly 5 months. They mostly blamed my lifestyle and addictions for the problems and they were correct, so I didn’t argue with them. I had caught up on all of my work by 4 pm that day and was rubbing on another layer of sun block, while I sat in my lounge chair, when I heard the sliding door behind me open. It was my son, James, and he was staring at me as he walked across the deck to sit next to me.

“So the rumors are true? You are going to have Hondo’s baby?” he asked. I nodded and handed him the bottle of sunblock. “Here, get my back sweetie.” I told him. He began to rub my shoulders and back with lotion as I leaned over to get the last cigarette, out of the two packs that I had smoked, throughout the day, while I was working. I lit the cig and took a deep drag as I relaxed under my sons caressing hands. I blew out the smoke and turned to kiss him on the cheek and thank him. I had missed my boy and it was good to see him again, but I was sad to be in my condition. I was a little over 7 months pregnant and my hormones were raging as I looked at him and remembered the last time that I had been fucked by his humongous black cock. It reminded me so much of his father, Shawn, and that made me even hornier. It felt awkward, but I leaned back against his chest and turned my face up to his, our lips inches apart. He licked his lips nervously and I felt his erection growing through his pants against my back. Soon our lips were pressing against one another and our tongues were darting in and out of each other’s mouths. My pussy began to drip with growing moisture as his fingers reached down between my legs and slid easily between my parted lips. I moaned out and trembled as I came easily in his hand, then rolled over onto his lap, worked his cock from his pants and devoured it.

My mouth and tongue worked the entire length of his long, ebony pole and I deep throated him the best I could as I sucked his cock with all my skills. I wasn’t sure how we had worked our way over to the table on the deck, but I was bending over it and taking every inch of his iron hard shaft deep in my cunt as he pounded me with abandon. I was screaming for more and pressing back into each thrust, the tip of his cock nearly pulling out of my vagina with each stroke before it drove quickly back into the depths of my often fucked pussy. My fluids ran down my thighs and dripped onto the wood deck as I coated his black shaft with my creamy excitement. My son fucked me like he was on death row and when he was ready to cum, I slid off of his behemoth and went to my knees to drain it, swallowing each and every gulp of his large load. His dick remained hard and soon I was on my back and guiding his return into my well used slit. I had given birth to 5 c***dren and taken well over 11,000 different cocks in my cunt over the years and the ease with which his 13 inch prick slid into me proved it. I could have taken three of his long, thick members into my huge vagina that afternoon, due to my slippery wetness, but all I wanted at the time was his. I felt him fill me with his warm seed and we kissed before he began to squeeze and suck on my large breasts and nipples. His erection remained in my wet, cream filled hole and I reached down to pull it out and then guide it between my butt cheeks. I wanted to be fucked in my ass and his huge cock was just what I needed.

Gerald heard my screaming and moaning and I saw him watching from our property line, near some large trees where he often emptied his compost. He watched my son fuck my brains out, as he pounded both my pussy and my asshole, then he watched as he fed me my second huge load of semen before I licked his still hard tool clean. I wanted more, so I led James back into the house by his black hose and then proceed to ride him in my bed until he came for the fourth time that afternoon, deep in my wet, cum dripping, cunt. James showered and left afterwards and I returned to the deck, in my just fucked condition, still full of cum and covered in sweat and dried jizz. I opened a new pack of cigarettes and lit one up to relax. I knew Gerald would return, once he saw me out on the deck again, and I told him to feed me his white cock, so he did. I smoked my cigarette and blew him before he pasted my face with a massive ejaculation, that I let run down my cheeks and chin, licking it up as it poured over my lips. He smiled and left as I sat there and finished my cig, letting the evening sun dry his jizz on my face and chest. That had been a wonderful afternoon of sex and I smoked another four cigarettes and finished working on my laptop before I finally showered and went to bed. I had needed to feel and be treated like a slut and the fucking that I had just done and the cum shots that I had left on me like my badge of whoredom made me feel like the biggest slut around. I had a long day ahead of me once I returned to work as an e****t and web girl site the next day, so I let the feeling soothe my sexual urges.


