Office Duties – Part 1 – Setting the Tone

More fun with Thuy, the lovely Vietnamese wife and mother, who tries hard to be a good girl – and it is pleasure and instinct that makes her very good indeed.

Now that both k**s are at school I was getting a bit boring at home. So I started looking around for some part time work. My previous experience and my ability to speak English and Vietnamese as interchangeable first languages, and Mandarin at a functional level, made working in a trading company, the path of most opportunities. I was looking for something that was simple 9 to 5. In the past, I had worked for companies that expected long hours and weekend work and attendance at numerous company social and “team building” events – but that doesn’t suit my f****y life these days.

After attending a few interviews with local companies, I could see that the old ways of creepy bosses expecting women to provide “extra” services, was alive and thriving. The indicators were so predictable – after hours interviews in a deserted office, the boss telling his secretary that he must not be disturbed as he shuts the door, being told that there is lots of competition for this job so, I should show him how much I really want the job – and on and on, all the same old stuff.

So, it was a welcome relief to come across a very charming and handsome young Englishman, Nigel. He had actually read my CV, and asked questions about my professional experience. He even left his office door open during the interview and the young Khmer secretary came and went during the interview. The interview was convivial and professional – he smiled in a way that was pleasant, rather than in a leering expectant way. As he chatted I was quietly taking a good long look at Nigel. He was a tall athletic young man, with dark flowing hair and crystal blue eyes. I was pretty sure that I had the job when the conversation turned to f****y and social things. He was married with two young c***dren and, like my husband, he was a bit of gym junkie.

As usual, the first week was confusing and tiring. The secretary’s name was Phea, she was pretty in a handsome kind of way, tall and slim with fine pair of breasts. She was helpful, especially in those first couple of weeks when everything is new and everything seems urgent. My job was mostly to follow up and coordinate the step by step procedures of order, payment, shipping and delivery. The flow of work was uneven, very busy leading up to a shipment, then days of not much to do. The office was small but not cramped. It was a modern fitout, but had personality due to use of wooden floors and some nice antique carvings and Khmer relics.

I soon developed a routine that seemed to manage the office work. The biggest issue was making sure that the orders were properly packed into the container and ready to be picked up at the factory. The weak link was our factory making the same mistakes on a serial basis. The factory was in an industrial zone down near the port – about 250km from the office. Nigel spent a quite a bit of time shuttling between the office and the factory – it was part of my role to run the office in his absence.

For the first few weeks, I would come home each day completely worn out. There’s no doubt that our sex life at home was suffering a bit – Andrew was good at keep things fun and interesting and would send me sex videos by email, which I enjoyed watching at work on my iPad when things got slow.

Phea showed me some nice places for lunch near to the office. Once she had shown me around we had lunch together less often, but that was fine. She was a single Mum and had a young daughter and was busy with her own life.

One lunchtime it was obvious that the afternoon rains were moving in a bit earlier than usual, so I headed back to the office. From out in the corridor the office looked deserted, which was not surprising. But, once I was in, I noticed that Phea’s shoes were still under her desk. I stopped and looked at them and tried to remember, “are those the shoes she was wearing this morning”. As I stood pondering this matter, the silence of the office was interrupted by a quiet but very satisfied moaning sound from Nigel’s office, the voice was unmistakably Phea. And it didn’t stop there – there was still at least another 30 minutes of lunchtime, and it was perfectly obvious that the charmingly handsome and married Nigel, was fucking the deliciously young and pretty Phea in his office.

All I could think was “what a luck little minx” – a mouthful of Nigel’s cock would be a much better lunch than the fried noodles I had just eaten. I sat quietly in my office, I could hear every little whimpering moan from Phea, and thrilled at every manly grunt from Nigel, the soft slapping sound of his thighs crashing into hers. I closed my eyes and created images of Phea leaning back on the edge of Nigel’s desk and Nigel standing between her spread open legs and fucking the living daylights out of her. I have always enjoyed the voyeuristic pleasures of watching and listening to the sound of people having sex. As I sat in my office listening to their sex, I masturbated myself to a silent screaming orgasm sitting at my desk.

It was obvious that Nigel was certainly giving Phea a very thorough fucking. As much as they kept their voices quiet, their shared pleasure was clear to my listening. After about 20 minutes Nigel’s tempo increased and with those familiar short gasps, I could imagine his orgasm filling Phea with his hot sperm.
“aaaaghh” I screamed to myself – I was so jealous.
She was getting her vagina full of his hard meaty cock, and all I got was sticky wet fingers, and a vacant feeling inside my cunt.

