OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty Duo

I leaned over to light my cigarette off of my daughters burning embers as she smoked across from me. We were seated outdoors, having lunch as we waited for one of my regular lovers and customers, John. He was a truck driver that I had been fucking for money for well over a year and I had told him about my daughter, Velvet. He said that he would pay a fortune to fuck a mother and daughter at the same time and since I knew that he was a man with a lot of money to spend, I had told Velvet about my plans to hook up with him when he got into town. I had explained how I had been fucking him in his truck for over a year when he was passing through town and that he was one of my regular, well paying customers. He would be dishing out quite a bit of money today to enjoy us both and we were excited as we ate and discussed our plans. We sat outside the diner, at the truck stop, finishing off our meal and having a cigarette while we eagerly waited for my sweet customer. Velvet and I had been working together all summer and after over 3 months of fucking and sucking off men in front of each other, this would be the first time we shared a single man, besides Shawn, who knew that we were mother and daughter. We had fucked groups of men at parties, but none of them knew about our relationship outside of our work. Even though our bodies were very similar, she was very light skinned and had inherited her father’s blue eyes. I doubt that many of our customers even thought about a possible connection between us. John was going to be enjoying his fantasy today, as he got to fuck a mom and daughter as they engaged in sex with him and each other. I didn’t want to really go farther than watching Velvet have sex or being near her as we got fucked, but John was paying us $2500 dollars to fulfill his dreams and we had both decided to bypass our aversion to becoming intimate in order to make a large amount of money. If this worked out and we were comfortable with the act, we had decided that we would start billing ourselves as a mother and daughter duo and that it would get us more referrals and a much higher pay rate.

My mom had told me that she had been with quite a few other women in the past, but was not bi-sexual and didn’t really like it. I had never been with a woman before, besides a few girlfriends that I had kissed at parties, and my hunger for cock had not even let me think of the possibilities. I knew that guys liked seeing women together and when I had enjoyed porn with some of my male friends, I had watched quite a few scenes. I tried to think of this as just another sexual job and decided to envision my mother as Brandy, my fellow hooker with whom I worked. Many people would have cringed at knowing that my mother was going to be engaging in sex with her daughter for money, but I knew better. It was for money, not for sexual pleasure. We would still be sharing a cock between us and the rest was going to be secondary. My mother told me that you could still cum from sex, even if it was with someone you didn’t want to have sex with. She told me stories about how she had been turned on, by not only women, but also men, whom she did not find attractive or that had f***ed themselves on her. I think I was just like my mom, so I knew the act of sex alone would be more than enough to stimulate me, regardless of whom it was with. When John’s truck pulled up to the far end of the parking lot, we both got up to walk over to meet him. My pussy was already moist and my thoughts had me tingling with anticipation as we smoked our cigarettes while walking toward his truck.

John jumped out of his truck enthusiastically, seeing myself and Velvet walking to see him. I knew he was turned on by the site of both of us in sexy dresses, sauntering over while we smoked, to fuck him senseless. I introduced him to my daughter, Velvet, and we made small talk and smoked another cigarette before we all three crawled up and into his semi. My daughter was amazed at how big and nice John’s truck was in the back of the cab and we broke the ice by giving him a dual blow job. We worked in tandem to get John undressed and then shared his cock as we both licked and sucked him to a rock hard erection. He watched us kiss, as our lips met along his shaft, and then begged us to get undressed to join him. We moved to the beat of the music that was playing in the cab and undressed each other, stopping to kiss, touch and lick one another’s breasts while we slid off our dresses. My daughter was wet and so was I, as I slid onto John’s cock and she kneeled over his face while he licked her pussy. We kissed and played with each others breasts while we faced one another and soon John was shoving his fingers into Velvet’s cunt as he licked her clit. After some time, she began to shiver and moaned out as she came and then we traded places, so that I could experience John’s tongue while she rode his hard, white pole. My pussy spasmed soon afterwards and John’s ZZ Top beard was matted and soaked from both of our wet twats.