Mikey and I drove to my mom’s condo, but she wasn’t there. My b*****r, James, was still staying there while he went to school and was home when we arrived. He looked at me strangely, seeing his s****r pregnant for the first time. He told us that he had seen my mom a couple of days before, when she had arrived back home from Argentina, but he claimed that she had been staying at our country home for the last week. Mikey looked at me and asked me to stay at the condo while he drove back to the house. I agreed and walked him to the door, where I gave him a long, deep kiss goodbye. I loved Mikey so much and it was natural to act as I did, since it was a normal relationship in my eyes. James had seen it and began to talk to me about my relationship with my dad when he left.

“What’s going on with you two?” he asked. “I understand the sex thing, because you, me and mom have an addiction, but you’re going to have his baby and it’s like you’re a couple. He’s your father if you didn’t remember.” he told me. “You don’t understand James, I love him and there’s more to it than you know.” I told him. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant.” he told me, “But, then again, I can’t believe our mom is either.” “What were you thinking? You’re only 20 years old and he’s your dad!” he exclaimed. “It could have just as easily been yours.” I told him, bringing him back to reality. “It’s not as if you haven’t fucked your mom and your s****r.” I told him like a petulant sibling. “I’m sure you fucked mom when you saw her and didn’t even give a thought to the fact that she was just as pregnant as me.” I told him as he gave himself away by spouting the phrase “What ever.”

“Her titties are actually bigger than yours.” he said jokingly and we laughed as he explained how swollen my mother’s breast had become during her pregnancy. “I know, mine have gone from a 34D to a 34FFF.” I said conspiratorially as I raised my shirt to show him. James reached over to grab them and then said “Maybe mom’s aren’t nearly that much bigger than yours as I thought.” My nipples were already hard and sensitive and his hands squeezed them as he stood holding and evaluating my breasts up close. I smiled up at him and before I could reason why I was doing what I did, we were kissing and he was pulling my shirt off over my head. I began unbuttoning his shirt and we stumbled back down the hall to what used to be my bedroom, but now belonged to James. My skirt slipped to the floor to show off my bald and pantiless snatch, my pussy lips glistening with moisture as I pulled off Jame’s boxers and his cock popped up to smack me in the chin. It was between my lips quickly and soon I had nearly 9 inches of his over foot long cock deep in my throat. We were still in the doorway of his bedroom as I sucked Jame’s cock on my knees in front of him. His hand took a hold of my hair and pumped my head on his long, black cock. It had been quite some time since my b*****r and I had been intimate and my dripping cunt was eager for his huge, ebony pole.

My legs were spread wide and James moved between them and slid his cock slowly into my hot, wet hole. I tried to pull him deep inside of me, but he pushed me onto my back and took his time as he inched it into my vagina one inch at a time. I rubbed my clit as his enormous cock split my slit open and moved in deeper. We had never made it into the room and were lying on the floor in the hallway as my juices ran down my ass crack and onto the polished wood. I felt Jame’s large balls press against my ass and I knew he was in all the way before he began to grind his cock into my slippery opening. I was moaning loudly and gushed as I arched my back and screamed out with a raging orgasm. His cock was soaked and soon he was pounding me with the full length of his black monster while I held onto my breasts and moaned loudly with each stroke. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard!” I yelled as I pinched and pulled on my erect nipples. James obeyed and soon his pelvis was smacking loudly against mine as his thick, black cock drove hard between my legs. I had never had anyone larger than my b*****r, but my twat had been double penetrated on a number of occasions during the last two years. It was amazing that I was only 20 years old and could make that statement, since I had been fucked by nearly 5000 different cocks in my young life. I was a hooker and a porn star and I had been having sex from a young age and now I was 7 months pregnant by my father and fucking my b*****r while I flashed back through my promiscuous life. All I could think of as I watched Jame’s stiff pole pump my slick crack was how much better it would be if I had someone to suck off at the same time.

