Naughty guest


I will tell a short story that happened to me not very long time ago.

I have a girl that often calls me for a night of sex at her place when she is alone and horny.One night she called me and decided that i will spend my night with her. Usually she stays with two other girls in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. This time the two girls were away for a couple of days so she proposed me to stay with her the morning.She told me that she will have to leave for a couple of hours in the morning and won't wake me up when she leaves.I was OK with it. More sl**ping for me.

So i wake up when she left the bed and pretend that i'm still sl**ping.She dressed up and left exactly how she said. Usually i have a hard cock when i wake up in the morning and this time was no exception.I had a wild erection and felt quite horny because we didn't had sex during the night becouse of her period.

Once i heard the door closed i got out of bed fully naked and start walking through the apartament with a full erection.It felt very exciting since it was a new place for me and knew that there are 3 girls in that space. Al that estrogen is giving me such a turn on.First think i see is a huge mirror and my reflection of my and my fully erected cock in the middle of the room.I wanted something naughty to do and i began to search for stuff that could get me even more horny.

I reach the door of one of her colleagues. It was open. I push the door a bit and the door opens fully. I enter the room and began to search for stuff. I wasn't too hard to find some worn panties and socks. I smelled the worn panties and hope for a nice pussy smell but surprisingly they didn't smell that bad. It had a definite smell but not of fish or bad stuff.i gave them a lick and couldn't resist to not grab my cock and start stroking a bit.A little pre-cum drop began to appear on my tip of my cock.The adrenaline is making me to quiver and thrill with all my body.the room was full of stuff and i noticed a laptop on her bed and near the bed a transparent plastic chest with something purple inside.i could't help myself but to open it. i found a tube of anal lube, couple of condoms and a nice looking a dildo. i was shocked at first but then the sluttiest, dirtiest idea ever.I was always wandering how sluts feels when are fucked rough.

So… in a crazy instance I open up her laptop and get on Omegle ( a roulette cam to cam site that hooks you up with a random user with ta camera). I was determined to make the most dirty show for anyone who wants to watch me.After a couple of cock and balls, something common on Omegle ( users will know ) I find a group of teenagers. Two girls and a guy which looks like are interested in something spectacular. Once they see me naked and i caught their attention i began my show. I turn around and show them my asshole and cock.I slapped my ass chick hard and i hear the girls giggling.i turned around and show them my wet shaved cock and balls.spit on my belly and cock and begin to stroke my cock. i grab the dildo and start sucking it like crazy. Let some saliva droop on my chest and cock. I push it deeper and there began to drool even more. I didn't know i can produce that much saliva when you gag on a dildo.I get the anal lube and lube my asshole along with some saliva and began to push the dildo into my asshole. The teens were shout some encouragements and they watch me with great interest. One of the girls i remember that she keep repeating that she can believe that and she was amazed. The dildo was now sliding back and forward my asshole like i was a little dirty slut.It wasn't a very pleasant feeling, i must confess, but i did it because i wanted to experience being ****d and watched in the same time.

To be continued…