Nailed the son's new girlfriend

One evening as my wife and I sat at home our son arrived home with his new girl friend Lucy, as we all sat chatting I couldn’t help notice Lucy’s legs slightly open showing me a pair of white lace panties, her long slender legs set of her curvy figure, I could feel myself getting hard and made my excuses going upstairs and beating a quick one off in the bedroom. As I left the bedroom our son was coming up the stairs, “well what you think of her dad” “stunning son totally stunning” as I returned to the living room sitting opposite Lucy again getting a good eyeful of her sexy body.
We all sat down for something to eat my wife sat next to Tommy (our son) and next to me with Lucy on my other side, the conversation was great when I felt a hand on my cock, looking down it was Lucy rubbing it slowly, I was rigid looking at her she smiled and licked her lips slowly, taking her hand away we finished our food and went back to the living room “why don’t you go help your mum do the dishes Tommy, your dad and I can get to know each other better” “ok Lucy that would be great”.

Sitting on the sofa Lucy came and sat next to me “so daddy did you like my panties it made me so wet” I blushed as Lucy rubbed my trousers again making me go hard. “I bet you know how to satisfy a woman” “well I’ve never had a complaint” laughing as I said it “Tommy has a nice cock but yours feels bigger al lot bigger I like a older man what you doing tomorrow”?, “nothing as I’m on holiday at present” “come to my flat tomorrow and satisfy me” giving me her address the situation was broken by Tommy coming in, “I hope you to are getting on” “yes sweetie you was right your dad is lovely, as we sat down getting to know Lucy better. That night when in bed the wife said what a great girl Lucy was, I was too busy thinking of her bouncing up and down on my cock making me hard as a rock.

The wife reached down the bed grabbing my cock and started to rub it “Mmmmmmmmm your horny hunny sliding down the bed and started to suck my cock, I lay back as I watched her head bob up and down and rubbing it hard, getting on top Mary (my wife) fed my cock deep into her wet slit undoing her night top so I could play with her nice large tits, she kept herself in good shape and the lads at work always joked they would fuck her one at a time filling her pussy full of cum, Mary groaned as I rubbed her nipples begging for me to fuck her hard.
Getting off and laying on her back I got in between her legs and slipped my cock in and started to fuck her hard, Mary moaned and shouted, we had a real active sex life and done it whenever possible, thank god our son waited to bring Lucy home because 2 hours earlier they would of caught me with my cock up Mary’s arse. Mary said she was Cumming as I thrust harder and harder with a loud scream she cum shaking hard triggering me to empty my load, I could feel my cock pulsing as I filled Mary’s pussy, slipping off Mary slid down the bed and sucked my cock dry, “Mmmmm hunny what the hell you been feeding your cock on it was so thick, laughing we went to sl**p.

The following day I made my excuses and went to Lucy’s arriving at her flat and going in Lucy was wearing a very skimpy wrap and smelt totally beautiful, sitting down we got chatting as Lucy un did her wrap she was topless, her tits stood firm, nice hard tanned nipples and tits to die for lovely rounded and big, Lucy could see I was very hard, “well lay back let little Lucy see what big Daddy has in his trousers”, unzipping them she reached in pulling out my cock, “Jesus that’s what I was talking about I was right” as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft lowering her head she started to suck it slowly, “Mmmmm taste so good” rubbing her nipples Lucy stood up all she had on was a little thong, removing that I could see a tuft of pussy hair and the rest was smooth.