James began to groan out after about 20 minutes of continual thrusting and he quickly pulled his penis from my pussy and then slid up over my face and inserted it between my lips. His right hand pumped his shaft as he held onto a handful of my hair and pushed his cock down deeper into my throat. I relaxed and took him as far as I could and then felt him explode in my throat. His thick cum shot straight down my esophagus and I felt his warm bursts and timed my gulps with his ejaculations to keep from gagging. I had practiced hard to learn my deep throating skills and it came in handy when you were with a well hung guy. James kept stroking until he drained his nut sack into my mouth and then pulled out and moved back between my legs once more. He raised my legs into the air and pressed his cock against my swollen, wet labia and slid right back in to continue his i****tual pounding of my gaping cunt. My screams grew louder as I came for a third time and James pulled his soaked cock from my slit and worked it into my ass to fuck me anally. He flipped me onto my side and then drove his cock in deep and deliberately hard with each stroke, making me scream out curses while he fucked me. “Fuck my God Damn tight asshole Mother Fucker!” I yelled at him while he slammed me. “That’s right, mmhhmmm, fuck it good and hard with that big Mother Fucking Black cock!” I sneered as I grunted out my words. “Harder, Mother Fucker, Harder.” I said as he pulled my hair back hard, making my back arch while his dick drove full length into my rectum. “You definitely are a slutty, filthy porn star.“ he told me as I kept moaning and screaming our obscenities. 15 minutes later my b*****r stuffed his cock back into my mouth and ejaculated again. I licked him clean and bit down softly on the end of his prick before I guided it back into my pussy for more. His porn star s****r was going to show him just how slutty I was.


I was naked and bent over the couch in my living room as Shawn pounded my asshole with his long, black cock. I’m not sure what had made me call him up, but I did and for some reason, I had invited him to come out to my country house to fuck me. That had very rarely happened in the last 20 years since we had lived there, but he had never brought friends and now two of them were standing and watching until it was their turn to sodomize me. I was so horny and I came once again as I fingered my twat while Shawn’s hard, black pole drove down my Hershey highway. I didn’t even make him lube his long rod before he spit on it and stuffed it in me, but I was so wet as I gushed from my orgasms that it didn’t matter. Enough of my natural lubricant made it onto his long organ to make his anal intrusion not very painful. But then again, I didn’t really care, since I was feeling like a dirty whore at the moment and was turned on by the fact that two of his friends were waiting to do the same. I couldn’t wait to feel each of them cum in my asshole. Why did my hormonal surges make me into such a slut?

I fell back onto the couch and reached down on the floor underneath, grabbing a pack of my cigarettes. Cum oozed from my asshole as I watched Shawn’s last friend get dressed, his long, limp black cock dangling in front of me as I put a cigarette in my mouth and lit it. I sucked in a deep lungful of smoke and blew it out at his prick and smiled, hoping that he’d want more. Shawn had shown off and pumped me full with two loads of jizz while his friends both filled my asshole with one each and now they were leaving the pregnant whore whom they had come to fuck. “If you fellas want some more, you know where I am.” I told them as they walked down the hall to leave. “If you want more cock bitch, I can always put you to work.” Shawn stated as he turned to leave. “I might take you up on that.” I told him as I heard the front door close. I reached down to scoop up some of the cum on the leather couch and tasted it with my finger.

I was so fucking horny and being in the country was getting me nothing. I had already fucked two clients earlier in the day and stopped by to see Marvin for the first time since I had gotten back and spent nearly an hour with him as I rode his cock to two large ejaculations, one of which I gladly swallowed. I had only been back for 5 days and had engaged in sex with 12 men already, but I still wanted more. I was going to explode if I didn’t get another cock soon and I honestly thought about driving into town to walk the street if I wasn’t over 7 months pregnant. I heard the door open again and laid back as sexy as I could, blowing a mouthful of smoke into the air as the person walked around the corner. I had assumed it was Shawn or one of his friends, and if I was lucky, all of them, but I was shocked and surprised to see Mikey stop at the corner and stare at me.

