Naked Civil Servants

It had been a few days now but I always got that warm feeling when I spoke to Michelle on the phone.

We both work for the civil service and after me gaining promotion Michelle was my new contact in Whitehall.

We soon got the work business out of the way and started to chat about our private lives.

Michelle had just come out of a long term relationship and had told me about an encounter with a male friend Michael and his now ex girlfirend, during a visit to him in France.

After a few glasses of wine Michael and Michelle had started talking about they fantasies, one of them for Michelle had been to make love with another woman and another was her first threesome FMF or FFF.

A week later Michelle was back in London and Michael came over to the UK too his flat he kept in Highgate and they all met up in a pub close by. He had his ex girlfriend with him Annaliese, Annie for short. She was and is a stunning blonde with perfect figure, tits and teeth in fact just BEAUTIFUL.

They had a few drinks and then went to Michael's flat to eat. After the meal they played a form of strip poker with Michelle and Annie soon becoming naked

Michelle had never been so close to a naked beauty like Annie before and she could not take her eyes off her tits and perfectly smooth pussy, Annie in turn stared at her blonde pussy Annie asked if she could stroke Michelle and as they say the rest is history……………

I said that I also see an ex boyfriend and his wife for sexy fun and soon we chatted about the pleasure in women making love to each other without the need of guys.

Michelle told me that it was the first time that she had experienced a woman and said that she would love to meet more women for love making.

I had been bi for about 3 years now and while liking having my husband and “our couple “having weekends away together, also had a female lover who I would meet for lunch ever few weeks, knowing that we would go back to her flat and spend hours touching and caressing ours bodies with the feel that no man can ever give you ……………………..

I asked Michelle if she would like to meet some time for a more experienced and older women as she is 36 and I am 47 now and that I would soon be required to come to London for a meeting and Michelle said that she would love to take our relationship further and instead of booking a hotel, she would be more than willing to put me up for a few nights……… my pussy got wet with the thought of working with Michelle during the day and evenings out on the town with her.

Being from a very rural area I always looked forward to the buzz of the city.

As I travelled up on the train catching up on paperwork ready for my first meeting, my mobile rang and Michelle asked me was I still looking forward to us meeting in person, again as soon as I heard her sexy voice the wetness started and after telling me all the things she had planned for us I had to go to the toilet to clean my soaking satin panties……………

I was still on the mobile as I made my way to the toilet, as soon as I entered and locked the door I told Michelle that my pussy was dripping and she told me to lift up my skirt and touch my clit, it was amazing that as the train moved from side to side I could work my clit and pussy to the rhythms of it.

I placed one leg on the toilet to let me open my pussy wider and worked myself off with Michelle giving me instructions on what to do.

I finally arrived at Paddington Station and was met by my driver for my few days in London and soon he had me at Whitehall were I was shown in a very large wooden panelled office, with a door in the corner.

I waited with baited breath as I wanted to meet Michelle and just hold her in my arms, I was shown to the door and adjust my business suit making sure that my large tits pushed out of my jacket and my short skirt and stockings showed off my legs.

As I entered the room I saw to my horror a room full of suited males and only a few females I scanned the room looking for my new found lover. I could see Michelle at last sitting in the corner of the room and she give me a cute smile and licked her lips at me , fuck I thought that if I get wet again it would be running down my legs so I quickly adverted my eyes away from her and started to chat to the suits regarding business.

Soon the meeting was over and we left the room to be taken to an outdoor terrace for a buffet lunch. I stood on my own what seemed for hours and then Michelle moved forward and offered me a large glass of crisp white wine and whispered into my ear asking if I had a good journey saying that she was playing with her clit as we spoke on the train and how much that she want to make love to me……………..

I looked around to see if anybody could hear her, but all I could do was smell her perfume which met to my approval.

After a few more glasses of wine Michelle said that that was it for the rest of the day and for me to get the driver to bring the car around to take us back to her apartment.
The smell of the leather seats within the car made me feel horny and with the privacy screen between us and the driver I just wanted to hold and touch Michelle.

I moved closer to Michelle , who offered to remove my jacket as it was hot in the car and it was soon on the floor and Michele gently brushed back the hair from my face and neck, and slowly kissed it from the side to the back of the neck,

I loved in how gently she was with her kisses and turned my head back around and we both stopped lips so close and Michelle licked my lips to taste for the first time and soon our tongues entered each others mouth flicking back and forth.

Michelle stroked the outside of my low cut blouse and I could feel my nipples getting erect and poking though the silky bra and Michelle just rolled them between her fingers.

Soon Michelle had her hand up my skirt and as it got closer to the top of my stockings I slipped down the leather seats allowing for her to expose my soaking (once again) knickers and probe within them with her fingers I opened up my legs allowing her to see my pussy close up,

Michelle licked inside my thighs and placing her tongue close to the soaking gusset and I could feel her breath on my love hole, Michelle pulled them to one side and lapped at my lips quickly at first but then begin to slowly probe my pussy, but then Michelle worked my swelling clit, making me move with each lick as I felt that I was about to explode in my new found lovers mouth.

After me cumming over my lovers tongue Michelle said that she had a new name for me, I was taken aback not knowing on what name she would call me ( all things ran through my head with horrible things ) but she called me Silky as that what my pussy felt like when tonguing me.

We soon arrived at the apartment at Hampstead Heath and Michelle showed me my bedroom and said that she was going to take a quick shower and for me to use the place as my own. I took of my business suit and underwear and put on a white bath robe which was on the bed.

I walked out and I saw her bedroom and as Michelle said use the place as mine I sat on the king size bed covered in white sheets and open the bedside cabinet draw.

I found a small bullet type and rabbit vibrator, I smelt at them hoping to catch a trace of Michelle’s or Annie’s love juices as I knew that now Michelle and Annie had also become lovers with Michael joining them when ever he was in town and soon I was licking at the toys hoping to taste both of them.

I want to taste Michelle so badly now, I open up the robe and my legs and slide the toy between them, I switch it on and was soon working my pussy deep and hard with the rabbit working my clit.

I hadn’t notice that Michelle had come out of the shower and was just standing there watching me use her sex toy, I couldn’t hold back any further and came with my juices squirting all over her toy and between the cheeks of my bum, I felt awful as I had just creamed all over her fresh bedding and apologized for the mess I had made,

Michelle told me not to worry as the bed will be in a worst state in the morning after the evening that she has planned for us…………………………………….. To be continued