My Wife was Set Up pt2

She was still gripping the table when he finished and adjusted the sheet to cover her so she could turn over. The sheet was so small that Chris had an awkward time wiggling to turn without exposing herself. When she was over, David positioned the cover so that it covered her feet but left the top of her breasts exposed. He began working her neck and shoulders and I was expecting at any time for a sudden movement to knock the sheet off one of her breasts.

When he was finished, he bent down again and started talking to Chris who spoke back to him through closed eyes. He was slowly rubbing her ears as they spoke and when done he moved to the bottom of the table and started back on her feet. He did both her feet then took the sheet and tucked it in exposing her right leg from her hip to her feet. When he got to her thigh he actually took her knee and opened it outward. The sheet at this point covered no more than what a pair of panties might. He worked the top and inside of her thigh with his fingertips going right to the edge of the cover no more than an inch from her pussy. It was at this point I saw that her nipples were poking through the material and she was biting the back of her left hand. David teased her then teased her some more before going to the other leg. As before, he didn't cover back the right leg.

He went through the same routine and Chris seemed to be in agony dealing with his naughty teasing. When he was done with the leg, he bent down to her once more and they talked. Finally, David got up and straightened the sheet on her then left the room.

I stayed to watch Chris and as soon as he left she took both her hands and covered her face. She lay there for a minute then two with labored breathing before slowly getting up, holding the sheet to her as she did At that point, I left for the door and met David as soon as I got inside.

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

“Yeah, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.” He replied quietly.

The door to the room opened and Chris came out and went to the bathroom as David collected his things. He was gone well before she got out. When she did emerge, she came in and kissed me then snuggled next to me on the couch. After several minutes of quiet as we watched TV she spoke.

“Baby, take me to bed.” She said as she kissed my neck.

“My stomach is doing well.” I lied which was damn hard as I too was incredibly horny.

“Damn, again?” She challenged.

“Again what? What are you talking about?” I lied again.

“Never mind.” She said in the sexiest pout I have ever seen. “Guess I'll take a bath.”

I knew the bath was her favorite place to masturbate and surmised that's what she was going to do. Later I heard her leave the bathroom and go to bed. I waited an hour to make sure she was asl**p before I followed.

“Okay, talk to me.” I demanded when David answered the next morning.

“Were you watching?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Okay, you saw then that I was pushing it. Seeing what I could get away with.” He stated.

“Yeah, I also saw y'all talking some.” I said.

“Yeah, that was the interesting part.” He replied. “She told me that while I was massaging her thigh that it didn't seem right. Then I asked her if it felt good and she said yeah. So I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she didn't reply for a while but then said no.”

“Damn, I saw her butt wiggling.” I said since I couldn't think of what else to say.

“You should have felt it in my hands. She was wiggling a lot.” He offered.

“What about the next time you talked to her?” I asked.

“Oh, I asked if she wanted her tits massaged.” He said laughing.

“What did she say?” I demanded.

“You sure you want to know?” He asked.

“Yeah, of course.” I blurted back.

“Well she was quiet and whispered that it wasn't a good idea. I asked her why not and she said because my husband is here.” He described.

“Jesus.” Was all I could think of to say.

“Little Chris is losing her innocence and you have a decision to make.” He said a bit more f***efully than I thought appropriate.

“What's that?” I asked.

“You need to decide if you want me to fuck her cause if I get the chance I'm going to. So if you don't, you need to stop the massages now.” He stated leaving no room for doubt.

“I need to think about it.” I answered honestly.

“Okay, well let me know. She is hot and ripe.” He replied.

I spent the next week contemplating if this was something that I really wanted to happen. Was my fantasy worth ruining my marriage? Chris is a good beautiful woman. What would make me want to see her taken?

In the end I couldn't answer that question but the demons in my head wouldn't rest and continued to pummel me with demands for the next massage. In the end, I called David and gave him the news.

“Okay, let's see what happens.” I told him.

“What does that mean? I don't want any confusion. What do you want?” he demanded.

“I want you to fuck her.” I answered.

“Okay then. Next massage pretend you are gone. Out of town on a trip. You can come back to watch but let's make her think you are gone.” He proposed.

“Okay.” I replied.

The next couple weeks were agony. A million times I thought about canceling. I told Chris about my upcoming business trip expecting her to suggest that we re-schedule the massage. Instead she didn't even mention that it would occur during my trip. Had she forgotten?

The massage was set for a Thursday as usual and I actually did go on a short business trip on Wednesday but instead of coming back on Friday as I had informed Chris I came back Thursday afternoon and checked into a nearby hotel for the night.