Lucy stood in front of me as I rubbed her pussy lips making her wetter and wetter, I stopped got up and stripped Lucy watch as I stood naked my cock standing out 2 huge balls hung below, taking me by the hand she led me to her bedroom, a huge queen size bed await us, sitting on the edge Lucy took hold of my cock and started to suck it again, wrapping her tongue around the huge cock head she teased the slit with her tongue, cupping my balls she remarked that she hoped to receive the full load in her pussy, rubbing me softly Lucy lay on the bed and opened her legs, I knelt looking at how wet she looked, lowering my head I slowly run my tongue up and down her pussy, making her groan.
Her hand was on the top of my head as I licked her pussy nibbling her lips and clit making her moan and gasp “Oh god fuck me I’m ready to explode” as I carried on licking her clit “FUCK ME I WANT THAT COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY” as I moved up the bed and slipped deep into her slit making her groan loud “Oh god that is fucking huge I feel like I’m splitting in 2 Oh satisfy my now you can’t disappoint me” I started to thrust slowly making her Cum straight away “Oh my god what the fuck was that I have never cum that quick” as I started to slam harder and harder grabbing her upper thigh’s I pumped my cock in and out like a piston, my balls slapped her ass hard as though I was spanking her, Lucy cried out again and again as Orgasm’s slammed through her body.

I pulled out telling Lucy to get on her knees, doing so I slipped back in and grabbed her tits as I banged her pussy hard, spanking her like a naughty girl, she screamed for more and more, I pulled out slamming 3 fingers in her pussy rubbing her G spot making her squirt like a fountain before ramming my cock, back into her wet hole. I teased her clit making her cry out with pleasure, Lucy begged for more and more crying out with pleasure, I pulled out and nudged it against her ring she finally gave in and it slipped a good way in before she begged me to stop, after a while she said it was ok again as I slipped the rest of my length deep in her ass. “Oh god that is massive in my bum”, wriggling her ass I groaned with pleasure, moving slow I run my hands over her silky soft skin and playing with her nipples, she gasped with a small orgasm, “ahhh only a small orgasm Lucy can’t you manage anything else” “you shove that cock in my pussy and cum I’ll show you how I cum”.

Pulling out and slipping into her hole I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard, Lucy moaned and begged for more telling me to fuck her so hard her pussy should be numb, driving deeper and harder Lucy started to groan and moan saying she was Cumming, I could feel my cock thicken I had never lasted this long with raw sex we must of been at it for a few hours, Lucy shook and begged for my load, I groaned and with a final push I exploded a huge load that made my cock ache, a ear piercing scream from Lucy as she cum, squirted, shook like she was having a fit and then collapsed on the bed fainting with the f***e of her orgasm, I fell on top but rolled off slipping out of her, laying on the bed looking at this fit 25 year old that was my sons girlfriend.
Lucy woke after about 10 minutes “OMG you sure live up to your talk never been fucked so hard and never up the arse either Mmmmmmmm” rubbing Lucy’s nipples I gently run my hand down her stomach and up again over her firm tits making Lucy sigh, “Oh god I’m so frigging horny” Lucy said as I started to suck her nipples and rub her clit slowly “Mmmmmmmmmm oh god fuck me again” Lucy demanded satisfaction again slipping fingers into her pussy I rubbed her clit and then her G spot, keeping her on the edge for ages, before she grabbed my hand, making sure I rubbed her to orgasm “OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” as she cum hard, I could feel my cock twitch as it started to rise slowly.

My cock was now ready for Lucy as I lay on my back Lucy straddled me lowering her pussy and started to work her hips, “Oh god your cock is fantastic I need it so much” Lucy was a slut on heat and I was helping her get rid of one hell of a itch, getting up and turning round she squatted as I helped her bounce up and down, leaning back she pushed up as I thrust up, Lucy rubbed her clit Cumming again and again, “Oh fuck ram it in make me your bitch” Lucy shouted she was a fucking demon in bed and I loved it, our bodies where sweaty as I fucked her harder and harder, Lucy was building up another huge orgasm.
I could feel my cock was going to explode again as Lucy shouted out, Cumming Lucy gripped tightly as she rode out her orgasm. “Mmmmmmmmm now that’s how to satisfy a women, Lucy got up as I rested before putting on my clothes and leaving, I was addicted to Lucy all the way home I relived our sex we had, getting indoors Mary was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Tommy came in and said he would be at home tonight as Lucy had called off their date to being totally worn out, I smirked as to know why that was, that night Mary and I had the most amazing sex and decided the following morning to have a lay in.