I sat up quickly, self conscious of my appearance for some reason, even though Mikey had seen me fuck 40 different men and get covered in cum before. I put out my cigarette and stood up to greet him, not sure how I should do it. Cum ran down my thighs from my asshole as I stood there looking at him wondering what to do. He was staring at my pregnant stomach and my huge breasts and for some reason I felt myself blush as I said “Hi.” “How are you doing baby.” he said, calling me by his pet name. “Looks like you’ve been busy.” he said with a smile. I smiled and ran the distance from the couch to him and threw myself in his arms. Our mouths were as one as our tongues found one another and I began to nearly rip open his pants as I groped for his cock. I wanted him so badly that I didn’t even think about how I had just been fucked for the last two hours by three men and was still covered in their semen. My own wetness began to drip onto the wooden floor and I squeezed my legs together tightly, as he held me in his arms and kissed my neck, my twat tingling and on the verge of squirting down my leg. “Oh my god I’ve missed you Mikey. I want you so badly.” I cried to him as tears ran down my face. His hands ran down my back to my ass and he squeezed it and then I moaned out as I came and gushed juiced down his pant leg as I nearly began to hump his thigh.

My hand traced the outline of his large erection through his wet pants and soon I had it out and was stroking it and getting it wet as I pressed it between my legs and rubbed my soaked labia on his shaft. I held his cock up and angle it just right, from years of experience, then lifted my leg and guided him into my wet hole. My stomach pressed against him as I grinded my cunt onto his pole and felt his rock hard shaft press against my sensitive clit to drive me over the edge and into another orgasm. I was screaming out and crying at the same time as I bent my one leg at the knee and rode his dick while he held me in his arms. I finally slid off of his cock and led him up to our master bath where I took him into the shower, so that I could clean up, and we could fuck as we lathered with soap. His soapy cock pumped my pussy and just used asshole with equal opportunity as he entered me from behind and then we made our way to our bed where we made love for the rest of the night. I savored his first load in my mouth as I sucked him dry and then let him fill my cunt with his seed two more times before we fell asl**p. I had cum nearly a dozen times and was spent after he had drilled me into the bed with his lovely, white cock, the same large penis that I had loved for nearly 30 years and there was still no one as good as him.

When I awoke, Mikey was gone and I showered once again and made breakfast, hoping that he would return to join me, but he didn’t. I decided to take the day off and canceled two of my scheduled clients and sat in the sun to relax and think back to the night of passionate love with my husband. Oh how I had missed him, but had refused to admit it while I was fucking nearly 1000 different men as a hooker in Argentina. I had done it in order to forget and replace him. It was no wonder that I had yet to turn in our divorce papers. I didn’t want to lose him and all I could think of now was him. I was beaming and flushing with excitement as I thought about what I would say and do when I saw him again. I couldn’t wait until he came home. I fell asl**p on the deck, lying nude on a blanket in my lounge chair, still tired from my night with Mikey. He was the only person who could have satiated me like he did. I dreamed of him as I napped into the late afternoon and then awoke to the feeling of a cock on my lips. I was still groggy as I took it into my mouth, my eyes still closed and began to suck it to an erection. When I reached up to grasp the shaft and began to stroke it, I realized that it was not Mikey, but Gerald. His hard cock was in my mouth and he was moving his hips and sliding it between my lips. I tried to pull back, but he held onto my head and kept pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. My hands found his hips, but I couldn’t push him back as he fucked my mouth. “You’ve always been such a great cocksucker.” Gerald said as he continued to work his cock in my mouth. He was sweaty and dirty from working all day, doing lawn care, and his salty cock filled my mouth with saliva that seemed to make his dick slide easier on my tongue and between my lips. I looked up at him from my seat and continued to suck his cock as it pumped my mouth.

