Office Fantasy Cums to Life

Sometimes fantasies can be real. In fact, I have a major fantasy that was played out in my office about 5 years ago. I used to have an inside office with no windows. It was in a hallway with three other offices, so it wasn’t completely private, but when the door was closed, it was my playroom. J

It wasn’t a co-worker or customer or vendor who was my playmate, rather, it was a woman I met online at ISPQ, a video chat community. Her name was Cherie and, as luck would have it, she lived about 20 minutes from my office.

I should note here that, at the time, my business required not only a lot of travel, but quite a bit of teleconferencing and videoconferencing. So it wasn’t unusual for employees to see me with a webcam hooked up to my computer. What they didn’t know was that I was ‘playing’ on cam when I had the opportunity, too.

Anyway, I chatted with Cherie from my office and from hotel rooms when I traveled. She was fun and had great long legs and was quite willing to show off for me. Our online play was great fun…but I wanted to test our nerve and boundaries. So I invited her to come to my office for an ‘interview’. I set it up so that the receptionist was alerted that I would be conducting an interview one day – and that I was expecting a guest.

Cherie showed up in a black ‘modest’ length skirt with a white silk blouse, black pin-striped jacket and near-black hose and heels. Her hair was pinned back in a very conservative style and she was sly enough to even wear glasses, which was a hoot.

I ran down the stairs to greet her when she was announced and guided her towards the stairway to return to my office. The stairway to the second floor is quite steep and I waited until she had a bit of a head start before I began up the stairs behind her. About half way up the stairway, she paused, realizing what I had done and bent from the waist, which gave me a great view up her skirt to see the lacy tops of her stockings, her milky white thighs and the cheeks of her ass framing the sliver of material from her white lace thong. I chuckled as did she, and we continued to the office.

When we got there, I closed the door behind us, spun her around and gave her a warm, hard kiss….which prompted my cock to spring to attention and literally throb throughout the embrace, which seemed to last for 10 minutes…although, truly only a few.

Then I walked around my desk and took a seat across from her, where she sat in my guest chair on the other side of my desk. We made small talk, and, as we had planned, she began with her legs carefully crossed and her hands in her lap. Naturally, I was anxious with anticipation, constantly glancing down at her legs as we talked, waiting for more…wanting more.

Finally, she advanced her tease and slowly uncrossed and recrossed her legs…a la Sharon Stone, giving me a long, lovely peek up her skirt at her white panties (I love contrast between skirt and panties. Ironically, I don't like the absence of panties UNLESS my ladies are wearing sheer pantyhose…then ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see and taste pussy through the sheer nylon fabric. mmmmm). Unable to behave, I immediately reached down and began fondling myself through my slacks, catching my cock midway UP as it began to spring to life.

We continued to chat and she slid forward in her seat, her skirt riding up over her stocking tops as she uncrossed her legs, spreading them wider to give me a very clear view now of her panties above her stocking tops. Unable to hold back, I unzipped my slacks, wet the fingers on my left hand and began stroking my rock hard cock. Cherie giggled and said, “Well, I guess you like this!” and reached between her own legs, rubbing herself thru her panties, pressing her fingers between the folds of her pussy lips and leaving an obvious moist spot on the fabric when she removed her hand.

In only a few minutes, her panties were pulled aside and she was rolling her clit between her fingers, alternating the pinch with gentle rubs with her finger tips…then sliding two fingers inside herself…and repeating the routine until I thought I would burst. I asked her for a closer look and she stood, came around the desk, pushed my chair back by the arms and sat on the desk in front of me, again lifting her skirt to reveal her panties, now clearly wet with her juices.

I watched her finger herself for another 10 minutes or so, moaning and sucking air between her teeth as she enjoyed both the view and the feeling…before, unannounced, I slid my chair forward, lifted her legs over my shoulders, planted her feet on my armrests and lowered my face to her wet pussy to taste her. The minute I did, she gasped and put her hand over her mouth, while I pulled the panties aside and began to explore her entire smooth mound with my lips and tongue…kissing and flicking my tongue at every fold and nerve before coming to rest on her swollen clit. As I wrapped my lips around it and gave it a slow, gentle lick, she actually moaned aloud, which made us both laugh – wondering who may have heard it. Then we returned to what I was doing….a slow, methodical cleansing and teasing of her pussy, which was, by now, making a puddle on my desk blotter. After about 10 minutes, she laid her head back, nearly off the desk, for that matter and gave herself up to the pleasure….hand over her mouth to stifle the groans as she came closer and closer to orgasm. When she came, it was with an incredible shudder, her legs pressed hard against my cheeks, her hands in my hair and her ankles, instinctively locked behind my neck. I never stopped stroking her clit with my tongue during her orgasm…and she seemed to shake and tremble for what seemed like 5 minutes until she literally collapsed on the desk.

When she regained her composure a bit, and I lifted my head from between her legs, she sat up and took a deep breath. We whispered “wonder if anyone heard us?” I said that they were probably at the door listening – and we both laughed.

Then she turned her attention to my semi-rigid cock and slid off the desk, immediately to her knees and took the entire length into her mouth until I grew hard and longer forcing her to slide it back out and simply grip the head in her lips, licking the underside of my cock with her tongue, making me quiver.

I must tell you, the next 10 minutes I experienced the most careful, creative and body twitching blow job I may have ever had (so far!). She brought me to the edge time and time again…and expertly, without warning or suggestion by me….backed off just at the right time until we both decided it had to end or I would have gone insane. And her combination of deep throating, hand stroking, sucking and tongue-work brought me to an fabulous orgasm that filled her mouth and, unfortunately, flooded out of her lips onto my pants as well (argh…NOT GOOD!). She laughed, but I realized that a clean up would be critical in the men’s room after she left. She licked my cock clean after she allowed it to soften in her mouth…..gave the head a kiss and tucked it back into my pants, zipping me up. Then she stood, rearranged her panties, skirt and hose…..and took a seat across from me again while I blotted up her pussy puddle on the desk and tried to clean some of the saliva/cum from the edges of my zipper.

We chatted for a while and lamented that it was a shame that we had not documented our visit with a camera. After another 5 minutes or so of idle chat, she rose, we kissed and I walked her back down the steps to the front door, saying goodbye as professionally as I could….before racing for the men’s room to clean up, further.