In the afternoon I went to Lucy’s as soon as I was in the door I pushed her over a chair ripping her panties clean off and slamming my cock up her tight little slit, Lucy groaned loudly as I banged her sweet pussy making her cum 4 or 5 times in a row before shooting my load, pulling out I tucked myself away and left leaving Lucy gasping from a good seeing too. Arriving back home Tommy asked if it was ok for Lucy to stay the following weekend, with a lot of convincing his mother gave in, personally I would of said yes straight away but didn’t want to look that eager.
I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive and finally it did, Tommy and Lucy arrived late afternoon after we had a chat Tommy and Lucy went to his room, whilst Mary cooked a meal, we had a great time the wine flowed and Lucy was trying to make me horny, discretely rubbing her nipples and opening her legs, so I can see what she was doing, and it was making me horny. It was late and we all went to bed, after a while I could hear Tommy and Lucy fucking, the wife was asl**p from the amount of wine she had d***k, I rubbed my cock that was now hard from what I could hear, all of a sudden Lucy cried out and then silence. I got up as to horny to sl**p after a good wank I still couldn’t cum, sitting in the living room I sat relaxing, I heard footsteps it was Lucy coming down the stairs in just a shirt.

“Hi couldn’t you sl**p” “Nah could hear you 2 at it and Mary had passed out Lol” “Oh well your son had a huge hard on and it would of been a crime to waste it” as I pulled back my gown “Oh you mean a bit like this one” Lucy starred at my huge cock that I had hold of, “Fuck Mmmmmm no way as big as that” Lucy walked over kneeling down she started to suck it deep into her sexy mouth” I laid back as she took off her shirt now totally naked she started to rub her pussy that I had noticed was totally shaved. Get on your knee’s that pussy needs this, as Lucy bent over the sofa I knelt behind her slipping my huge cock deep into her pussy making her groan softly.
Moving back and forth I gripped her hips pulling Lucy deep onto my cock, “Oh god that feels so good” Lucy ground her hips as I fucked her hard feeling my cock twitch Lucy buried her head into a cushion as we cum together, biting the cushion Lucy shook with her orgasm I gripped her hips making sure my full load was deep in her hole. Lucy went back to bed now totally satisfied as I lay on the sofa and fell asl**p.

The following morning I woke up to Lucy chatting to Tommy, telling him that I was so good to her last night listing to her moan and groan before Lucy turned to me and winked. A few months went past and Tommy and Lucy decided to get engaged and got to finally meet her f****y and s****r, Carl and Sandra Lucy’s parents where really nice could see where Lucy got her looks from her mother was super hot I could feel my cock getting rather hard, her s****r well all I could say is if we was alone I would of had her on her back and be nailing her into the floor.
Sandra and I seemed to get on like a house on fire, with a bit of flirting, but knew what it meant; we made a few arrangements and decided that the following weekend we would get together again. The Friday before they turned up Sandra phoned saying that Carl had been called away on business and would it be ok for her to still come, Mary invited her for the whole weekend as Tommy and Lucy had gone away, I was happy to say the least. As Sandra arrived and we sat chatting I could get a good eyeful of how Sandra’s body was so shaped, as we drank and laughed Sandra said to Mary “does your old man pay you much attention” “well yer all the time why do you ask” “oh just that not had any fun in ages and had joined a swingers club” my ears picked up as Mary and I had been swingers for a while Mary hadn’t a real high sex drive and mine was through the roof.