Gerald stepped back and pulled his prick from between my lips and pulled me up from the lounge chair. He pulled me into his arms and leaned down to suck and bite on my nipples. “Listen Gerald, I can’t do this now.” I told him as he squeezed my breasts and pushed them together. He spun me around and held his arms around my waist from behind, his cock pressing against my butt cheeks as he whispered in my ear “We can always do this.” He guided me down onto the chair with his leverage and I caught myself with my hands as I went onto my knees. Gerald slid up behind me, his arms still around my waist and slid his cock all the way to the hilt into my wet pussy. I grunted out as he began to fuck me and I held onto the chair as he grabbed a handful of my hair and roughly fucked me from behind. His hips thrust rapidly as his cock explored the depths of my twat with each hard, fast ramming that he gave me. I just held on, to keep from falling onto my face and stomach as he pounded my cunt from behind. I felt him ejaculate inside of me and then he was done as he pulled me back up to my knees and fed me his limp cock over my shoulder, rubbing it on my face and pressing it into my mouth to lick him clean. I did so from habit and felt his jizz run down my thighs. I thought of Mikey and I became sad as Gerald thanked me in his usual way, by pulling up his pants and leaving as he told me that I was his favorite slut. I laid on the chair and cried after he left, before I went and showered. For some reason I felt dirty after what I had just done and that was the first time in over 30 years of being a hooker that I ever felt that way.


James fucked me three times in the hallway, pulling out to cum in my mouth each time. I swallowed all three thick loads and licked him clean each time. After his third ejaculation, he pulled me to my feet and led me into my mom’s room and pushed me onto the bed and entered me from behind. My b*****r’s cock never needed a rest and he began to pound me again. It had been quite some time since I had such a huge cock ram me for so long and I was screaming in pain and in ecstasy as he plowed my pussy with his black mamba. “You were always such a fuckin’ whore in high school. I knew everyone of the guys that fucked you and that was a lot of dudes.” James told me while he continued to drive the full length of his dick into me. “I had often wondered what it would have been like to fuck you when we were younger. I remember you staring at my cock when ever you saw me naked on a few occasions when we were little and I wondered what you were thinking.” he said as he slapped my ass and squeezed my butt cheeks. “If I had known how good it was, I would have pressed it in the entire way.” he said. “Do you remember that day?” he asked as I closed my eyes and began to cum while he slid in and out of me.

I remembered seeing James nude every once in a while and I was impressed with his cock even then, but I tried to f***e the thought from my mind, since he was my b*****r. We would wrestle around on occasions when we were goofing off and I often felt his erection press against me when he was on top of me and holding me down. I especially remembered one of our more risqué moments, when we were rough housing in our pool. I had my legs wrapped around Jame’s waist as he held me up in the deep water and I felt his cock pressing against my bikini bottoms. He had carried me to the steps, that rose from the one end of the pool, and had laid me on my back, to tickle me in the water. I had continued to keep my legs wrapped tight around his waist, squeezing the air from him each time he thought that I would give up. I remembered looking down to see the end of his hard cock protruding from the top of his swim trunks, nearly 4 or 5 inches of his stiff cock pressing against the outside of my small bikini bottoms. I was only 15 at the time, but I had been sexually active for a while and had fucked quite a few of my school mates, I knew what it was like to fuck and I had liked it a lot. Just seeing my b*****r’s rock hard prick that day had made me wet, but I would have never told him. I wriggled my hips against James while I had him in my leg clench and his penis was pressing against me much harder as we struggled in the water. The tip of his thick cock had pushed my bottoms to the side and had exposed my vaginal lips while he leaned into me, reaching under my arms to tickle me even more. At the time I would have never given it a thought, but I moved instinctfully to lift my hips up and press my groin against his large protruding member. I had felt the roundness of his prick slide between my lips and he had slid into me about 4 or 5 inches. I had continued to keep my legs wrapped around him for what seemed like about 2 or 3 minutes, but in reality, it was probably about 20 or 30 seconds. He fell on top of me and we pressed against each other, still telling ourselves that we were just playing around, as I felt him thrust the end of his dick in and out of me about five or six times before he slipped out and my bottoms slid back over my pussy. We had both denied what had happened for so long and neither of us had ever said anything or even alluded to the event. Now my b*****r had broached the subject as he was fucking me for real. “It felt good.” I told him as I thrust my hips up into him, taking all of his black cock deep into my wet slit. “I should have let you fuck me that day. Your big cock would have felt so good in my tight pussy.” I said with a wicked grin, then he leaned down and kissed me before he began to really fuck me hard.