John slid me off of his cock when he felt his impending ejaculation and he asked my mother and I to get into a 69 position. We did and our mouths began to work over each others moist holes. I had never licked a vagina, but I did what I thought that I would enjoy and soon my mother was writhing on my face as her tongue darted in and out of my slit. She was rubbing my clit with her thumb as she licked me and John’s cock soon slid into her gaping hole above me, as he started to fuck Brandy. I licked her even more now, as my tongue ran across his pumping shaft and balls and my lips pulled on her hanging labia. John would occasionally pull out to slide his cock into my mouth to suck, but he would then re-enter my mom’s pussy. After a long period of me licking her cunt and slipping my tongue into her stuffed slit, while John was fucking her, Brandy had a squirting orgasm over my face. I had never experienced anything of this nature in my life, an orgasm like what my mom had just received, nor having a woman cum on my face and in my mouth. My mom was moaning and squirming as I continued to lick her. John’s cock was pounding her like a piston as her juices soaked me below. John soon pulled out of my mom’s well fucked crack and we traded places so that John could fuck me from behind.

I felt so bad about squirting like that on Velvet, but the sensation had been overwhelming. I wanted her to feel the same, so I licked and sucked on her lips and clitoris while John filled her with his long cock. Her breathing was increasing and she began to grind her groin into my face while she pressed back against John’s strokes. Eventually she came too and her loud moans and dripping pussy made his cock throb as he quickened his pace. John stopped fucking and I heard him groan as he held his rigid cock deep in my daughter’s cunt. I opened my mouth and took his balls into it and began to suck when I felt him release. John was cursing out loud as he unloaded a vicious stream of jizz into Velvet’s wet opening, gripping her hips and holding her close as he filled her vagina with his thick globs of warm cum. His spunk leaked from her cunt and dripped into my mouth and I licked her crack to taste more of his escaping liquid. Soon his cock was in my mouth and I was cleaning it off before Velvet squatted down closer to my face and emptied her sperm filled pussy into my mouth. I savored John’s sticky load as I sucked it out from between her lips and Velvet began to moan again as she experienced another orgasm. John sat back and watched as Velvet and I made out, going down on one another once again to lick each others cunts before we made our way between his legs and worked on his limp dick.

My mom had brought me to two orgasms and it felt so good to have her suck John’s cum from my just fucked twat. I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed the sex we were engaging in, but I was in heaven as we once again shared John’s prick and watched it grow for another ride. My mother rode him in a reverse cowgirl while I licked her clit and when John exploded, my mouth was there to catch his hot load. I jerked him off into my mouth and licked his balls before I held his dick in place for Brandy to slide down on once again. She slid on his member for a short time before he became limp once more and our session was at an end. He made out with both of us, as we laid there with him between us. We knew his cock was finished for the day and we were eager for our pay, as we dressed and kissed him goodbye, until our next meeting. Now I knew why my mother smoked after sex, as we both took long deep drags from our cigarettes and discussed our newest experience. I felt comfortable with my mom and she the same, so we could now move on to our new business endeavor of the mother and daughter duo of Brandy and Velvet. There would be a lot of men lining up to fuck this sexy, mature whore and her slutty, young daughter.

Another month passed by and I marveled at my daughter‘s skills. I had lightened up on my schedule and was only fucking 3 or 4 customers a week, unless she and I scheduled something together. I was now chaperoning many of her parties and multiple partner meetings and she was taking on more referrals. I had introduced many of my regular clients to my daughter and she was now fucking upwards to 4 or 5 men a day and loving it. I could see it in her eyes and how she got so aroused while she worked. Many of the men that I had fucked for over 20 years were now fucking her and she didn’t mind how old many of them were. Some of them had been in their 30’s or 40’s when I had first gotten into the business and now they were fucking the 2nd generation. I wasn’t sure how she would respond to my referrals, but they paid well and she sucked a 65 year old cock just as well as she did a 25 year old. My old clients were astounded to find out that Velvet was my daughter and knowing that they were having sex with an 18 year old girl got all of them hard as steel. I loved my daughter and I wanted to join in with her so badly as she knelt in front of the three guys she was currently sucking.