I quickly decided to go out of the office and pretend to be coming back in again after lunch – give the lucky couple time to relax and enjoy that delicious post coital moment, before they get dressed and presentable. As I tip toed past Phea’s desk, a sudden wave of naughtiness swept over me – I wanted her to know that I know. I picked up her shoes and put them on the seat of her chair. I quietly locked the door behind me and went down the elevator to get a coffee at the ground floor.

When I came back to the office, there was Phea at her desk, Nigel’s door was still closed – I rang the outside buzzer to be let in. The smell of their sex wafted through the air – I love the smell of fresh sex. I looked down to see Phea’s shoes returned to their usual place, then looked up to Phea and gave her my very best bemused smile. She’s a smart girl, she knew instantly that I had caught them out – without a word she smiled back saying, “so now you know – I’m fucking the boss”. I couldn’t resist asking,
“Hi Phea how was lunch?” she knew that I was just having fun,
“Oh it was very nice, thank you.”
As I stepped to my office, I asked Phea, “Is Nigel back from lunch?”
“I think so.” she answered – clever.

That afternoon, sitting in my office, I could barely sit still, my pussy was running wet, my whole body so aroused. Inside my vagina, I could feel the sex that I didn’t have – it was so distracting. At home that night after we go the k**s off to bed, I got Andrew to connect the TV to his computer so we could watch some sex videos on a big screen. I wanted to watch office sex videos, I was so horny that I started masturbating and sucking him straight away – neither of us wear much at home – Andrew loves being sucked, I got him hard and long and then sat on his cock and fucked him in the living room as we watched the videos. Then bending over the back of the lounge he fucked me from behind, and finally he laid me on the couch spread my legs and fucked me from on top until I came, then he kept fucking me and came inside me – aaaaahh relief at last.

Despite a solid fucking from Andrew, every time I came to the office now, I felt horny again. Now that I was “in” on their little secret, Phea didn’t do much to conceal their sex together. Of course, nobody spoke of it openly, we all carried our part perfectly – a sort of studied ignorance of what was in fact, common knowledge.

But I was feeling unsettled – I was certainly missing out, and that annoyed me. And even though Phea was about 18 years younger than me, and Nigel was just 5 years younger than me – I was still screaming out inside,
“what about me!!!!”
“I want to be fucked at the office just like sexy young Phea.”

I decided to do something about my pent up arousal, I needed a sexy release and wanted to have some fun. Andrew is always saying that i have such nice breasts that I really shouldn’t wear a bra. He insists he read an article years ago that a bra does nothing to stop a woman’s boobs from sagging. Maybe he’s right, despite being a mother of two, and having breast fed our c***dren – and my husband – I’m lucky to still have such pert natural breasts. So, when I got to the office each morning I would go to the rest room and take off my bra. Of course Phea noticed straight away – but she gave no indication, in fact the very first time I walked out of Nigel’s office with my breasts obviously lively under the thin fabric of my shirt, she commented with a foxy smile, “Nice blouse.”

My plan was working, Nigel was finding more and more reason for me to come into his office. One Friday afternoon, the smell of his semen was so obvious that I almost jumped over his desk. Instead, I leaned forward across his desk to point out something on an order form, my shirt gaped open and I knew that he had a very nice view straight down the front of my blouse to my waist. I knew that he could see my nipples on both of my breasts. I paused and didn’t look up, he played it cool, but by the way he shifted in his seat, something was growing.
“Do you see what I’m talking about?” I said pointing to a spot on the page, even without looking I knew that his eyes where fixed on my tits. After giving him a good eyeful, I walked around the desk and stood next to him – to better explain the shipping problems. Some men might have made an effort to hide their erection, Nigel leant back with his hands behind his head. His cock had grown down his inner left thigh, it looked like a small baseball bat, long and very thick, and there was a sizable wet spot where his pre-cum was flowing.

Now the tables were turned on me, I started as the exhibitionist, letting him see my tits in a covert kind of way. But now, I became the voyeur – I could only imagine what his cock looked like in the flesh. One thing was perfectly obvious – Nigel was a very well-endowed man. I’ve always enjoy a good cock. Size is important, but also, as my husband puts it, a handsome cock is a pleasure to behold. It would have been so easy to just reached down and stroked his cock through his pants, but I didn’t. Equally, Nigel could just as easily have turned his head and sucked my left nipple, I wished that he would – but, he didn’t. It was fun just teasing and arousing each other, while we waited for a better opportunity.
Now that Nigel and I had broken the ice, we decided, by silent consent, to enjoy our game of covert exhibitionism in the office. Besides, if we had fucked then, it would have just been a quickie – and I was hunting for something much more substantial.

