Never Enough Humility/Inches

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. We're both very horny and very kinky. We decided to have an open relationship, even after we got married. We could have sex with other people, but not in front of each other. It's worked
out well, for the most part.
Two years ago, the dynamics changed somewhat, but actually for the better.
Two years ago, we took our vacation in Costa Rica. We had a great time.
The best part of the trip was our stay in San Andres, an island off Nicaragua.
It has pristine beaches, great snorkeling, seafood. And wall-to-wall BBC. There
are designated beaches which are clothing optional. They are packed by 8 AM
with white women(mostly Euro and North American)who have come here to meet
and fuck Black Studs. Being Bisexual(but on the downlow), i shared the womens
hunger for Black Seed and Cock. My wife, who has always been a black cock slut,
didnt want to leave!!!!!!!!!
It's incredible. There are volleyball nets and the Stallions would play for
hours. I watched one guy for almost an hour. He had a hard-on the entire time!!
There were over 60 women(and about 6 cucks)taking in the show. There are cabanas in the shaded areas on the beach. For $2 you have a cool, private
place to get Blacked. I decided to join the volleyball action and got to play
on Mr. Hardons team. His name was Stanley. He welcomed me to the island and
hoped I was having a good time. I told him I was having the time of my life
and couldnt believe his stamina. When he asked what I meant, I told him that
several of the tourist women had taken his picture. “They're impressed by your
Manhood.” Before he could answer I said “So am I.” He just smiled and said,
“One year a woman and her husband asked me if they could take pictures of me.”
When they told me they would pay me $500, I said of course.” I said casually,
“We can pay $1000. But, my wife will pose with you.” Sure, he said, many married couples have asked me the same thing. its easy money” By now,I had
a raging hard-on. I asked him if he'd mind posing for some pix now. It wouldnt
take more than half an hour or so. It's worth $200, 100 now, and 100 after
the shoot. he agreed. he'd done this before, and probably made a good living
at it. i asked if there were a more private location nearby. he said sure,
we'll go to my house
It was only 20 minutes from the beach. He put on a Speedo, which did nothing
to hide his enormous tool. 5 minutes into the hike, i told him i needed to piss. He pointed to a shack nearby and said “there, i'll join you. when we
reached the shack, i pissed in a bucket. he said, I hope you don't mind if
i jack off, i need to relax. your offer has blown my mind. sure, i said, may
i join you? Of course was his reply. as i knelt down in front of his Magnificent Tool, i asked May i worship Your Manhood, Sir? If You would honor
my request, I would be forever Grateful. He agreed, and i never felt so alive.
as I serviced Master, I told him i was a BlackCock Slut and i had worshipped
at The BBC alter since i was 14. Black Penis is the strongest, purest f***e
on Earth. Black Seed has set me free. Before i could finish my confession, he
shot an enormous load of Salty Black Jism down my throat. That moment is seared
in my memory. i had reached a timeless, painless state where all was right with
the World. i didnt realize then, but I was in cocksucker Paradise. More to follow.