Nudist Beach Adventure

Nudist Beach Adventure

I would love to tell you a really horny true story about an experience I had on a nudist beach in Fuerteventura. The beach is where all of the sand dunes are and is s**ttered with nests of rocks where people lay in to sun bathe and keep out of the wind. Obviously because there is a degree of privacy there is a lot of various actions going on and understandably there are guys continually walking around them and if they can peering in to try and catch some action. Well my wife gets really horny when the sun is on her pussy and she loves opening her legs to increase the heat and she loves the excitement of guys looking. I would tell her when a guy would be approaching / passing by and she would open her legs so if he looked in he would have a fantastic view but she did not want to see him so either pretended to be asl**p or reading a book. Her pussy would get really wet as I described the guys and the size of his cock and how he was getting hard when he glanced in and then wanking it when he came back for another look. Well the beach is renowned for gays and bi guys looking for fun and it was obvious to me that many of the hard cocks were also lusting after me and on a number of occasions they tried to entice me away for some fun which would have been great but difficult to explain.

As the week went on we fantasized more and more about letting a guy into our nest for some fun and eventually she agreed but insisted she would have to keep her eyes shut throughout. On the day we planned it was scorching hot and my wife was so horny with the heat on her pussy and me talking dirty that my cock was bursting as I watched the guys looking at her wet cunt and my hard cock and gesturing they wanted both or in many cases just me but I wanted to invite a young hunk in if possible and sure enough 2 fit guys were striding down the beach.

They were late teens or early twenties with firm toned bodies one of which had black smooth shiny skin and the other an all over bronze tan – both were well endowed with uncut cocks and semis on as they eyed us up. I had been “warming” my wife up as they were approaching and she had got so horny she desperately wanted some action and so did I so I made it obvious to them that they could join us. My wife could not bring herself to believe what we were doing and put a tee shirt over her head to shut it out but at the same time her body was craving and lusting for attention.

The guys climbed in and spread their beach towels on the sand. One of the guys began stroking her tits and sucking on her nipples and there were groans of pleasure coming from under the tee shirt and as he moved his tongue down to enjoy her pussy and clitoris I felt lips engulf my throbbing cock. He expertly rolled my foreskin back with his lips whilst using his tongue to tease the tip tasting the pre cum that had already seeped out. I knelt down alongside my wife licking her nipples and talking dirty telling her what I was watching and while I did this the guys had changed places and her pussy was now being penetrated by a big hard black cock that was now enormous and glistening. I felt the cheeks of my ass being gently pulled apart and my hole becoming wet as it was moistened / lubricated with saliva and then the sensation of a finger loosening and opening the hole to enable his tongue to probe right inside. I desperately wanted him to fuck me which I have never had done to me but with me and the wife only ever fantasizing about my bi side together (she doesn’t know about the fun I have without her mmmmmmmmm) it was too risky even to try. However I did manage to enjoy lots of other fun. I sucked the pussy juices and drops of spunk off the black cock when he had finished fucking my wife as the other guy took over. The black guy bent over to give some attention to my wife’s tits and to finger her ass while his mate fucked her. He pulled his black smooth cheeks apart to expose a gaping hole and he pulled my cock towards it and for the first time I found my cock entering the warm flesh of a welcoming ass which gripped my cock as it slid back and forth. I am sorry to say the excitement was too much and I did not last too long before my cock was spurting for all it’s worth into his hot ass. I managed to withdraw to shoot some spunk over his ass and the white spunk running down the cheeks of his black ass was very erotic and I could not resist tasting my own cum and then licking some from his gaping hole. As I was doing this his mate pulled his cock out of my wife’s pussy and shot his spunk all over her tits and they both hungrily licked it all off.

It was a fantastic experience with the only disappointment that I didn’t see my wife sucking their cocks especially the black one which made my 8ins cock look small. Unfortunately we didn’t see them again but we have had lots of other fun since but that was undoubtedly the best.

My other real regret is my wife will not play at all in the UK and is only up for fun abroad and nudist beaches whereas I want the fun all the time in a comfortable environment, a few drinks, porn, poppers etc and a long sensual session with mmf or any other combinations mmmmmmmmm if anyone is interested or able to arrange contact me I am 100% genuine (read my feedback) and so was this story.