We explained we had been swingers for a while and did she wanna join us, I got up and walked over to Sandra and started to kiss her, she reacted by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, stopping and turning to Mary “you don’t mind but he is a fantastic kisser” “No go ahead and to be honest I like to see him enjoying himself” laughing as she said it. I slowly undone Sandra’s blouse to reveal a real sexy bra that encased a lovely pair off tits; undoing her bra they fell free as I looked licking my lips I started to suck her hard dark and very thick nipples.
I slipped my hand up her skirt rubbing her panties as I started to remove her clothes, I lay back as Sandra undone my shirt and un buckling my trousers, slowly un zipping my trousers and pulling out my cock “OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT A FANTASTIC COCK” lowering her head she started to suck it, rubbing her neatly trimmed pussy I stood up and stripped as well as Sandra “why don’t we all go upstairs and relax”. We went to the bedroom where Sandra and I carried on whilst Mary watched, opening Sandra’s legs I slowly rubbed her pussy making her groan, “oh god slip your fingers in” pushing her pussy up I slipped 3 fingers into her soaking wet slit “OH GOD FUCK MY PUSSY” rubbing her clit hard Sandra moaned and groaned “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” her body shook as a orgasm ripped through her body.

Getting in between her legs I fed my cock into Sandra’s pussy and started to slowly fuck her, I looked across Mary was laying back in the chair legs open and hand down her panties rubbing her pussy, and her top open and playing with her nipples, Sandra had her eyes closed and pulling her nipples, as my cock slipped in and out, “oh god your cock is huge” as I slammed into Sandra’s hole my balls slapping her arse, Mary groaned as she had a orgasm, standing up she stripped before sitting back down and started to rub again.
I pulled out of Sandra and told her to turn round and get on her knees, as she did I got behind her and slid back in grabbing her hips I started to fuck her hard, her tits moved with every push, Mary watched as I fucked Sandra, rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits, Sandra moaned loudly begging for me to shoot my load. Mary cum again as I started to fuck Sandra harder and harder, “I’m Cumming oh yes, oh yes, oh god yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as Sandra shook I pumped my huge load into Sandra grabbing her hips my balls emptied my spunk into her.

Sandra collapsed onto the bed as I slipped out “Oh my god never had a cock that big in me, Mary your one lucky lady”. Mary got up and walked over to the bed “you ever had your pussy licked by a women or have you ever done it yourself Sandra” “no but have always wondered what it was like” as I got up. Mary was Bi sexual but loved cock more than pussy she had slept with a few women and been part of a 3 way on occasions. Mary lay on the bed her legs wide open “come on lick my pussy then” Sandra knelt in between Mary’s legs and started to lick her pussy slowly “oh wow that tastes amazing” as Sandra slipped her tongue in further “and so smooth as well Mmmmmm”. Mary moaned as Sandra played with Mary’s clit Sandra was a natural pleasing my wife’s pussy so well, Sandra’s pussy lips where slightly open and I could see the pink meat inside.

Mary arched her back, gripping the bed clothes she groaned Cumming as she did. “Oh god that felt amazing have never made a women cum before only Carl” “has Carl got a big cock Sandra” Mary asked “not really but he can make me cum but he gone off sex and said it was ok for me to go to a swingers club, I wank him off but he won’t let me suck his cock and to be honest I would love to, it looks so tasty, I want to feel him cum in my mouth”. “Why don’t you suck Barry’s cock and let him cum I can’t see him stopping you” laughing out loud. “Hmmmmm ok as Sandra got up and walked over kneeling down she took hold of my cock and started to suck it slowly and licking it, her head bobbed up and down as she fumbled my balls.

As Sandra rubbed and sucked my cock I played with her tits making sure I got a good handful now Mary was a 40DD and Sandra’s where much bigger all natural as well I could feel my cock start to throb as I told Sandra I was Cumming, she sucked slow and hard as I groaned and cum in her mouth, Sandra swallowed hard for a few moments then chocked pulling it out of her mouth, after she had stopped coughing she said “Oh sorry I was fine to start then you cum like hell, never seen that much cum before” “Mary smiled and said well it not a problem how did you like it” “oh it was great and if any guys wants to cum in my mouth they can.
Mary and Sandra decided they would have some fun that night and the following morning I slipped into bed with Sandra whilst Mary showered and done some breakfast, after a good while after breakfast Sandra went had a shower came down with a devilish grin on her face, I asked what she had been up to expecting her to say something naughty all she said was wait and see. The afternoon dragged and Sandra came over and kissed me running her hand on to my trousers making me hard, and then whispering she wanted to fuck. I was in the mood as well as Sandra slowly stripped I undone my trousers pulling out my cock that stood like a rhino’s horn.