My dad hadn’t returned from driving out to see if my mom was at their house. He had left nearly four hours prior and I had been left at the condo where my b*****r and I had just finished fucking. Three times in the hall, once in my mom’s bed, once in his bed, on the kitchen table and in the shower while we cleaned up and he left. It was almost 10 pm and I was still naked as I found a pack of my mom’s Winston cigarettes and pulled one out to light up. I had only smoked once or twice in the last couple of months, but the sexual session that my b*****r and I had just engaged in deserved a good smoke. I sat out on the balcony, under the stars, as I rubbed my pregnant stomach and inhaled deeply, blowing the smoke up into the air. I wondered if my baby had been affected by it’s uncle’s long, thick cock that had just fucked the shit out of me or if my mom’s neighbors had been worried by all of the screaming and cussing that I had done while I had writhed in 8 or 9 body wracking orgasms during my latest fuck session. They were probably used to the sounds that came from my mom’s place, so I doubt that they would have noticed.

I lit up a second cigarette, after finishing my first, and then I looked over to see a guy watching me from a balcony three condos over. It was dark and his light was off, but I could see the movement from the corner of my eye. “Hello.” I yelled over and he stepped toward the railing and waved. I took another drag and stood up to lean over the railing, my swollen breasts pointing at him as he stared. “Are you Velvet Crush?” he asked and I nodded as I blew out a plume of smoke. “I’m a big fan. When are you due?” he asked. In another two months or sooner.” I said. “I had a friend that used to fuck you in your online videos with your mom. Before you became a porn star. He was a roommate of mine when I was in college. “ he told me. “What was his name?” I asked and he told me. Surprisingly, I remembered him, since he was in about two or three of my gangbang video and cam shows. “Why don’t you come over to talk? It will be easier than yelling across.” I said. I opened the door for Darryl, who introduced himself as he entered and stared at my naked, pregnant body. I don’t know what had come over me, but I still had my cigarette in my hand as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him down to give an open mouth kiss. Our tongues flicked each other and then I led him into my former bedroom to fuck. I sucked Darryl’s cock as I finished my cigarette, then slid down on his hard, white pole and rode him until he exploded in my cunt. I kept bouncing on his dick and holding my tits, his cum squishing out between his thick pud and my swollen, red pussy lips. When I slid off of his cock it was coated with my juices and his creamy cum, so I slid down and sucked him clean, continuing to lick and suck on his nuts while I ran my tongue up and down his semi-erect shaft. Either my hormones were out of control or my b*****r had fucked my brains out, because I wanted more and Darryl was going to give it to me before midnight struck. I assumed my dad wasn’t returning tonight, so I might as well have a little fun and satiate some of my desires while I had the chance.

Darryl’s cock throbbed in my asshole as I laid on my side, my leg raised in the air while he thrust his cock up between my legs from behind me. He had pumped my ass for about twenty minutes before filling it with his jizz while I rubbed my clit and brought myself to three orgasms. I leaned my head back to kiss him, not even knowing his full name, while his dick flopped out of my creampied asshole and he reached around and squeezed my fully engorged breasts. What I wouldn’t have given to have my b*****r or dad there to feed me their cock. I was so extremely horny and it was about 1 am when I walked Darryl to the door, smoking a cigarette and feeling like the prostitute that I once was, when I used to work out of this condo for a living. Hopefully, a warm shower would relax me and let me sl**p before I found some other strange cock to satisfy my pregnant cravings. My mom said that she used to walk the streets as a cheap hooker, when she was pregnant with a couple of us k**s, needing to fuck constantly to fulfill her addiction. I knew how she felt at this moment and the thought ran through my mind as I dried myself off with the soft towel, the terry cloth rubbing my sensitive nipples and driving me crazy as I longed for another cigarette or a big cock or just something to suck on.