And so the weeks rolled on. Nigel would fuck Phea from time to time and, I would listen and masturbate, and go home and enjoy being fucked by Andrew. At the office, we all pretended that it was a big secret. I enjoyed being braless at the office. Occasionally, I had visitors, either someone trying to sell us something, or someone having difficulties with shipping instructions and forms. I was having fun as a MILF cougar, knowing that they were straining to see my tits – or if they couldn’t actually see them, they could see that I was naked under the blouse – my nipples would get harder and reveal my inner self. It was fun teasing young men and watching them squirm, knowing that there was no way they could control their youthful erection. Phea giggled as she watched many a stiff legged young man leaving my office.

Nigel would come into my office to review an account or an order form or whatever. He developed the habit of coming around my desk and standing beside me as we discussed something on the computer screen. I loved seeing how his cock was swelling and over filling his jeans, I would get so aroused my mouth would start to salivate as I imagined just turning to my right and eating his cock. Occasionally, he would be f***ed to adjust himself by pulling back on his swelling cock and loosening it from tight corner.

At the end of the day, we didn’t socialize together. Nigel had a wife and school aged k**s to go home to. I have no idea of what Phea got up to after work, of course I went home to Andrew and the k**s. At home we were having a pretty normal parent’s sex life – not nearly enough, but stealing a quick fuck here and there. Mostly these involved Andrew fucking me early in the morning before the k**s woke up – I enjoy being fucked from behind and feeling Andrew’s orgasm shuddering against my body. Sometimes his semen stayed trapped high up in my vagina and slowly oozed out at work.

Our office computers weren’t networked – so, bit by bit I got into the habit of checking out porn sites when the afternoon got slow. I could masturbate with one hand under my desk and between my legs, in a way that looked perfectly innocent.

One Friday afternoon, after a frantic day trying to get a shipment out – it was obvious the factory had missed the container pick up, and they were going to have to wait for the next pick up.
Just as I was about to leave, Nigel stood at the door of my office, “Thuy, I’m sorry, but do you mind waiting back with me until the container gets picked up?”
“Sure,” I said “Not a problem.”
“Thank you, it’s just been one of those days and I’d rather we stay ready in case something else goes wrong.”
“That’s Ok – I understand. What time is the next pick up?”
“I think there is one scheduled for about 8.30pm.” with that Nigel returned to his office.

Now my excitement started to rise – this could be just what I’ve been waiting for.
I rang Andrew on Facetime and explained the situation,
“Sure Honey. Don’t worry about it, I’ll take the k**s out for dinner.” then “What time do you think you’ll be home?”
“It won’t be very late – the next pick up is at 8.30ish, so I suppose I’ll be home an hour after that – say 9.30pm.”
“Shall we save you some dinner?”
“No thanks honey, there’s nothing to do here for a couple of hour – so, I’ll go out and get something to eat nearby.” I was careful to just speak in the singular – Andrew didn’t ask if Nigel was staying behind as well, so there was no reason to mention it.

It was now close to 6.00pm – Phea had left and the other offices on our floor had all shut down – it was still and quiet inside out office. I unbuttoned my blouse by one more button and massaged my tits just to relieve some tension – normally I kept the button at about the middle of my breasts closed, now I opened it and the next stop was about the middle of my stomach.

Nigel called out from his office, “Thuy, can you come in here please?”
“Ok.” I said. I checked that the office front door was locked as I walked past it to Nigel’s office. I shut his door behind me, Nigel was looking at something on his computer screen and smiling to himself – I assume it was some porn video. So I sat opposite him. I saw that he stole a glance at my gaping shirt as I sat down, he smiled to me – I smiled back. At last, here we were – after a couple of months of playing out a game of mutual denial and unrequited sexual tension – together, alone.

We chit chatted for a little while – I wanted him the see my body – I stretched my arms up and arched my back – my blouse d****d open, exposing my left breast as I returned to normal sitting position, the gossamer thin fabric just hanging onto my erect nipple. Holding Nigel’s gaze, I opened my legs a little wider, I knew he couldn’t see my bare pussy, but I wanted him to know that it was open to him – Nigel exhaled and sighed
“Aaaagh – you have such delicious breasts – I love watching them walk around the office, I’m so pleased you stopped wearing a bra.” I stroked my breasts brushing the shirt aside, exposing my nipples, that was the spark that started the fire.