I had scheduled an executive party with her and three business men that were in town for the weekend and they were now enjoying her cock sucking skills. I sat in the far corner of the room admiring how she handled their cocks and at how deeply she could take a man into her throat. She was so much more skilled and beautiful than I was at her age. I had begun as a stripper and it took me years to get a nice group of regular clients that paid well. Velvet had walked into this business and she had gotten to bypass the stripper slash hooker stage that I went through. I was sucking and fucking multiple men each night for $20 to $50 a pop back in my day and here was Velvet, starting at the top and making thousands of dollars a week and sometimes in one night, as she lived the life as a high end e****t. I was living vicariously through my daughter now, even though I could have been fucking more men, I wanted her to enjoy the lifestyle that she had chosen. She talked to me about becoming a stripper or getting into porn, but I let her know that she had it made and I told her the stories of my experiences doing both. A life in porn was tough, even if you got to fuck a lot of young, good looking, well hung men. Of course, I left that part out.

One of the older men exploded on my daughters face and held her head, by a handful of hair, while she looked up at him, her mouth wide open to catch his hot jizz. His cock returned to her mouth and she swallowed his long meaty shaft, licking his balls as she deep throated him. The men were impressed and turn on by her skills and she continued to suck the other two men even with cum still dripping from her chin. The man who came smiled at me as he left the room and I sat watching the other two eventually begin taking turns fucking Velvet, before one of them came in her cunt and the other filled her mouth with another sticky load. Velvet went to wash up as the men dressed and I talked to them about booking another session while they were still in town. They asked how much I would charge to join them on the following evening and I gave them a price that they gladly paid me in cash to secure. The next night we would both be getting fucked .

My mom was really keeping me busy and I was loving it. She had referred so many men to me and I had a cock in my pussy or mouth on what seemed to be a constant basis. I couldn’t believe the money I was making. I really enjoyed the parties, since many of the men were younger, but I didn’t mind having sex with the older men too. I was trying to experience all aspects of my job and that included fucking the men with whom I normally wouldn’t have been attracted. They weren’t as rough as some of the younger guys, especially when they were drinking, but I kind of liked it a little rough. I was a submissive little slut and I had a few clients that enjoyed fucking me hard and tying me up. I had done one or two fetish sessions where I had been bound and gagged by my clients and I had truly been turned on. I had one man who loved handcuffing me to a metal bar, that kept me bent over with my wrists connected to my ankles, and ramming his cock into my ass. He always seemed to get me to orgasm on cue when he reddened my ass cheeks and pulled on my nipple clamps while he pumped my asshole with his thick, white cock. My mom had told me about a few of her fetish jobs and I was hoping to take part in a rough gangbang like she had. Many of her sexual experiences were with large groups of men, upwards to 40 in one day, according to some of her old porn stories, and I longed to see what it was like. She claimed that many had occurred when she had been doing d**gs and porn or when Shawn had been selling her to his d**g buyers. I had engaged in sex with about a half dozen guys at a party during my senior year, when I was in school, but I had either fucked or given them all blow jobs separately over the course of the night. I had been really turned on during my first bachelor party, when I had fucked and sucked off nine men, and I was looking forward to many more events like that. I was hoping that my mom would book something in the future or maybe I could just talk to Shawn on my own, the next time we got together to fuck.

I didn’t want to associate too much with Shawn, but I loved his cock, just as my mom did. It was so long and always so hard when we fucked and the fact that he could cum multiple times drove me wild. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was kind of a size queen. My mother could get off on having sex with just about anyone, but I found myself more turned on when a guy had a large penis. When I first started having sex, I went through a large amount of different guys before I luckily stumbled upon a boy from my science class who had a 9 and ½ inch prick. I remember riding his pole for the first time and having multiple orgasms as I slid up and down on his long shaft. After that time, I began fucking as many guys as I could, in hopes of finding more gems. When Shawn first hit on me, I brushed off his attempt to seduce me, but he arrogantly showed me a photo of my mother blowing him, to prove how much she liked his cock. When I saw his black mamba though, I was on him like the plague. During our first night fucking, he rammed my pussy with his giant tool all night long. I must have cum 7 or 8 times that night, as he filled my twat with three hot, loads of jizz before we were finished. After that, I was fucking him on a consistent basis before my mom caught us together. I had asked my mother about referring some of her larger clients to me and she had done so, knowing full well that I enjoyed big dicks.