I opened my mom’s lower toy drawer and saw the vast array of dildos and other various sexual implements that she had acquired over the years. It was just too late to go out walking the streets and I had no idea where to go. The weather was nice though and the thought of giving a blow job in a dark ally or fucking some old guy in his car in an empty parking lot ripped through my slutty mind. The more disgusting and risky the thought, the more I craved and fantasized. I soon found myself sitting with my back against the headboard of my mom’s bed, a cigarette hanging from my lips as I crammed one end of a double headed dildo into my pussy, sliding it back and forth before sticking the other end in my asshole. I fell onto my side and both of my hands were pumping as much of the rubbery phallis into my openings as I could. I was moaning loudly, smoke rising from between my lips and pouring from my nose as I continued to suck on the cigarette while I masturbated like a sex fiend. It felt so good and I lost myself to my desires and failed to notice that Hondo had entered the front door, unheard over my screams, and watched from the doorway of my mom’s room. I had cum twice and was furiously rubbing my swollen clit while jamming another long black dildo into my cunt to join the other. My vagina was nearly splitting as I bucked my hips and opened my eyes to let out a loud moan when I saw him. I slowly pulled the toys from my gaping holes and then slid out of bed seductively, dropping the large toys onto the floor and putting out my cigarette, after one last puff. I smiled at Hondo and he knew exactly what I wanted, as I tried my best to appear like a hot little slut while standing there with a 7 month pregnant belly. I nearly leaped into his arms as he walked toward me and I tore at his clothing to get to his 13 inch, hard white pole. I wanted him so badly and my legs were spread as wide as I could get them as he slid up between them and stuffed me with the real thing. I came instantly, gushing on his shaft and soaking the sheets, even more than they had already been during the course of my sex starved evening and night. Hondo filled me with two huge loads and slammed me with his cock until we both fell asl**p in each other’s arms around 4 am. I was pleasured for the moment, but I was going to be having cock withdrawal when I awoke and hoped that my next day would be much less hormonally driven or I might get into trouble.

I woke up early and slid down under the blankets to take Hondo into my mouth. His cock awoke when he did and it was stiff as a board within minutes. I reached down to grab the lube from my mom’s still open toy drawer and coated his entire cock with a handful of slippery liquid. “I want you in my ass.” I told him firmly and then rose to all fours, reaching back to guide his large missile into my asshole as he positioned himself behind me. His cock slammed me over and over as I yelled for him to fuck me harder, the slapping of his groin into my ass cracking the air in the room with each wet smack. I arched my back and came hard on his long shaft, screaming at him as I pushed back against his long, white cock. “Fuck that black ass! Yeah, gimme that big, white hard cock baby! Shove it in me baby!” I yelled as he continued to rapidly penetrate my well lubed sphincter, stretching it out with each thrust of his thick pole. My fingers were stuffed in my dripping cunt as he pumped me, reaching in to massage my g-spot and rub my erect, sensitive clit. “Oh God, that feels so fuckin’ good. Fuck me like a whore!” I begged him loudly when I saw the door to the room open and Mikey look in to see me getting sodomized. My pussy spasmed and my eyes rolled back into my head as I came hard and then looked into his eyes to let him know how good it felt. Mikey understood, since he had been married to my mom for over 25 years. She was a whore and a sex addict too, so seeing us fucking other men was something he was used to and didn’t seem to mind. “I’ll talk to you in the kitchen when you finish.” he said rather calmly and then shut the door as Hondo resumed sliding his dick into my ass.