Nigel stood up and came around to stand in front of me – he bent down and we kissed, suddenly we were released, no more pretending – so, we kissed and kissed. It felt so good to feel our mouths embracing each other, I wanted so much to taste his body. Nigel slipped his hands across my shoulders and peeled off my blouse – now I was completely bare breasted, I unbuckled his belt as we kissed, then unbutton his pants, unzipped his fly, and slipped them down his long slim legs – he stepped out of them, we resumed passionate kissing. He held and massaged my breasts, that felt so good, then he stood up and I massaged his cock through his underpants – after months of seeing his erection concealed inside his jeans, I was in no mood to wait any longer the unwrap my prize.

Don’t you just love it when you pull down a man’s underpants and his erection gets dragged down and then springs up, slapping you in the face as it breaks free – which is exactly what I did with Nigel that night. At last, I finally got to see his erection in the flesh. I wasn’t disappointed, he really had a handsome cock and a magnificent erection – it was all that I had been imagining while I masturbated myself at the office. Sometimes when Andrew and I were having sex at home, I would try to imagine what it will feel like to have Nigel’s cock inside me. I already knew he was big – long and very thick – a big strong shaft, very straight, it felt very heavy and hard in my hand – with a nicely shaped circumcised head – the soft/firm fleshy penis head that felt soooo nice in my mouth. It’s my observation that most pre-cum tastes pretty much the same – a little bit salty but mostly quite a subtle taste. With Nigel he had so much pre-cum – when his penis jumped up into my face, after being released from his underpants, a silver arc of sticky pre-cum landed between my breasts and onto my face.

I sat in the chair naked to the waist with one hand struggling to hold Nigel’s thick shaft, I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around, I was pulling him into my mouth, with my left hand, I reached around and held his buttock and pulled him closer. Nigel threw off his shirt and was quickly naked – he put one hand on top of my head, and face fucked me. After a few minutes my jaw was aching from being open so wide to accommodate such a huge cock. “Oh God, that huge.” I sat back, a mixture of my saliva and Nigel’s pre-cum ran from my mouth – I took a big swallow and smiled up at him, and massaged his balls. Like his cock, his balls were large and shaved clean – I imagined each of his balls being full of hot sticky semen flowing from the eye of his penis into my warm quivering cunt.
“I like a man who shaves.” I smiled
“Really?” he replied “Well I like a woman who has nice smooth labia.” then “it tastes better.”
“Does Phea shave her pussy?” I couldn’t resist asking.
“Yes, she does, so does my wife. Actually my wife waxes her whole area – a full Brazilian.”
Now I was sitting with my legs wide open, and masturbating him with one hand and myself with the other.

Enough talking, Nigel bent down and effortlessly pickup me up and put me on the edge of his desk and pulled off my skirt and panties as I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away. I leant back on my elbows with my heels on the edge of the desk and spread my legs apart. Now I had a good view of his naked body standing between my knees – and I liked what I saw – he had shaved his balls and all his pubic hair, so I had a clear view – his cock was thick and heavy and pointed straight at my wet pussy.

Nigel bent down and sucked me – first running his tongue up from my arsehole, along my labia, searching between my lips into my vagina and ended by sucking my clitoris – over and over. His face was shiny with the copious wetness from my vagina.

Standing up he looked down at me and smiled
“At long last we get to fuck – I’ve wanted to fuck you so many times over the past couple of months.”
“Yeah me too, sitting in my office masturbating while I listen to you and Phea enjoying your lunchtime fucking.”
He laughed “You should join us. We have talked about it a few times, Phea gets very excited whenever I mention the idea of you joining us for sex.”
“Really? Very nice – but right now, I want you to fuck me.”
Feeling the fleshy head of his penis being rubbed up and down between my labia lips, and then just pushing into my vagina I suddenly had to come to terms with just how big he is. I couldn’t get my fingers around his shaft and my jaw was still aching from sucking him.

I didn’t have long to think about it, soon he buried his head into my wet lips and he was feeding his cock into my vagina. As wet and slippery as I was, I had to put my hand onto his lower stomach to slow him down a bit – which he did – but with each thrust he was deeper and deeper into my body. This really was a stretch – opening my legs wider didn’t make much difference, with one more shove, his entire length was swallowed up by my hungry vagina – and she was very hungry for Nigel’s cock. I love watching a man’s cock being swallowed by my pussy – seeing my lips stretching and his thick shaft disappearing inside my body.