Mary lay back on the sofa and watched as Sandra stood in stockings suspenders and a thong her nipples all hard Mary slipped her panties off and started to rub her pussy, Sandra knelt down and sucked my cock, I was as horny as fuck as Sandra wrapped her tits around my log, and started to rub it up and down. She got up after a few moments and undone the suspender belt and rolling the stockings off, then slowly pulling down the thong to reveal a totally shaved pussy, my eyes glared at this fantastic sight, and felt my cock get thicker than ever “bl**dy hell Sandra that is amazing what a yummy pussy” licking my lips I reached out feeling how smooth it was, it felt like silk.

I pulled her over as she straddled sitting on my lap my cock slipped in straight away, Sandra moaned as I looked Mary had got her old faithful vibrator out 14” of black latex buzzing like hell, I watched as Mary slipped it all in and started to fuck herself, Sandra moved up and down, making sure she got my full length, I rubbed Sandra’s clit as she moaned and groaned, cupping her huge tits she played with her nipples, I could see her juices running down my rod, as I heard Mary cum, Sandra got off and turned round, sliding down on my cock again Mary walked over and started to kiss Sandra as the 2 of them played with each other’s tits.
I grabbed Sandra’s hips and started to fuck her hard she moaned loudly as I fucked her harder and harder “I’m Cumming oh god yes, yes, yes oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk screaming like mad she gushed like a tap soaking the sofa, myself and her I couldn’t hold back as I pumped her pussy to overflowing it seeped from her pussy, Sandra road out her orgasm Mary sucked on Sandra’s nipples making her cum again, Sandra finally got off my cock as it slumped over my thigh, Mary bent over and held it and sucked it clean, Sandra dropped to her knees behind Mary shoving her tongue into her pussy making Mary cum.

That evening Tommy and Lucy returned sitting down for dinner Sandra said to Lucy “you was right Lucy, Barry is a dream helping out” smiling she winked. The following day I got a phone call from Lucy asking if I enjoyed having sex with her mum, also saying she wanted a good fucking later and was I up for it, arranging a time she hung up. I went to Lucy’s to find Sandra there as well she had turned up unexpectedly. “Barry’s come round to give me a good seeing to mum” “Oh has he now I hope he gives me one too then”, holding out her hand Sandra led me to the bedroom. Making me sit on the bed both started to strip making me rock solid I unzipped my trousers pulling out my cock and started to rub it “ok who you want first” Lucy said “why not both at once I’m very greedy” pulling Lucy and Sandra on to the bed both grabbing my cock I sucked their tits one at a time then slipped 2 fingers in each pussy fingering like mad they both came nearly together.

Sandra got up straddling me she fed my cock into her pussy, whilst Lucy sat on my face, Sandra ground her hips whilst I slid my tongue deep into Lucy’s pussy lapping up her juice, never having a mother daughter 3 way I was more turned on than usual licking and nibbling Lucy’s pussy it wasn’t long before she came getting off she kissed me, Sandra got off and both sat one each side taking turns at sucking and rubbing my cock, Sandra sucked my balls her tongue was driving me crazy, feeling my cock pulse I groaned and cum like a volcano, both girls licked up my spillage making it nice and clean, after a while I left.
About 4 months later the wedding day was closing in I had been banging Sandra on a regular basis and had arranged for Carl and Sandra to stay at our house so Mary could give Carl a good seeing too but with no success. The wedding day arrived and all was going well the sun shone, Sandra looked fucking horny, Lucy told me she was hungry for cock no matter whose and I had got head in the car park from Mary before we went in.
The wedding reception……………………………………………