Neighborhood fun part 2, first glimpse.

The food on the grill was almost done. As I sat chatting with the moms, I learned that every Friday they and a few other moms would all get together and have a game night. Each time would be at a different house and it was really more of a ” let's get d***k and blow off steam” than play a game kinda thing.

It was a chance to let it all go and as Rachel started giggling out of nowhere, she said ” Amber, you remember that one night when you got so plastered you tried to make out with Krystal? ” my eyes widening with excitement, Amber laughed hard saying “yeah I remember, I don't why but I really wanted to kiss her.” I could feel my cock jump as Amber licked her lips and Krystal said ” it was kinda hot!!” With that I was fully erect, my thick cock head trying to push out of my shorts. Rachel asked if I wanted another beer and handed me one. Without thinking I stood up to receive it and my bulge was in full view.

It was then I noticed the look on all of their faces, it was a look of shock and awe, eyes wide and mouths open as if they were about to drool. I sat down quickly to try and hide it but as I did I hit the edge of the chair, slide of and fell on my ass! The moms jumped up laughing hysterically, Rachel calling me a dumbass, but asking if I was ok. I laughed and said I was, staggering to climb back in the chair.

Amber, still laughing, opened the grill lid and started pulling the food off. She asked if Rachel and Krystal would help her in the kitchen. As the moms walked in the house, I watched as all 3 wiggled their asses as they left, teasing me in a way and I couldn't help but ogle as I watched.

The girls came running up and all sat down around the table, ready to eat. As they arrived, they all said ” hi mr. Mike, almost in tandem with eachother. I said hi back and asked if they were having fun. They all said they were, and said Hayleigh was awesome. I smiled at them, saying ” I'm glad you are all getting along.” Still half erect, I stood up and headed to the kitchen to see if I could help with anything. As I slowly opened the back door, I heard Rachel say ” oh my god!! Did you see the thing mike is packing in his pants!” Amber replied” hell yeah, how could you miss it, it's huge!!” Krystal licked her lips and said ” I'll bet it stretches you and fills you up! I don't know if the whole thing would even fit in me.” It was then I smiled thinking ” oh yeah I got this” and cleared my throat. I must have scared them a little, because they all jumped. I asked if there was anything I could help with and all 3 of them looked at my cock bulge and said ” oh..uh..well.. I think we got it for now. Thanks hun.” With that I said ok, and headed back out side.

As I was coming out the door, Mindy was heading in. As she squeezed past me in the doorway, I felt her perky teen tits brush up against me, and her hips lightly gazed my cock. I almost fell out the door, and Mindy said sorry as she past. Amber popped her head out and told the girls to go wash up. As they headed in I watched their perky tits and tight asses jiggle as one by one the went in the door.

After they washed up, the girls came back out helping carry food, and the moms followed. We started eating, there was food being passed in all directions and plates full of amazing bbq.

After we all finished? The girls all went in to watch tv, while us adults stayed out drinking beer and making small talk, telling jokes and stories. One joke Rachel told made Amber laugh so hard she spit her mouthful of beer all over Krystal's shirt. We all laughed hard at that one, and Amber said to Krystal ” I'm sorry honey, come upstairs with me and I'll put it in the wash for ya.” As they headed in, Rachel looked at me smiling and said ” I'll bet they are gonna start making out, they are just d***k enough to try!” Then she said ” we should go see if we can catch them in the act.” With that, she grabbed my hand and started racing into the house. As we flew by the girls, I looked in on them all lying on their belly and all with their oh so tight toned perfect little asses in the air as they watched tv.

The thought of catching Amber and Krystal kissing, and seeing 4 perfect teen asses again made me rock hard. The girls didn't even seem to care that we ran through the house and up stairs trying to be quiet. We snuck down the hall to the laundry room and listened through the door. We could hear soft moans coming from inside and Rachel started to giggle. She pulled her cell phone out and turned on the video cam saying ” ahh this is gonna so awesome, I love a good blackmail vid! ” With that she held her phone up and flung the door open hard. Amber and Krystal stood in front of us, bare assed kissing deeply and folding each other's tits! When they heard us enter they scrambled to cover themselves in shock yelling ” what the fuck”

As Rachel and I stood their ogling at the lustfullness pair of naked moms, Rachel started to peel her shirt off. Amber told us to come in and close the door. Rachel finished striping and the 3 of them started rubbing each other, squeezing handfuls of tits and asses and rubbing hot moist pussies. I was in shock now at the sight in front of me and then all of a sudden they stopped. They looked at me in a sluty gaze and Amber said ” well now that you have seen us, it's time you let us see that huge dick of yours that you have been hiding. Sill awe struck, I couldn't move. I just stood there, drooling. Amber reach out and started to undo my belt as Rachel and Krystal pulled my shorts down to ankles. (Side note – I usually free ball because it's comfy). As I stood there in all my glory, my 10 inch cock stood straight in the air, pointing towards them. All 3 of them let out a gasp of disbelieve at the sight that stood in front of them. Rachel said ” holy shit it's fuckin massive!!” And Krystal said ” I thought it was big, but not that big!” And Amber just stood there, eyes wide and bitting her lip. She then said ” there is no possible way I can fit that in any of my holes! It would split me in half!” With a smile on my face, I shook my hips side to side, as my cock waved at them. If it could talk it probably would have said something like ” how ya like me now!!” Rachel dropped to her knees and lead in to get a closer look, and she reached out to touch it, Becca hollered up the stairs ” yall can come down anytime, desert is ready.” Then Jessica yelled ” hurry or were coming to get you!” We all quietly said “fuck” Then Amber hollered ” we'll be down in a min, just showing off the new bathroom!” (She had just spent 10k and had a new master bath put in about a month ago). The moms looked at me and at the same time, all grabbed my cock! 3 hands wrapped around my huge shift and I still had the head left. They all said “holy fuck” Then Rachel said ” yeah you definitely need three hands to jerk off this monster, how do you do it by yourself?” Before I could answer, they gave my cock a hard tug,and tucked it back into my shorts. Krystal said “it will have to wait for another time.” And they put their clothes back on.

As we headed downstairs smiling about what just happened, I couldn't wait till we meet again. The girls seemed to be a little annoyed that we took so long, then Becca said ” what took so long?” Hayleigh jumped in saying ” my dad was probably up there saying ” this was done wrong, and that should be over there…” he does stuff like that, always the mr. Fix it!” Oh boy if she only knew, I was mr. Fix it alright..Mr I'm gonna fix those 3 nasty wet cunts and assholes. Fix them till they stretch, and make amber, Krystal and Rachel cry and moan and take all 10 inches, then leave them there with their cum covered tits and gaping holes begging for more!!!!!

Thanks to those who left comments on part 1. Being my first story, I'm glad it's a good read. I hope I left you all horny and wanting more! There is so much more to come- I hope you will like it. Comment and let me know what yall think!