Very soon, he was fucking me continuously – his monster shaft plunging in and siding back, fast and hard like a fucking machine. Looking up at Nigel’s face he looked as happy as I felt – his fine long body was almost hairless and well-muscled – a proper manly body. I was happy to be fucked this way for a while to let the muscles around my vagina stretch and relax, and adjust to such a big cock. He was crashing me across the table – we nearly knocked over his computer, so he picked me up, still impaled on his rock hard rod and lay me on the small couch. He turned me over and fucked me doggy style from behind – that’s when I had my first orgasm. Then I was sucking him again, tasting my own pussy juices – yum, it’s so sexy tasting yourself.

After what seemed like an hour of being banged from every possible angle, and two more orgasms by me – I was really enjoying myself. We were back on the desk, Nigel standing and me back on my elbows with Nigel between my legs fucking me hard and fast. He held my breasts and breathed “Oh yeah baby – I’m gonna cum.”
“Good,” I said “fill me up. I want to feel your hot semen pouring into my vagina.”
“You sure babe – no condom, this is bare back fucking.”
“Yeah, this is what I want. I never want to feel a condom inside me.”
Then I felt it, Nigel did the same as my husband, just before he cums he pulls back a little to give some space for the semen to flow out of his penis – then the hot bursts of semen spraying into my cervix.
“Empty those big balls of yours into my cunt, fill me up. I love it.”
Nigel’s body jolted and jumped as his orgasm thundered through him. I counted four big jets of semen and I don’t know how many little after-shocks.

“Oh wow – that was great.” He sighed as he kept rocking back and forth, he kept his cock inside me.
“Don’t stop.” I said “just keep fucking me.” I lay back and just enjoyed the moment. Then I came for a third time.
His cock stayed hard – yes, it softened a bit, but he really didn’t lose his size.
He did withdraw his cock and brought it to me to suck, it was slimy and wet and covered in a delicious mixture of my vagina and his semen – it was great.
After I sucked and licked him clean I asked him to put it back inside me and to keep fucking me – which he did.
My vagina was well stretched by now and my pussy was swallowing him with ease.
He slipped back inside me with ease “Aaah, that’s feels nice back inside you.”
“And it’s so good to have you inside me at last.”
“You’re a really nice fuck. I could fuck you for hours.”
“I’m pleased to hear that.” I said “because, I love being fucked by you and I want you to fuck me lots more.”

After a while I started to think about the shipment and the pick-up,
“What time do you think it is?” I asked him,
Nigel looked at his mobile phone “It’s eight thirty.” he said
“Christ – have we been fucking for more than 2 hours?” I was surprised
He sort of laughed a little, then “It seems so.”
I was suddenly in a panic “Oh shit – what about the shipment? It’s supposed to be picked up about now.”
“Don’t worry my little fuck buddy.” he said as he parted my legs and licked his cum that was dribbling from my vagina – I adjusted myself to lay on my back to give him a better angle of entry.
Then as he slipped his cock back inside me and mentioned,
“The container was picked up at 6.30. No need to worry.”
With that he gave me a big smile and started to fuck me again – harder and faster.

I got home at about 9.30 – Nigel dropped me off. I masturbated him all the way home and then sucked his cock as we sat in his car outside my house. He came in my mouth and I swallowed all of his sperm – I just wanted to make sure there was nothing left for his wife.

Coming through the front door I felt wrecked – I could hardly walk. My cunt was sore and dribbling Nigel’s semen, my mouth was sore and tasted of Nigel’s semen – my arms and legs were sore and didn’t work properly – I hadn’t had a shower so I stank of sex.

Andrew was laying on the couch watching TV – “Hi honey.” He called out.
“Hi darling.” I did a good job of sounding nonchalant and friendly. “how were the k**s?”
“Oh they were fine, we went to the Mexican place for dinner. We over-ordered so there’s some burrito in the fridge if you’re hungry.”
“Thanks darling, I’ll just have a shower first to wash to day off me.”
“Did everything go ok at the office?” he asked “Were you by yourself or did Nigel stay as well?”
“Nigel was there.” I called back from the bedroom as I undressed. Andrew had not met Nigel.

I had a shower and soaped my body three times and washed my pussy with cold water to help reduce the swelling. Even so my lips were quite sore to touch. As much as I wanted to keep the taste of Nigel’s semen in my mouth, I thought it best if I cleaned my teeth – no doubt I’ll be getting plenty more.

I pulled on a long t-shirt. I tried wearing panties but still my cunt was too sore so I didn’t bother. I flopped on the couch next to Andrew – he ran off and got me a plate of left over Mexican food – I was starving, sex always makes me hungry, so getting fucked ragged made me even hungrier. Laying on the couch with my loving husband and eating take away – suddenly everything back at the office seemed like another world. Of course if Andrew asks me if I’m fucking someone at the office, I’ll tell him the truth, but tonight he’s not asking.