Hondo fucked me for nearly 45 minutes before he filled my rectum with a huge ejaculation of warm sticky baby batter. It felt so good and I would have sucked him to another erection if I hadn’t known that my dad was waiting. I didn’t even put on any clothes as I walked down the hall and put my arms around him, kissing Mikey deeply on the lips, while I sat on his lap. I was squirming on top of him because I was so horny and I could hardly control myself as he leaned his head back and told me that we had to talk. I wanted his cock so bad, but I took a deep breath and relaxed as I listened to him speak.

“Your mom never turned in our divorce papers and she seems to want to work things out. I’m not sure how to handle everything, considering how you are both pregnant and expecting at nearly the same time. We haven’t discussed our relationship and I would like to do so with all of us together.” Mikey told me. “I love you and I want to marry you Mikey.” I said as I leaned in and kissed him again. “I love you too sweetie, but I’m still married to your mom and we have to figure out what we’re all going to do.” he said. I understood and I tried to concentrate, but I saw Hondo leave the bedroom and walk down the hall to go back to campus and my hands were moving their way down my dad’s chest and unbuttoning his shirt as the thought of Hondo’s ass fucking ran through my mind. I wanted Mikey so bad.

I sat nude on the condo balcony, smoking a cigarette, just as my mom had done thousands of times. I now knew how she felt when here hormones were raging during her 5 previous pregnancies with us c***dren. Mikey had left, but not until I had sucked his white cock and took him in my pussy while I had bent over the table. Both of my holes were filled with cream and I had my feet up on another chair as I laid my head back to blow out a deep inhalation of smoke and try to calm myself. All I could think of is sex and I had just been fucked twice in the last hour. My hand made its way past my round stomach and was rubbing my clit as I sat smoking, playing in my juices and Mikey’s jizz as I slid two fingers deep in my creampie. I began to moan, forgetting all about where I was, while I fingered myself and took another drag from my burning cigarette. I tensed as my body shook and cum squirted onto the tile balcony as I plunged three fingers deep in my gaping hole. I needed to fuck and there was only one person I knew who would tear my pussy up with no questions asked and treat me like the whore I was feeling like. I cleaned up and made my way to my b*****r’s dad’s place. Shawn would never turn away free sex and he had an abundance of friends who would fuck me in my current condition. My mind told me to stop, but I was already in the shower spraying my pussy, with the steam on pulsate, getting ready to go and be a slut. I orgasmed again and now I knew I wouldn’t change my mind. I lit up a cigarette as I drove down the road to get my Shawn on.


I had showered after Gerald had left and was scolding myself for giving in to my cravings. It would always be this way, I just knew it. I loved Mikey and wanted him back, but being with one man the rest of my life was going to be impossible and I couldn’t fool myself. I needed to just get my mind together and think clearly, but the thought of what just occurred on my deck made my pussy wet while I was getting dressed and I soon found myself lying on my bed and masturbating with one of my large black dildos. It felt so good and soon I had another pulled out from my bed stand and was lubing it up for my ass. I had so many toys s**ttered between my homes and you wouldn’t think that I would ever use them, since I was always having sex, but being a sexual addict made you want it all the time. I couldn’t even count the number of times I masturbated on days that I had been fucked 3 or 4 times. My impulses were always so strong and my will power and control was weak. I always gave in and as I looked down to see the large black toy stuffed in my ass, while I slid the long white phallis into my soaked pussy, I realized that I needed the real thing. I knew of only one person who would fuck me like the whore I felt like, at the moment, and that was Shawn. I got myself together and jumped into the car to pay him a surprise visit. I couldn’t wait to see my pimp daddy and see how I was going to get fucked today. My pussy tingled as I drove into town, smoking a joint and thinking of all of the thugs that he could call over to stuff me with their long, black dicks. BP’s pregnant ass was going to get boned good tonight and all the folks in the local hood were gonna know about it. I was turning ghetto as I got into my street whore mood and couldn’t wait to get turned out.