At 7 PM I left for the house thinking it would take 15-20 minutes to get in place and knowing nothing interesting would happen before then. I tried to nonchalantly go to the side of the house then jumped the fence with the cover of bushes and went to the window.

Chris was face down on the table with the same thin sheet over her. David was working her shoulders and neck and I settled in to wait for the show. At first it seemed that David was being less aggressive than last time. He kept her better covered and his fingers weren't as probing. I thought that he must be concerned about her reaction but then I realized it was all part of his manipulation. He was waiting for her to signal she wanted more and he knew he would get it.

The moment of her submission occurred when he had finished her left leg and was working on her right. He had teased and gotten her so aroused that in frustration she lifted her hips off the table slightly and pushed back into his fingers. David smiled and ignored her wanton attempt and went back to the massage causing Chris to do the same thing again. Her body needed to be touched and she couldn't wait any longer.

David took the cover in his left hand and threw it in the corner of the room. Chris was now naked on the table and on full display. Chris tried to raise her head but David used his right hand to hold her shoulders down while with his left hand he used two fingers to stroke slowly on each side of her pussy. Her ass began grinding in rhythm to his stroking and I could see her lips engorged and wet shining at me.

Without letting her cum, he rolled her over and immediately resumed his teasing assault on her pussy. Unlike last time, she was looking up at him through half-closed aroused eyes. Her knees had begun moving up toward her waist opening herself up more for his manipulations.

David leaned over and took her left nipple into his mouth and Chris' back arched off the table. He worked it over before moving to the other nipple and doing the same thing. Then David kissed her fully on the lips and she responded completely as he pushed a finger inside her soaked pussy. When they broke the kiss I could see him whispering to her as he continued to saw his finger inside her.

Suddenly, he stopped and stood up and just looked down on her as she continued to writhe slowly before him. David grabbed her beneath the knees and pulled her hips to the end of the table then dropped his face into her pussy. Immediately, Chris' legs shot into the air and her head started flopping back and forth as his tongue assaulted her clit. Her hands went to her breasts and she began fondling her tits then pinching her nipples.

As David brought her closer to the edge, Chris motions became more urgent so that when her orgasm hit her head and shoulders were hanging off the side of the table. David kept licking her until she pushed his head away with her hands. He repositioned her on the table, then stood there looking at her for a full minute as her body heaved before he began undressing. First, Chris saw his muscular chest as he took off the t-shirt then I watched her hungry eyes on his waist as he pushed the pants and underwear off him revealing a cock both longer and thicker than mine.

David lifted Chris from the table then sat back on the edge and lowered her pussy onto his erect cock. She took him without hesitation in fact guiding him into her as he lowered her. Chris mouth opened and her head fell back as her pussy accepted his tool. I was in for a surprise when instead of fucking; David carried her out of the room impaled on his cock.

Dammit, I thought to myself. I had set this room up to watch and had no way to do see into the other rooms. The moment of truth was before do I stay outside or risk detection by entering the house. There really was no choice at this point and I took my key and slowly entered the back door taking one small step at a time to remain quiet.

Already, I could hear the sounds of sex in the small house. I got on my hands and knees and crawled down the hall towards our bedroom from where the sounds were coming. I passed the massage room risking being seen from the glow of the candles then made my way to the door of another bedroom where it was dark and offered a vantage point into the master bedroom.

Chris was on her back on top of the covers with her legs high in the air. David was fucking her fast and hard and I could hear the squishing sounds of her soaked pussy with each stroke. She had both arms over his broad shoulders and she was giving cries of passion.

“Oh God I'm so full.” She cried. Then seconds later it was “Oh, it hurts good.”

“Who owns this pussy?” David responded seeking to conquer her.

“It's your pussy David.” She replied without hesitation.

I saw the telltale signs of her orgasm approaching and she almost threw him off her when her climax exploded.

“OHHH, OHHH, oh please don't stop! Oh God I'm cumming. Please don't stop.” She screamed until he leaned forward and covered her mouth with his.

Chris legs came down as her orgasm subsided but David continued his assault never slowing.

“Oh baby I'm going to cum again.” She announced as her body started to show her renewed arousal.

When her second orgasm hit she began softly weeping into David arm.

“Oh it's so good, so good.” She whimpered.

I could see David's movements become more urgent and when he started going over the edge he couldn't hold back.

“Ohhh, yeah. Here it comes for you. I'm going to fill up your pussy now.” He exclaimed then fell into her arms.

I backed down the hall quietly and left to my hotel with tumultuous emotions about what I had done to our marriage. David told me later that he didn't leave until 3 AM and that they fucked twice more.

Chris has never indicated that anything happened. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have never known as she still the same loving wife. The one change that has occurred is that she now gets her massages at David's gym. She decided that she would start training there so she explained to me it only made sense.