When I finally got to hook up with one of her old boyfriends and steady clients, JJ the body builder, I soon learned what the term hung like a horse meant. She had told me stories about her current client and private fitness instructor, going into detail about his steroid induced monster of a cock, but I was still in awe when I saw it in person. He wasn’t nearly as rough as she had told me, but when I let him know that I liked it that way, he tore me up. My pussy and ass were sore for two days after our fist session and I had a few very visible bruises from where he had banged me on different solid surfaces around the condo. His dick was every bit as long as Shawns, if not longer, but his thickness is what put him over the edge. His black rod was bigger than some men’s forearms and was covered in thick veins. I found it nearly impossible to suck his cock, but he found a way to stuff it into my pussy and ass, fucking me until my screams nearly brought the police. I had yet to find another cock to rival his and Shawns, but my mother had told me of a few of her fellow porn stars that had been slightly more well hung. My mom was so lucky to have experienced all that she had over the years and I was hoping I would too.

My mom had left the condo after she was finished with her last client and when I finished with my final customer, I cleaned up and jumped into my brand new BMW convertible. It was the first present to myself, for all of my hard work, and I drove around town before I ended up at Shawn’s apartment for a prearranged meeting. We hadn’t been intimate for nearly a month and I wanted his long ebony pole so badly. I was sitting in his bed having a cigarette, after our marathon sex session, when he got on his phone and invited a few friend over to party. He asked me if I wanted to stay and have some fun and I was still really horny, so I said yes. It was only 11 pm and my first client wasn’t until noon the next day, so I showered and Shawn told me to get sexy if I wanted to meet a couple of new guys that he knew. I was a bit excited, since I immediately began thinking that Shawn might be arranging a small gangbang, like he always did for my mom. I didn’t want to ask him to do so, but I was hoping he would on his own. I knew that he was manipulative and staying out of his debt was the best way to avoid his influence. When I came down from showering and dressing, he and about 5 other guys were smoking pot and drinking in his living room. They all looked at me with lust in their eyes and my pussy slowly began to get moist.

Surprisingly, I had only smoked pot a few times while I was in school, so I decided to join them when they offered a joint for me to smoke. I had my own blunt and I stood there talking to all of them while I smoked it. They let me know that they knew my mom, since Shawn must have told them before they arrived, and asked me if I was as good as BP. I would have to ask my mom about her nickname at some other time, because their sexual challenge got my engine revved up and I was soon being passed between all six of them as they fucked me and I sucked their long, black cocks. My mind was buzzing as they pumped me hard and used me as their whore, but I was still turned on, my clit swollen and tingling as they pulled my hair and fucked me roughly in the middle of the floor, slapping my ass and squeezing my tits, biting my nipples and shoving their cocks in each of my open holes. I think that they liked the fact that I was light skinned, since they all made comments about fucking the swirl girl with their BBC’s. I laid on the floor nude, breathing hard from the fucking I was just given, when the last of Shawn’s friends blew his spunk all over my face. Three hours had passed by quickly while all of them had filled me with their black cocks, fucking me separately and sometimes at the same time. My cunt and ass had been stuffed full and stroked hard to a creamy finish, leaving me breathless and covered in cum that was dripping off of my face and oozing from my gaping pussy and asshole. I had never been fucked so well and I had loved it. Shawn and his 5 friends had given me a new meaning to awesome sex and I couldn’t imagine how good my mom had felt when she had fucked 15 or more of Shawn’s customers and friends in one night. My mind was still numb when I put out my cigarette and slid into my bed that early morning, dreaming of more cocks to cum.